Hi there everyone, this is transparentchaos with my first fic about Jaden's adventures after Duel Academy and the Bonds Beyond Time movie. I haven't seen many of these and want to try my hand at them. I'm not quite sure about the characters and so the canon characters might be out of character, so please, tell me if I'm going off track, and give me some ideas on original characters please, no perfect people though.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh GX and nor do I intend to. This is just for fun and nothing else. Thanks!

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Jaden's POV

"It's good to be back where I belong, no evil, flying motorcycle things and no crazy people. I swear this is definitely gonna kill me some day," I mused to myself as I was walking down a semi-busy street in Venice. I had just gotten back from fighting Paradox with Yugi and Yusei. Sometimes this gig is one hell of a blast, other times, not so much.

"Well you should have read the job description before you took the job," said Yubel as she appeared out of nowhere scaring me out of my thoughts.

"Gah! Yubel! Can't you give me a warning before you appear out of nowhere and scare the hell out of me?" I half-screamed gaining the attention of some of the others on the street. When I noticed, almost immediately, I grinned sheepishly and started scratching my head, a nervous tick I suppose.

"I'm sorry, but you should have known better," she admonished. At that moment, I felt and smelled cat breath on the back of my neck as I saw a ball of light in my peripheral vision.

"Stowaway," I muttered dejectedly.

"I agree with Yubel!" The ball of light, now the semi-transparent for of Professor Banner said. "But it is still very admirable what you are doing."

"I know!" I said. "I was just saying, I know what I'm doing!"

"Sometimes you are such a child," Yubel said, I was about to retort, when she growled, "I know what you're going to say, so don't even think about it!"

"You get into so much trouble, or rather, like Alexis says, trouble seems to find you," Professor Banner laughed as I blushed at the mention of Alexis. Why? I'll never know.

At that moment, I stopped walking. "Why have we stopped, Jaden?" Yubel asked.

"I'm a little hungry and wanna catch a bite to eat, maybe I can figure out something," I replied as I walked into the small café. It was a nice place. Simple, yet warm and inviting. I ordered a coffee and a sandwich while pulling out my laptop. 'Well,' I thought, 'It seems Chazz and Aster are doing well in the Pro Leagues, and Syrus and Zane's Pro League is gaining a lot of momentum, riding duel eh? I wonder if I'll ever see Yusei duel,' I thought. I browsed the web a little more looking for anything when my food came. The waitress, who looked about twenty-two, smiled at me and winked slipping me a piece of paper with some random numbers. I politely thanked her for the food in very broken Italian and gave some of my sandwich to Pharaoh.

It was a nice change of pace to sit and relax for once, but like all things... "Jaden, I found something," Yubel said as she appeared making me almost spill my coffee.

"Didn't I just ask you not to scare me like that?" I said as I placed the coffee down and turned to face her. Long before now, Professor Banner had been swallowed by Pharaoh. No consideration!

As she was about to reply, my cell phone rang. "That," she said as she disappeared leaving me to pick up the phone.

"Hello? Jaden Yuki speaking, how may I help you?" I said. What came next was surprising.

"Ah! Jaden-boy, I finally got a hold of you!" I heard from the other line. How did Mr. Pegasus get my number?

"Mr. Pegasus? How did you get my number?"

"I need your help with something."

"W-wait, can you answer my question please?" Of course my asking was in vain since he either didn't hear me or he decided to ignore me.

"Last week, a convoy of some prototype cards was stolen and I need you to get them back. We have traced the thief, but not the cards. We need you to catch the thief and the cards before something bad happens. Everything is set up and ready for you, car, housing, and food of course. Your flight leaves in two hours," he said. "The information has been sent to your phone."


"I know you will do well Jaden-boy!"

I sighed. No chance to even decline the offer. Oh well, at least I'm getting excitement. I thanked the waitress again and grabbed my cat-in-a-bag and left, taking a cab to the airport. I hated these places so confusing, almost like they wanted me to miss my flight.

"At least it's first-class," I smiled.

"I think there's something more," Yubel said, "but what I don't know."

"You're thinking that too? They're calling me instead of the police, kinda fishy if you ask me," I answered. "Guess I'll just have to keep my guard up."

I boarded the plane. 'San Francisco eh?' And found my seat between some pretty girls who also winked at me. 'What's with the winking? Do they have something in their eyes?' Shrugging it off, I sat in my seat an began ordering my deck, fixing it and creating new strategies.

"This... no, maybe... no, God damn I'm bored," I whined causing some of the girls to giggle.

"Such a child," Yubel sighed.

"I can't help if I'm bored!" I said.

A few long hours later, okay, maybe half a day later, we landed in San Francisco International when I recieved an email. Go to lot E4, there will be a black car with the keys taped to the tire; the coordinates for your place of residence are in the nav. A brief will be on the kitchen table for you with a snack since you're probably hungry.

I took a shuttle from the pick up zone to the lot and spent thirty minutes trying to find the car. I really wish that the lot wasn't ordered by color. Thank God I had help searching from my deck.

"Kuri-Kuri!" I heard from Winged Kuriboh.

"You found it? That's great!" I yelled. "Where- wow!" I whistled. How did he know? He definitely went all out. "Remind me to call later and ask him if I can keep the car," I told Kuriboh and I walked up to the black Nissan GT-R. "I've always wanted one of these."

I drove home, to an apartment in downtown San Francisco, completely ignoring the stares I got and grabbed my keys. When I reached the apartment, I was amazed again! Top floor view with game room, flat screen, fully furnished and decked! "Might as well the find out what the job is," I said. I sat down and looked at the letter as I grabbed a donut and started munching.

Hello Jaden-boy, do you like the stuff? It's yours. Consider it, and a salary as payment for this assignment and recovering The Sun Dragon Ra in your second year. Now we have been creating some cards, but recently they were stolen and we have no idea where they are being kept. We have traced the thief, or thieves to a high school in that area, to which you will be going. You will be conducting an investigation and recover those cards, since I know you can do this. Yours truly, Maximillion Pegasus.

P.s. enclosed is the information you'll need. And please report if you find anything important.

Well, this can't be so bad; I said as I looked over the papers and reread the letter. Then it hit me... "I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL?"

So how is it? This is my first fic to any criticisms would be great, but no spam, or downright dissing.