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Gabby opened her eyes slowly to see various pairs of eyes looking at her with worry. She grimaced at the intensity that the light was hitting her face with. For a split of a second, she hardly remembered what led her to be in this position but then she remembered and closed her eyes again. She recognized the place as being chief Boden's office. Her ears were starting to process what people were saying aroung her.

"Is she gonna be alright?"

"Should we take her to a hospital?"

"Should we try to wake her up?"

"No you dumbo, really?"

"Oh look she is awake!"

As she tried to sit up, Kelly and Matt rushed to her side and she failed to notice the slight glare that Matt gave Kelly. The latter helped her swing her legs in a sitting position.

"Easy…" Kelly said when she slightly swayed back. She felt extremely dizzy.

"Are you alright?" Matt asked her with worried eyes.

"Yes…I think I am…" She replied with a failed attempt at a smile while clutching her head.

"Don't scare me like that again princess!" Kelly sighed in relief and gave her a genuine smile.

"Gee! You were out cold like a stone dropped in the ocean!" Otis scratched his head, eyeing the young woman.

"Oh shut up Otis, can't you see that the lady is just coming around?" Herman rolled his eyes. Trust Otis to say something of the sort.

Before he could reply, Chief Boden came in himself and everyone kept quiet. His hard face held traces of worries.

"How are you feeling?" He asked her gently, as he pulled a chair to face her.

"Good I suppose…" She said weakly.

"Well you gave us quite a scare. Severide and Casey were on the verge of tears." He nodded toward the two men who had moved close to the door.

"Hey! I do not cry!" Kelly interjected, earning a slight smirk from Gabby.

"Yeah I can picture that…"

"So, I know that you probably don't want to talk about it…but could you explain this to us?" He took the "bloody" roses from his desk and her face fell.

"The good news is that it's fake blood. Well I tasted it." Peter said, earning strange look from everyone in the room. That shut him up right.

"Oh that? It's er… really nothing, my neighbor, we've been having harmless pranks, it's nothing serious…" She half smiled, not really believing her own explanation.

"It didn't look harmless to me, you fainted." Matt insisted.

"Well, what can I say? It was weird so I freaked but I am okay now." They just all stared at her with a "yeah right" look.

"Guys, really, I am fine…I promise." She was touched by their concern but she was annoyed as well.

"Okay, the others can go, gabby you stay, I'd like to talk to you about a recent complaint." Chief Boden dismissed his team and stayed alone in his office with Gabby who was twisting her thumbs and looked like a child about to receive a hiding.

"So what did I do now?" She looked a bit scared. She hadn't been much disciplined lately.

"I just needed a reason to get you alone. I don't but this prank story. You were out cold. Mills said you looked horrified and you will stand there and call that a "prank""? He gave her a stern look.

Gabby was at loss, so she just decided to keep quiet and look on the floor. She felt like a child berated for her foolish behavior. She had to tell someone but if she did, she had no idea of what would happen.

"You know you can trust me with anything, I've always had your back." His voice became softer. He could see the internal battle going on.

"I…I…there's something chief and it is scaring me…" She said in a small voice and sighed. "I can't tell you more…if I do…I don't know what would happen, enough people could be hurt." She finished.

"Who is getting hurt? Someone is threatening you, isn't it?" He asked and was met with her silence.

"Dawson, that it have anything to do with Voight?" He asked carefully and she jerked her head up.

"I've got to go." She fled from his office before he could ask her anything else. She didn't say much but it was enough of a confirmation. He would have to keep an eye on her without alerting anyone else.

"I don't buy it." Kelly tossed his towel over his shoulder and looked at Matt who was behind him, through the mirror.

"Me neither." Casey seemed troubled and pensive.

"Something is definitely off with Gabby, she wouldn't freak out over nothing, and she's too tough for that." Kelly turned around and Matt nodded.

"So what do we do?"

"I say we keep an eye on her. She has been a bit jumpy lately." Kelly replied, wiping his damp face dry.

"I don't think Gabby would approve much." Casey said with a frown.

"Well, it's not about what she would approve but for her own safety. And what she doesn't know won't hurt her."

"I know…let's just keep a close eye on her and see where that leads." Matt said. Kelly nodded in agreement.

Once Gabby was in the bathroom, she took her phone out to check for messages and saw two in the inbox, the last seemed like it had just arrived. With shaky fingers, she opened it:

Hope you liked the roses, there's plenty from where that came from, I know your every step "Gabby" all of them xoxo

The second and most recent one read:

I hope for your sake that you didn't spill the beans to Boden

How the hell did he know, he seemed to know where she was and everything she was doing or saying, what was going on? She sighed and exited the bathroom with a sigh. This was going from bad to worse. She needed to stop this

"Hey what did I miss?"


Hallie was fidgeting nervously. She had scheduled this appointment but could she go through with it? She didn't consider herself a monster but she wasn't ready either. If matt didn't find out, he wouldn't hurt and plus they could have children later on. But it wouldn't be fair to herself to put herself through pregnancy just to please Matt.

"Miss Hallie?" A middle aged blonde woman called her name softly, pulling her out of her reverie.

"That's me." She smiled, playing nervously with the hem of the cream jersey that she had on.

"Dr. Jenkins will receive you in about ten minutes." She smiled kindly and returned to her desk to sort out some piles of papers.

"Thank you." She said absentmindedly.

"Hey love!" a familiar voice boomed behind Hallie. "I brought you lunch. Late lunch anyways."

She turned quickly to see a man kissing the receptionist but she couldn't really see him until he released her and seemed to notice Hallie.

"Hey Hallie, wow the world is that small huh!" He greeted cheerfully.

"Hey Herman…" She tried to hide her discomfort under a smile.

"Where are my manners? Deb, this is Hallie, Lieutenant Casey's fiancé, Hallie this Deb my wife." He gave his wife a proud look.

"Nice to meet you." Deb smiled.

"Nice meeting you too."

Hallie couldn't believe her bad luck, she didn't want "it" performed at the hospital she worked at, and so she thought she'd go to a clinic that wasn't nearby, to avoid running into any familiar faces. And out of every clinic, she thought, she had to bump into someone she knew and who knew her fiancé as well. She only had one word: shit. This wasn't part of the plan.

As if it suddenly dawned on Herman in which type of clinic he was, he became very nervous and uncomfortable to see his superior's fiancé there in the waiting room.

"Hum…I er…gotta run along, I mean I am a fireman and I put out fires…yes that is what I will go do now…" He kissed his wife quickly on the cheek and left his wife more confused than ever…

That's chapter 6 XD

No one seems to buy Gabby's story and chief Boden confirmed his suspicions. And how the hell does Voight always know what Gabby is up to or about to do? Could it be that…

Casey and Severide decide to keep an eye on Gabby, how?

It would seem that Herman might have accidentally stumbled onto the secret Hallie is so desperately trying to keep a secret. What will Herman do with this newfound knowledge? And sorry I don't know his wife's name.