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Chapter 4. Prima Nocte ( First Night)

A moment of hesitation passed through him.

" Nightwing?" Blake asked with an arched eyebrow. " What about him?"

" Anything at all. It's just-he's a real mystery to me. I just want to find out more about him." I explained, examining his reaction to what I'm saying.

His lips are pressed in a tight line, as if he really rather not talk about it. Interesting, if Nightwing is the new hero wouldn't someone be interested in asking about him.

" Um. Well he's in charge of taking care of things ever since Batman is gone,"

" In charge? As if he was specifically assigned by Batman himself," I thought this over quickly.

" Maybe he was," Blake answered just as quickly.

" Everything just seems really weird. How exactly did Nightwing emerge after Batman? There must've been some sort of connection between them. For all we know Batman could be taking a vacation and left Nightwing to take his spot while he's gone," I said, my arms crossing.

" Not exactly,"

I barely heard Blake whisper.

" What?"

" I mean maybe things aren't exactly how they appear to be, Nightwing might just be the same character that Batman was, but he's not there yet," he tried explaining.

I frowned at that. " You sound like you know exactly who he is,"

Blake let out a shaky laugh. " No, No, Do you honestly think I'm Nightwing?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. I need more information about Nightwing before I can really start narrowing the possibility.

" Who knows. I'm going to figure it out though. It might be too late to figure out who Batman was, but I have a feeling my dad knows and my brother," I'm blabbering. I wasn't going to tell him anything about my suspicions, but before I knew it. I had already blurted it out.

" How?" there is an amused smile spreading across his face.

Not sure why, but that smirk spreading across his face rose a sense of annoyance in me. He thought it as a joke probably. I will find out who Nightwing is…mark my word.

" Somehow. It really shouldn't be too hard," that maybe was a lie, but I wanted to make it seem like I could really do this.

" He's one of the good guys, shouldn't that be all that really matters?"

" I guess," I shrugged in response. Somehow we had made our way back to the library.

" You don't really need to go huh? You just wanted to do something that your dad didn't know about," Blake had somehow seen through me.

I didn't answer him right away. So Blake isn't just good at handling thugs, he apparently was pretty smart.

" Maybe. Although I'm pretty sure you followed me knowing that I wasn't going to the library. Honestly the real question is…why did you follow me anyways?" I turned the question back at him.

" Do you want me to answer you honestly?" the thin smile was spread across his face again.

" Honestly," I nodded, reluctantly beginning to smile too.

" All right, truth is...you puzzle me," He conceded.

He's one to talk. He should see himself in the mirror. He's a mystery on his own.

" Gordon talked about you before you arrived. He told me that the main reason his wife took the kids was because of what happened with Harvey Dent-," a shiver arising within me at the sound of that man. " He said the whole family was traumatized. Yet here you are, back in Gotham and standing up to guys like those. Not only that, you also seemed to be here as if you're looking for something."

My mouth became ajar. What am I, an open book? Is it all sprawled in my face right now? For a moment I am mad. I thought I had a good poker face going. What if I'm only fooling myself. Without a word I turned around and started walking away. I heard Blake's footsteps behind me.

" Hey, I'm sorry if I offended you…somehow?"

" No. It's just it's getting late. I want to do a few things without having someone with me. I know your trying to help, but it's personal stuff," I respond, a tendency of biting my lips when I'm nervous.

Blake nodded.

" Fine. I'll let you be, but you really should be careful. Every criminal in Gotham knows you're the commissioners daughter, they won't hesitate to use you for their benefit,'' his warning felt real so I nodded genuinely. He turned to leave.

" Thanks for the walk Blake,"

" No problem Babs," he grinned. " I'll see you later," he promised.

I watched him leave for a moment, still amused by his character. I think I really like this Blake guy. If only he didn't see right through me. I'll just have to be more discrete. I reached for the USB in my pocket. I can't afford to waste time.

Later, around 6:30 or so I finally came home. The lights were all off. I assumed my dad was still working at the station. I took a step forward, stopping abruptly when I came face to face with my father.

" Barbara?" his look was obviously suspicious.

" Um. Hey dad, you're home," I attempted to smile.

" Blake told me he dropped you off at the library. Those bags don't seem like they are from the library," he pointed to the huge shopping bags I had.

Little did he know that buried in the clothes I bought are specific papers and locations printed off.

" So..I went shopping,"

Not a complete lie. My dad shook his head impatiently.

" Barbara what is going on?"

" Nothings going on," I said too defensively. Quickly I added " I'm just trying new things Dad. You should worry about what's happening in Gotham, not about me.''

He gave me a bemused look. His suspicions were still there. I could see it in his eyes.

" What happened?" he asked with a sigh, noticing my face.

Oh. Almost forgot about that. " Got into a small fight over some…shoes. Nothing serious," I lie quickly, before dodging to my room. " I'll be in my room-."

I stashed the bag under my bed and avoid it for the next 2 hours. Why? Because my dad checked on me constantly for those 2 hours. Finally at exactly 8:30 I sneaked off to my bag, unloading the stuff. This was my first night out-so I wanted to make it count. I pulled out a black and blue mask. A pair of denim jeans and a purple sweater. This will have to do for tonight. I take the stack of papers and zoomed through the list. My eyes stop on the owner of the club. Hmm. The only way I can get some sort of hint is if I actually go there myself .I know it's not something safe to do. It's definitely not the best idea, but if I want to become someone more-I got to do things like this….

I crouched down at the rooftop just above the club. My heart was thumping in my chest. This was dangerous, yet I can't seem to wipe the smile from my face. I jumped down. The back entry was left unattended. I questioned why they had little security in a place with multiple murders related to it. I sneaked in from the back, glancing behind me constantly.

" 23 already-how do we know if we're not next?" a raspy voice suddenly came to my attention. I listened closely, sneaking a peek by the corner, I caught a glimpse of two men.

" Don't be ridiculous, that's just some new superstition going on,"

" 23. Is a big number," the other looked frantic, nervously shoving his fingers though his pockets.

" Calm down. You know that all the ones who have gone missing is because they have met up with the owner. Now Fred let's just relax,"

Hmm. I blend into a group of people. With loud music and multiple crowds it was obvious that anything could go unnoticed. I avoided the glances and stares of some of the guys. What had Blake said before was true, everyone would recognize me as Gordon's daughter. I needed to be careful, even with my disguise right now. My eyes caught to a group of men heading upstairs. I hurried behind them, keeping my distance. They might go visiting the owner. I leaned against the wall and listened.

" How many?" someone asked.

" We got almost all of them. Soon the boss would need to come," replied the other.

Someone sighed nervously. " Good because I'm afraid he is losing his patience- the cops are in our tail. We have to finish the job before-,"

Before what? I wondered listening closely.

" Spying…,"a chilly voice echoed behind me.

I swirled back, but it was too late. Two strong arms gripped my shoulder tightly. I held back a cry.

" Boss we have ourselves a little spy," the other group of men surrounded me.

" Who are you?" someone asked approaching me.

I tried a powerful back kick, somewhat successful as his grip soften. I broke free dodging behind the other men.

" Get her!" yelled the owner.

I took several steps back. My eyes suddenly caught sight of a paper filled with images….- I glanced up and noticed a window pane. I only had seconds. I bolted to the table, grabbed the paper, and began running. I braced myself as I slam into the window pane. The glass shattered as I fell down.

" Stop her!"

I instantly stood up once on the ground, although the impact of the concrete when I fell brought a sense of pain. I sprinted as fast as I could, ignoring the pain. All I knew is that I really needed to get away. All of them were running after me.

They were catching up. Damn, where's the Bat tumbler when you need it. A sharp sound rang out. Guns. My heart began to beat faster. What I was wearing didn't protect me against bullets…-I turn to an abrupt corner right as a swirl of black stepped in front of me. I froze.

" Who are those chasing after you?" he asked, his tone deeper than I remembered.

I open my mouth to answer, but then remembered I was disguise. I didn't want to blow my cover. I attempted to change my voice to sound more like my mother.

" Club members- I'll explain later," I said.

Nightwing gave me a quizzical look.

" Go home. I'll handle this," he warned.

I instantly shook my head.

" No!" I stubbornly answered.

I couldn't let him do all the work. I crumbled the papers into the pocket of my hoodie and stood behind him.

" We have to talk later anyway," I informed him.

His eyes stared back at me with a frown

" Aren't you.-" but before he could finish the group of men approach us. Another sharp sound echoed. I let out a gasp.

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