~I am writing this story because while I was watching Inception a thought came to my head when I saw Joseph Levitt Gordon and Ellen Page. Since watching the TDKR ( spoiler alert), everytime I see Joseph I think Robin so putting two and two together Ellen Page could be Batgirl; To me it just seem like if Christopher Nolan were to have continue he might have used her. In which case I thought Robin/Batgirl and this story form in my head. It's the story of how Barbara became Batgirl.~

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CHAPTER 1. Domicilium (Home)

" Let me get this straight, you want to go to Gotham and visit your father?" My mother, clearly taken by surprise stops chopping the vegetables to look at me.

Her knuckles tightened on the knife. I nervously stripped the backpack tighter over my shoulder.

" Yup," I say as nonchalant as possible.

" No! Absolutely not young miss, you're not going to that crazy godforsaken place! No way!" My mother continued to cut the vegetables, a little bit more aggressive than before.

" Mom. Calm down, look I want to visit dad for a while, I haven't seen him in ages. I'll be fine," In between that lie was a truth.

I truly haven't seen my father in years.

" My plane leaves in an hour. I'll phone call, IM Message, email, whatever- I'll do it each day over there okay?" I opened the door, my suitcase already in the car.

" You're deliberately planning to disobey me! Gotham is corrupt! Honey please think this over," My mother placed the knife down.

" I did and mom this here is nice, but it's not my life. I'll call mom I'll promise, bye," I head over to my car.

From the car I see my mom's face in pure horror . " Be careful," she yells a worried expression crossing in her face.

I waved and drove to the airport, never promising to be careful. I knew exactly why she was scared of me going to Gotham. Last time I was there, I had almost been shot by a crazy two headed freak and my brother almost killed. Back when I thought my father was dead, but it turn out to be a lie in order to capture the freak show Joker. Part of the reason I'm returning to Gotham isn't because of my dad. You see, I learn something when I was nine. The terrifying moment when you know you might die and you're just wanting to wake up to find out it's all a nightmare, but you can't...-that moment right there made me realize I wanted to stand up to crooks. I wanted to defend myself and others. Fight for justice like Batman. My brother always admired Batman and I sort of did too as the years progressed. I wanted to be just like him. A symbol that anyone male or female; small or short; skinny or fat; rich or poor could be a hero.

I leaned back on the seat of the plane. A girl in front of me holds a mirror. I caught my reflection. My curled redish brown hair set loose. Black eyeliner on to bring out my eyes and chap stick for my parch lips. I smile at myself and glanced away.

My name is Barbara Gordon, though I'm 18 and 19 next month. I'm more incline to the short side. I'm not extremely skinny, but I like my figure. On the contrary to most girl's my age, I tend to rely sole on facts and reasons, something hard to understand and complex enough is where I pass my time. I love solving puzzles and mazes are my favorite. Most importantly I'm actually going to do what I always wanted to do, become someone new.

I came out of the airport, slightly amazed by the Gotham my mother had left behind. It was a beautiful city, always has been in my perspective. Just full of corruptible people. I stand there waiting for my dad. Where was he? I glanced around noticing it was dark already outside. Maybe I could save my dad some trouble. I still remember my way to my house in Gotham…maybe I could just walk home. A while later I saw no point in waiting so I started walking home. Meanwhile I remain reminiscent of my pass memories. I used to play there- I went to school over there-etc.

As I continue walking I heard a cry. At first I thought it was some kid. Until I heard it again confirming my suspicion that it was a woman. My instincts kicked in, I started running. Turning the block I saw a man holding a woman at gunpoint. A shiver crawls on my back, remembering how it felt to have a gun pointing at me before. Someone has to do something!

I opened my mouth just in time to say "Hey!" when a black figure dropped from the roof.


Wait he looks too young. It's not Batman it's-


I jumped startled as I whirled back. My dad parked his police car right behind me, getting off the car without even turning the car off.

"What do you think you're doing?" he yelled, his forehead casting lines of wrinkles.

"I-I was just walking home," I answered turning to glance back.

The figure and woman already gone. The man was unconscious on the ground.

"During the night? I told you to wait for me at the airport. It's too dangerous out here in the night," my dad's anger was replaced with concern.

I wanted to argue that I knew about the dangers I risk, but I didn't want to fight with my dad when I only just arrived.

"Sorry," I say with a sigh.

"Give me a moment Barbara," he went into his car and called the other officers to take care of the man in the alley.

Who was that guy-it couldn't possible be Batman. When the other officers arrived my dad drove me home.

"Dad was that Batman?" I felt dumb for asking.

Dad smiled.

"No, he's Nightwing. He takes care of things since Batman is gone," he explained.


"So...is he like a new Batman?" I question a little more than just curious.

"Something like that,"

I glanced out the window. A silhouette caught my attention.

"I'm glad you're visiting Barbara, welcome home," Dad genuinely smiled.

"It's good to be back dad," I reply meaning each single word.

I am Barbara Gordon and I plan on being an exceptional woman in Gotham. I plan on not just visiting, but starting a new life here.

A new identity

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