Hey everyone, this my first chicago fire story. I love dawson/casey but i find the lack of interaction between dawson/severide very interesting and started cooking up something.

Summary: Casey has set his wedding date and gabby is distraught. Severide finds himself drawn to her for some reason and is always there to save as Severide and Gabby grown closer, Casey is somewhat displeased although he is engaged. In the end,who will her heart belong to?Severide/Dawson/Casey

Disclaimer: I don't own chicago fire coz if I did Casey/Dawson would have already happened.

I don't who she will end up with yet but we will see XD. I apologize for any mistake and please R&R

Gabriella was downing her drink impressively for a woman. She kept on ordering drinks after drinks and that didn't go unnoticed by a pair of brown eyes who had been observing her or the past couple of hours. Today, Matthew announced the date of his wedding and as a good friend, she faked her excitement and cheered with the rest of the squad, but inside she was dying. So she decided to have her pity party

Kelly had been observing the petite brunette from afar and took pity on her. Shay had filled him in on her little crush on Matthew and he could only imagine the negative impact it created on her. When he noticed she couldn't even hold her glass properly anymore, he decided to intervene before she fell off her stool.

"WOW, I think you've had enough of that…" He said as he took the glass from her sloppy fingers and caught her small form in his arms.

"Lemme alone severrrriiiiddddde…." She slurred and tried to fight him off but was too weak.

"Not a chance, the squad needs you well and fresh for tomorrow." He easily caught her and led her to his car after paying her bill.

Kelly didn't know why he just decided to rescue her. It wasn't his style at all but he just felt compelled to do it. And since he wasn't bringing any lady home that night, he might as well have brought her. Shay was out of town for a couple of nights and he didn't know if it was because he loathed being alone in that huge flat or out of pity that he decided to help her. She had passed out soon after he took off, after vomiting few times outside.

He pulled out in his driveway and carried her inside. For a split of second, he almost carried her in Shay's bed but he never went in her room and he couldn't start now. He gently deposited her small form on his bed and caressed her hair away from her face. He had always seen her like one of the guys but he had to admit that she was very beautiful. Her exotic features somewhat reminded him of Anna. She was petite and her skin was so smooth. Before he could catch himself, he caressed her small cheek and she sighed into his hand before he realized what he was doing and left.

Morning came faster than gabby would have liked but she had a killer headache. She noticed that she was still wearing the previous' day clothes and her bed smelt of a man's cologne. That's when Kelly came in with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, revealing his large torso and muscular arms as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She couldn't help but stare for a few second. Apparently he hadn't noticed that she was awake. Wait a minute…the setting of this room had nothing to do with hers…was it his room? HIS ROOM?

"HELL NO!" She screamed and startled him at the same time.

"Hello sunshine." He gave her a smirk but gave her no indication to explain this weird scenario. He could see the wheels turning in her head. He also made no move to put some clothes on.

"How did I get here?" She asked, clutching her temples. He was going to play the ball his way.

"well, drink the aspirin next to you first." He gestured toward the glass and pills next to her. She drank it slowly.

"For pete's sake, would you just put some clothes on?" She said irritated. The sight of his body was disturbing her.

"Why, am I making you nervous princess?" He still made no indication to dress and his smirk went into a huge smile. Gabby just gave him her best death glare.

"Well, I picked you up at the bar." He just said and she almost fainted. From what Shay had told her, she knew he was quite the womanizer but her? No way! She never even spoke to him outside of rescue missions, though they were both close to Shay.

"I drove you here and put you to bed, well my bed to be exact." He smirked.

"Severide, did we..

"Relax princess, nothing happened, you were so out of it…besides…you're not exactly my type." He smirked again at her wide open eyes."Well I suggest you take a quick shower and join me for breakfast, we have work to do." He took his uniform and walked out. How in the world did she find herself in this situation? She just rolled the covers off of her body and went to shower.

Breakfast was a quiet affair with Kelly drinking his coffee and Gabby nursing her hangover which got better, thanks to a weird mixture that Kelly gave as his secret remedy to party nights.

The drive was spent in a comfortable silence before pulling in the parking lot. Before Kelly could open his door, gabby gently caught him by the arm.

"Hey…thanks for everything." Her eyes shined with honesty and he had the sudden urge to kiss her full red lips but barely managed to nod and was surprised when she leaned in to give him a quick hug before rushing out. He just stared at the spot that she had occupied mere seconds ago and just shook his head while coming out.

"OHHH, so you and Dawson, huh?" Most of the guys made several of those comments while Kelly rolled his eyes. Matthew came in with a quizzical look.

"What are you guys going on about?" His blue eyes were filled with confusion.

"Well, we saw Dawson and Severide coming here together bright and early and we all know that they live on different sides of town and that Shay didn't go home last night." Herman said in a sing song voice. They all laughed while Matthew didn't look amused at all. if anything, he looked angry.

"And Mills saw them hugging, it was so cute." They laughed even harder.

"Cut it out boys, we have some drills this morning so you better be ready in five." His fists clenched before walking out. Everyone but Kelly didn't notice the tension rolling off the blonde lieutenant. It was going to be interesting.

Gabby didn't know why but Matthew seemed to avoid her the entire day, well not that she was looking for him but still, feelings were hard to die and she was doing her utmost best to forget them. Hallie came at the end of the day and insisted her to join her and Matthew at a restaurant they were going to but Kelly magically appeared beside her before she could reply. And he looked good in his simple black tee, dark blue jeans and black boots.

"You good to go? Don't forget we have plans tonight." He gave her a bright smile before turning toward Hallie and exchanging greetings"We do?" She was surprised but decided to play along as she understood what he was doing.

"Of course! I told you I'd show you my culinary skills."

"Oh yeah, yeah…I remember, sure…" She smiled back.

Matthew couldn't believe what he saw and heard. For some reason, he was annoyed that his honest and sincere friend was getting cozy with severide.

"So…shall we? Hallie, Matthew…" Kelly nodded before taking gabby by the shoulders and leading her to his car.

Hallie watched with a smile on her face.

"What's funny?" Matthew turned to his fiancée.

"Severide and Gabby…who would have thought? Well it's about time she got someone."

"Yeah but Severide? He just plays with women!"

"Well, he seems different with her, you can tell he hasn't jumped her yet, it's good right? I bet she's the one who can turn him around." She said absentmindedly.

"Well, it's Kelly you never know." He mumbled while heading to the car. It seemed they were the new IT couple and Matthew was annoyed to hear about them the entire day. What would they call them later? Dawveride? Kabby? He just scoffed and decided to concentrate on his beautiful fiancée. After all, she was the only one for him, right?