Author's Note: All Hope Abandon Ye Who Enter Here. Lemons ahead. Also some light experimenting with kink. You have been warned.

16 Let Me Be What You Need

Rachel grinned as Noah locked the door behind him and moved to her vanity. Picking up his ring she made sure he could see that she was sliding it onto her finger, "Better?"

"Fuck yeah," Puck nodded and moved towards her. "I say how fuckin' beautiful you look? 'Cause damn me Rache, you're so hot. Dunno how I'm gonna control myself."

"You have no idea what it does to me when you just walk through my gate in nothing but your shorts Noah," Rachel declared as he came near enough for her to put her hands on his chest, sliding her palms up from his stomach to his pectorals. "I can feel my IQ dropping."

"Yeah?" Puck grinned, "Sound fair baby, since I'mma permanent village idiot around you anyway." He slid his hands over her shoulders and found the bikini ties, tugging the bows open. Stretchy red fabric fell away from her perfect breasts and he groaned. "Ohmigod," He sank to his knees and pressed a kiss to her stomach. "Get up on the bed baby, an' then I'll take off your bottoms, but if I don't get you horizontal... get my mouth on you..." He truly felt like he would lose his mind around Rachel. How she could contrive to turn him on so damn much was something he couldn't figure. She didn't have the greatest rack he'd ever seen, but her breasts were perfect in a way that he couldn't define. And something about... He hooked his fingers in the ties of her bikini bottoms as she lay on the bed and tugged, pulling them off her. Puck had seen plenty of pussy. He'd eaten a helluva lot of it. And he'd fucked more. But there was something about getting Rachel Barbra Berry naked that make his brain legit fall out of his skull every single god damn time. "Baby, maybe I oughta keep my shorts on," He suggested.

"Uh uh," Rachel shook her head, her fingers hooking into the waistband of his shorts, "If you keep clothes on so do I. You know the rules Noah." Those slender fingers of hers were fuckin' nimble, sliding the zipper down carefully and flipping the metal button out of its hole. "God Noah," She moaned as his cock practically leapt into her hand and felt her pulse throb in response. "Why is it, holding you like this...gets me so... ready?" She pushed herself up so she could use her other hand to push his shorts down.

Puck grinned and toed off his sneakers, kicking the shorts off and let her hand tug him gently by the cock so he was on the bed next to her. "Dunno baby, but I'm fuckin' grateful for it every damn time," He brought his mouth down on hers and kissed her, like a storm pouring through him, everything he'd felt that afternoon in his kiss until she was moaning into his mouth, sandwiched between he and the bed.

Rachel couldn't do anything but moan, Noah pressed her to the bed, his chest rubbing over her breasts, his hips meeting hers, and his cock rampant against her stomach and pussy, hot hard pressure rubbing her clit. He wasn't even moving his hands over her body yet and she wanted him so badly. "Noah," She squirmed under him and parted her legs slightly, both of them groaning when his cock pressed harder against her pussy, "Please Noah."

"What do you want angel?" Puck smiled against her lips and Rachel groaned. Every now and then Puck would play the 'what do you want' game with her. He'd make her tell him every single thing she wanted him to do to her until she was begging him to make her come. Of course she'd try to do the same thing to him but Puck was a master at controlling himself in spite of how insane he said she made him feel.

"Please Noah, I want you to do what you want with me," Rachel decided to try something new. "I trust you baby. So I want today to be up to you. What we do, how you make me come, how I make you come. I want it in your control." She stared up at him and was amazed to see him dumbfounded.

"You serious baby?" Puck blinked down at her in shock. He was fucking brilliant at figuring out what chicks needed, following instructions and getting them off. Nobody ever just gave him carte blanche with their body. Especially not a virgin.

"Completely," Rachel nodded, her hand stroking over his crew-cut. He was debating growing out his mohawk again and she refused to contribute to the discussion since he'd never once told her how to dress or cut her hair. She liked him with and without it and it had to be about what he wanted. "What do you want to do with me baby? I'm yours after all."

"Wanna fuck you Rache," Puck told her bluntly and was doubly surprised when there wasn't even a flicker of fear in her eyes. She really did trust him. That was fuckin' humbling. "But you know I won't, not 'til you're ready."

"That's why you can do anything you want with me," Rachel told him simply. "And from the way you're reacting...I guess nobody has ever asked you to decide." She kissed him gently, "We're going to do what you want today Noah. You're going to decide, every step of the way, where you want my hands, my mouth. What you want to do with my body." She pressed a kiss to his jaw, "I'm all for you. Every part of me. If you want to try anal I'd even be up for that."

Puck wrinkled his nose and shook his head, "Never understood the appeal of fuckin' a girl in the ass, a guy yeah, 'cause you know where else is a guy gonna go. But a chick?" He slid his hand down to the tiny strip of curls on her pussy and slipped his fingers between her lips, "If a guy's straight, how could he turn down a sweet tight little cunt? Soft, hot, wet pussy? Ain't anything better to sink your cock into." He looked at Rachel and was surprised she didn't even look pissed at him using the c word. It wasn't something he threw out often, his ma taught him better, but he wasn't trying to know derogatory. "Rachel I wanna spread you out an' tease you," He confessed with a half-smile. "Wanna play with you an' make you scream an' beg an' then make you come so hard for me baby."

"Hmm...if you really want to tease me you should get the vibrator out," Rachel told him softly. There was something about that half smile, it was so shy, as if he hadn't ever really told a girl what he wanted in bed. "You can use the power switch to turn it off, it won't vibrate and make me come," She blushed, "I need movement to orgasm, just being filled and nothing moving inside me...I get so frustrated."

"All right," Puck nodded, "You get your toy out for me," He commanded mildly and watched as she reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out a luridly pink vibrator. It wasn't huge, wasn't even the size of his cock, but it was more than he'd thought Rachel would be able to take. "Damn angel, you fuck yourself with this?"

"Hmm..." Rachel nodded and handed it to him. "When I set it on vibrate or just fuck myself with it without power I come so good," She lay back slightly so she could look up at him. "Not nearly as good as I come with you baby, but not bad for only having my own hands." She took his free hand and rubbed her lips over the knuckles, scarred from fights over the years, "Your hands...I've never felt anything like your hands on me."

"Love touchin' you," Puck admitted as he took his fingers away from her pussy, "You ready for your toy? Don' wanna hurt you if you ain't wet enough." He frowned slightly as he took in how they were arranged on the bed. It was comfortable for now but if he was really gonna tease Rachel for at least an hour he'd have to rearrange them some. Setting the toy aside for a moment he began to move some of her decorative pillows, piling them behind her so Rachel's upper body was propped up a bit. "Want you to see what I'm gonna do to you Rache," He explained with another half-smile. "Wanna watch you doin' what I tell ya to."

Rachel shivered as his hands settled her gently on the pillows, not quite sitting up but not lying flat either, then his palms slid up her inner thighs, parting them so cool air touched her pussy. "You know I'll do what you say," She promised as she shuddered in anticipation. "I'm definitely wet enough for the dildo if you want to put it in me. Or I'll do it if you're worried about hurting me."

Puck couldn't help smiling again and took his place on the bed next to her. He was going to be moving around a lot, but he wanted to start out kissing and playing with Rachel's gorgeous breasts. "Lemme try an' if it hurts you can show me how you do it," He suggested picking up the vibrator and making sure the power was off. She'd picked a pretty good one, it even was shaped like a dick, albeit an uncircumcised one, mushroom head, veins and everything. "By the way, what's this thing here?" He showed her the bulb shaped protrusion above the power switch.

"Oh," Rachel blushed and Puck grinned, this was gonna be good, "That's, um... well apparently you fill it with water and you squeeze it if you want the vibrator to ejaculate inside you."

"So you can feel what it's like to have a guy cum inside you?" Puck wanted to make sure he understood this one. "You ever used that?"

"No," Rachel shook her head, "Do you want to use it on me?" Puck wondered how she managed to ask these questions without judgment or worry or anything besides affection and curiosity in her tone.

"Can't be too much water, so it won't make a mess...but I think that'll wait for another day," Puck shook his head with a smile and began to rub the head over Rachel's pussy lips. "I say lately how cool it is that you have a sex toy angel?" He began to kiss her lightly, gentle brushes of his lips over hers, sweet and soft the way he knew she loved and simultaneously drove her crazy. Looking down he could see her breasts swell further, her nipples budding up and poking out for his mouth and tongue.

Rachel moaned and shuddered as Puck carefully pressed the head of the dildo into her, "I...Oh Noah, you'll... I'll come if you don't go slow," She warned him. "You get me If you push it straight in I'll come I know I will baby."

"I'll go slow," Puck suited action to word, pausing slightly and easing the dildo forward again. It took several more times and his free hand on Rachel's hip to keep her from bucking up to the dildo in instinctive need but he finally had the toy stuffed tight into her pussy. "How's that feel baby? You feel nice an' full?" He drank in her moan of assent and moved his head down to her breasts. "Gonna tease you more now angel. You tell me if you're getting' you try an' keep those hips a your still. Don' want you fuckin' yourself on your toy an' comin' before I get to make you."

"Yes Noah," Rachel shivered as his lips began to tease her nipples, drifting caresses that offered pleasure but no satisfaction. "I'm feeling very full...and tight. It makes me want your body pressing down on me. Love how you feel over me."

"Hmm..." Puck sucked on one nipple as a reward for that information. "When I make you come I'll try to do it that way baby. Bein' so good to me, lettin' me play with you, gonna make you come nice an' hard. I promise."

"Ohhh...oh god Noah," Rachel couldn't help the cry that fell from her lips as he pinned her to the bed with his hips, and began to suck and tease her breasts. His hips pressed hers down, held the dildo inside her, but kept her from moving her lower body at all.

Puck was loving this, he could feel how wet Rachel was, knew she wanted to come desperately and she was still letting him play with her. He'd never had the luxury of hours with a girl to just tease and play and make love to her so she knew how important she was. To be fair he hadn't ever wanted more than a quick fuck with any chick. That habit, of getting the two of them off quickly, had rolled over into his relationship with Rachel and until she asked him what he wanted, he hadn't even realized that what he really, really did need, was to take his time. He needed to take care of her, to worship her body, show her that she wasn't a chick to him, she was Rachel and she was his and he was going to make sure everything they did together felt good to her.

He licked and sucked at her nipples and then gleefully, damn now he was making mental puns about glee club, held her breasts in his hands and kissed her neck and shoulders and collarbone until she was practically begging him to suck on her tits again. "So beautiful Rachel," He muttered against her skin, rubbing his lips over a pert nipple and feeling it tighten further at the stimulus.

"Noah, please baby," Rachel hardly knew what she was saying. Her body was awash with sensation, the feel of Noah above her, his body on hers, his lips and hands teasing and pleasuring her. "I...please, can't I touch you?"

"Hmm..." Puck looked at her thoughtfully. "Baby you know I ain't nice right?"

"Not really at my mental best for a philosophical discussion Noah," Rachel groaned. "But yes I know that. You're a good man. But good isn't always nice."

"Wanna fuck your mouth baby," Puck told her flatly. "Wanna put you on your knees, fist my hand in your hair and fuck you mouth until I come down your throat. Used ta fantasize about that when you were talkin' in class. Makin' you swallow my cum. An' that was before I knew about the no gag reflex thing." He waited for her to be annoyed or disgusted. He was completely unprepared for her eyes to light up with pleasure.

"Then do it please," Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck and stroked his hair. "I've been wondering if you wanted to sometimes but you were worried about scaring me."

"A little," Puck admitted. "That ain't somethin' I got a lot of. Girls, women wanted me around to get them off. Sucking me off wasn't high on their priority list." He began to suck on her tits again in between his words, "Sides, that mouth, a yours, gets, me off, so, fuckin', good, didn't seem, kosher, to ask, for more."

"I want you to ask, to tell me what you want," Rachel gasped the words out. "If I don't want to I can always say no, just like you can say no to me." She shuddered and felt her hips twitch her body tightening, "Noah, the dildo is moving...I'll come if you don't stop soon or keep it in place."

"All right," Puck pressed one last kiss to her nipple before he slid down her body. "I want you to play with your tits Rache," He told her solemnly. "I'm gonna keep your hips from moving while I lick and suck and play with your pretty pussy an' your clit," Puck looked at her pussy spread out for him, the knob of the vibrator moving slightly as her internal muscles flexed, "You tell me if you get close baby. If you come before our hour is up I'mma spank your ass." He grinned as he felt Rachel's hips twitch minutely under his hand, "Don't tell me my good girl Rachel Barbra Berry is a closet spanking fetishist?" He teased pressing a kiss down on her engorged clit, it made him hotter and harder than anything to see Rachel's clit all heated with blood and pushing up like it wanted his mouth surrounding it. "You want me to spank you a little bit today?"

"This is about what you want Noah, not me," Rachel moaned as his tongue circled her clit wickedly. "I told you to do what you wanted with me."

"But do you like that?" Puck wanted to know, "Tell me the truth angel, I ain't gonna give you a hard time. Hell, just told you I wanted to fuck your face an' you pretty much embraced it." He slid his hands underneath her so he could squeeze her perfect ass and keep her from moving. She moaned as his hands squeezed her ass cheeks and he grinned, his lips surrounding her clit and sucking gently.

"Never been spanked before, don't know if I'll like it...but I read about it..." Rachel's breath control was fading as her body wound tighter with pleasure.

Puck wondered if he was a sick twisted fuck, he was so hard and ready right now but he didn't want to stop and get off in Rachel's mouth. He wanted to keep teasing her, teasing them both, until they were desperate and ready and it only took a couple of strokes to bring him off. "What did you read Rachel?" He began to nibble and lick her pussy lips, she always tasted like fruit, cherries or apples, like fruit juice and he could eat her pussy for hours if she'd let him.

"That a caress...and then a spank and a caress again...blurs the lines between pleasure and pain," She blurted the words out between moans as he teased her.

"Hmm...I think I wanna try that on you Rachel," Puck told her. "Like the idea of you sucking on my cock while your pussy is stuffed with a dildo an' I swat that gorgeous ass of yours."

"Yes please," Rachel moaned. "Whatever you want Noah, please. I want..." She shuddered and opened her eyes meeting his gaze, "I want your cock in my mouth. I want you shooting down my throat. I want to suck you off while you spank me and then go back to teasing me. And when you're done teasing me I want you to fuck my face and pour your cum down my throat. I want you to use me Noah. I'm yours. Please treat me like I'm yours."

"Oh, you don't gotta worry about that," Puck gave her clit one hard little suck and was rewarded with a shudder from Rachel. It wasn't quite an orgasm but it was a good damn tease for one. He sat up and dragged her into his lap, kissing her on the mouth with hot hard lips that demanded a response. "You are my girl," He told her roughly, his hand fisting in her hair. "You're gonna be my woman after we fuck Rache. Because I'mma make love to you but we are gonna fuck too. Gonna give you a good ride." He spread her out stomach down on the bed, loving for a moment that she was so tiny he could actually manhandle her and she loved he could do it because he was a BAMF with guns. Without any prompting Rachel drew herself forward so her face was in his lap, her mouth latched onto his cock and he groaned as she sucked him right down. "God damn baby," He groaned, "You are so fuckin' good at that." He reached over and rearranged her hips so he could reach her ass easily and made sure the dildo wasn't going to slip out of her pussy.

Her tongue swirled around the base of his cock and Puck groaned, "Ain't no way I'mma be able to spank you while you're doin' that baby," He admitted. "I'm about to shoot right now." He was, he was so fucking close just from the idea of Rachel giving him her body as a toy, the idea that she was letting him do whatever he wanted, trying things out with her, things he never got to do, got him so fucking hot. He felt her little hand cup his balls and she groaned slightly, her throat vibrating against his cock. "Fuck Rachel, I'm gonna," Her other hand patted his thigh reassuringly and Puck lost it, it felt like his balls were emptying themselves down her throat, "Fuck! Rachel, fuck!" He shouted as she continued to suck and milk his cock finally releasing him when he had nothing left for her to swallow.

She continued to lick and suck on him and Puck groaned as his cock began to refill with blood, "God baby, stop please," He wondered when he'd lost control and figured it had been the minute Rachel had set her lips on his dick. He had a serious weakness for Rachel's mouth and her outstanding blowjobs. When she pulled back and knelt up, squirming a little around the dildo Puck looked at her, "Your mouth should be illegal Rache, seriously." He shook his head, "Now come and lie down so your ass is in my lap...gonna give you your spanking now."

"Hmm..." Rachel shivered and crawled on all fours to position herself over him, "Like this?"

Puck looked at her, her thighs slightly spread so he could see the dildo peeking out from her slit. Her breasts were pressed to the side of his leg and her pussy was right over his cock, though sadly not at an angle he could work with at the moment. "Yeah," He let one hand slide over her ass, squeezing and kneading the firm cheeks. "You have one outstanding ass baby," He told her. "So fucking pretty, and this," He tapped the end of the dildo, moving it minutely and making her moan. "So sexy," He traced the line of her spine down to her waist with his other hand and decided it'd be more fun to play with her tits. "Prop yourself up on your elbows Rachel so I can put a hand on your tits. Wanna tug and tease you while I spank you." She'd shivered and nodded and pushed herself up and moaned when his fingers began to pull on her nipples. "Now I'm gonna go slow and if it hurts, or you really don't like it, I want you to tell me. Ain't gonna do anything you don't like Rachel, don't care if you think it's what I want."

"All right Noah," Rachel moaned, "Just please, baby do something." She begged, her ass squirming in his lap.

Puck grinned and gave her ass one last caress before he brought his hand down in a light smack. Her skin didn't redden but she gasped and he felt her stiffen slightly. No protest was forthcoming though so he squeezed and stroked her ass again and gave her another, just a little harder. That got a moan, a hot breathy little moan and Puck felt his cock twitch. His little diva, the queen of glee club and future Broadway star liked having her ass smacked. He smoothed his palm over her ass and gave her a little squeeze before smacking his palm down harder, giving her a little red mark. That got him a gasp and a moan and he felt her thighs rub together. "Don't you move those legs a yours Rachel," He cautioned her. "I can see 'em twitchin', you wanna hump my thigh an' get yourself off an' that ain't happenin' baby. I'm the one who makes you come today. Remember?" He smacked her ass again, twin red marks on her pale olive skin.

"I...ohhh, I remember Noah," Rachel's voice was low and throaty with need. "Please, I need it. More please?"

"I'll give you a couple more," Puck agreed roughly. "See how you like 'em without the pettin' first." He gave her two sharp smacks and felt her shudder, her moan going straight to his dick. "How'd you like that Rache? Feel good or do you want the petting more?"

"I like it," Rachel moaned the words. "Please Noah, pet me a little and then a nice hot smack on my ass..."

She was squirming in spite of herself and Puck could feel how wet she was over his thighs, "I can feel you Rachel," He told her as he stroked and squeezed her sensitive skin, petting her ass until she was panting. "You're dripping. I'm gonna hafta suck an' lick alla your juice up after this. You taste so good baby," He smacked her ass hard alternating strokes so she got two on each cheek, and her moans turned to outright cries of need.

"Stop, Noah, oh stop or I'll come baby, please... please," Rachel shuddered, "I'm so close, don't let me move baby, don't...I don't wanna spoil it." She sobbed the words out, her body shuddering and squirming against him in her need for release.

Puck put a heavy hand on her ass and held her in place, stopped tugging on her breasts, "So sexy Rachel," He muttered as he waited for her to calm down and back away from the edge. "Thank you baby, for tellin' me, for lettin' me still have my fun," She stilled and slowly relaxed against him and Puck carefully pushed her thighs closed to hold the dildo in and lifted her off his lap. "You like that baby?" He pressed a kiss to her neck, tasting the salt of her skin.

"Ooooh yes," Rachel moaned, "Maybe not every day, but days like this...where you tease me? It's very Dominant/Submissive... it feels so... erotic to have you spanking me and know you wouldn't ever hurt me."

Puck grinned and gently pressed her back onto the bed, positioning her so she was half propped up again. "Maybe at school I'll just give you a little squeeze and a little smack so that I know you're creamin' your panties for me," He teased as he lay between her thighs again. "That gonna get your feminist panties in a twist baby?"

"I'll be too busy getting wet to get annoyed," Rachel confessed in the breathy tone that meant in spite of all their efforts she was close to orgasm.

"You get me so hot baby," Puck groaned and began to carefully eat her pussy, avoiding her clit. She was so hot now the slightest touch to her clit would set her off. Licking and sucking on her nether lips was a great tease because it ratcheted her desire higher but did nothing to satisfy her need. It was the same as licking up into her slit, she loved how it felt but it wouldn't make her come. Puck nearly moaned at the taste of her, hot and slick and so good on his tongue. "Has it been an hour baby?" He asked with a smile, "Got this urge to start fuckin' you with your toy. Suck on your clit and fuck you until you're screamin' your high notes."

"I don't know," Rachel shuddered, "Please Noah, please, please baby. Just make me come." She was practically writhing on the bed, her upper body flushed with need while he kept her hips pinned so she couldn't move them.

"Dunno Rache, maybe I should start over," Puck teased looking over at her clock. He'd made it forty-five minutes teasing Rachel, that was pretty good considering it was his first try. Should have spent more time on her breasts, rubbed her neck and kissed her back. He'd completely neglected her shoulders and that pretty spine of hers. Next time, he promised himself.

"Oh god, Noah," She moaned his name as if it were a plea for mercy.

"You ready baby?" Puck grinned as he put his hand on the base of the vibrator. "How hard do you like to be fucked with your dildo Rache? Hard? Or do you like slow and smooth?" He began to pull the dildo out of her slightly.

"I just need," Rachel shuddered and cried out his name, almost inarticulate with need. "Please Noah, fuck me with it, just fuck me like you would if it was you baby. Please. I want your cock inside me so badly right now," She shuddered as sensations began to build again, her skin barely containing them.

Puck groaned and began to slowly pump the dildo in and out of her slick hot pussy. She was so moist she made wet noises around the rubber, "Gonna scream for me Rachel? Need to hear you screamin' my name angel," He demanded and bent his mouth down to suckle hard on her clit.

The effect was instantaneous, Rachel's hips bucked up to his mouth and she screamed, her entire body convulsing with pleasure as she came under his lips. Puck groaned against her and damned if he didn't want her to go again. Flicking the power switch on the vibrator he felt it start up and continued to move it in and out of her body, pushing a little bit harder as he suckled on her clit, using his tongue and lips to surround the tender flesh in hot little pulses of pleasure.

Rachel had known she'd be in for an hour of excruciating pleasure, but she'd been certain she'd come once or twice, minimally, but still orgasm, through the sheer buildup of sensation. She'd underestimated Puck and his level of skill and just how well he knew women. He'd put every effort into learning her body in the months they'd been together and now she was paying the price. The first orgasm was sharp with sheer relief, an explosion that for a moment drained away her tension. And then he'd turned on the vibrator and kept going. "Noah, please, please baby," She shuddered and felt her body winding impossibly tighter. "Dear sweet...god, please," His tongue did something that drove all words from her mind, the vibrator moved deliberately, deep and full inside her and something snapped. Hot, wet, thickly pulsing pleasure seemed to rain down over her, like lava pouring over her skin as she bucked and ground her body onto Puck's face, all control gone as she strove for the last of her orgasm with everything she had in her.

Puck knew his smile was far too smug to be anything but a smirk but damn he loved making Rachel lose her words, "I love you Rachel," He gently pulled the vibrator out of her and turned it off, setting it on the nightstand. Climbing up to lay beside her, Puck gathered his girl gently into his arms and began to ease her down out of the storm. Shivering and clinging to him, Rachel was at her most vulnerable like this, more so than when she'd been crying even. When she cried her guard was up, she hated to be seen crying, hated the humiliation when it happened at school. This was something different, open and trusting and she needed his protection from the world now more than she did when she was in tears. "I love you baby," He whispered gently, "I've got you, never gonna let you go angel. I got you."

Rachel shivered and burrowed closer to him and kissed his neck and collarbone, "I love you Noah. I love you so much." She looked up at him, "When my legs actually work again I'm going to kneel in front of you Noah Abram Puckerman and you are going to fuck my face."

"Fuck yeah I am," Puck chuckled. "But we're gonna give that a little bit." He stroked a hand through her hair and kissed the top of her head. "How's your ass baby?"

"Feels warm," Rachel was grinning he could hear it in her voice. "I like it. Maybe not for everyday but it feels good."

"Good," Puck grinned and mentally began to plan a date for them after Synagogue. With an afternoon like this Rachel deserved to be treated really well tonight. He knew how hard it was for her to give up control. Trust wasn't easy for either of them really. But they were working on it and so far it was going well.

Author's Note: So I hope this chapter wasn't too much for all of you. After thinking about it I really thought that Puck wouldn't ever have been able to figure out what he actually likes. I mean he obviously loves sex but since he was all about getting laid and never had an actual relationship he wouldn't have been able to explore his own sexuality much.

I figured Rachel would be smart enough to figure out that Puck never really said what he wanted, it was all about what she'd let him do. So this is more about Puck experimenting when he felt safe, just as Rachel felt comfortable enough to make out with Lauren since Puck was there. I don't think Puck'll be totally into BDSM but playing around with Rachel and figuring out what he isn't into is just as important as sex right now. I think these two trust each other on some levels but a relationship is work and it won't all be smooth sailing.