He's Got Game?

Chapter 1

In the heat of the game, sweat trickles down my face. Last second, I take the shot and miss. The buzzer beeps and the disappointed looks take their place upon the team's faces. My name is Luke Carter and I am the worst player on the 7th grade basketball team.

Chapter 2

Now I have never been good at basketball but somehow, I made it on the team. It was just a stupid dare from my stupid friend Calvin-Calvin Harris- He bet me $10 I wouldn't make the team. I had to say yes! I mean, I couldn't punk out….but anyways now I'm stuck on this dumb team playing my least favorite sport. I hate basketball. I'm so stupid for letting him trick me, but hey, at least I got the $10.

Chapter 3

Back in the locker room after the game all I get are dirty looks. No one wants to talk to me, not even coach.

"That was the final game of the season", Jamie sighs

"Thanks a lot; missed the shot Luke", Arthur calls out. Couch comes in trying to lift our spirits by saying

"Good game everyone! We'll get em' next year!" But I know that's not gonna work. This was our worse loss-26 to 2- this is gonna be blamed on me forever. God I'm such an idiot.