27 Before You Were Born Someone Kicked In the Door

Puck took a deep breath and felt Rachel slip her fingers into his. Juvenile court was pretty much how he remembered it though at least this time he wasn't on the wrong side of the law. He still had bruises from the night of Rachel's party and looked more the part of the delinquent than Finn did but Rachel was on his side.

The character witnesses had surprised him some. He hadn't expected the cops to come and speak in front of the judge about his improved attitude and compliance with probation. Coach Beiste had come and talked to the judge about both boys, and how she'd seen Puck improve. Mr. Schuester had talked about how Finn was a leader on the field and in Glee Club.

Rachel had been required to testify along with some of the other kids in Glee and the McDonalds manager since they'd witnessed the assault. But the lawyers had also wanted her as a character witness. The judge apparently wasn't so sure that Rachel wasn't being bullied by the lawyers and had requested to speak with her privately. The result was that Rachel would go on the stand and be a character witness but she was going to be questioned by the judge, not the lawyers. It had been a little funny at first, the judge had asked about her history with he and Finn, and Rachel had explained about the bullying and slushies as well as Finn's manipulation of her feelings their second year of school.

When the judge had asked her what had changed Rachel had been very blunt that Beth had started to change Puck, he'd wanted to be a better person for his daughter. And then he'd lost her, had gone a little crazy. She'd also very bluntly explained that Finn's behavior had only seemed to become more self-absorbed, decking Puck, not speaking to Quinn. She told how Finn had quit the Glee club and was going to slushy them while Puck had stayed. She didn't talk for long but when she was finished she'd given the judge a very clear picture of both boys and the way they'd behaved for the last two years. Puck was slightly amused to notice that the defense lawyer wasn't looking happy. What was worse was how surprised Mrs. Hummel looked by what Rachel was saying.

"Ms. Berry," The judge regarded her thoughtfully and when Rachel nodded asked quietly, "How tall are you?"

"Five feet, two inches," Rachel shrugged. "Noah used to call me fun size when we were younger."

The judge smiled slightly, "And I would say Mr. Puckerman is about six feet tall and Mr. Hudson a few inches over that height?"

"Yes ma'am," Rachel nodded, "Though Noah is certainly more muscular than Finn, Finn is three inches taller."

"So taking Mr. Puckerman's muscles into account they're about equal in your eyes, in regards to physical prowess?" The judge was clearly getting at something but Puck for the life of him couldn't figure out what it was.

"No ma'am," Rachel shook her head. "Finn can be very clumsy. Noah is…quite graceful."

"I see," The judge regarded the two boys, Puck behind the prosecutors, with Rachel's dads and his mom, poised to spring to his feet at any moment and Finn sitting with a sulky expression. "Has there ever been a time when either boy placed you in harms way, deliberately or accidentally?"

Rachel tilted her head thoughtfully, "Directly or indirectly ma'am?"

"Directly," The judge was frowning now, apparently she'd thought this would be an easy question.

"Well, the only time I can say either of them put me in the direct way of harm was when Finn broke up with me at the Holiday tree lot outside of town and left me there," Rachel was clearly reluctant to talk about the incident. "My dads were out of town and I had to call around for a ride and wait until someone showed up."

"And how long did it take for someone to pick up you up?" The judge regarded Rachel thoughtfully.

"It was almost two hours before I found someone who could both drive and was available to come get me and they picked me up," Rachel admitted. "I was very cold before Noah and Sam got me to the car."

"Sam?" The judge looked a little confused by the introduction of yet another boy into the narrative.

"If I may Judge Ardot," The prosecutor spoke, "Samuel Evans was also on the football team and in the Glee club. He, Mike Chang, and Noah went to get Rachel. The boys took care of Ms. Berry and Noah kept her at the house so Mrs. Puckerman could examine her when she got home. Mrs. Puckerman is a registered nurse."

"I see," The judge nodded, "Thank you Ms. Berry." She indicated Rachel could sit down and regarded both boys for a moment before speaking again. "Mr. Puckerman," The judge looked at him. "Before I render judgment I'm told you have something to say. I'm also told that additional charges of assault have been filed against Mr. Hudson with the Lima PD."

"Yes Ma'am," Puck stood, "Rachel had a party at her house and Finn started...well some trouble afterwards. That's why I've still got a few bruises."

"Very well, please state your piece," The judge nodded at him.

"Thanks," Puck looked at the judge. "I've known Finn almost as long as I've known Rachel. I would have said up until sophomore year he was my best friend. But I screwed that up. It wasn't all on me but part of it was." He took a deep breath, "I don't make excuses for what I've done in the past. I had a tough life, and I learned certain things late. Nothin' ever came easy though ma'am," Puck looked down for a moment and then up at the judge again. "I don't know if Juvie would have completely straightened me out if it hadn't been for Rachel and my mom and sister and coach waitin' for me. I had four women in my corner helpin' me, remindin' me that I wanted to be a better man."

"It is my understanding that you spoke with the police regarding your hope that Finn would serve time in a Juvenile facility rather than a prison for adult offenders," The judge regarded Puck over the rims of her reading glasses.

"Well, he's almost eighteen now," Puck shook his head, "I guess I just don't mind him beatin' on me, God knows I've done enough to deserve it. But Rachel and my mom didn't deserve to be scared I was gonna die. And my mom didn't deserve to worry about hospital bills when we're barely makin' ends meet." He shook his head, "In all the time I've known him things always seemed to come easy for Finn. He's the quarterback, co-captain of Glee, he even got a lead in the school play for a while. I guess I think maybe he needs to learn to deal with the anger he's got in him, before he really hurts someone. He won't learn that in prison. Juvie taught me, anger management classes, probation, and my friends taught me."

"Listen to you," Finn sneered, "Talkin' like you're the better man. Why? Because you fucked my girlfriend? Because you stole another one away and you're fucking her too? They were both nice girls until you started sniffing around them. You're a Lima Loser who deserves what you get." The judge banging on her gavel interrupted his rant and she admonished his lawyer to get Finn under control; Puck sighed.

"That's a taste of what he's been saying about Rachel and me," Puck shook his head. "The kid I grew up with was clueless but he was nice. Maybe how Finn is, maybe part of that's on me, I screwed up. But it's on him too because he's never had to work for anything in his life. His dad was a hero who died in action. Mine was a loser who beat on us and left. Finn's mom had to work but he never did, never had to help pay the bills. I've been working at some job ever since I was ten years old. I was glad when I got big enough to pass for sixteen because I could actually help with money." He looked at Finn, "I don't blame you for hatin' me man, but I can blame you for how you're actin' towards Rachel. Only thing the girl ever did was love you and tell you the truth. You played with her feelings, jerked her around, lied to her and dumped her in the middle of nowhere. Then you're all shocked when she doesn't want you back. I can forgive what you did to me man. But I can't forgive what you did to her and my mom."

Puck looked back at the judge, "Sorry ma'am, that went a little longer than I planned. Mr. and Mrs. Hummel have always been nice to me and I'm friends with Finn's step brother. Come to that if Finn needed help after juvie I'd give him a hand. But I don't trust him anymore and he's gotta learn, same's I did, actions got consequences. I just don't know if sending him to prison would teach him that, might just make him worse." He nodded as politely as he could manage. "Thank you ma'am."

"Thank you Mr. Puckerman," The judge frowned thoughtfully. "We're going to have a break for lunch. I want everyone back here in two hours. I'll have a decision then."

Puck hadn't been able to eat much at lunch, even though he normally loved Italian and the restaurant wasn't so nice he had to worry he was making an ass of himself. Now he couldn't stop pacing outside the courtroom. Thankfully Finn hadn't shown with his parents to wait with them, someone was smart enough to keep them all separated until they were actually in court.

"It'll be fine Noah," LeRoy reassured him quietly. "You told the judge your reasons. You even tried to take some responsibility for how he is. Judge Ardot is a good, impartial practioner of law, she'll make a good decision."

"Just worried you know," Puck couldn't stop fidgeting as he sat down next to Rachel. "Dunno what I want to happen here, just don't want him to hurt anybody anymore. Himself either."

"And you made that clear to the Judge," LeRoy was fairly calm though Hiram seemed as if he, like Puck, had trouble staying still. "Both of you relax," He aimed a look at Hiram and Rachel stood up from her seat on the bench and wrapped her arms around Puck's waist affectionately.

"Yeah, easier said than done," Puck sighed and hugged Rachel back.

Rachel sat down on her dads couch and took a deep breath before she felt Puck's arms come around her, "I just can't believe it." She whispered brokenly. "It's really done."

"Yeah," Puck's voice was heavy with relief.

"It'll be...seven months before he'll even be back at school," Rachel shook her head. "And that's if there isn't any additional time added for the more recent charges." She looked up at him in shock, "What are we going to do about the play?"

"Ask Sam if he'll do it?" Puck sat down and pulled Rachel into his lap. "Baby right now I'm just fuckin' relieved."

"I know," She agreed with a sigh. "And I feel guilty for feeling so relieved but at the same time...I don't want him near us for a while."

"Well we've got seven months, and maybe a bit more," Puck shook his head and kissed her temple. "Now we only gotta deal with Schuester."

"Well if we can get the Troubletones to admit they won't be able to compete, Shelby could be a decent co-director," Rachel said softly. "Or we could ask Coach Sue if she'd like to step in and get Mr. Schuester under control."

"Actually your father and I were wanting to talk to the two of you about that," LeRoy's voice sounded from the doorway and Puck looked over at the tall man.

"Yeah?" He shifted slightly so Rachel was turned on his lap and able to see her dads as they entered the family room. "What's up?"

"Hiram and I are…less than pleased by the behavior of your choir director," LeRoy told them as he took a seat across from the kids, Hiram positioning himself on the opposite end of the couch where Puck and Rachel were cuddling. "I don't appreciate his favoritism of one student over another especially where the law and the breaking of it are concerned."

"And his actions during the trip to Nationals last year, along with what he's simply allowed to happen this year…" Hiram shook his head, "We wanted to let you two know, we're planning on taking steps with the school board."

"What kinda steps?" Puck rubbed a hand over Rachel's back feeling her stiffen up with worry. "Schue's the only teacher willing to deal with Glee Club, the rest of 'em really don't care."

"We want Mr. Schuester's decisions subject to review, a more impartial method of determining solos for one example," Hiram explained. "I know Shelby is directing the other choir, and right now I wouldn't recommend that she help with yours… from what you've said the Troubletones need to implode on their own."

"But Coach Sylvester and Coach Beiste are two strong, capable and fair minded women," LeRoy said continued. "I intend to address the harms done to the two of you with the school board. I don't object to Mr. Schuester assigning Rachel a song like 'Closer' for instance but I do object to him not setting any guidelines for costumes and then telling you what you came up with was inappropriate."

"Yeah you ain't the only one pissed about that," Puck muttered remembering the scene. "Figgins wasn't thrilled with Rachel's outfit either but at least he backed down when we explained it was just for the stage."

"Exactly," LeRoy agreed. "Principal Figgins is also pretty fair-minded, he's just working with a very fragile budget. We can't do anything about that beyond helping you kids find sponsors but we can address Mr. Schuester's actions with the school board."

"When are they meeting next," Rachel asked softly.

"Tomorrow night," Hiram told her gently. "That's why we wanted to tell you. And we want you and your friends from Glee to come with their parents. We've already spoken with Mr. and Mrs. Lopez about this."

"We'll call around and let them know," Puck agreed, looking at Rachel, "I'll get Karofsky and AZ on the phone, if you can call Tina and Artie and Lauren?" He frowned, "Gonna be a busy week if we're gonna get Sam too."

"LeRoy and I spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Evans and we're meeting them halfway tomorrow to pick up Sam," Hiram smiled slightly. "We'll be bringing him to the meeting as well."

"Poor Sam, he hates people fussin' and everyone's going to freak that he's back," Puck chuckled a bit and Rachel giggled in spite of the worried look on her face.

"I'd better get started with dinner," Rachel said reluctantly though her smile lingered. "Noah if you'll keep me company while I do? We can call everyone too."

"Yeah," Puck nodded. "Let's get Operation Fair Play started." His quip was rewarded with a bark of laughter from LeRoy and a chuckle from Hiram as he stood up, keeping Rachel in his arms bride style. "C'mon baby, let's get cookin'." He headed out of the room leaving Rachel's dads chuckling behind him at his and Rachel's antics.

The school board meeting had been extremely odd, Rachel shook her head as she pulled her books out of her locker. There had been the issue of Finn, being put in Juvenile Detention for seven months and whether he would be allowed to return to McKinley afterwards. Puck had stood up to speak for Finn then, his face still bearing the remains of bruises Finn had given him. He'd argued passionately that Finn's education shouldn't be disrupted any more than his had been when he'd been in Juvie junior year. Finn might have to repeat a year if he didn't get his schoolwork done in Juvie but it wouldn't be because Puck hadn't fought for him.

She'd shushed Santana when the Latina girl began to object, "Noah feels bad enough. Let him do this for Finn. It doesn't mean we have to talk to him when he's back."

"Why did the judge give him only seven months?" Santana muttered, "I looked it up, what he did was a fourth degree felony. Something about fits of rage or passion make it worse than regular assault. That's up to eighteen months in regular jail and a five thousand dollar fine."

"The case was heard in juvenile court," Rache murmured back. "Legally they can only sentence him until the time he turns eighteen. He's had to pay the fine, and he's going to be on probation for at least three years afterwards, which means he can't leave the state without permission. We don't know what will happen in Lima though. He could end up with additional time because of what he did at the party."

Santana had sighed and shook her head, "I still think you and Puck are going too easy on him."

Rachel had shaken her head at her friend and whispered, "Puck doesn't talk about Juvie much but he...admits it was not an easy time. He...wasn't the toughest boy there. Finn won't have such an easy time of it as everyone thinks. Puck plays Juvie off as a cakewalk but it wasn't." Santana had a fairly satisfied look on her face right up until the school board had agreed to let Finn come back to McKinley.

"What the hell Berry," Santana's voice in the present recalled Rachel to her current surroundings, a very busy hallway in McKinley. "Why didn't you let me tell them all of what that jackass did? Legal shit aside they should know just how bad he's gotten at school."

"Because much as I might agree with you right now, with time and distance I'm hoping Finn will return to being the slightly dopey but fairly decent boy we knew sophomore year," Rachel shrugged as she closed her locker. "I don't feel guilty for being with Noah, but I know now and then…Noah feels like if he'd been a better friend, maybe Finn wouldn't be such a… well, so mean now."

"Finn's made his own choices," Santana said bluntly. "He chose to lie to you. He chose to sleep with me. He chose to beat the crap out of Puck. He's never handled bad news well and that hasn't improved since sophomore year."

"None of us did anything to be particularly proud of our sophomore year," Rachel reminded her friend dryly. "Me especially, pining for another girl's boyfriend and blabbing her secrets, even if I did have mostly good intentions, it wasn't nice and it wrecked their friendship."

"It was a fucked year," Santana agreed and grinned as Brittany waved at them from her locker before she hurried off to her next class. "But it's in the past and everyone else, well except Quinn, is moving on and trying to change. But those two are stuck in the past and their might have beens and could shoulda wouldas."

"I know," Rachel nodded. "And after what Finn did after my party I really am not feeling charitable but Noah and I are both hoping that Juvie will serve as a wake up call. It did for Noah after all." She looked in their classroom and saw two desks near each other, "What do you think of the new choir director situation?"

"I think anything is better than Schuester punishing you and Puck for not being what he wants," Santana shrugged and accepted the change in subject. "Sue's manic but she's good at making sure of consistency and that's our biggest problem. We're either great or we're awful."

"And Coach Beiste is delightful," Rachel smiled. "She and Noah are going over the schedule and everything with Sam this morning. They should be joining us soon I hope."

"Coach'll give 'em a note if they're late," Santana grinned. "I can't believe you managed to keep it a secret from Schuester and the gossip mill around here though. I thought for sure it'd get out before last night."

"It took some doing but it was worth it," The tiny diva grinned back as she took her seat and began to open her books. "Now the only problem is the rumor going around that I'm sleeping with him because he's living with me."

"Like Puck would tolerate that for a half minute," The Cheerio straightened her ponytail before she began to open her books. "Speak of the devil," She nodded at the door, "And he appears."

Rachel's gaze flew to the doorway, where Puck and Sam were standing, her boyfriend teasingly shoving her new roommate into the classroom. Finding seats nearby wasn't hard since they had been early, Mr. Schuester wasn't even in the room yet. Puck dumped his books down and crouched by her desk, when Rachel turned to greet him, his lips pressed to hers in a hot sweet kiss. "Mornin' angel," He said huskily as he drew away.

"Hmm…with a kiss like that it's a good morning," Rachel smiled dreamily at him. "Missed you."

"Yeah, we gotta make a deal with Sam that we'll drive in together but I need some time with you before school after we all work out or the PDA is going to get out of hand," Puck wasn't kidding, Rachel could see the tell-tale warmth of his gaze, his hazel eyes nearly green with affection and desire.

"I must concur," She nodded, "I felt completely bereft when the two of you went off to see Coach and I didn't even get my morning kisses and hug."

"I'll make it up to you at lunch today," Puck promised. "We're seniors, we can take a lunch away from school, sit in the truck an' kiss an' eat some."

"Yes please," Rachel smiled slightly thinking of everything she could do to him in an hour away from the school. Her thoughts must have shown on her face because Puck groaned under his breath.

"You're so damn hot," He whispered giving her another kiss before he took a seat at his desk kitty corner behind her.

Rachel moaned as Puck pushed his hand under her skirt, somehow in five minutes they'd gone from eating lunch in a secluded corner of the park to making out and groping and she knew in the next five minutes they'd be having sex. "Noah," She gasped out his name into his kiss. "Can we—"

"Hmm…" Puck groaned into her mouth. "I wanna baby, but we don't gotta, I just wanna feel you come before we go back." His agile fingers had slid inside her panties, teasing her clit.

"I want you inside me Noah," Rachel nearly shrieked as he stroked his thumb over that sensitive bud of flesh. "Please, is there a way to—"

"Yeah," Puck's hand withdrew from her panties, tugging them down her legs and tucking them into his pocket. "Could do it in the bed of the truck, hard an' fast, or in the cab, but slower, you know, awkward angles." He kissed her again, his mouth lingering over hers before he found the sensitive skin under her ear and nibbled at it. Rachel shuddered and tried to think of what would be better.

"Truck bed," She decided finally. "Just promise me you'll keep kissing me so I don't scream," Rachel knew she was vocal and she knew he loved it when she lost her mind and made noise but she drew the line at frightening the wildlife or getting arrested for indecent exposure or public indecency.

"Same goes baby," Puck's voice was a low growl of need as he helped her out of the truck and grabbed he old quilt he kept behind the seats. "It's been fuckin' days Rache," He lifted her up onto the truck bed and spread the quilt out for her to lie on. "And right now I'm thankin' God you wore a skirt today."

"I may have to wear one every day," Rachel smiled and lay back on the quilt ignoring the hard metal bed under it and began to draw the hem of her skirt up her thighs. Cool air was touching her skin and she shuddered, Puck's gaze was like heat scorching her, so she felt hot and cold all at once and the sensation was indescribable.

"Oh my God," Puck groaned and pushed himself up onto the truck bed, kneeling between her legs. She watched mesmerized as he opened his jeans and pushed them down, pulling his cock out and stroking it roughly.

"No shorts today," Rachel murmured quirking an eyebrow at him. "Forgot to do laundry?"

"Yeah," Puck grinned at her. "Remind me tonight?"

"Hmm…" Rachel reached for him, sliding her hands up under his shirt to touch his skin as she drew his body down to hers. "Just come inside me now Noah. I need you so badly."

"Couldn't stop if I wanted to," Puck told her with a groan and she felt the head of his cock on her pussy, pressing in the wonderful teasing way he had, the head of it rubbing over her slit until she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him forward, drawing him deep inside her. His groan of satisfaction joined her moan of delight. "You're gonna come for me Rachel," He commanded before he covered her mouth with his own, "I gotta feel you like that. It's no good unless you come."

"Not…Ohh…Noah…Not a …Problem," Rachel moaned into his mouth and arched up to him as true to his word he began to fuck her hard and fast, their hips slamming together, his body pounding implacably into hers, pushing her higher and higher, hard and hot inside, forcing pleasure into her body until she couldn't stop moaning into his mouth. His hands were on her hips, fingers biting into her ass he was gripping her so tightly, and she couldn't endure pleasure anymore. "Noah, oh God, Noah," She nearly screamed his name into his mouth as her orgasm shattered through her, breaking her into a thousand pieces as she came hard around his thrusting body. She heard his low moan of desire, felt him tense and then stiffen, his cock harder than ever and then the feel of him, perfect, hot, flooding her with his cum.

"God, oh god Rachel," Puck was muttering into her mouth. "So fuckin' perfect baby. God baby thank you," He kissed her gently, sweetly and held her for a moment before he moved.

Rachel sighed as he rolled off of her and pulled some tissues out of one pocket and her panties out of the other. "Hmm…thank you." Rachel took a couple when he offered and gave herself a quick cleanup before taking her panties. "I'll go to the girls room when we get back to school and clean up a little more." She watched as he wiped himself off and drew his jeans back up. "So, laundry at your house tonight? We can do homework and spend some time in your room."

He flashed her that naughty grin that she not so secretly loved, "Yeah we could work that into our schedule."

"Very wicked man," Rachel straightened her clothing and smiled as he drew her forward and kissed her, tender, sweet kisses totally different from those of moments before. "Oh Noah, I just…I adore you."

"I love you too angel," Puck kissed her again. "But we'd better get back, got about fifteen minutes before we're late," He winced slightly as he threw the quilt back behind the seats and helped her into the truck. "I think I messed up your hair some though."

"I've got a brush in my purse," Rachel shrugged and pulled the grooming implement out, along with a tiny mirror examining her hair. "Good God Noah, I look like I just…" She stopped and blushed and groaned. "I look like you just fucked me within an inch of my life."

"You look hot," Puck told her with a grin as he hopped into the truck. "But I figured you wouldn't wanna go back to school like that."

"You figured right," Rachel dragged the brush through her hair and by the time they got back to school had managed to restore order to the tangled brown locks. "Hmm…see you in Glee right?"

"Yeah," Puck grinned and kissed her again. "Love you baby."

"Love you too," Rachel smiled after him as he darted off to his class while she turned into the doorway of hers.

Author's Note: Sorry about the delayed posting folks. I've been having a very hard time writing lately. Started something else just to jumpstart my brain and so far it seems to have worked. The next chapter might have an even longer delay because its not behaving very well at the moment. But I am working on it. I finished my major WIP and only have two chapters to edit before its done so that will free up some time.

So we'll see that Sam is back in the next few chapters. I went with a more realistic, parental arrangements have to be made, method of getting Sam back because the idea of two teenagers just going and getting someone was so far out there it was ludicrous. Don't know if I'll have him end up with Mercedes or not…still thinking about that one.

But Finn is gone for quite some time and Mr. Schuester will be dealt with so I hope that makes folks happy. And we'll hear more about Shelby in the next few chapters too. Things are also going to start going…wrong.

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Oh, the chapter title comes from an old Toad the Wet Sprocket song - Before You Were Born, very suited to both Puck and Finn, lyrics found here (take out the spaces to use the link):

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