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. . .

. . .Castiel's Story. . .

Castiel made sure to scan his surroundings as he closed in on the home of his next prey. He would call them a victim but they surely weren't innocent. All of the people he killed deserved the death one way or another.

Once he noticed the coast was clear, he took in a breath of fresh air before sliding the can of spray paint into the pocket of his tan trench coat. He slid the blade up his sleeve then closed the door of his old pale yellow bug. He then walked towards the little cottage of the suburban neighborhood.

He glanced around to be sure nobody was watching before he leaned down to pick the lock. He smiled with satisfaction as he got it in record speed for that brand. He then gently pulled open the door and slid in, closing it behind him just as silently.

The house was dark with only the pale light from the moon illuminating off of the hardwood floor and other surfaces. Castiel licked his lips before creeping through the house he knew perfectly. The name of his prey was Constance Welch. Castiel was not against killing females. They were just as guilty as men.

Constance was Castiel's next target for when she discovered her husband cheated on her she had then resorted to murdering her own children and Castiel knew her next step would be suicide; he had seen her at a bridge multiple times, staring over it…though that wasn't going to happen because Castiel needed to bring his own brand of justice.

Castiel paused in the living room when he heard the sounds of someone walking down the hall, towards him. He swiftly moved to the wall to hide as he watched the slender form of the woman in a white nightgown. The light clicked on and Castiel took that moment to leap forward, slamming the woman into the floor.

Constance let out a shriek as she stared at Castiel, who was now standing up, his foot firmly on her hair to keep her from moving.

"Who are you?" she sobbed, freezing at the sight of the knife.

"My name is Castiel and I am an Angel of the Lord," Castiel said flatly before allowing the blade to slide into his hand. He was about to slam it down when he heard screeching sounds of tires on asphalt. He paused and glanced out the window. He felt his stomach drop as he noticed two cop cars outside.

Castiel swiftly ducked down and he was about to grab Constance but she scrambled to her feet and managed to get to the door before Castiel could react.

Castiel cursed under his breath as fear of 'the one who got away'. Those were the only reasons most serial killers were caught.

Without another thought, Castiel began to move through the shadows of the house, heading for the back exit.

He swung open the door and began to run out to where the woods were behind the house.

"Freeze!" a voice shouted.

Castiel paused, his heart pounding in his chest. He winced as lights began to shine on him as more cars pulled around the house. He could hear the sounds of guns readying.

"Drop the weapon and put your hands on your head!" an officer shouted.

Castiel knew at that moment that there was no escape. He felt his stomach turn as he held up one hand while leaning down to place the knife down by his feet. He then lifted both hands and placed them onto his head as he lowered to his knees. He was then swarmed by uniforms.

. . .

"So Constance was the one who ratted you out?" Dean asked, lifting his eyebrows.

"I realized my mistake after. I didn't notice the security camera on the residence," Castiel said, "Never seen one like it. That was how I was caught."

"Wow," Dean said, shaking his head, "It's always just the simple things that get you caught."

"How were you found?" Castiel questioned curiously.

Dean figured it would be fair; a story for a story.

. . .Dean's Story. . .

Dean watched from the corner of the street, staring into the dim lighting through the windows of the log home he stood near. He could see a man and woman arguing and he was just waiting for the bait.

Dean wanted nothing more than to run in that house and save the woman before she got a beating but he had to wait for the right moment. He had already spoken to the wife while impersonating an agent. He got information out of her about her husband.

Her husband was named Delvin Braner and this was not his first marriage. It was actually his third time getting married. His first wife was found dead after she 'committed suicide'. Dean had looked through the files and he knew for a fact it wasn't suicide. The lacerations on her neck as well as the way the cuts were on her wrist; it was clearly a murder but not enough evidence so Delvin walked away.

Only three months later, he had a new name and was married to his second wife. Needless to say, she was dead a month after that from a 'hit and run' that Delvin allegedly saw though he was the only witness. When Dean checked up on that, he noticed reading about the way her neck was snapped and the light bruising almost in the shape of hands that was on her skin.

Now, this Delvin guy was taking a swing at his new wife. Dean knew this guy was definitely bad and he couldn't wait to cut him up and spread his body parts all over the place. Dean smirked as the need to kill made his blood rush with anticipation. Dean had planned this out with the wife, who didn't want to be hurt any more. She knew Dean was coming and she was going to have the house ready. He didn't trust it at first but when she paid him to kill instead of turning him in, he knew it was fine.

Without another thought, Dean ran up to the door and kicked it in.

Delvin jumped back and glared, "Who the fuck are you?" he growled.

Dean glanced at the woman, Ally, as she began to back up in the kitchen. Dean then moved forward and dropped his bag.

It only took about ten seconds before Dean had Delvin nearly unconscious on the floor. Dean glanced over at Ally, where she was just standing against the wall with wide eyes. She had bruises on her face and a nice swollen eye.

Dean then lifted the resistant man and slung him over his shoulder before throwing him down on the couch. Dean was silent, ignoring the man pleading and screaming as Dean went to work, tying his hands with rope that wrapped around the end table on one side and tying his feet using the end table on the other side of the couch. He normally had a better place to do it but desperate times.

Dean then pulled the ball gag from his bag and pushed it into the man's mouth. Delvin's screams turned into muffled noise. Dean unrolled his pack of tools and scanned them before finding the scalpel. He liked to start with that because it always made the victim more terrified.

"You should probably go in another room," Dean said, turning to Ally.

She shook her head, her eyes emotionless, "No," she said, "I want to watch this bastard go down."

Dean smirked a little then cut open the shirt Delvin was wearing. More muffled shouts that Dean ignored before examining the top half of his canvas. He bit down on his lip, wondering where to start first. He decided to start over the ribs. Without another thought, he placed the scalpel against the left side and gently pushed down for enough pressure to break the skin. Delvin screamed against the gag helplessly as Dean slid the blade across the stomach with little twists and turns here and there to appease his artistic side.

After a minute or so, Dean froze when he heard the resounding click of a gun being cocked. He then felt the pressure of the steel being placed against his temple. Fuck, he was stupid to let his guard down.

"Drop the blade," Ally hissed in a flat, demanding tone.

Damn, Dean realized he shouldn't have gotten anyone else involved. There had been a few times where others really did pay him to kill but they never turned on him. He gently placed down the scalpel on top of Delvin then slowly stood, hands still in the air.

"Now turn around…slowly," Ally instructed and Dean did exactly that though before she could keep the gun pointed, he kicked up his leg, knocking it clean out of her hand. She hissed out in pain, cupping her hand and staring with wide, fearful eyes.

"You really think you can just get me like that?" Dean growled, stalking closer to her as she backed up.

Dean ground his teeth and grabbed her long hair before slamming her onto the ground. She let out a sob as she stared up with wide, tear filled eyes. She pleaded with him to let her go and she apologized. Normally, someone in this position would have killed her but Dean had looked into her past and she had nothing but a speeding ticket. Dean didn't kill anyone except for the bad ones.

Just as he was about to knock her out, he froze when the sounds of sirens blared right outside the house. He felt his stomach turn as he glanced towards the back door but there were already cop cars pulling up there. He knew then that he was screwed and they had him.

. . .

"So Ally was the one who turned you in?" Castiel asked.

"I guess I missed the part where his wife was a damn con," Dean muttered, "She wanted the money for turning me in with evidence of my crime."

"What happened to her?" Castiel wondered.

"At the moment, she's in witness protection," Dean said slowly, "I'll find her when I get out."

Castiel gave a smile, "I can help," he said.

Dean smiled back, "I know," he said.

Castiel nodded then he frowned slightly as he gazed back down. He seemed nervous about something. Dean was about to ask but the light turned off and everything went silent.

Dean slowly climbed into his bunk.

. . .

Everyone was quiet during breakfast…well, mostly. Gabriel was chatting away with everyone at their table.

"So Deano, what do you think of Cassie?" Gabriel asked as Castiel stood up and walked away.

"What about him?" Dean asked, not understanding.

"Aren't you the least bit curious to how he kicked major ass the other day?" Gabriel questioned.

Dean shrugged, "It's not my business," he said.

Gabriel just smirked and wrapped an arm around Sam's waist, "He's learning," Gabriel crooned into Sam's ear.

Dean realized just then how close the two men were and he wondered if they were actually lovers. That questioned was answered as he watched Sam lift Gabriel's face and start kissing him. The shorter man moaned like he was eating melted chocolate.

"None of that in here," a guard snapped as he slammed his hand on the table.

Gabriel sighed and sat back down in his seat. He picked up a hunk of apple and chewed on it.

"So Dean," Gabriel said through a mouthful of food, "What do you know about me being here?"

Dean shrugged, "Uh…nothing really," he said.

Gabriel smirked and licked his lips, "One of my girls that I sent to trick a guy into jumping out of a building was caught as a suspect and I confessed so she didn't take the time."

Dean lifted his eyebrows, "Really?" he asked.

Gabriel nodded, "I think someone also identified me as the guy who pushed a man into a sewer with an alligator."

Dean snorted, "Yeah, alligator in the sewer…like that would happen."

"It does if you put one in the sewer," Gabriel said with a shrug, "Guy deserved it. He was doing animal testing and he didn't give a damn."

"Sounds like a jerk," Dean mumbled, glancing around for Castiel.

"Winchester, visitor," Uriel said as he walked by.

Dean took a deep breath and glanced over at Sam, knowing he had to ask his dad about it.

. . .

Dean sat down across from his father, still trying to think of a way to bring it up.

"How are you?" John asked, glancing around.

"I'm fine," Dean said slowly, "But I have to ask you something."

"What?" John questioned.

"Who exactly is Sam?" Dean asked, his stomach turning when a flash of concern passed his father's features.

"He is just a kid who made a mistake and got locked up in here," John said flatly, "Why are you asking?"

"Because you came here to see him," Dean said flatly, "and when I asked Sam about you, he said you're his dad."

John just closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Dean…right now you need to focus on the task."

"No," Dean snapped, "I'm not doing anything until I get some answers from you."

"This is an order," John said, eyes narrowed.

"I don't give a crap. Tell me the truth or I won't listen to a thing you say," Dean said, shaking his head.

John just stared at him, "It's too complicated."

"Then I'm leaving," Dean said, getting ready to stand up.

"Wait," John said, holding up a hand.

Dean just turned back to him.

"He's your brother," John said after a moment.

Dean felt the words cut through him like ice before warmth, "I thought…you said Sammy died before he was born."

"That was a lie," John said, looking truly upset, "Mary had given him up when he was born. For his own protection."

Dean felt his stomach turn at the mention of his mom. He felt a sting in his eyes from tears daring to fall. He took a deep breath to compose himself, "So Sam is my little brother? How come you didn't tell me?"

"I wanted to keep him protected," John said after a moment, "The man who killed your mother. He was going to take Sam and there would have been nothing we could do about it."

"What?" Dean asked, his heart skipping a beat, "Why?"

"It's a really long story…one I will tell both you and Sam about once you get out," John said, placing his hands on the table.

Dean couldn't even believe that he was so close to his little brother for the past week without even knowing it. He had known something seemed familiar about the man.

"I'll tell Sam during our visit today," John said, staring down.

Dean nodded and blinked a few times to try and stop the tears but he felt one spill out anyways. He glanced to his side, hoping his father didn't see it.

"I love you, son. I will get you out," John said, "You just need to make it. I heard about what happened with you and Michael. I warned you to stay away from him."

Dean sighed, "Dad this isn't the time," he said.

"I just want you to be okay. You have another week in here," John said, "Just watch out for yourself."

Dean arched an eyebrow when he noticed his dad's hand reach slightly towards him. He then moved his hand to touch against John's and he felt something small placed into his hand.

"No touching," a guard said and Dean quickly pulled his hand back, sliding the cash into his sleeve in the process.

"I have to go right now, though. Please be safe, Dean," John said, his eyes sincere, "And look out for your brother."

Dean felt warmth bubble inside of him at finally being able to be a big brother. He had dreamt about it his entire life and yeah Sam was a grown man now but he was still Dean's little brother.

Dean stood up and allowed the guards to move him.

. . .

Dean glanced around during their lunch. His eyes set on Balthazar, who noticed him looking. Balthazar stood up and walked across the room to an area that didn't have as many eyes on them. Dean followed him.

"What do you need?" Balthazar asked, leaning against the wall. Dean stood beside him and slowly slid over the cash his father had given him.

"I need something for protection," Dean said in a low voice.

Balthazar weighed the money in his hand and arched an eyebrow, "I'll have something by work."

Dean nodded and both of them walked in different directions. Dean strolled over to the table and he felt his heart skip a beat and his stomach flutter as he stared at Sam, who was smiling and chatting with Gabriel.

Dean sat down beside Castiel with Crowley on his other side. Dean hadn't seen much of Crowley but he already wasn't comfortable with him.

"You know I could get you something much better than the other guy," Crowley breathed beside him.

Dean rolled his eyes, "I've heard about your little deals," he said, "I'm not that stupid."

Crowley smirked smugly and Dean noticed he had three brownies on his tray.

"So Dean," Sam said and Dean felt his stomach twist again as he knew he was talking to his little brother. He just wanted to hug him and it was screwed up because he just met the guy.

"Dude, why are you looking at me like that?" Sam asked, lifting his eyebrows, "I'm already with someone."

Dean nearly choked on the sip of water he was taking. He shook his head, "Aw gross," he muttered, realizing how wrong that would really be.

Sam just smiled, "I was thinking you'd want to check out the tunnel today," he said in a low voice.

Dean lifted his eyebrows, "Yeah, that'd be awesome," he said, knowing he never got to go in yet. He was told he had to wait until it was more secure.

Sam nodded and turned back to talking to Gabriel, who was so bubbly it was unnerving.

Dean found himself staring at Sam again, noticing features that reminded him of his mother.

"If you want to get laid, I can arrange something with one of my gals," Crowley whispered and Dean shot his eyes to him.

"Seriously?" Dean asked, "Just stop talking."

Crowley shrugged, "Just trying to help you out here."

"Yeah I get that," Dean muttered, "I don't want anything from you, got it?" he narrowed his eyes at the desserts and swiped one, "Consider this payment for having to listen to you."

Crowley glared at him as the others at the table stared at Dean like he was crazy. Gabriel was smirking a moment later before laughing as Crowley walked away from the table.

"He looked like an angry bull dog," Gabriel laughed.

Dean couldn't help but laugh himself but he stared with wide eyes as Castiel yanked the brownie from his hands before he could even take a bite. Castiel placed it in between his teeth and bit down.

"Really Cas?" Dean asked with amusement.

"Consider that payment for kicking Michael's ass for you," Castiel said with a shrug.

Dean just chuckled and shook his head. He was starting to feel more comfortable around the others now.

. . .

Michael stared around the visitation room, making sure to mark exactly who was watching before moving to the table where he was meeting up with another 'colleague'.

"Michael, what happened?" Naomi asked, arching her delicate eyebrows.

"Castiel happened," Michael said in a low voice, "Forgot how much of a fighter that guy was."

"He did train with you," Naomi said slowly, "Why did you two fight?"

"I lost my temper. I'm just glad he stopped me before I hurt one of the others," Michael said slowly, earning a nod from Naomi.

"Has Dean Winchester passed your test?" Naomi asked after a moment.

Michael smirked and nodded, "Yeah, I believe our interrogator is nearly ready."

"Excellent," Naomi said tonelessly, "Now what about Lucifer? Have you taken care of him yet?"

Michael sighed, "Castiel took his blade back."

Naomi's eyes flashed with annoyance, "Michael, your orders were clear. How could you let Castiel overpower you? And why did you have his blade and not the one instructed?"

Michael was silent for a moment.

"Why would you try and frame him, Michael? Those weren't the orders. Now he knows something is going on. Why did you allow him to subdue you?" Naomi was testy.

"I needed him to," Michael answered, "I needed to calm down."

"You need to eliminate your target," Naomi said flatly, "No more excuses."

Michael set his jaw and stared ahead, "He's my brother…"

"That doesn't matter," Naomi said in a clipped voice, "Orders are orders and you will obey."

Michael took a deep breath but nodded, "What if I can change his mind?"

Naomi just lifted an eyebrow, "If you can do that, then go right ahead. Though I highly doubt he will listen to a word you spout out especially since your next orders are to inform the others of the plan."

Michael just stared at her for a moment, "and if they don't want a part in it?"

"Then you kill them; end of story," Naomi said before standing up to leave.

. . .

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