Taste the Dark

AN: I really tried to resist, but here we are. There is just too few fics about Pitch where he's paired with someone else than Jack. So I ended up writing until the middle of the night. Again. I thought I might as well share it with you people. I'm sorry if there's something wrong with the language, I hope you like it. ^^

Oh, and if you're looking for fluffy fic close this story and back off slowly. Right now. I don't do fluff.

Also, this is an AU-fic. In this universe, when the great battle is over Pitch doesn't get dragged down the rabbit-hole-of-doom, but instead the Guardians decide to capture him and put him somewhere he can't escape. With some complications.


A young man sat on his couch, leaning on his elbow and watching a television. He was bored to death, as nothing interesting was on at one o'clock in the morning. He surfed along old sitcoms, info-mercials, and late night shows, glancing at the clock above the old T.V. every so often.

He was completely unaware of the six other people in the living room. However, they weren't really people at all, technically. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, the Sandman, and the Boogeyman were ancient beings the young man had stopped believing in long ago. The winged bird-like Tooth Fairy, Tooth was her name, fluttered around the room anxiously, her pink eyes wide and alert. Santa Claus, a big Russian swordsman called North, was scratching his balding scalp with a quizzical expression on his aged face, and the large Australian Easter Bunny, Bunnymund, tapped his oversized furry foot impatiently against the carpeted floor. Pitch Black, King of the Nightmares, stared darkly at the opposite wall, his arms and legs tied carefully with stiff ropes of golden dream sand, provided by the Sandman. He didn't bother to attempt escape, the result of falling flat on his face not worth it. The little golden man, Sandy, stood next to him, arms crossed and determinant look on his face.

Jack Frost, silver haired with piercing blue eyes, peered out the window and broke the silence, "Where are we exactly?"

"I don't know," North shrugged his broad shoulders. "I only brought us here!"

"Oh, well that's great then!" Bunnymund growled, irritated with their situation. "You just created a portal with your little magic snow ball thingy to take us to some random-"

"Keep it down, Bunny!" Tooth hissed, glowering at the large rabbit. "Some kid might be sleeping around here!"

"Actually, I created portal to place with no children nearby!" North explained proudly, his Russian accent distorting his English slightly.

"No wonder," Jack said softly, almost to himself. "This place is awful…" He was looking through the window at the dirty, dark alleyways that suspicious people lurked about in. The pale winter spirit observed that he and the Guardians were in a small apartment, most likely on the third floor. The dark atmosphere and dank streets was clearly not a place to raise children.

"And why didn't you just take us to the North Pole again?" Bunnymund muttered at the jolly Russian, his furry arms crossed in an irritated fashion. North just shook his head.

"This one here," he poked Pitch in the chest with a sausage finger, hard enough to nearly make the Nightmare King fall backwards, "is going nowhere near my Globe! This shall be our headquarters and his prison until we figure out what to do with him." The large Guardian nodded stubbornly at the Boogeyman, his white bushy eyebrows furrowed with resoluteness.

"But shouldn't we put him somewhere more… secure?" Tooth asked, glancing at the Boogeyman apprehensively. Pitch scowled at her, but refused to say anything. North looked at Sandy pryingly. "Well, will this keep him at bay for now?" Sandy nodded proudly, forming a golden sand figure of Pitch in a cage over his head. Jack nodded, understanding, and translated to the others, "Apparently Sandy's dream sand and my ice power combined stop Pitch from using his powers." He shot a smirk toward the Boogeyman's direction, satisfied that he had the Nightmare King helpless.

"Or he's just bluffing," Bunnymund muttered suspiciously. Pitch lifted the corner of his mouth.

"Fine," North shouted, exasperated. "From now on, two of us shall be here looking after Pitch, while others are taking care of duties. Until we find suitable place to put him away, we'll take shifts."

"Unfair!" Tooth protested, her bright pink eyes flashing. "You and Bunnymund only have one actual work day, you should be here!" Her fairy wings buzzed angrily.

"Too late, decision has been made!" North declared, grinning.

"Besides," Bunny suddenly spoke up. "Don't assume I don't work my tail off throughout the year. There are a lot eggs to be painted, sheila." He gave Tooth a smirk and crossed his arms, glad that he wasn't the only one suffering consequences for this.

Suddenly, the clicking sound of a key turning into a lock snapped the Guardians out of their bickering. Immediately they looked to the front door. The nearly asleep man on the sofa jumped up and sat quickly back down, pretending to be bored again. He had shoulder length messy black hair, and he was wearing a green, checkered shirt half tucked inside his tight, black jeans. A black tie hung loosely from his neck. To Pitch, the boy looked ridiculous; just like most of the young adults these days.

A girl, looking around the age eighteen, stumbled inside, cursing under her breath. She leaned against the kitchen counter and held her hand against her mouth. Her fingers were covered in blood.

"Oh my," Tooth gasped, a feathered hand covering her mouth in shock. She was always concerned when it came to teeth being harmed.

"Oh my God, Sera!" The young dark haired man jumped up from the sofa and rushed to the girl. His face was full of concern as he observed the young girl's injuries.

"Bill?" she muttered, kicking off her black leather boots. "What are you- what are you doing here?" Her voice was hoarse, frail from her condition.

"I kinda live here," Bill said, dragging her inside the kitchen to sit on a nearby stool.

The girl, Sera, nodded weakly, "Well yeah, but I thought you would be at you parent's house this week?"

"I came to see you," he smiled softly, giving her hopeful puppy-eyes. Sera ignored those pleading eyes, and Bill got a bundle of wet paper towels, wiping the blood off her chin. Pitch nearly laughed at the young man's pathetic attempts to earn Sera's affection. He could already see that this girl would never respect anyone that pitiful.

The girl wasn't unpleasant to look at, the Nightmare King noticed. Her slightly curly hair was dark as night, but the tips were electric blue. Under a black leather jacket, bloodstained green scarf, red top, black shabby shorts, and fishnet tights was a tiny, fragile body. Pitch followed with his eyes down her frame, discovering a barbwire tattoo that was circling up her right leg. The end of it disappeared under her shorts.

"What the hell happened?" Bill pressed, cleaning off the rest of the blood.

"I ran into Sid," Sera muttered, looking down at the floor. Bill froze.

"What! He's out already?"

"Apparently," she nearly growled.

"But how is that possible?" Bill stared at Sera incredulously, his eyes wide and imploring to get answers.

"I don't know," she snapped, looking up from the floor. She jumped off the stool, hastily removing her jacket and scarf. "I don't even really care! I'll just have to stay away out of his way from now on, I guess." Her voice trailed off.

"Oh, really?" Bill's voice raised an octave higher. "It's a wonder he didn't kill you, Sera!"

"I didn't give him a chance," she muttered darkly.

"This is crazy!" Bill was walking in a circle now, pacing.

Sera crossed her arms, leaning against the countertop. "Stop panicking. I'm fine." Her voice was indifferent, numb.

Bill sighed and stopped his pacing, looking at her with a sad expression. He walked over to where she was leaning against the counter, and pulled her into his arms, burying his nose into her hair. "I just… I'm worried about you, love."

Sera didn't react at first, letting him hold her, but suddenly she winced in pain. Her back ached and felt like it was on fire. Bill turned her around to observe the injury and lifted his hand in front of his face, letting out a gasp. Her red blouse was shredded, exposing her pale back. It was covered in blood.

"Sera, you're bleeding!"

"What the-" Sera made to move away, but was stopped.

"Sit down. Now." Bill pointed at wooden bench next to the sofa. Sera sighed and slowly walked to it and sat down, her legs on both sides of the bench. She dipped her head, her dark hair curtaining around her slim face. Bill disappeared into another room that Pitch assumed was a bathroom. Sera pulled her red blouse over her head. For a moment the Guardians froze to stare at her stomach that was covered with a web of thin, clearly old, scars. They turned away awkwardly, feeling guilty for staring.

Pitch, however, kept his eyes on Sera, no guilt stopping him. He was rarely given an opportunity like this, what with being busied with traumatizing children in their sleep. The Nightmare King saw that she was wearing a dainty black and violet bra. Not that there was much to cover, being not very curvy because she was so thin; she looked almost malnourished. Still there was something intriguing about her pale scarred skin… But Pitch was ripped out of his daze. Jack slapped the Boogeyman on the side of the head with his staff. "Keep your eyes to yourself," he glared threateningly. Pitch rolled his eyes and only grinned at the winter spirit.

Bill suddenly rushed back with a first-aid kit. "How bad is it?" He asked worriedly. Sera trained her eyes on the ground as the dark haired boy went to work. "It's a cut on your lower back, not too deep," Bill informed her, observing the wound.

"Why don't I remember him cutting me?" Sera muttered to herself.

"Must be the adrenaline," Bill suggested as he poured some liquid on a paper towel and started to wipe the cut, "Stay still, love." She squeezed her eyes shut as intense pain took over, but didn't make a sound.

"Hospital is probably out of the question?" Bill murmured quietly, working on the wound.

"Yes," Sera managed to hiss out through the stinging.

"And the police?"

"Are you serious?" Sera rolled her eyes, irritated at the suggestion.

"Just putting it out there," Bill started to wrap gauze around her waist, mumbling under his breath. "Don't blame me when this gets infected and you die."

"Thanks," she muttered darkly. When Bill finished wrapping the gauze she quickly stood up from her place. The girl turned around and pulled her stained and shredded shirt back on. Pitch caught a sight of her back, covered with a snake tattoo. "Poison" was written in winding letters across her shoulder blades. He earned another smack from Frost's staff. "Will you stop eating her with your eyes?"

This time Pitch let out a cold laugh. "You're no better, Frost."

The moment those words left his grey lips, Sera immediately froze. "What was that?" she tensed defensively, looking around the room with sharp eyes.

"What?" Bill asked, packing up the first-aid kit. Sera became paranoid, her eyes darting around, searching for anything that was out of place. The Guardians looked to one another, wide eyed and shocked.

"She can- she can hear us?" Tooth whispered, her hands clenching together anxiously. "Th-that's impossible! That is impossible, right?" She looked to the others for an answer.

"I heard a laugh. And a voice," Sera said, slowly. "A man's voice."

"No," Pitch murmured softly, eyes wide with curiosity. "She heard me."

The girl jumped at his words. She walked closer to the spot where Pitch and the Guardians stood. Only a few steps away, she tilted her head to the side and muttered, "I could've sworn I heard… But who?" The cursed Easter kangaroo covered Pitch's mouth with a large furry paw, right when the Boogeyman was about to answer.

Bill, even more concerned than he was before, grabbed Sera by the shoulders and spun her around to face him. "Sera, are you stoned?" He looked her straight in the eye, looking for any signs of drug use.

"What! No, I heard a voice and-" Sera was caught off from her defense.

"Well, I didn't hear anything. You're still in a shock! You should get some sleep." He guided her to other door that led to the main bedroom. "I'll bring your meds, okay?"

Pitch kept his intense gold eyes on the girl, who turned to glance over her shoulder, a baffled look on her face, before she disappeared into the other room.

As soon as they were gone, the yelling started.

"Okay, what was that?"

"She could hear him, but not us?"

"How is that even possible?"

"Maybe we should switch houses?"

"No! The plan remains the same. Now we'll just have to gag him, too."

Pitch didn't take his eyes off the door she was behind. The Guardians maybe didn't understand what had happened, but it was crystal clear to the Nightmare King. For Sera, Pitch Black was more real to her than the Guardians themselves. She was more familiar with nightmares than bunnies hopping around hiding Easter eggs, or little fairies exchanging teeth for quarters. The feeling of victory was overwhelming to the Man in Black. Pitch could barely hide his satisfied grin. For now, he was just a voice in the air, but she would see him, eventually. In fact, he would become the realest thing she had ever known.


AN: I had some really weird problems while writing this. Like what comes from TV at night in UK? (Yes, this story takes place in UK, London.)

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