Truth or Dare Percy Jackson and the crew!

Percy's POV:

"Hey Percy!" I hear someone call I turn and see Nico.

"Hey Nico! Whats up?" He comes up jogging towards me and out of breath asks

"You want to play truth or dare?"

"Um, No"

"Annabeth will be there"

"So when is it?"

Nico smiles and replies "Like ten minutes at your cabin,"

"You didn't even know I would play! How could you have already chosen my cabin?"

"Easy I knew you would come if Annabeth came, I also knew that she would only come if you came. So it was simple logic!"

"You have been hanging out with the Athena kids to much."

"Yeah I know, shut up and come on!"

We start off towards my cabin. I look at Nico and ask "So who else is coming?"

"Jason, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, the Stolls, Rachel and you and me," I nod and think that this will be a pretty weird game of truth or dare.

We reach my cabin and everyone else is already there. Annabeth comes up to me and I rap my arms around her. I hear a gagging noise from behind me and turn to see Leo doing it. I stick my tongue out and he does the same. Annabeth and I sit together and Jason and Piper sit together also. Nico and Leo sit uncomfortably next to the Stoll brothers and watch all of us.

"Well, who wants to start?" I ask. I look at Travis and Conner I immediately regret it.

"I'll go first!" Travis yells out, he looks evilly at Piper she yelps and hides behind Jason.

"Piper, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Piper replies with a scared look in her eyes.

Piper's POV:

I pick dare thinking it won't be to bad. Travis gives me this evil look and says "OK I dare you to go up to Chiron and ask for a ride."


"OH, and do it in a little kids voice and when he says no have a tantrum!"

I look at Jason for help but he doesn't say anything if anything he is trying not to laugh! I look at Annabeth for any help but she doesn't meat my eyes. I get up and say "Well, come on you want to see me doing it don't you?" They nod and we go to the archery station. When we get there sure enough Chiron is there practicing. I take a deep breath and walk up to him. I tap him on the forearm and ask in a high pitched voice, "CAN I HAVE A RIDE!?"

"Excuse me child?"

I hear laughter behind me and ask again in a whiny voice, "CAN I HAVE A RIDEEEEEEEEEEE?"

Chiron shakes his head and says "Um, no you can't have a ride Piper. Why are you asking?"

I look at him and take up the pose of a annoyed child and throw myself on the ground screaming and crying yelling "I WANT A RIDEEEEEEEEEEEEE I WANT A RIDE! WHY CAN'T I HAVE A RIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!"

I then stand up and walk towards the bushes that my friends are behind. I get there and Percy, Nico, the Stolls, and Jason are rolling on the ground laughing. Annabeth and Rachel are laughing too but I already know who my next victim will be.

"Nico, Truth or Dare?"

Nico stops laughing and sits up. "Dare I'm not scared of you!" I give him an evil grin and the Stolls start laughing again.

Nico's POV:

Piper whispers the dare in my ear and my face goes ghost white, well whiter than it is now since I spend most of my time with my dad in the underworld.

I look at her and ask "Do I have to?" My voice comes out in a whimper. Travis then says "Why did you whisper it? I want to know!" I look at him and say "Well, good because you and Conner are in it too" They look stricken but follow me when I get up and go towards the dinning pavilion.

We reach it and a few kids are there just talking. Mostly girls which will work perfectly for Pipers little dare. I whisper it to the Stolls and they try to run. I grab the two by the collars and pull them back. Piper then stands on one of the tables and says loud enough for all to hear "OK everyone we have three people here for you. You can do what ever you want to do with them for the next five minutes. Boys up on the table!"

Travis and Conner hop up first and I get up there more slowly. Three girls from the Aphrodite cabin had come up since we had been there and they asked Piper something in her ear. She nodded and came up to me. I looked at the Stolls for help but they just smirked. The three girls pulled me off the table and dragged me back to their cabin.

Travis's POV:

I watched as the terrified Nico is pulled away to his dome at the Aphrodite cabin. A bunch of boys line up and ask Piper, "Can we punch or you know curse them?"

"Yep thats fine! You just have to be done with in five minutes!"

A big Ares boy who I had pranked a few weeks back comes walking up to me and says "I pick this one!" Piper nods, I yell out when he grabs me by the collar "This is," I don't get to finish because the boys fist meets my jaw. His fist then becomes acquainted with my stomach. He laughs and leaves. Piper then yells out "Ding! OK everyone sorry the five minutes are up!"

Conner is laughing and says "Ha! I didn't even have something bad happen to me! I'm as good as can be. Unlike you Mr. Lee." Everyone laughs and Conner asks "What? Travis got punched in the gut and you are laughing at me?" We all buckle over laughing and I say "Conner your rhyming like an idiot! What Apollo kid did you piss of?"

Nico's POV:

The Aphrodite girls are not kind. They get me to their cabin and tell me to sit still. One goes to the back of the cabin to get something and another goes into a closet and gets an Abercrombie shirt with matching white skinny jeans. The first girl comes back with hair gel and what looks like nail polish. The third girl hands me the cloths and says "Go put these on!" I shake my head and all three nod.

I go to the bathroom and take off my current black Green Days shirt and baggy jeans. I put on the skinny jeans and I can't pull them up all the way because they are just that tight. I lean my head out the door and tell one of the girls this and she says "You don't pull them all the way up silly! Only to your waist then stop. Duh!" She rolls her eyes like this is obvious and I just go back into the room. I pull on the shirt and it is tight enough for you to see my abs and I say to myself "These girls are trying to make me into a prostitute arn't they!"

I come out and they squeal in delight. I hurts my ears. They then tell me to sit on the bed and I do because it is really hard to walk in these pants. When I get to the bed one of the girls gells my hair so it is like an emo kids. She then flat irons it. I can't see out of my right eye or move my hand because on of the other girls is doing my nails. I groin thinking of what the guys will say. Actually I know what they will say "OH my gods NICO'S EMO!" Then fall on the floor laughing. I stand up and they push me back down. "You don't even have your hat or shoes on Nico!" Another one says "Yeah you can't go out without your shoes!" They put on a pair of DC shoes and give me a flat bill hat. Then theres a knock on the door.

Percy's POV:

"Hey you girls still have Nico?" Annabeth asks.

"Yes and he will be right out!" a girl chimes back.

The door opens and we all fall over laughing. Nico has his hair flat ironed in front of his face. A flat bill hat, DC sneakers. An Abercrombie shirt that is three sizes too small a pair of skin tight jeans that doesn't leave anything to the imagination and I think he had his nails done. It is so freaking hilarious.

Conner calls out to Nico between laughing "Shit dude. Do you have a bad emo mood?" Nico replies "Har har har, very funny."

"Nico, do you need a knife? Hahahaha!" Rachel blurts out.

I can't even say anything because if I look at him another wave of laughter comes over me. The Stolls, Jason, Leo, and Piper are all on the ground trying to catch their breath and not succeeding. Nico then has this evil grin and says "Percy, truth or dare?"

I look at him and say "Dare, bring it on death boy!"

"OK great! Go switch cloths with Annabeth."

Annabeth stops laughing, I look at what she is wearing. Her usually simi tight camp half-blood shirt, her short shorts, and sneakers. I then look at what I am wearing. Long jeans, and very loose camp shirt, and sneakers. "One question Nico, do we have to trade shoes?"

Nico thinks about this for a moment then shakes his head. I then pull the stunned Annabeth into the Aphrodite cabin. She changes in the bathroom while I change in the main room. Well, Annabeth had to yell at the Aphrodite girls to not look at me. They however don't listen well.

When handed the shorts I can't fit them over my calves. So I hand them back to Annabeth. She gives me a weird look but takes them back. I am so glad that I put on boxers this morning. I put on the shirt and it goes over my pecks but nothing more. It also doesn't really cover my arms. Annabeth comes out and is still trying to keep my pants up. The shirt is so baggy that it looks like a night gown. I fall over laughing and she gives me a look.

We step out and everyone laughs. Rachel then asks a brilliant question, "Why do have on sponge bob square pants underwear on?" I look down and just now notice that I am wearing said underwear. I blush like a mad man and run back in the room pulling Annabeth in after me.

We come back out dressed normally but Annabeth complains about how her shirt is stretched out. Annabeth then says "Well, its my turn now so! Who wants to go?"