Author's Note: I don't own Supernatural. I also don't own the characters.

When did I go to sleep? God, I'm cold, why am I naked? I don't toss blankets when I'm…..hold on…..Fuck! My wrists are tied down! Maybe I can kick….no….ankles got tied, too. Damn it! When did I get jumped? Shit, Bobby! What happened to Bobby? Is he here? Where's here? Damn it, I can't see anything! I'm fucking blindfolded! "Bobby?"

Something cold, metallic and sharp is being run down the left side of my face. Yeah, that's definitely a knife. I'm fucked.

"You're such a predictable boy," Bobby says. There's a strained growling behind his voice that doesn't sound right. "Pretty, but exceedingly stupid."

"You're not Bobby," I tell the thing.

"Had you fooled long enough to open the door for me, cutie," a woman says, trailing the knife blade down to that dip where my throat meets my collarbones.

I force myself to laugh. "That tickles, baby."

The woman hasn't made a sound, but somehow she's down by my feet now. "I have the man Winchester. He was a lot easier to capture than you said."

Who's she talking to?

"He's being prepared."

Okay, she's busy talking to somebody, and probably on a phone. Maybe I can loosen….Ow, ow, okay, not happening. Whoever tied these ropes knew what they were doing; any kind of tugging tightens the damn things. Jesus, I can barely feel my fingers right now. Hang on….come on fingers, find something to grab…nope, that doesn't work either. A clammy hand landing on my chest makes me jump; at least I don't shriek like a little girl. My stomach is making little sinking flips as she starts checking the ropes around my wrists.

Is she humming? Seriously? Holy fuck, are her hands cold! She snickers. "You're so much smaller than I'd imagined, Dean."

"Well, yeah! It's fucking freezing in here!" I have to force another laugh or I'm gonna scream. My heart's going so fast it's making me dizzy. "I'm all for a little kink, lady, but I appreciate a little warning first, ya know?"

Demon-chick growls, which I guess for her is supposed to be "seductive," but it's all raspy as shit. It's next to my right ear, too. Damn it, she's like a ninja with how she pops up in random directions. That's really disorienting.

"We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine."

SHUT YOUR FUCKING CAKE-HOLE, JOHN LENNON. I HATE THIS FUCKING SONG. She's had this goddamn thing on a loop for….fuck, I can't even remember how long! We all live in a yellow….NO! Submarine, FUCK, I can't stop thinking the lyrics! SHUT THE FUCK UP! We all live in a….FUCKING SHUT THE FUCK UP!

There's a click somewhere, noises farther away than right next to me echo and I can't figure out where the fuck things are coming from. That bitch still hasn't taken the blindfold off. At least I can't hear that fucking song, except we all live in a yellow subma….it's not going away. We all live in a yell….can't stop….fucking Beatles! Ow! What the fuck was that? Who just stabbed me in the arm….needle….shit!

How long have I been here? Where's Bobby? He was here before, wasn't he? Am I on a submarine? Why did Dad send me on a submarine? I don't feel like I'm on a submarine; wouldn't I know what that feels like to be on a submarine? Why's it dark?

"Bobby?" I'm moving my mouth, but no sound is coming out.

There's something dripping on my face. It's wet and cold, so I lick my lips. It's just water.

"Bobby?" It's a whisper this time.

Nobody's here.

"Dad?" God, I sound raspy. "Where is everybody?"

There's a click and something starts buzzing over me; bad lighting. Chunk-chunk-chunk sounds go off, but there's no lightening in the darkness. Am I blind? Oh, God, I'm blind! No, I can't be blind! I don't have….there's no blindfold and I can feel the heat from the lights, but…. "What did you fucking bastards do to me?" Something's touching my foot! "What is that? Get it off! Get off me, you fuck!"

"This is not John Winchester, Shax."

"I smelled the blood of the man you sent me after, my lord, and this is he."

There's a deep growling from two voices on either side of my head. Jesus, that's fucking scary.

"My lord…." Shax-lady says, her growls are little whimpers now.

I need to get out of here! What the fuck is going on, why do they want Dad? Where is he? Why isn't Bobby coming in with him to save me? What's touching my hea….we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submar…stop….not me…thinking….no sense… "NO!"

"He will do, though the blood will not be as strong. The bond of brotherhood will have to suffice."

We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow….Sammy! They're doing….submarine, a yellow submarine...using me to get….we all live in a yellow submarine…making me think….submarine….yellow….demons forcing….live in a yellow….can't stop….marine… "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"