Have you ever been in a love triangle?

Or, for that matter, a love shape of any kind?

I have.

And it majorly sucks.

What sucks even worse?

Having one of the many loves be a perverted, rude neko.

My name is Hinamori Amu. I'm sixteen.

This is the story of my Christmas, and how it was totally ruined by what most people would say brightens it: love.

It all started when the snow first fell.


I woke up, but my eyes didn't open. I didn't want them to open; I was really comfortable. My comforter was soft, and my bed was really warm. I smiled a bit, exhaling a happy sigh. School was officially out for winter break. I didn't have to get up until I was ready.

"Have I ever told you how adorable your smile is?" a deep, silky voice murmured.

My eyes flew open to sapphire blue ones.

"GAAAAAAAAHHHH!" I sat up so fast that I lost balance and almost fell, but a hand caught me before I hit the ground and pulled me back onto the bed.

My face was flaming, and I didn't dare lie back down. "IKUTO, YOU PERVERT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

The seventeen-year-old boy sat up to face me, stretching his arms above his head and then rubbing the back of his neck drowsily. "Good morning to you too, Amu," he mumbled.


He raised his hands in innocence. "Okay, okay. It was cold at my place. You aren't nearly as warm as you used to be, but your bed is comfortable, anyway. Besides, the thought of seeing you blush first thing in the morning-" he stroked a slender hand across my cheek with a grin- "was undeniably appealing."

My face turned from flaming to white-hot. "GET OUT, PERVERT!"

Ikuto pouted at me. "So soon? I haven't even had breakfast yet."


"Please? Can I stay?"


"Why not?"

I answered immediately, "Because you have been doing this at least once every two weeks since you came back. For two. Freaking. Years, Ikuto. Out."

"But it's almost Christmas, Amu-koi. Are you really going to cast me out with a cold heart?"

A part of me was going to scream at him for adding that suffix to my name, but the other part was too busy accidentally looking him in the eye.

He gave me this really unfair neko look, like an abandoned kitten begging to come inside; I was totally powerless against it.

"D*mn you," I muttered, looking away. "Fine. You can stay."

I looked back at him to find a smirk placed where his begging face had been a moment before. "Why, Amu, I didn't know that you'd missed me so much that you'd be willing for me to stay."

My face burned again, and Ikuto's smirk widened. "QUIT TEASING ME!" I shouted in frustration, throwing my pillow at his face.

Unfortunately, he caught the pillow and chuckled. I was about to yell at him again, but then he wrapped his arms around me and buried his face in my neck.

"I just love it when you blush," he murmured into my ear, his warm breath spilling onto my skin. My heart raced, and if there was ever a doubt that my face was cherry-red that morning, it would have been eliminated then and there.

Then I realized: Ikuto was still in my bed.

With a glower, I used all of my strength to shove him onto the ground. He got up, stuck his tongue out at me, and then climbed back in.

Stupid cat.

I got out instead, giving him a glare. "I'm going to get dressed. If I find you in the bathroom with me for the fifth time in a row, I will knock you unconscious and call the cops, pervert. Understood?"

Ikuto shrugged. "Whatever," he said nonchalantly.

I nodded and went into the bathroom, took a shower, and changed into black jeans, a shirt with a red torso and long, black-and-white-striped sleeves as well as three small black buttons lined vertically at the top of the square neck, red sneakers, a puffy black jacket that was lined with faux red fur, and a silver necklace with an onyx pendant.

I blow-dried my wet, strawberry-pink hair, brushed it, pulled the middle section of my bangs back, secured them with a red clip, and pulled the top half of my hair up into a ponytail.

Inspecting myself in the mirror, I figured that I looked pretty good.

"Well done," a small voice said behind me. I turned around to find a lazily floating Miki, accompanied by Ran and Su.

I smiled appreciatively. "Thanks, Miki."

They all gave me the thumbs up, and I walked back into my room.

Ikuto didn't try to be discreet about checking me out. His eyes lingered on a few specific places. You can tell which ones.

"Pervert," I growled, my smile gone.

Ikuto stared at me indifferently while laying upside-down on my bed, his midnight-blue hair falling away from his eyes and toward the ground.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my purse, heading down the stairs, trying to forget about Ikuto.

I failed.


Ah, the joy of waking up in the morning and finding yourself in Hinamori Amu's bed.

And then the utter pleasure of remembering that, ever since you wished to stay seventeen until you were ready to give up your Guardian Character, the age difference between you and her has slowly decreased, which means that your limit of perversion has decreased, as well.

And, finally, the glory of getting her gorgeous, creamy skin to turn that absolutely adorable shade of pink, as well as inspect how her outfit totally shows off her figure and keeps your gaze in a few places.

I love what I do.


After breakfast and a short conversation with my parents, I stole a couple of chocolate-chip waffles for Ikuto and brought them up with me.

When he saw the waffles, he held out his hand and then proceeded to stare at me. I felt unbelievably self-conscious as I handed him his breakfast.

Even as he ate the waffles, he kept his gaze on me. I glared back, but he continued to stare. Eventually I asked, "Could you look at something else for a change?"

Ikuto ate the last bite of his waffle, brushed the stray crumbs from his pants, and answered, "But there's nothing as compelling to look at in the room as you."

My face heated up, but instead of replying I stood and went to my desk.

"What are you doing?" Ikuto's voice was right by my ear, and I tried not to jump.

I didn't look at him, instead shoving him away. "Trying to get away from you."

Suddenly, Ikuto's arms were around me again, and his chin was resting at the base of my neck. "How cold, Amu-koi. Why would you want to avoid your lover?"

I put my hand straight into his face and pushed, forcing him to stumble back as I turned around. "Stop adding that suffix to my name! AND YOU ARE NOT MY LOVER!" I yelled, pointing at him.

Ikuto chuckled and grabbed my hand, placing it against his cheek and holding it there. I might've yanked it away, but- to be honest- a part of me didn't want it to move.

"Is that so, Amu?" He moved my hand from his cheek to his lips. "I believe that I've confessed to you before, haven't I?" His words were muffled beneath my palm.

I shook my head and pulled my hand away. "You were teasing me, and you still are. Go find something to amuse you."

I realized my mistake as soon as the words left my mouth.

Ikuto picked me up from my chair in a tight hug. I kicked my legs back in forth with protests and cuss words streaming from my mouth, but it was no use. He had an iron grip.

He sat down on my bed and held me so that I was in his lap. "Thanks for the invitation," he said with a smirk.

"Get away from me, you pervert!" I tried to push him away again, but he squeezed me to him and kissed my shoulder. That, of course, made me struggle even more, which then made his grip tighten.

Eventually I gave up on trying to push him away, and I just sighed irritably as he skimmed his nose along my throat, inhaling and exhaling deeply.

"I should report you for sexual harassment," I muttered.

"That won't stop me from sexually harassing you," he said back, kissing my throat.

I tensed up and scowled at the opposite wall. Why, out of all of the girls that he could mess with, would he continue to harass me alone? Stupid cat.

To my great relief, the phone rang. I looked at Ikuto, expecting him to let me go, but he didn't do anything but cuddle his face into my collarbone.

"Ikuto," I said, struggling, "my phone's ringing. Let- go."

He raised his head and reached next to him, keeping one arm secured around me. He then picked up the phone and flipped it open, pressing it to his ear.

"Yo. Sorry, Amu isn't available right now. Of course I do. She's here. She's busy. Getting harassed by me. I-"

I pulled my arm free and snatched the phone. "Hello?" I asked, glaring at Ikuto.

"Ohaiyo, Amu-chan!"

I smiled. "Ohaiyo, Naghiko-kun! What's up?"

"Yaya-chan's invited us to have a snowball fight. Can you come? Unless you're too busy with Ikuto….."

"No! Of course I'm not! Just ignore him." I shot another glare at Ikuto, who was smirking back at me. "Where are we meeting?"

"The park, of course. Be there within thirty minutes. That's when we start."


"I'll see you there, Amu-chan." I could hear Naghiko's smile through the phone.

"See ya." I smiled back and snapped the phone shut, placing it in my pocket. Ikuto moved his face back to my neck, his grip on me tight once more.

"Ikuto, let go," I growled.

He mumbled something back, but I didn't understand him.


He pulled his face back momentarily, and then smirked. "Only if you give me a kiss."

"No!" I said immediately.

He shrugged and rested his chin on my head. "Suit yourself."

"Just let me go!" I demanded.

"Only if you give me a kiss," he repeated.


"Then I won't let you go."

"UGH!" I snarled, my hands curling into fists. I sighed and then rolled my eyes. "Fine. I'll give you a kiss."

Ikuto pulled back again and smirked. "Are you sure, Amu?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Before he could say anything else, I kissed him on the corner of his mouth. Technically it was on the lips, but it was also technically on the cheek, too. I was therefore unaccountable for any argument of invalidity. Or validity (if questioned by any of the Guardians).

I broke free of Ikuto's grasp and straightened my clothes, sticking my tongue out at him as I grabbed my purse and walked out of the door.

I'd had enough of Ikuto for the day; I decided to invite Yaya and Rima to go shopping after the snowball fight to avoid any time at home, where Ikuto could easily find me.

With that uplifting thought, I smiled and proceeded to run down the stairs and out the door with a quick good-bye to my parents.


As soon as she left, I called Yoru, character changed, and leaped from her window, spotting her bright pink hair from below and following her.

In case you ever had a doubt, I am in, fact, Amu's stalker.

And her pervert.

The occupation never gets old.

AN: So, to my DP readers who are wondering what the fish I am doing writing ANOTHER story, I have a good excuse!

On DeviantArt, there was this picture (and yes, I do have an account now) of Amu and Ikuto kissing behind the Christmas tree, and everyone else's reaction. It is the cover for this story, in fact.

So I commented saying that I had to write a fanfiction about it because it was so freaking INSPIRATIONAL, and the artist, art-x-soul, was so happy at the thought.

So here it is. :DDD

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Ikuto: What, no chat time?

Me: Ikuto, I'll give you permission to do whatever you like with Amu if you shut up.

Ikuto: *smirks and shuts up*

Amu: WHAT?!