20 I Want You To Want Me

Puck heaved a sigh of relief as he and Rachel excited Figgin's office. Sue had insisted the jacket be taken off so Figgins could see Rachel was adequately covered and abiding by school rules concerning clothing. Figgins hadn't liked it but when Rachel explained that she'd only been wearing it onstage and that her normal clothing was still in the dressing room he'd been a little more relaxed about it. Sue had shooed them out so Rachel could get changed, apparently that was all she'd really wanted he and Rachel for in the first place.

Everyone else in Glee was hovering around the outer office doors and Puck jerked his head back towards Figgins office, "They're all still in there, Sue sent us out so Rache could get changed. I'm gonna take her home afterwards though, somebody text us to let us know what went down?"

"Gotcha covered," Brittany assured him and Kurt nodded that he'd do so as well.

Puck didn't feel like saying much as they walked back to the auditorium and went backstage. Rachel was quiet too, until they got into the dressing room. "Noah?" Her voice was quiet, a huge contrast to the sexy growling wail that had filled the stage not half an hour earlier.

"Yeah gorgeous?" Puck watched as she took off his jacket and folded it carefully over the back of her rolling case before she removed earrings he hadn't even noticed she was wearing.

"Did you like my performance?" Her dark eyes, made up so they looked huge and smoky, were staring at him in the reflection, warm with love and black with worry.

"Did I," Puck remembered how she'd looked and sounded on stage and felt all the blood in his body drain straight to his lap. "God damn," He cursed and moved towards her turning her around and grinding his crotch into hers, "Does that answer your question Rache?" He groaned into her ear, "I thought I was gonna cum in my jeans watchin' you with your hips twitchin' like I was finger fuckin' you and your voice soundin' like I'd just made you cum. Santana was right, if I hadn't gotten distracted, I wouldn't a made it through your song." He kissed the skin under her ear and slid his hand under her skirt, shocked beyond belief when he didn't encounter a panty line until he reached her waist. Her moan as his hand covered her ass just made him crazier. "I want you to sing it for me again up in my room," He told her. "I wanna get you on video like this, wailin' that song out and drivin' me nuts."

"Noah," Rachel's voice was a little shy, "Do you remember what I said about birth control in your room that first time?" Her hands were busy at his waist, playing with the button of his jeans.

"Yeah," Puck nodded and slid his other hand up her back. "I ain't ever gonna forget that conversation."

"I've been on the pill for three months now," Rachel whispered. "Are you mad I didn't tell you right away?"

Puck pulled back so he could look at her face, "You are the most confusing woman," He declared letting go of her waist and stroking her hair back from her face. "Why would that make me mad? It's your body."

"I didn't tell you," Rachel whispered. "I went on it in case, just in case because no matter what I didn't want to get pregnant. But I didn't tell you."

"Rache your body and what you put in it is your business until you choose to make me part of it or until it starts to hurt you," Puck groaned. "Not that it ain't welcome information, but why are you tellin' me this now?"

"Because Noah," Rachel reached up to the nape of her neck and did something that made her top slither down to her waist. "I want you to have me. I was singing and I realized that every word was true. I want to make love with you, but I want you to fuck me like an animal too."

Puck was suddenly so glad that there wasn't anybody backstage. All the drama that had played out had cleared the auditorium pretty damn quick. No one wanted to be around when Coach Sylvester was on the warpath. "You are, the sexiest, most gorgeous, amazing woman I've ever met," He groaned as he kissed her. "But we gotta wait 'til I get you home." He declared between kisses, "I am not having sex with your here where any fuckin' body could walk in an' see you."

"No, here, now, now," Rachel moaned into his mouth. Puck groaned and caught her hands in his preventing her from unbuttoning his jeans.

"Baby, we are not doing this here," Puck put his forehead to hers. "I love you, now let me take care of you right." He grabbed her top and pulled it up over her breasts trying it behind her hair. Wrapping her up in his jacket he grabbed her bag, "Wanna have you somewhere I don't gotta worry 'bout gettin' caught if I make you scream Rache."

"Then we have to hurry," Rachel shivered and zipped up his letterman's jacket. "Because I don't want to wait."

Puck pushed the speed limit to the breaking point on the way to Rachel's house. Her hands were shaking as she unlocked the door. Once inside he couldn't stop himself from touching, pressing her back against the door and taking her mouth with his. Unzipping his jacket he slid his hands underneath the skimpy fabric of her top and found her breasts, loving the moan that vibrated in her throat. Groaning he pulled away, "C'mon baby, upstairs," Taking her hand he tugged her towards the stairs and up them, her bedroom had never seemed so far away.

Puck shut her door, locked it and turned to Rachel. She took off his jacket and set it aside carefully before she undid her top, letting it slide down to her waist again. Puck shuddered and moved towards her, backing her up against the bed and letting his hands wander over her soft creamy olive skin and then her hands were really busy pulling his shirt off and over his head, unbuttoning his jeans and pushing them down while he tried to do the same to her, pulling off her boots while he yanked off his stupid shoes. And then she was unzipping the side of the skirt and wearing the tiniest little black lace panties he'd ever seen.

"Fuck me blind," He fell to his knees and tore them off her, pushing her thighs apart and burying his face in her pussy. She was dripping wet, tasted so good and he groaned into her as she spread her legs farther apart for him.

"Oh god Noah," She moaned as his tongue speared up into her, licking as deep as he could, "Baby I'm…so close, please…" He loved her voice, how she only called him baby when she was in the throes of some emotion he'd roused in her. Puck licked slowly up to her clit, surrounded it with his lips and suckled lightly, was rewarded with a long guttural moan and that erotic twitching of her hips. "Noooah…" She moaned with a shudder as he began to suck harder intent on driving her full on into another orgasm. She tasted so good, sounded so damn good, he was gonna burst before he got inside her he knew it. "Oh god, Noah, I want, I want," She pulled away and was reaching down for him, trying to get him off his knees.

"What gorgeous," Puck was damned if he'd stop eating her, "I want you to cum again angel."

"I want to suck you off first," Rachel sounded so demanding he almost shot his load right then. "I want our first time to last…so I want to suck on you."

"Put your hands on me then," Puck stood and wrapped her hand around his cock. "I ain't givin' up kissin' you when I get inside you for the first time Rache." He kissed her and sucked lightly on her bottom lip. "You know I love how you give a hand job. You got talent in every inch of your body." He bent his head to her breast and put his mouth to her tight dark nipple, suckling lightly and felt her start to stroke his cock up and down, smooth deliberate strokes that would drive him over the edge like nothing else. "God angel, gorgeous, so damn good," he groaned as she used her other hand to gather and stroke his balls, her soft fingers wonderful on his hot skin.

She'd been right, Puck shuddered and tried to control himself before grabbing for a tissue as she began to stroke a little faster, her perceptive ear hearing his breathing quicken. He would never have lasted inside her, she was too important, too everything, he would have lost control. "God Rachel, you're so good, so damn…" He shuddered and felt his balls tighten, "Rache, you were right, fuck me you were right, fuck," He hissed the word out, his body straining in her hands until she gave one last tight twist of her palm and he erupted into the hastily placed tissue, "God damn Rachel," Puck groaned into her mouth and shuddered as her hands kept moving. "You are…too much for me to handle sometimes," He kissed her and threw the tissue into the trash can nearby. "Now you gonna let me eat that pussy some more gorgeous?" He let his hands play with her pretty breasts, thumbs rubbing over her nipples, loving how she moaned.

"Now you can do whatever you want with me baby," She whispered looking up at him with a smile.

"Oh I'm gonna hold you to that," Puck grinned wickedly and began to suck on her breasts again until she was moaning and writhing under his mouth begging him to play with her pussy. He loved, fucking loved, how vocal she was when she was naked with him. Well he loved her voice period but when he got her clothes off her, she was so demanding, wanting him to take care of her, only him. He wanted to be the last man to put his hands on her body. Finally he knelt in front of her again and greedily started to lick and suck at her nether lips, using his fingers to fuck her as he sucked hard on her clit. Her scream was the best sound in the world as she shuddered and came under his mouth and on his fingers.

Puck pulled himself up and rubbed his cock over her pussy as he stood and kissed her, devouring her mouth like he had her pussy. "You ready gorgeous?" He asked worriedly, "Don't gotta do this now if you changed your mind. I can wait if you want angel."

"Noah Abram Puckerman you make love to me this instant," Rachel tore her mouth away from his and glared up at him, "If you don't I swear to the grilled cheezus that I'll tie you down and have my way with you."

Puck couldn't help the chuckle that fell from his lips as he put one hand on her hip and pulled her forward a little bit. She was on her bed, her legs hanging over the edge and looked so fuckin' gorgeous. She was so damn tiny, he groaned as she rubbed her hips against his, her pussy getting his cock wet with her juice. "Gotta make sure is all," He eased her down so she was lying half on the bed, her legs half wrapped around his waist as he stood between her thighs. "You okay angel?" He bent down to kiss her, one hand caressing the curve and tip of her breasts still. "Gonna take it slow so I don't hurt you anymore than I gotta."

"I don't think it'll hurt much Noah," Rachel smiled and her hand reached to pet his cock, her thumb rubbing the tip expertly. "All that dancing and kung fu…I'm pretty…limber."

"Just in case," Puck took his hand off her hip and used his fingers to tease and stroke her clit, she was so sensitive after two orgasms that her moans were almost immediate. "You're so beautiful Rachel, so damn sexy," He groaned as her hips began to twitch, pressing against his cock, and with a wail she began to shudder through another orgasm. Puck groaned and started to push inside her, she was so damn tight and slick, her body hot and wet around him. As he pressed inside she groaned and moved her hips, and he nearly lost his shit she felt so good under him, around him. "God baby, angel, don't move," He begged, "You're so good Rache, just," He felt her shuddering, her body fluttering around him as he managed to push all the way inside her.

Puck stopped for a minute, panting heavily and trying so hard to not go crazy and just pound into her. "Okay Rache?" He bent down and kissed her, groaning as her mouth nipped and sucked at his, "Angel, did I hurt you?" Puck groaned the words out as she moved minutely and seemed to pull him deeper.

"I'm good Noah," Rachel moaned, "So full and tight and you feel sooo fucking good baby," She opened her eyes and looked at him and deliberately flexed her hips upward. "It doesn't hurt baby. Now please…" She shuddered under him and Puck nodded.

"I'll take care of you angel, my gorgeous girl, I promise," Puck groaned and put a hand under her ass to help her move, swiveling his hips so his cock moved inside her. Her moan of delight was like fire filling his veins and he concentrated on giving her a good steady rhythm, slowly increasing the tempo until she was moaning and crying out in his arms. Her body strained up to his, her back arching, legs wrapped tight around his waist and her heels locked over his ass as she ground herself onto his cock with a shriek of ecstasy. Puck felt Rachel stiffen in shock, her entire body clenching like one gorgeous fist around his cock and explode in a torrent of heat and clamping muscles and wonderful silky slick moisture, her shudder of surprise as her orgasm took her unawares. And then he was fucking her hard and fast like a mad man, desperate to cum inside her, before she was done he was pouring his seed into her body, her lingering spasms drawing him deeper and deeper. Puck shouted her name into her hair as he shuddered and trembled over her with need and pleasure.

"Oh," Rachel moaned happily as he groaned her name again, her arms around his back, petting his shoulder blades and spine tenderly. "Oh baby…Noah…" She kissed his neck and sighed, she sounded happy he thought with some confusion. "I love you Noah," She seemed happy to just be held for a little bit.

Puck pressed a kiss to whatever skin was handy, her shoulder he thought, "I love you too Rache," He remembered she was tiny and he was hardly the lightest guy in the world and began to push himself off her. Her arms tightened around him in protest for a moment before she let them loosen and he looked at her. "Angel ain't that I don't wanna hold you, but I'm heavy and you're so little."

She smiled up at him and wiggled a bit, "I don't mind. I like feeling you on top of me Noah. It feels…safe." He couldn't help but grin down at her at that and kiss her again. She moaned as his cock started to grow inside her and he stopped.

"You okay Rache?" He started to pull away, "Sorry, I'm an animal sometimes angel," Puck was completely unprepared for her thighs to tighten around him and hold his body inside hers. "Uh, guess you don't want this to be only once?"

"No Noah," Rachel shook her head with a smile on her face that said she thought he was being a doofus. Her word not his, to describe a well-intentioned adorable male who only wanted what was best for her but usually got what she wanted wrong. "I want you to…fuck me this time. You were so careful with me before. And I loved it, you made it so good. Now I want you to fuck me like you wanted when I was singing."

"You sure 'bout that gorgeous," Noah could feel the blood rush through his veins to his cock, swelling and rubbing inside her. "I didn't have in mind to be gentle when I was watching your hips twitch just like they do when I got my mouth on your clit and my fingers inside you. I wanted to make you bend over your bed and pound into you doggy style." He bent his head so he could kiss her hard, his lips demanding a response and getting it, her tongue stroking against his own, his cock already rampant inside her soft moist body. "Damn Rachel you're so fucking tight, so good angel."

"I want you to have me the way you want Noah," Rachel actually kicked his ass with her tiny heel driving him hard into her body. "If you won't do it the way you want then stop right now." Her dark eyes were burning up at him as he stared down at her and Puck groaned.

"I am so completely fucked," He reared back and pulled her with him, pulling out of her body and turning her around so she was reflected in the mirror on her vanity. Puck watched her face as his hands cupped and lifted her breasts, his fingers tugging on her dark nipples. "Touch yourself Rachel, want to see you play with your clit, your pussy, get yourself all hot and ready for me." He rubbed his cock in the tight cleft of her ass, loving how soft and firm her ass was, feeling her moisture on his balls between her thighs. Her fingers moved to her clit, spreading her lips open and rubbing the sensitive flesh and with a moan her head fell back on his shoulder, her eyes closing.

Puck gently nipped her neck with his teeth, "Look at yourself Rachel," he coaxed, "You're so beautiful, look how gorgeous you are, see how I see you." He massaged her breasts, pressing down minutely until she was arching up to his hands moaning and gasping as her fingers dipped and tugged on her clit. "You gonna cum for me like this Rache? Huh? Gonna let me see you get yourself off?" Puck kissed the hot column of her neck, her shoulders, her back as she shuddered and began to tremble. "You're close aren't you gorgeous? I'm gonna watch you cum for me Rachel, watch you go over and then I'm gonna fuck you so good angel."

"Oh, god Noah, baby, I," Rachel shuddered, stiffened and moaned his name in a long low wail of passion, trembling against him violently. Puck groaned and grabbed her hips, nudging her thighs apart with his knee and guiding his cock up and into her tight wet body with a single slow thrust.

"Oh god Rache," He groaned as she clutched around him, her body gripping his tightly. "You're so tight angel, god you feel good." Puck slid one hand down to her clit, and wrapped the other up to palm one of her breasts. "Bend forward a little gorgeous, gonna fuck you like you wanted. You use your hands to brace yourself on the headboard." He felt the minute she did, he slid so deep inside her she shuddered and started to cum around his cock, squeezing him hard until he had to move or just explode, she moaned as he started to move.

"God Noah," Her gorgeous voice was like pure sex as she groaned his name. "Oh god baby, so…much…"

Puck gave her breast a squeeze and tugged at her clit, "Gonna give it to you hard like you wanted angel," He panted, "I gotta feel you around me Rache, can't stop," He let his fingers tease and stroke her hot little clit and began to pound into her feeling her entire body shake with the force of his thrusts. He groaned as she tried to push back to him, finding her rhythm and meeting him stroke for stroke. "Fuck yeah Rachel," Puck groaned as he watched her breasts shake in the mirror, her body flushed and trembling, her eyes wide as she watched his face, wide and glazed with sensation. "Ohhh...god yeah," He groaned low in his throat as she started to get tighter around him, her body winding up for another orgasm, every muscle tensing in minute gradients of pleasure moment by moment.

"Noah, I'm, I think I...you're so..." Rachel just moaned as she lost track of her words. Puck pressed a kiss to the back of her neck and made sure he kept his fingers stroking her clit in time with his thrusts.

"That's it gorgeous," He groaned, "I can feel ya gettin' ready Rachel, you're ready to go again aren't you? I'll wait for you angel," Puck groaned, he'd never felt anything as good as this girl around him. "Wanna be the last man to do this Rache, ain't gonna let anyone else touch you, mine angel, you're mine." He groaned and felt her body start to tremble, "There you go Rachel, go on, cum for me gorgeous," Puck pulled her up against his body and held her back against his chest like he had when they started, wanting her mouth.

For some reason he needed her mouth under his so bad. He groaned as she started to cum, tugging hard on her clit so she screamed out her pleasure into his mouth, her body practically vibrating around him as he pounded into her flesh. Hard slapping sounds filled the air, her moans and his harsh panting and groans of need until she shuddered and stiffened bucking hard back to his cock, pushing him so deep he could feel something part inside her and she screamed his name again. He lost his mind, everything in him just blazed like lava and he nearly shouted her name into her hair as he came so deep inside her.

Puck noted in a rather detached objective manner that he was shaking, his entire body shuddering in reaction. "Rachel, oh god baby, angel are you all right?" He nearly panicked when her head lolled back onto his shoulder in exhaustion. "Rache?" He pressed his lips to her pulse and she moaned a bit. "Rachel?"

"Hmm...baby?" Those gorgeous dark eyes opened, her eye makeup hadn't smeared as much as some girls' did, he wondered if Kurt had helped her with it or if that had been Santana too. Puck breathed a deep sigh of relief and kissed her again.

"You okay angel?" He kissed her neck and her cheek and carefully slid out of her, finding some tissues and wiping off his now exhausted cock before he grabbed a few more tissues for her.

She was looking at him quizzically and he grinned, "Me inside you makes a bit of a mess gorgeous," He helped her turn around and lay on the bed again and wiped off her thighs and gently helped her clean up. "Damn, I dunno why but you turn me on easier than any girl I've ever met," He observed watching her throw the tissues away. She was messy and filled with his cum and he'd never wanted another girl more in his life. He was getting worked up again just looking at her.

"I knew boys reacted fast, I didn't know it was that fast," Was all Rachel said, her smile amused and affectionate.

"Normally twice and I'd be good for at least a half hour," Puck grinned as he picked up their scattered clothing, the black lace thong was definitely toast. "I ripped 'em, I'm sorry." He put them with the leather skirt and sparkly halter-top as he pulled on his shorts. "You got a spare set with your regular clothes?"

"I'm good," Rachel couldn't seem to stop smiling at him as she pulled on the cotton panties she'd worn to school. "You could keep those if you like."

Puck blinked at her, "I ain't looking for trophies Rachel." He told her in a low voice, "Don't care if I can't ever prove we're together as long as we are." Part of him wondered if she really thought that's all he'd been after.

"Noah, I'm pretty sure that if all you wanted was to get into my panties you would have made a determined and successful effort our sophomore year," Rachel was still smiling at him. "Especially after you serenaded me," She pulled on her blouse and began to button it. "But you didn't. I've always been different for you, even when neither of us knew it." She moved over to the table and picked up the panties putting them in the pocket of his discarded jeans. They were so small they barely made a bulge. "I want you to have them, not as a trophy, as a remembrance of our first time together." Her eyes went hot, "I'm never going to forget how it felt to have you want me so bad you ripped them off me."

Puck had found himself relaxing when Rachel didn't get defensive or upset with him, it was as if she'd figured half his blood was still trying to make it to his brain and she didn't want to be too hard on him until he was at full strength. "Rachel Barbra Berry, did you just seduce me?" He asked with a curious tilt of his head as she pulled on a pair of fuzzy socks and a cami.

"Hmm...did you like it?" She looked at him over her shoulder, that gorgeous flirtatious look he remembered from his room.

"God I wanna do it all again," Puck groaned. "But I've gotta go pick up Bekah." He sighed as he pulled on his jeans.

"Hmm...bring her over here," Rachel smiled at him. "I'm going to do some surfing and then I'll start dinner. Your mom's working a double anyway right?"

"Yeah," Puck nodded. "If it's okay with your dads then I'll grab some stuff from home and bring her back here."

"Cool," Rachel smiled. "I'll walk you out."

Rachel took a deep breath and began to enter a search on her name. She'd learned the hard way freshman year that if her name was mentioned on Jacob's blog nothing good would come of it. Angry as Finn had been that day he'd probably be happy to give Jacob an interview trashing her reputation.

Sure enough, her name popped up, tagged in a current article. Rubbing her eyes Rachel followed the link and was more than a little bemused to find video of her performance that afternoon, along with the head line 'Rachel Berry Goes Wild'. "Hardly wild Jacob," She muttered. "It's a performance it's not like I got drunk and went topless in...public." Rachel felt her jaw drop as the performance video cut to a shot from the dressing room, to her untying her top. The video stopped just before the fabric slithered down off her breasts. "Oh my god," She shook her head.

Clicking on the link below the story she read the instructions and felt her breath coming faster, spots in front of her eyes. Recognizing the symptoms she bent at the waist and put her head between her knees, staving off a fainting spell. "Oh my god," She shuddered and slammed her laptop closed when she could sit up again.

Puck frowned as his phone rang with Rachel's ringtone, "Hey angel, whats-" Her panicked voice was like a bucket of ice water crashing over him. "All right, I'm gonna get Bekah and I'll be right there." He thought for a moment, "Here's what we do baby." Puck took a deep breath, okay Puckerman, time to man up. "Call Santana. Tell her you need her to come by your house. Tell her to get everybody else. I'm gonna pick up Bekah and then we'll figure out what to do. Maybe it's just Jewfro grandstanding but we won't know until we take a look at the video. You an' me we'll look at it together so we know what we're dealin' with."

"Noah, if this...if I ever make it to Broadway...this could..." Rachel's voice was broken.

"I'm not gonna let Jacob Ben Israel wreck your career before it even starts," Puck growled into the phone. "Call Santana right now angel. I'll be there in a little bit."

"I'll click on the feed and see exactly what he has for video," Rachel said softly. "Maybe I can figure out where the camera is."

"Wait 'til I get there baby," Puck suggested. "You shouldn't have to look at that alone."

"No, Noah I don't want Bekah to see," Rachel told him. "It looks like the site hasn't seen a lot of traffic yet, not very many hits. I'm going to ask Santana if she can bring Artie over. Maybe he can hack Jacob's site and take it down temporarily."

"Good thought," Puck took a deep breath. "You make that call and I'll be back as quick as I can. I love you Rache."

"I love you too baby," Rachel's voice still held her smile and Puck almost smiled in return.

Author's Note: So I know this isn't the most original idea in the world, that Jacob Ben Israel would be spying on them. But he's way too convenient a villain so I had to use him if only to set it up so that he's not causing trouble for the rest of the year. So bear with me and I apologize if you all think this is a little too cliched.

On the other hand you've finally gotten what you've all be asking for, Puckleberry consumation. grin I hope you enjoyed.