Great big scary spoilers for 8.07 – A Little Slice of Kevin.

WOW: Double. In the end, leaving purgatory was harder than Dean ever imagined.

Disclaimer: don't own them, and that just sucks!


With thunderous clamour, the portal's tumbling force hurled him forward, ejecting him like a fishbone coughed from the throat of Purgatory. He doubled over as the raging energy lashed and battered him in its desire to be free of his tainting presence.

His arms strained painfully, pulling against the unyielding rock that Castiel had become on the other side of the blazing doorway.

"Cas c'mon …"

Breathlessly, Dean roared Castiel's name once more before he felt the angel recoil, pulling free of his sweat-slicked grip.

Then it was over.

Silence replaced noise.

Stillness replaced tumult.

And he thought of Castiel.

Emptiness replaced relief.