Before you continue, know that there are graphic sex scenes ahead. This includes a bit of Het! Sorry if you dont like it! But i did warn you so be on the look out.

The next thing Loki knew, he was being blind folded, which he absolutely did not like in the slightest, and carried over Thor's shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

They walked for a while, mostly in silence though Loki had the feeling Thor was smirking.

When he was placed onto the floor, a loud, giant like roar rang through the room and for the first time in quite a while, Loki was stricken with fear.

But he tried not to let it show.

The blind fold was snatched off and he was presented the wonderful sight of a Hulk, standing menacingly in front of him.

"You're going to show the avengers, the hulk especially, how sorry you are for trying to take over their planet and killing some of their people."

"I will not." Loki said defiantly.
The hulk roared again and Loki's demeanor changed to one of rebellion to one of regret and fear.

He flinched, scrambling to hide behind his brother.
"Brother, you cannot do this to me! Please! I-I thought you said that no one else could touch me the way you do!"

Thor shrugged. "That is true but You shouldve thought about that before you did what you did. They have my permission right now."

Loki was becoming angry. "I am not some whore to be spread around and shared! You all," his voice dropped and his tone became one of menacing malice and very threatening, "especially you," he growled at the Hulk "you stupid creature, will kneel to me!"

Thor and the Hulk shared a smirk.
"I apologize Hulk, he still seems to be a bit fiesty."

And that's when Loki showed his dislike for the Hulk by spitting on him.

Before anyone could stop him, he picked little Loki up by his leg, getting ready to smash him into the floor like he did before but just in time, Captain America appeared, calling out to the Hulk.

"Hey! Hey hey hey! Hulk! Dont smash him *that way. Smash him the other way."

The Hulk's eyes narrowed and a bigger smirk appeared on his face. Still holding Loki upside down by his legs, the then wrapped his pale legs around his neck and held his waist, putting them in the position of 69 but standing.

Loki didn't know whether to be repulsed or turned on by the Hulk's gigantic sized bulge. That thing was as large as Thor's buff arms and maybe about two feet.

'"You're even more stupid than you look if you think this is going to fit anywhere." Loki commented.

Everyone kind of nodded their heads in agreement to his statement.
"He's right. So what's our plan of attack, Tony?"

"Attack that ass. But We'll have to get him ready for him." IronMan said, jamming his thumb in the direction of hulk.

"I wonder, do you drown an entire city when you urinate?" Loki said to the Hulk.

After the Hulk meanly dropped him onto the ground and sat somewhere he'd get a full view, everyone gathered around him.

"Take us out of our pants." IronMan commanded.
He looked at Thor with a scowl who only gave him an expecting look.

Sighing, Loki turned to Hawkeye first. He looked up at him dead in the eye, a look promising that he would get revenge.

With his pearly whites, he pulled down the zipper with ease, then tilted his head a degree as his cock sprang out of his pants faster than one of his arrows.

Loki then nibbled on the very tip of the head, causing the man to let out a sigh of pleasure.

"Ah ah ah, you've got something else to do before you can get to that." Tony told him, turning Loki's head towards him.

Loki glared at him before turning to him and looked around to see how exactly he would pull him Out of his suit. Seeing a small red button near his crotch, he nosed it, leaning back and watching the protective plate slide up and free his length.

With a seductive look, his eyelids halfway down, rosey cheeks and a smirk so small it was just barely noticeable, he gave a long slow lick to the underside all the way to the tip.

"Your cock is as hard as your iron suit." His smirk grew.

"Stuff it reindeer games." He retorted, his mind too clouded with lust to come up with anything better. Taking the Trickster's head in his hands, he lined himself up, getting ready to ram it into his mouth.

"He's not finished yet." The spy woman said. "He still has Thor and us." She said, pointing to her and Captain America.

The captain blushed, thinking that he would just be watching and not taking part in something so...naughty.

"No-no its quite alright …" He told them nervously, though Loki was already in front of him, nuzzling his crotch.

His outfit didn't seem to have a zipper. What was Loki to do but rip it?

That's exactly what he did, he ripped it open with his teeth.
Captain America gasped. How dare he rip open his outfit like it was just some wrapper off a candy bar!

Loki snickered and moved onto the woman.

He quickly tugged her pants down and made a pleased sound. She was shaven and her lips clean, fat and were so very soft.

Though he wasn't into woman as much as he was into men, he always appreciated the different types of vaginas. But he especially loved the ones where the inner lips poked out of the outer. Or ones with large clits. It was much more fun to play with.

He got to licking her outer lips before snaking his tongue into her inner lips and playing with her clit.

His tongue was magical and this actually the first time a man has pleased her enough to make her shudder with a pretty moan. Her composure was slipping, her hands slipped into his godly silky hair and gently pulled his face into her. Loki gladly came and took her pink rose bud into his mouth and suckled gently. As he sucked, his tongue snuggled up nicely against her and greeted her clit. He rolled his tongue all around it trying to figure out her favorite side.

When her body jerked, he smirked and attacked that spot. Moans fell out of her mouth like water falls out of a broken fire hydrant and slowly she tiled his head back and basically sat on his face. Her hips grinded slowly back and forth.

Loki got a little mischievous and dragged his tongue towards her hole each time she grind herself forward and slipped his tongue inside. She gasped and rode his tongue. after a short amount of time, The spy's eyes rolled back and in record time, she came on his face.

The others stared in amazement, Hawkeye glared with jealousy. He had never been able to make her cum so quickly. The trickster didn't even look back to know he was jealous. He only swallowed her orgasm with a devious, arrogant smile and turned towards them.

Hawkeye was the first to come to him, rage and desire fueling his actions. He wanted to smack the smirk off his smug little face.

He tilted his head back roughly and slammed it into his throat. It did absolutely nothing to deter his smirk. He didn't look away either.

His thrusts became more and more vicious but little Loki took it like a pro. Everyone was becoming extremely hot and horny from watching and just *hearing the delicious wet sounds his rough pumping was making.

The archer was pulling out completely before plunging back inside. The motion was hard enough to make the god's jerk back and each time he pulled out, he took a line of saliva and a bit of precum with him.

Loki even swirled his tongue around the head when he could.

It felt good but it pissed him off more.

Unable to deter Loki from smirking, he shoved himself all the way into his hot little throat, until his nose was buried into his bundle of pubic hair, which of course he gladly took into his throat.

He held Loki there for a while. The raven haired man only laughed -the best he could while being impaled. He had to admit, this was completely wearing down his stamina and he really needed to breathe but he would not let Hawkeye see that. So instead, he lapped at his sack while deepthroating the man.

Said man's toes curled and he let out a almost irritated growl and began panting harshly.

Luckily for Loki, he pulled out before he started gagging.

Tony tsked, watching the tied up god pant quietly to himself, a bit of cum on his lips. His tongue unconsciously swiped at the substance. That made Tony's manhood throb and twitch.

"You, little amateur, didn't do it properly and that is why he didn't gag!" He pulled Loki over to him and slowly stuffed himself in that hot, skilled mouth. Once the tip poked the back of his throat, he made sure to move his hips side to side so that the tip would slide all along the back of his throat. Loki clamped his eyes shut and he tried to stop himself from gagging. But he knew he had failed when his body lurched forward and he felt Tony slide deeper in.

Ironman bit his lip and moaned. He wouldnt admit this, well maybe just not in front of Thor, but he had wanted this for a while. He had wanted to be able to shove his cock deep down his throat and make him gag and sputter. He had always wanted to shove his cock **into his ass and fuck him in every position possible.

He repeated the move and Loki immediately gagged and pulled his head away, sputtering and spitting out any precum Tony left in his mouth.

Only Thor had been able to gag him before.
He didn't like where this was going
"Gag me again, tinman, and I'll-"

"You'll what, Loki?" Thor crossed his arms, a gesture that said 'zip it'

Loki pursed his lips and then eyed the Hulk again. With an adorable pout he said nothing.

"Now get back to sucking my-mmm..." he purred as he took the head into his mouth. His tongue swiped back and forth like windshield wipers on his slit and then sucking as hard as possible on the head.

Tony's eye site become fuzzy and unfocused at the force of the suction. They became even more so when Loki moved his head so that the tip of his cock was pressed against the soft, fleshy interior of his cheek. His tongue lapped at the side of his throbbing cock and Tony thrust against the squishy blazzing skin of his cheek.

He was glad his face plate was down, he didn't want the trickster to know how well he was doing.

He was fanominal. He was more skilled than all the other women he'd ever slept with. His skills were ridiculous.

Tony didn't know why he hadnt come to him sooner.

"Can you fit both cocks in your mouth, Loki?" Hawkeye smirked, standing next to Tony while stroking himself in front of Loki's lips while Thor beat his length against his Cheek.

"Lets find out, shall we?"
The millionaire said.

Their tips were rubbing together inside of something hot and wet. It couldn't feel much better than that.

"Hey, hey! Watch the teeth!" Hawkeye scolded the now smirking Loki.

But he couldn't keep up that smirk for long because when one pushed in, they'd hold him there for a while before pulling out and then immediately stuff his mouth with another big cock, giving him no time to breathe.

He looked up at the both of them, his eyes showing that he was rather irritated with them.

When they did shove themselves in at the same time, he let his tongue dance between, on, and around both the tips. It was quite a lovely feeling.

But one would always slip out and when it did, he was punished with a smack.

They didn't really care that it slid out though, it felt really good for both boys when he would have to rub against the other to get back in. Loki's mouth was already so small, two cocks in it were a tight fit.

They hardly ever gave him a chance to breathe.

They had him panting so badly now. His beautiful well kept hair was now messy and had hairs skew everywhere. It stuck against his sweaty pale forehead. His lips were definitely crimson and swollen.

Tony loved the look his was sporting. He knew he'd probably never see him like this ever again. He savored this moment and would cherish it for the rest of hid days.

"Should we untie him so he can do more?" Someone asked.

"If we do, he might try and pull a trick on us..." Thor frowned.

But Loki wouldn't dare try to do anything with the hulk around, not that he'd say that out loud.

While the others were discussing whether or not to let him go, the ropes "mysteriously" fell off of him and he wrapped his slender fingers around their sexes, stroking slowly. By doing so, the others were more distracted and pleasured than alarmed.

He purred. "My my, brother ~ you must've forgotten that you've injected me with a substance that renders me powerless for weeks. Even if such a vial thing was done to me," his voice dripped sensuality. He even added a moan after he licked the precum from someone's tip. "I would never betray you~"

The others were way too turned on to be alarmed or even think properly against what he just said.

Hawkeye and Thor moved to either sides of him and allowed the Trickster to stroke them both with his heated sweaty hands.

Tony pushed Captain in front of him. "Come on, captain! This is your chance to serve some justice!"

Loki purred. "Yes, * captain, please come serve some justice. Lets hope I do not bite you ~"

Thor smacked him as punishment. "Behave yourself, Loki."

He snorted. "Behave myself? *Behave myself? I-" he was about to go on a rant when Thor gave him a certain look that said if he continued he'd really regret it. Which he was sure he was, since the Hulk was over in the corner poking holes in the walls. But being Loki, he didn't know when enough was enough, well, he did but he just didn't like stopping.

He did decide against his rant and made it much shorter. "You're right." He said sarcastically. "I'll act like a total whore because that's what being "behaved" is."

He looked up at captain America and gave an sexy purr. "Please give your cock to me, captain."

Tony stood behind Steve and held his length so that Loki was able to do what he promised.

"I-i- I don't see how sticking my... soldier in his mouth serves any justice-a-ahh!" He blushed as Loki took it all the way down his throat and looked up at him.

To be the best whore he could be, he moaned at the taste and bobbed his head as fast as he could.

Steve couldn't stop the moans from falling out of his mouth as Loki sucked and Tony stroked.

"Nngh...Tony this isn't...ughh..." he moaned as Loki sucked as hard as he could on the head while his sinful tongue slid all around the head and then across the slit. He even found the sensitive sweet spot on the underside of the head.

When he pulled away, the tip was angry red and drooling. But Loki wasn't done, he wanted the innocent captain to have his cock dripping wet and on the brink of cumming. But he also wanted him to beg for release.

With almost ominous laugh, he wrapped his fiery lips around his dick and took him completely down his throat and looked up at him innocently.

"Mmm get those in there too. " Ironman said as he held Loki's head in place with one hand and used the other to try and stuff the Captain's smooth sack in his mouth as well.

Sadly, Loki didn't have time to make him beg for release because he got an unexpected gift in his mouth. Steve flooded his mouth impressively.

When he came, Loki drank the sweet substance, leaving not one drop behind. Then he came up and sexily placed a kiss on the tip of his head. The captain's blush was much more darker now.

Like a sated cat rubbing against his owner, he rubbed his face against his length.
"Next time, I'll make you beg for it ~"

"A-ah- u-uhm...W-whats next Tony?" He did have to admit, serving Justice always felt nice.

"We stretch him."

"I've already done so." Thor told them.

Tony was already poking and prodding his hole. "You may have, Thor, but if we dont prep him a little more, Hulk will no doubt, split him in half. But he is stretched out enough to fit two cocks in him at the moment so lets use that to our advantage, yes?" Before anyone could respond, he already inserted himself inside of the trickster.

A song by the rapper Ludacris came into his head and he sang it mostly to himself. "Face down, ass up that's the way I like to-"

"Ughnn" Loki moaned, right on beat. It made Tony wonder what his tastes in music were.

He rammed himself into the writhing body below.

Loki didn't know what, but something about Tony's cock just hit everything in the right places and had his back arching, had him moaning like a bitch in heat.

Tony had his already big ego stroked. "Oh yeah, you like that huh?" He popped his hips forward and made Loki cry out.

Tony didn't know if he was starting to crush on Loki or if he was just in the mood, but he looked so perfect right now.

His skin was pale but it glowed as if Moonlight shined upon it, his skin was smooth, not a blemish in sight, and the way his hair was splayed messily over his neck and back seemed to drive him wild too.
Not to mention the fact Loki had a donk!

"Come on, captain! I want you to experience punishment sex!"

"B-but I-I-I..." he was inexperienced when it came to anything sexual. But Thor wanted to see him experience it as well, so he slid him under Loki who was currently in doggy style position with his hands behind his back being held there by Tony, and stuck his length inside along with Tony's.

The man had never experienced something quite so *hot and *tight around his cock before.

"Hnnng...huuuhh..oh my goodness..." his eyes fell shut and his mouth fell open.

Loki's back arched like a stretching cat. There was a slight sting when the Captain stuck himself inside. He wasn't small either but he hit all the right spots just like Tony did.

The trickster just couldn't contain his moans. The pleasure was too much, too real and soon the air was becoming crisp as his magic started to crackle around his body.

"Thor...?" Captain America's voice raised in question and alarm.
He only laughed and ran his hand down his brothers back before slapping his bottom.

"Do not worry, it happens when he's about to orgasm!"

How could he not with his sex sliding between his sweaty body and the cap's, and the both of them constantly jabbing his prostate.

Each time they did, which was pretty much every second, he'd tighten severely around them both and bite the man under him.

But of course he couldnt just focus on the pleasure because soon they'd put every part of his body to work. Ironman freed his hand so that he could stroke the Spyman, which he did slowly, and used his mouth to entertain his brother.

"Enjoying yourself brother?" He chuckled.

Loki glared up at him for a moment before his eyes rolled back momentarily and he gave almost a distressed moan around his length. The look and the sound took Thor to the edge. He was so ready to cum.

With the Captain pretty much being a virgin, he was not used to any of this and was already on the brink again. Tony was on the verge as well and knew he was going to cum if he squeezed him one more damn time.

when they came, they really flooded his asshole. The captain gave an adorable gasp, his back arching high off the ground and Tony gave an relieved groan along with the others who came all over his face.

Loki didn't get that leisure though. They stopped just short of his orgasm which was so unfair. But the whole situation was unfair.

"Now, just a bit more stretching and he should be ready for the hulk." He panted.

He and Steve removed himself from him, though Steve could hardly even move his legs, and left him on the ground.

Everyone crowded around his backside and a couple of them kneaded his bountiful booty.

Teasingly, he shook and wagged it at them, earning himself another spank.

"Since we're de-virgin-izing you, why don't you go ahead and eat his ass?" Captain gave Tony an reluctant and unsure look. "Now now now, before you turn my offer down, I'll show you how it's done. "

He kneeled down, lifted his face plate and immediately buried his face between his cheeks, his tongue crazily slithering all along that hole.

"Nnngh! Aaahhh! Great Odin..." he moaned into the floor. He reached an arm back and grabbed Tony by his head, and then shoved his face deeper between his cheeks.

Tony made a surprised sound when he even started grinding against his tongue but wasn't deterred by it in the slightest.

He flattened his tongue completely on his hole as Loki moved up and down against it and then he circled it with the very tip of his tongue.

It felt amazing. Nothing like he'd ever felt before. No wonder Thor had liked it so much.

"Now you try." He stood, looking pleased at the work he's done.

Even Loki gave some encouragement with the sexiest tone anyone's ever heard. "Yes, capt, do give it a try ~" as if he'd muttered an incantation, Steve came to him as if in a trance.

He leaned down and gave an hesitant lick. He was encouraged a bit more by Loki's moans.

Soon, he was rimming him as vigorously as Tony had been. But he even stuck his tongue into him for a while and then went down to lick his sack.

"That's my boy~ now, I'm sure you can continue to do that some more later, Hulk is looking rather .." ironman didn't finish his sentence. At the mention of the hulk, the blond immediately stood, making Loki pout.

As soon as Tony told them another plan, Loki could feel many, many fingers making their way to his winking hole.

He felt one...two...five...fingers in him at the moment. More were entering quickly.

"How humiliating .." Loki complained, but he couldn't help but shudder at how far his hole was being stretched.

Each avenger had two fingers in his hole, pulling in all directions, stretching him wide.
Loki was sure they could see right into his innards.

They stretched him to the best of their abilities and called the mean green monster over who did his own preparations.

He leaned down and licked his hole, his large wet tongue lapping at the tiny pink entrance.

His tongue was a big as Thor and Tony's cocks put together so Loki was having a fantastic time with that. He even parted his own cheek just so he could get more of that feeling.

But it didn't last long because Hulk felt like he had waited long enough. He was impatient and horny as fuck.

Loki would have been okay being fucked by the Hulk if he didn't have to look at him, but of course he had different plans.

While standing, he picked Loki up again and held him against his body. The raven wrapped his arms around his neck and his legs around his body the best he could, which he couldn't make his fingers or toes touch together which made him cling even harder.

He could've closed his eyes but he needed to see what was going on in case he needed to escape. So here he was looking at him eye to eye.

Honestly, he was terrified and apparently Hulk knew it because he started smirking.

Finally, the Hulk was able to be inside him! He put the tip against his hole and pushed upwards.

Loki can honestly say he felt like really was being split in half. The guy was huge! Gigantic!

This was the only thing that he felt he couldn't handle. He put his face in the crook of his neck and gave a sigh of major discomfort.

But thankfully, the Hulk took 15 seconds out of his precious life to allow him to adjust.

But it was enough. He slowly pulled out and then pumped back into him.

"Puny god tight." Hulk said pumping into him, trying to get a rhythm going. It took a while but soon he was pummeling Loki like it was no ones business.

He thrust up hard enough to make Loki slide all the way up to his tip and fall back down onto it only to repeat. And the slapping sounds were loud enough to be ear shattering.

He knew for sure he wouldn't be walking for a while.

He was almost sure he could feel it in his damn intestines! But that didn't stop him from screaming his pleasure. His voice was going hoarse from his bellowing. Even Thor was impressed by his usually soft spoken brother.

Never before had he been so filled, nor had he been fucked so hard. His prostate was never untouched.

He would've bit the Hulk but he was afraid of what would happen if he did.

His fear didn't stop him from orgasming though. It was a crippling orgasm. Enough to nearly stop his heart.

But he was quickly woken up out of his haze when Hulk roared louder than thunder.

When the Hulk came, Loki's eyes widdened as his stomach enlarged and even a bit of cum came out of his mouth.

He roared again as more ribbons of his hot elixir was unloaded into the evil god. But eventually Loki was too slick for him to stay inside him. He slipped out and continued to cum.

Hulk was no longer holding onto him, he slipped off the Hulk's leg of a cock, falling into a puddle of cum that had But hulk didn't stop cumming. He made sure to drench him in cum.

When he was finished, all that could be seen is his raven black hair.

"I will get my revenge."

Not a threat, but a promise.

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