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Chapter 7

Sera tilted her head lightly. Dance for him, huh? Obviously he wasn't talking about a strip tease, but still the thought was unnerving. She danced for people for a living, but somehow this was different. It was the way he looked at her. The intimate way his golden eyes studied her from across the room. There was also a challenge. He wanted to see how she would react.

Basically she had two options. The first impulse was to refuse. Or tell him to jack off, to be more specific. Sera wanted to fight and wipe that smug smile off her captor's face. But what would she gain with that? It wasn't hard to deduce that he had the upper hand here. Which led her to the other option: she could do as he told, as if it meant nothing, and wait for a better moment to get the hell out of there. It was the smart thing to do, but her pride disagreed.

Sera shivered involuntarily. It was cold and she still only wore Bill's shirt and knickers.

"My attire isn't ideal for dancing," she noted.

"I can live with that," Pitch replied with amused tone. Sera scoffed. How did he even know she danced? Did she really have a stalker without knowing it? It didn't make sense; she was very good at noticing these things. She was always instinctively keeping an eye out for things that were out of place, people she seemed to run into too often. But then again, nothing in this man really seemed to make sense. But that was something she would have to properly think about later. This wasn't the right moment to flip off.

It was actually pretty sad, how well she knew how to deal with psychopaths. Well, more you know…

The almighty Nightmare King was getting impatient. His long slender fingers were drumming the arm of his armchair. Yes, she would have to entertain him somehow. Her collarbone was still sore and bleeding.

Fight me, he had said. Sera crossed her arms. That's what he wanted, a weak girl who fights for a while, realizes it's pointless and submits. She didn't know exactly what he was, but power complex wasn't hard to spot. She could play this game with him.

And so Sera looked him straight in the eye and smiled sweetly. "As you wish." She put on her dancing shoes, tying the laces carefully around her ankles and making sure he didn't catch a glimpse from the neckline of her shirt. The Bogeyman looked at her, no emotion on his face. Sera hoped he was disappointed.

"Some music would do," she said. "You don't happen to have a jukebox hidden somewhere around here?" Now he was smiling. One dramatic snap of fingers and calm violin music filled the room. It was the music of a dance she had been practicing a lot recently. Sera smiled as if she was rather flattered than creeped out. Definitely a stalker.


Oh, she was good. After a while of pondering she had agreed to dance. But it wasn't as if she had lost, no, it had seemed like this was exactly what she had planned. Like Pitch had just executed some joke only Sera had understood. Pitch wasn't sure if he liked it. The again, she would take a bit more chewing. Something was telling Pitch he would certainly not get bored with her. Pitch had found the spark in her very appealing. He liked it when a girl had some fight in her. But apparently she had some wit too. Sera didn't act predictably, which you don't come across often when you live so long.

Pitch certainly wasn't bored now. Sera was pure energy turned into flesh. Every movement and posture was done delicately, but still it seemed like she wanted to stretch a little bit further, to jump a little bit higher… That ridiculous hair with its blue tips twirled around her head and her sharp cheekbones and dark eyes. She was looking nowhere in particular, lost in her own world. She was so slim and light, her limbs like sticks, and yet her movements bursted energy, Pitch could almost feel it radiating towards him. And in that moment he realized that she was more alive than he had been in a long time.

Pitch lost track of time watching her. Sera's pale skin was now covered in sweat. Shadows were dancing on it and around her; they were in his lair after all. He could hear her panting. Eventually her physics would give in. Nightmare King smiled at himself. Soon he would see just how far Sera would be willing to go before that.


The world was made of cold marble and music and golden eyes on her skin. Despite the situation Sera was lost in the dance and she loved it. She hadn't eaten in some time so her head was light, light, light but her body was strong.

The song stopped and another one started, a small pause daring her to quit. Sera wasn't there to quit so she danced her way through it. And the next one. And the next. Apparently Pitch wanted to see how long she would last. Sera wouldn't be the one to give up first. She felt her left foot tremble. What an annoying flaw. Everything started to turn foggy. Had she danced for minutes or for hours? Well, at least she hadn't given up. Jokes on you, Nightmare King. Sera laughed out loud and the cold marble almost felt kind against her cheek.


A tiny amount of crimson blood trickled down her cheek; she had hit it to the floor when she had fallen. Pitch towered over her small frame, observing. Had she lost her consciousness due to straining her body too much or had she just hit her head too hard? Maybe both. Anyhow Pitch had to admire her devotion.

She was such a pretty sight laying there her limbs sprawled on the floor, sweaty and bloody. Pitch almost felt tempted to leave her like that. As a decoration. But he didn't feel like breaking his new toy just yet. That would be a waste.

Sighing he collected the mess from the floor on his arms. He could feel her heartbeat. That girl was so light! Pitch felt like tossing her a little bit but once again, he had to restrain from breaking her. For now.

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