Chapter 1

Things had gotten back to normal at the Cullen household. The Volturi were back in their own territory, Rennesme was steadily growing as expected and the mood of the family had gone from worried and on edge to calm and happy. Carlisle finally felt like things were back under his control, and had no doubts about protecting his evergrowing family.

Snow was beginning to blanket the ground ouside as he entered the house after a long shift at the hospital. Snowflakes decorated his jacket and he brushed them off and hung it on the rack by the door. He was sure everyone was aware of his presence, but followed the sounds of the television into the living room.

The family was gathered around, watching a movie. A fire burned in the fireplace, fitting for the snowy night that was rapidly creeping up on the town of Forks. Esme made room for him next to her and Carlisle made himself comfortable. The rest of the group acknowledged his presence but went back to watching the movie. Carlisle looked over at Edward, Bella and Rennesme. They looked happy, and after all that they had been through it was well deserved.

Edward glanced over and smiled, "Thank you Carlisle."

Carlisle smiled, aware that his son had read his thoughts. Esme looked at him, "Thank you for what?"

"I was just thinking of how lucky we are." He put his arm around Esme and pulled her close.

"We are, aren't we."

"Yeah, yeah, so lucky," Emmett joked, " lucky enough to have to smell this dog all the time now." He motioned to Jacob who sat on the ground with his back against the couch where Rennesme sat on her mother's lap.

Jacob shook his head, " You're the one with the awful stench. But lucky for you I have to meet up with the pack soon."

Rennesme played with his after, " But not until after the movie, right Jacob?"

He smiled and nodded, "Right." They were all quiet for a moment until Rennesme spoke again, "But what do you have to meet the pack for, Jacob? Can't you stay awhile longer?"

"I wish I could, kiddo. But we have this ritual coming up that we have to all talk about. You see, there's a lunar eclipse coming, and legends say that magical things happen during that time, or on that day."

"Like what?"

"Maybe on that day you can come with us and listen to some stories." Jacob looked up to Edward and Bella, who looked at each other and both nodded.

"Yes!" Renesme exclaimed.

Esme put her lips to Carlisle's ear, "This is all possible because of you, my love. This beautiful family." "I'm glad everything has worked itself out," he kissed her forehead then whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too."