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Episode I: Camping

It was a quiet night, a peaceful night, the kind you only got every so often and wished to never see leave. Hiccup, personally, had such nights every week; when their "temporary" duties with the village were done for the week, the Dragon Riders would almost always elect to fly off to a nearby deserted island—this time, they checked before setting up camp—and spend their weekend fishing, camping, hunting, and of course, flying.

Currently, the Riders—which consisted of Hiccup, Astrid, Snoutlout, Fishlegs, and the Thorston twins Tuffnut and Ruffnut—were sacked out around a large campfire, their dragons acting as makeshift chairs—Toothless and Nad were both set in such a way that they doubled the sitting space for their respective masters. On one side of the group there was a salt encrusted beach that bordered a massive body of water that extended on unto infinity, on the other, there was a random arrangement of tents and smoldering craters that marked the sites of a dragon's resting place.

"You know," Tuffnut began from his place by the fire, he was the only one not on a dragon because of his status as the group cook. The blond haired warrior was, in fact, cooking their dinner at that very moment. "We haven't done that truth game in forever."

Astrid looked over at Ruffnut with a devious twinkle in her eyes. The fair haired female simply shrugged, her attention more focused on the boastful warrior she was currently wrapped around. Snoutlout, remembering the last time they had played the game in question, shook his head violently. Turning her gaze to Fishlegs, the bulky dragon rider reluctantly nodded his head. Finally, Astrid brought her gaze back to the warrior she was wrapped around and saw him smiling.

"I'm game," Hiccup said in agreement as he fought off the little voice in the back of his head telling him that this was a very bad idea. If Astrid wanted it, he reasoned, then what else mattered?

"Okay," Astrid said as she—very reluctantly—dislodged herself from Hiccup and walked over to the center of the firering beside Tuffnut. "In case some of us forgot how to play," she said with a I-Promise-To-Abuse-You-Thoroughly wink at Snoutlout. "I'll explain the rules: Going from left to right in a circle, each Viking either asks a question or assigns a task to another viking. If the Viking refuses the first option offered, then the other option, the one that hasn't been asked yet, is offered. If they refuse that, then they get branded," Astrid explained with several pointed glares at Snoutlout. She clearly remembered what had happened the last time this game had been played too. Snoutlout gulped.

"So who goes first?" Ruffnut asked as she comforted her boyfriend, who despite his manly appearance and massive muscles, was quivering in his boots like a scared little pup.

"Well...Tuffnut suggested it, so he goes first," Hiccup said, deciding to mediate for the group before any violence happened. As an extra step, he beckoned Astrid over to him and had her sit on his lap with his arms around her in a comforting as well as restraining hold.

"Alright, Ruff!" Tuffnut said as he absentmindedly eyed the boiling soup inside his iron pot. "Question: What's the craziest thing you've done to Snout?" he asked with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Ruffnut, in a display of control that actually impressed Astrid, only sputtered wildly and blushed as red as a blood bush in Spring. "T-t-task!" She stuttered horribly as she glared at her brother while at the same time trying to get air in her lungs.

"Sing the drunk song!" Tuffnut shouted triumphantly before quickly returning to the group's dinner, which was already boiling more than he had wanted.

Ruffnut glared at her brother so darkly that even Astrid shivered slightly as she said in a low, menacing voice, "when this is over, I am going to kill you..." Taking a deep breath, she removed herself from Snoutlout and walked towards the center of the group—and dangerously close to her brother.

"I bang on the door but you won't let me in, 'cause you're sick and tired of me reeking of gin. Locked all the doors from the front to the back, and left me a note telling me I should pack." Ruffnut, as she sang in a surprisingly—at least for everyone except Tuffnut and Astrid—good drunken accent, began to sway around in a tipsy fashion while miming drinking from a mug of mead.

"I walk in the bar and the fella's all cheer, They order me up a mead and a beer. You ask me why I'm singing this song, Some call it a tavern but I call it home." at the end of this verse, Ruff's vocals increased in volume and she made a rather rude gesture at the star splattered sky.

"SCREW YOU! I'm drunk!"

"SCREW YOU! I'm drunkkkk!"

"SCREW YOU! I'm Drunk!"

Following this, Ruffnut's voice dropped back down to the drunken lullaby like tone she had been using before."And I'm going to be drunk till the next time I'm drunk!"

"You've given me an option, you say I must choose, 'tween you and the liqour, then I'll take the booze! Jumpin' on Western down to the south side, Where I'll sit down and exercise my Nordish pride." at this, Ruffnut acted out the random actions described in the song and continued to mime drinking while also thumping her chest at the end. Then, as the louder lines returned to the song, she increased her vocals again.


"SCREW YOU! I'm drunk!"

"Pour my beer down the dock! I've got more in the trunk." after saying this part, Ruffnut kicked an unsuspecting Tuffnut in the hindquarters and watched as he shrieked like a little girl. The blond haired female quickly caught her terrified brother by the scruff of his furs and yanked him away from the fire, but only barely. Throwing him away from the fire, she continued her drunken dance/song as Tuffnut landed in a traumatized heap on the ground.

"SCREW YOU! I'm drunk!"

"SCREW YOU! I'm drunkkk!"


"SCREW YA...Am I drunk?"

Applause broke out all around—with the obvious exception of Tuffnut—as Ruffnut bowed to each of her friends. Though her glare immediately returned once it subsided and Tuffnut had picked himself up.

"I had no idea you could sing that well babe," Snoutlout whispered sweetly into her ear as his strong arms wrapped back around her. "After all the times you made me sing," her boyfriend's tone switched almost immediately from sweet to whining, but Ruffnut didn't really care. He was teasing her anyways.

"We'll talk about it later," she assured him before turning back around to face her brother, however she found that, to her surprise, he had been listening in on her private moment.

"SNOUT CAN SING!?" Tuffnut cried in shock as everyone around them gasped. Astrid seemed curious, Hiccup seemed awed, Fishlegs seemed...perplexed?

"Oh you're dead now!" Snoutlout shouted in anger—and slight embarrassment—as he bounded up and tackled Tuffnut. The two boys, men really, quickly began trading blows with their fists as well as some incredibly colorful words.

"Should we stop this?" Astrid asked Hiccup as she watched with slight concern. While Tuffnut wasn't weak, he wasn't a match for the brute strength of a raging Snoutlout.

"Probably," Hiccup agreed and glanced at Spitfire; the Monstrous Nightmare grumbled out an affirmative and gently lowered Ruffnut from it's—oddly enough, comfy—wings before shooting a ball of fire towards the duo. The blazing fire missed both Vikings by a good foot or two, but the unbelievable heat that passed over them did not go as unnoticed.

"Dear Thor!" Snoutlout shouted as he jumped off of a bruised and bloody Tuffnut and quickly began to pat himself down, thinking he was on fire; Tuffnut quickly began doing the same while the rest of the Rider's laughed.

"Your turn Fishlegs," Ruffnut said as she laughed at her brother and boyfriend's antics.

"Hmm..." The more tactical member of their group said as he thought. "Hiccup," He said at last and watched as the Dragon Rider turned to face him. "Question: what did it feel like when you shot Toothless down?" He asked as he pulled out his little notebook. Typical, yet loveable, Fishlegs.

Hiccup paused as everyone, dragons included, looked at him. Well, except Tuffnut and Snoutlout, but that was a given considering their current situation.

"Well..." Hiccup began softly, "I felt...I guess elated doesn't really cover the feeling...proud? No...um..." he paused once more and began to think. "Amazed," he said at last. "I felt amazed, dumbstruck, awed...I couldn't believe I had done it," Hiccup paused momentarily at the memory. "I thought I was going to be the greatest Viking ever, to have captured a Night Fury...I thought I was going to be..." he stopped and shook his head. "It was shocking, but I guess the answer to your question would be amazed."

Everyone was doing that thing again. The thing they always did when he talked, where they would glaze over halfway—it wasn't that they were bored, they were in fact hanging on his every word. What they were actually doing was thinking to themselves, wondering how they would have reacted in his place.

"Astrid," Hiccup said, deciding to break the silent moment the group was going through—Snoutlout and Tuffnut had stopped jumping around by now. "Task: kiss me," he said softly and watched her face light up while Snoutlout, barely, frowned. Hopefully Ruff didn't catch him—a loud yelp a few seconds later indicated she had, however, caught the quick frown made by her boyfriend.

"Gladly," Astrid said warmly and hungrily kissed him. The two stayed like that for several seconds before Fishlegs coughed and the two broke apart. Barely.

"Alright," Astrid said, her devious side winning out over her emotions for the moment. "Snoutlout," she said and the boy groaned. "Pick."

"What?" Snoutlout asked incredulously. He couldn't believe she was giving him the option of whichever torture he wanted! It was either incredibly noble or horribly evil. He was pretty sure he was not going to like it no matter how she intended the wording however.

"Pick. One." Astrid said coolly as she drew and examined one of her new knives, it was a present from her father who was out on a trip to Asia once again. She figured—correctly—that it would intimidate the large warrior.

"Uh...um..." Snoutlout said uncertainly as he stared at the wicked looking blade in the blond haired huntress' hands. It looked like it was taunting him, telling him that no matter which he chose, either would end badly. Very badly. "Question..." he said weakly, knowing in his gut this was going to end bad. It just had to with her.

"Who do you like more, me or Ruffnut?" she asked casually, not really caring. Well, emotionally she didn't care—she liked Hiccup way more than she had ever liked Snoutlout, if you could even call it that. Her stomach was more along the lines of revolted when it came to Snoutlout's advances, while it seemed a butterfly colony wanted to move in when she even considered thinking about Hiccup's smile. However, she was extremely interested in how Ruffnut would react if he answered wrong. Which she knew he would.

"Refuse!" Snoutlout shouted—it was closer to a squeal really—quickly as his eyes grew wide. "Refuse! Refuse!" He said again as Ruffnut glared daggers at Snoutlout that put all of Astrid's previous glares to shame. "Task!" He begged as he noticed Ruffnut's expression.

"Fine," Astrid said as Tuffnut and Fishlegs sniggered and Hiccup tried not to smirk. He had forgiven his cousin for all of the pain that he had endured by his fists, but still, Hiccup was human and watching his girlfriend abuse his former bully just did not get old. "Kiss the one you like the most," she said deviously and watched Snoutlout's expression go from horrified to 'oh-Thor-kill-me'.

"Refuse?" Snoutlout asked weakly.

"You get branded if you refuse again, that's 8.9 on the pain scale," Fishlegs informed him as he stared at the rule book he had made at some point in time prior.

In response, Snoutlout took off running.


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