A/N: Hi there. It's been a long time since I've uploaded anything here OOPS. Um I've been very much into homestuck and hetalia lately and not only do I love shipping within those two fandoms I love shipping using characters from both. So here have my very first hetastuck drabble. These are probably gonna be short and sweet because I haven't had much inspiration for huge projects. I intend to make this one full of drabbles of different hetastuck pairings so expect more (some romantic, some platonic). I don't know how Tavros/Belgium came to me but I've liked it for a while so here you go. I was listening to Never Knew I needed while writing this hence the ending.

He wasn't your everyday run of the mill kind of kid, one of the many things Emmalina Van Wubbell loved about him. While he came off as shy and maybe a little uncertain, Emma knew that deep down he was the strongest person she had ever met. While others felt pity for him, Emma felt admiration because every day he came to school without fear.

Tavros Nitram. He was paralyzed from the waist down and rode around in a wheelchair. He was always very sweet and kind to people, though some would pick on and tease him.

Emma remembered it was Antonio who formally introduced her to the boy with the mohawk, and ever since she had been a different person. Now whenever she saw him there were butterflies in her tummy and a blush on her face, though he never seemed to notice. She learned as much as she could about him from his secret love of fairies to his silly rapping sessions with Gamzee. Everything about him was poetic and beautiful and Emma had never been more in love in her high school days.

She had been the one to first confess her feelings as she walked alongside him one afternoon on their way home (he had lived right around the corner from her). She recollected the flustered expression on his face and nervous stuttering as he processed what she had said.

And when she kissed him for the first time it was like magic. There was nothing wrong in the world because she had fallen in love with the sweetest man and he had reciprocated her feelings.

Even better was that her brothers approved (although admittedly Lars was happy so long as it wasn't Antonio).

Tavros ended up being the best thing she never knew she needed.