There are many types of relationships in the world, some romantic, some filled with passion, and others that are platonic. Every one of them is beautiful in their own right, but sometimes the most innocent are the most beautiful.

Sollux, despite his overwhelming flaws, had some of the best friends a guy could ask for. Admittedly Karkat could be a bit much but he was always looking out for him, and he was truly caring despite his angry exterior. And then there was Aradia, who had been his friend since he couldn't even remember. He did have a bit of a crush on her, but nah she'd never return those feelings.

But there was another good friend of his, someone he had only met recently, yet they had hit it off so well. At times it was like they'd known each other forever. Li Xiao Chun. They had met when Aradia introduced him to Xiao Mei's group of friends.

The two quickly bonded over their mutual love of video games and technology. It was odd having him around, but Li somehow kept him calm. Maybe it was because of his humor, or maybe it was something else.



"Dude, like chill out."

"But I-!"

Li placed his hand on Sollux's head and looked him in the eyes. "Calm down, man. You'll like, feel a lot better if you breathe and like talk through it."

Sollux breathed heavily and looked away. "...Fine."

"Good. Now like, what happened?" Li let go of his head and sat beside his friend, so he could listen to him better.

Sollux prattled on about how Eridan had seriously pissed him off this time. While he did flare up and start cursing and almost yelling, he was a lot better than when he walked in the door. Once everything was said and done, Li smiled, joked a bit with him and handed him a controller so that Sollux could take his anger out on the little monsters on the screen, while Li made some dim sum.

He still didn't understand what it was about their friendship, but Sollux was just happy to have someone around. Someone he could really relate to.

A/N: Hey everyone. I finally managed to crank out another one of these. My friend ko suggested a broship between Sollux and Hong Kong and I just kind of had to jump on that idea, but I really didn't have anything for a story for a long while. Finally I just opened a document and started writing. I hope you enjoy it. I can picture them being Moirails ngl.