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3rd person POV

Jade kicked down the door to Becks RV.

"BECK. Where are you?" She screamed, annoyed. She had overheard girls talking about what great abs he had in the washroom at school (again.)

"What? I'm in the bathroom." He yelled.

Jade stormed in and sat on his bed, waiting for him to remove himself from the toilet. She took out a pair of scissors and a piece of paper from one of her binders, and started to rip it apart, leaving little white scraps all over the carpet of his RV. She will not pick them up, and neither will he. They will stay until his cleaning lady comes. She stopped to breathe. She can't help but be angry. She didn't know why she was upset. Her and her father had a fight that morning and she hadn't been feeling too good. She hears the flush, and the tap starts to run. She stands up, waiting for the fight. Beck emerges from the bathroom, wiping his hands on his pants. Jade dropped her scissors.

"I overheard them again in the washroom! Talking about you. How do they know what your abs look like? DID YOU SHOW THEM?" She spoke calmly until the last part.

"Jade," He said, rubbing her arms. "There is a picture of us kissing at the beach on my slap page. Remember? You said you liked it because Tori had stepped on the clam shell and she was screaming and you had just started to laugh." He said, reminding her of that day.

Jade nodded, and then collapsed onto his bed, her hands covering her face. Beck sat beside her. When he pulled her hands away from her face, a line of black liquid was running down her face, making it look like she had black tears. He wrapped his arms around her, and rubbed her back.

"How can you always be so level headed?" Jade asked his, looking into his eyes. He just shrugged.

"One of us has to be. We've gotta go. We said we would go to Tori's tonight for movie night." Beck said.

"Do we have to? I don't know if I can deal with Vega and puppet boy." She said, wiping the tear away, the fire returning to her eyes.

"Jade, we said we would go, so let's just do it. I am going to go, so you can chose weather you want to or not." He said, and put on his jacket. "I'll wait in the car for three minutes."

Jade, rolling her eyes, put on her jacket. Beck raised an eyebrow.

"You said you want to go so let's go." Jade muttered.

"Are you sure, because I don't want you to go and be angry the entire time."

"WHAT? Are you saying you don't want me to go? That you can only have a good time when I'm not there?" She said, angry, as usual.

Beck rolled his eyes, and retorted that he just wanted for her to be happy. Jade smiled to herself, and pulled his out of the RV to his car.

Tori's POV

Cat, Robbie (And Rex), Andre, and unfortunately Trina, are all here, paying cards. Now we are all just waiting for Beck and Jade to show up so we can watch the movie and order pizza, because we didn't want to get started without them. I look at me PearPhone, and it is 7:45. They are forty-five minutes late.

"When are they going to be here? I want to order the pizza and watch the movie." Cat whined.

"Calm little red," Andre said, "They'll be here ASAP."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Car screamed.

"It means As Soon As Possible." Robbie explained, and Trina rolled her eyes.

I went to the door and opened it, immediately moving out of the way so I wasn't crushed by the couple kissing. Jade and Beck somehow managed to navigate themselves to the couch, and continued to kiss.

"Should we order the pizza?" I asked, not expecting much of a reply.

"YES!" Andre, Robbie, Cat and Trina yelled.

"Sure, whatever." And "Shut up Vega," Were the responses from Beck and Jade.

With that I got my phone out and dialed the number from Tony's pizza, I had to step outside for a minute because everyone was being too loud. When I got back in, Beck and Jade were on where to be seen.

"Where did they go?" I asked. It was weird. They couldn't have gone too far.

"They went into the bathroom. I don't know how you could possibly get up the stairs kissing that hard." Andre commented, raising an eyebrow.

"What could they be doing together in the bathroom?" Cat asked.

"You'll figure it out." Trina said.

I walked over to the bathroom. "Hey, guys? I just wanted to let you know what I got two peperoni, two cheeses and one veggie pizza." I said, loudly so they could hear through the door, trying not to hear the sounds they were making.

Then Jade started to yell, "Tori GO AWAY. Do you really think we care about the fuc-," Beck said something to Jade. "The freaking pizza? We're busy." She said.

"So, I'll just start the movie then," I said.

"WHATEVER." Jade yelled.

I backed away as quickly as possible, and got the movie out. I put it in the DVD player, and started it up.

Cat's POV

Beck and Jade were in the bathroom. Here's what happened when Tori went out of the room; they sat on the couch, and continued to kiss, making everyone super uncomfortable, because Becks hand had disappeared up her shirt.

"Why don't you get a room?" Trina asked, annoyed. Jade looked over and a growl escaped her throat.

"Maybe we will." She said, bitterly. She stood up and dragged Beck with her. Beck looked at them, and shrugged. They disappeared and Tori came back in, confused.

When Beck and Jade broke up, Jade was sad, then, she… Sort of self-destructed. She slept around a bunch, and then she just got super mean, until they got back together. This happened a lot, but it was harder for her that time. And I had to be there. Jade never relied on me, and I liked it when she did. But I liked it more when she was happy. And that was when she was with Beck. So now she was happy, in scary weird way. But that was Jade.

I know how her and Beck work. Well… kinda. I don't think she tells me everything, and she wouldn't tell me about… them 'doing it' for a long time, because she thought it was inappropriate. But about six months after it happened she told me. And since then, she has told me most of it. All about their break up. She can't keep her emotions away from me. Most of the kids at school wonder… About what goes on in his RV. Jade barley even goes home now, because she hates her dad too much and her mom is… stupid? Jade uses other words, but they aren't nice words.

Beck always has an easier time than Jade. He doesn't know it yet, but he will. He always figures her out. I knew immediately after Jade left that night that he wished he went after her. But they were both so stubborn that neither would admit it. Beck told me that they were 'together' in THAT way, once after their break up. It was one night, and it was… different.

It was after that Jade wrote her song. The one that she sang at the showcase. She never told me, but I knew it was that night. Jade never talked about that night. I wasn't even sure that it happened until that song. But after… I could tell that there was a hole in her heart. And Beck was the only thing that fit. None of the other guys did. It was trying to put a circle in a square hole. But Beck was the square. The only one. Jade was more upset, because she thought no one could ever love her. But Beck did. And after Beck… she didn't think anyone could again. But Beck still could. And he had to show her.

So he did.

Hee hee. My thoughts are deep.

-Jade's Flashback-

I walked through the doors of Hollywood Arts. My first day. Cat bounced beside me, clinging onto my arm.

"Can you believe it? High school. And THIS high school. It is the best thing ever." She said.

By the end of the week I was exhausted. There were so many people. But one caught my eye. A boy… and actor named… Bert? Something weird like that. He was beautiful. I used that word for guys. Cat and I had been invited to a party. One thrown by a kid named Andrew or something, he was attractive, too. He had braids, going down to his chin. Plus, he had an amazing voice.

I arrive at the house with Cat, and we just walk in. The music is so loud I can feel the house shake. A crazy lady runs by, probably Andre's (That's what Cat says his name is) wacky aunt or something.

I am wearing a pair of black heels, and a tight purple dress, with black fishnets, and my hair flowing around my face. Cat is wearing a god-awful pink thing, that I couldn't hate more.

Then I see him. He is wearing jeans and a black wife-beater. I strut past him to the table with the refreshments. I look over them, mostly cans of coke and beer and a few wine coolers and a bottle of vodka. I grab a coke.

"H-hi. You're… Jade, right?" Bert says. "I'm Beck." He finishes. Right. Beck. Not Bert.

"Yeah. We have a couple classes together." I say, and look over the crowd for Cat. I don't see her. I take a sip of my coke, and Beck drinks his. I don't know what to say, because he looks so cute.

"Yup. Do you want to dance or something?" He asks, looking nervous. I smirk.

"Sure." I say, and I song I love comes on. All of a sudden the dance floor becomes a pit of grinding. I am a bit taken a back, but Beck and I dance, our hips moving together, our faces inches apart.

When we kissed, something clicked.

And the rest is history.e He

Jade's POV

I looked around the bathroom for my left sock. I pulled it on, and looked in the mirror. I tried to smooth my hair down at the sides, it worked… sorta. I also used a bit of Tori's mouthwash, and touched up my eyeliner. Beck did up his belt buckle, kissed me, and we left the bathroom. Everyone turned around to look at us.

"Uh, dude, your pants are unzipped." Andre said to Beck. Beck swore, causing Cat to gasp, as he turned around to do up his pants. Even though everyone knows what we were doing, he gets embarrassed. He hates to think that anyone knows that our relationship is even a bit more than kissing. He wants us to be PG. I don't. If they know, then they know.

"What were you doing in there? You were gone for like, forty minutes." Cat asked. I started to say what we were doing, until Beck covered my mouth with his hand.

"She doesn't need to know." He whispered into my ear. I nodded, and smiled at Cat.

"We were just… Um…" I threw my hands in the air and sat on the couch. Beck sat beside me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

"Well, I love it when you guys are together. It makes my tummy hurt when you are broken up." Cat commented, and turned to watch the movie again. Cat thinks we are perfect. She always has. I hate it when she talks about our breakups. But she does, because that is how she forgets. I turn to the movie, and it looks like a bad horror flick.

I moved onto Becks lap, and we turned our heads towards each other again. I kissed him lightly. He tried for more, but I shook my head.

"Not now. I want to watch this chick get stabbed." She said, and pointed to the screen. Cat screamed when a murderer popped out in the movie. I laugh, and breathe on the back of her neck. She shivers, and turns around. She lets out a whimper, and I smile creepily. The doorbell rings, and Tori gets the door. It is the pizza guy.

We devour two of the pizzas, and slowly eat the third box. Cat is trying to eat two at once, like Andre, but failing. Beck and I share a piece.

Andre stands up. "Ok y'all, who would like to play some spin the bottle." He asks.

"NO!" I yell. I don't want Beck kissing. "What are we, 12?" I ask, and laugh. Beck smiles.

"Yeah, I'm not down for that. It's stupid." He says.

"Never have I ever." Cat says, and starts bouncing.

"NO!" I yell again, but when she looks like she will cry I cave.

Jade's POV

We sit in a circle on the floor, each will a glass filled with some kind of liquid (Maybe vodka) in front of us.

Cat starts. "Never have I ever been to England." Beck, Andre and I drink. I feel the burn in my throat. I hold Becks hand.

Tori next. "Never have I ever had sex." Beck and I drink. Everyone looks at us. I glare, and Beck shrugs. "You know we've done it." He says. The way this is going, we'll be trashed and everyone else will be fine. Why did Tori have to ask that? I mean, everyone knows we are the only ones who do it.

It is Trina's turn now. "Never have I ever kissed Beck." Tori and I drink. I almost kill her again, but I restrain myself.

It is Andre now. "Never have I ever… hidden a hickey." Beck, Tori, Cat, Trina and I all drink. Of course. Beck and I give each other hickeys all the time. We aren't gonna walk around school with purple marks all over.

"Seriously?" Robbie asked, about at tears for looking like a nerd. It is his turn anyways. "Never have I ever… smoked." Beck and Andre drink. I shake my head at Beck. Ninth grade. I know because I saw them, and then freaked.

"Never have I ever… gotten so drunk that I swore off a type of liquor." Tori and Andre drink. I don't know anything about that one, but Tori and Andre shared a guilty look.

"Never have I ever had and STD." I say. No one drinks. What a surprise.

It is back to Cat. I start to feel the effects of the vodka. "Never have I ever had sex on the beach."

Tori raises an eyebrow. "The drink or the actual thing?" Cat giggles. "Either, drink twice for both." Everyone drinks. And Beck and I drink twice. The same night, actually.

Trina pipes up. "Never have I ever swallowed." I drink. So does Cat… and Tori. Wow.

Beck goes again. He has done everything, so it's hard for him. "Never have I ever been to jail." I drink. I feel gross, and sweaty, and my face is getting hot.

Cat goes again. "Never have I ever kissed a girl." All of the guys drink. Duh.

Andre. "Never have I ever done the mad search for close when someone knocks on the door." Beck and I sigh. This is getting ridiculous. We both drink. Things are getting blurry for me.

Robbie. "Never have I ever gotten a tattoo." I drink. I am almost at puking.

Tori again. "Never have I ever had a pregnancy scare." I drink. Beck gives me an angry look. He doesn't want anyone to know. I didn`t either. Oops. I try to stand up, but the earth spins, and I fall into Becks lap.

-Jade's flashback 2-

I turned 16 on Saturday two weeks ago. It was amazing. I went to a fancy restaurant with Beck, and after we went back to his trailer, and we did IT. For the first time… for both of us. But I realized I was late. My period. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach when I noticed it. I went to the store and got a pregnancy test. I ran to my house, and took it immediately. It was positive. That's when I cried, and couldn't stop. It could still be a false positive. I had to remember that. But first, I had to tell Beck. He was going to freak.

I couldn't even look at him that day, I just ignored him, and he knew something was wrong. He pulled me aside during lunch.

"Babe, what's wrong? You have been completely ignoring me. What did I do?" Beck asked looking worried.

"I don't want to talk to you." I said. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the janitor's closet.

"Well I want to talk to you," He said. "What's wrong. You can't leave until you tell me." He said, blocking the door.

"Fine. You want to know?" Jade asked.



"NO! Not until you tell me what's wrong." He said, pissed.

"FINE! I'M PREGNANT." I yelled. Beck gasped. He leaned back onto the wall, and grabbed my hand. He pulled me close.

"How long have you known?" He whispers.

"Just two days." I say. He looks blank. A stare that goes nowhere. He just nods.

"Are you sure?" He asks.

"Positive." I try for a joke. "But it could be false. We won't know for another couple days." I feel a tear run down my cheek. I wipe it away.

Beck just walks out. He just leaves me, alone. I thought he would never come back.

I collapsed on the ground. Then I hear a click, the door closing. Beck is standing over me. He pulls me up, and tells me how much he loves me.

The next day, I got my period.

We didn't talk about it. Ever again.