The light faded and Sululu was sorounded by meany outher avaters. I took a couple of minets to learn the controls and once I had profected them I head to the lokashon Kayla menchoned in her letter. When I arived at ' ARMPIT plotoon base' I realzed that i had no way of contacting her and with out her name I couldent find out who she was. So I sat there for a few minets when a Keronian walked over to me and said " Hello have you seen my friend Allison" " ummm well my username is sululu but my name is allison. why do you ask ?" . The avetar turnd around and said " folow me to meet your destainy" So I folowd the avitar. I folode it for a long time untill I saw four outher aviers. One was a Keronian looked about Sululu's age and was the same gender to, she was lite blue and had a black hat with a sad face on her hat and stomic. Two more were Nekonians ; the first one was a boy that was black and had a snag in his ear, his tail was thik and pointed on the end. he had bright yellow eyes that were horizontal. The second one was a girl ; that was pink with a round and thin tail. Her eyes were a soft red and were diaganal they were also alittle larger than the boys. They bouth had sharp claws, sharp incisars. The last one was a wanionian male. He had big broud shoulders, his face was more human-like , he had spikes on his head that went all the way down his body and ended at the tip pf his tail,his toes and nails were pointed like claws, his teeth and tongue apeaerd to be pointed, he had a snout and pointed blue eyes. He was a forest green color, and was relly tall.

When me and the misterius Keronian walked over they all turned to look at us. The blue keronian smiled and ran over to me."Allison" she skreamed as she takled me to the ground with a I looked up she somehow reminded me of Kayla."Kayla is that you ?" I asked and to my amzsment she said" ya its me I just new that you would know me when you saw me"she said helping me up. The keronian said" now that all of the gardians are present we may start". " Hey why am I here . I have outher quest to do you know" said the boy nekonian. " you are here becase you all have been chousen; Shin Chow from China, Lev Vladimir from Russia, Asuka Yui from Japan, Kayla Dobrzycki from Amarica ,and Allison McConnell from Amarica. You five have been chousen in the past to be gardians that would be called on when ever needed. Now you are needed to save this world from the evil virec know as night crow. Now do you asept this mission. "If it's a quest then i'll do it"said the male nekonian. " shur it sounds intresting" saind the wanionian." yayaya it sounds exiting." said the ran over to me and Kayla"Sooo what about you keronians it sounds like fun right?" Kayla turnd to me" ya it does why dont we do it ?" I thout about it for a second " Kayla, you should know that I will take enyhting head on". I yelled punching ords the sky." Then let us start" said the wirdo keronian then my skreen went black and well I dont remember what hapened but when I woke up this time I was cold and felt a hard stone ground. I sat up and saw a face staring at me." aaahhhh" I skreamed and fell back but not on the ground but on to wires! I looked around and the thing that was looking at me had cout me. When I got a beater look at it I realsed that it was Sululu!" Ah, Sululu but how!?" I shouted as she helped me up." Well relly I dont know how your here but it's relly cool to meet you Allison.""uhh ya well... have you seen eny one else?" Well no and I dont know-" SSSKKRREECCHH" and sululu was cut off by a loud skreaching being the cueriou perso I was I ran tourds the sound to see what it was. When I found what was makeing the sound I wish I ran in throng direcshon becase there was this gient three headed dragon and 4 people fighting it.I relised that one of the was Kayla." Kayla what are you doing" I yelled as I ran over to her." She saw me and ran tords me." Allison were in a dungon battle come help us"WHAT how am I guna help!?"With your wepon du" yeld this boy that was fighting."WHAT WEOPEN! IF YOU TAKE A GOOD LOOK ASSHOLE YOU CAN SEE I DONT HAVE ONE" a girl ran over to us and pointed to sululu"thats your wepon"Uh sululu! how is she a wepone? "Well you us your - AAHH" kayla said grabing my rist " weres your haker allison" oh that dragon must have hers" said the girl pionter to something that looked like a wach that was behind the dragon ran tords the dragon and slid under it graberd the wach thing and ran back fast than you could say Sour apple slushy. She handed it to me and said "put it on and press the left button to call one of us, the right to get info on a monster ,and the center to equiped a weapon." I looked at the wach it was the same purple as sululu adn the putons were the coler of her it on my rist and perst the right button. What came up was a picasher and infomashon on the beast. aparentle its called a Azhi Dahaka, this evil, three-headed monster wished to destroy all the avetars in X. Fredon, a wanionian with divine gifts,feared that the poisonous creatures that would emerge from Azhi Dahaka's wounds would wreak havoc-so instead of slaying him, he tied up the beast on a mountain." I bet were on the mountain he was imprisond on"I yelled "But wait if we deal it eny dameg well have to face more creacher that are wors tham him!?" Ya but sululu has an idea"Well what is it" I said to jumped on my shoulder and wisperd her palne in my ear." Sululu thats a great idea" I said . She hoped off my shoulder and ran in front of me. I took a big breath and presed the center button not knowing what would happen. But wishing for big resalts.