Of the Future and the Past

Having lost Rose, after Doomsday a depressed Doctor is shocked when he runs into a very young Time Tot. He gets even more surprised when he sees the girl's father, who wears bowtie and tweed jacket. One word=paradox! Featuring: Ten, Eleven, a very cute OC and Rose Tyler.

In the busy streets of London, no one noticed the spiky haired man with brown suit. He was standing infront of a building with his hands on his pockets and looking up, while his eyes seemed hollow and his face was emotionless.

Though he didn't have any expression, inside the Doctor was in turmoil and unstable.

He has lived for 900 years now and he had never meet anyone who turned his world upside down, like her. Just when he lost everything, he stumbled onto her, a flicker of pure light amidst an ocean of darkness, the darkness that was his life and she illuminated him. She easily got under his skin since they first meet and he feel for her even deeper when she came back for him. She always came back for him, even when he lost it and tried to send her away, she always found her way back to him, to stay him. Always staying by his side. For some reason she would always come to him and now she would never come.

Not anymore.

Two years, only two years. He only had two years with her. They were the best of his long life and now she was gone, leaving a gaping hole in his hearts and a pain he knew he would never get over. And the worst part was, she would never know about his feelings. Her tearful face in the beach would haunt him for the rest of his agonizingly long life. She told him she loved him but he couldn't even finish the sentence. And now she would never now. Three words, the three words he should have said a long time ago, which he had several chances to say, he couldn't say it.

And since then the Doctor became cold. He didn't get time to grief, he had to sort out the bride, but now standing in front of Powell State, the Doctor felt his hearts hardening. He honestly didn't care anymore what happened to him. Heck he wished that he would run into a Dalek so it could happily exterminate him. Truth be told if Donna hadn't shaken him out when he had faced the Racnoss, he wouldn't have gotten out of the building. He would have stayed there, drowned and he knew he wouldn't have tried to regenerate either as now he had lost the only thing that kept him going.

So lost was he in his own thoughts, the Doctor was surprise when he felt a small body colliding with him. Startled out of his reverie, the tortured Doctor looked down and froze when he saw the new comer.

She appeared to be a two year old girl, with a mop of platinum blonde curls and shocking blue eyes, which uncannily enough looked identical to his Ninth incarnation's blue eyes.

It wasn't the fact that a two year old was running around on her own that caught the Doctor attention and baffled him, yes that did shock him but it was what he was hearing and feeling that surprised him. Because he could feel a gentle awareness brushing against his mind and that obviously came from the girl, not only that he could also hear that the little girl had two hearts instead of one. Which all pointed to one fact, that the little girl infront of him was none other than a Time Tot.