Note from Author-

I love Wizard101! And now that I've read a couple fan fics about it, I wanted to write my own with my characters in the game. Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter One- The Odd New Wizard Recruit

Tiffany was the odd one out in her family. Even though she was exactly like her brother, he was the better one. They both shared leaf green hair and diamond eyes. Tiffany and her brother were as close as twins could be, or at least, until they turned ten years old. Timothy, her brother, was chosen to hold up the family business while she, Tiffany, stayed isolated from the world.

As four years passed, Tiffany and her brother grew more and more separated. Son enough when their fourteenth birthday reached, they hardly recognized each other. Timothy's hair was jelled back, and he wore formal business clothes. Perfect for the heir of the company. Tiffany's figure grew weak. She was skinnier than paper, her face pale, and her hair always covered her eyes, her perfect jeweled eyes.

It's hard to say their parents cared at all what happened to Tiffany. They directed their attention to Timothy, and in teaching him how to become a leader. Timothy wanted so badly to be with his sister again, to be her playmate, her friend, and mostly, the protective big brother. So on his breaks, he'd visit Tiffany, she'd normally be in her room, or out in the garden. Either way, she'd be planting flowers and trees or talking with animals. Timothy didn't know if she could actually do that or not.

On the first of the New Year, Tiffany couldn't stand her life. She hated her parents so much. She hated them down to hell. The only time she didn't feel that hatred was when Timothy came over. Tiffany loved her brother more than anything in the whole universe, and she knew he tried his best to be with her.

ON the first of the New Year, Tiffany and Timothy were allowed the whole weekend together, from December twenty fifth to January first.

"Gamma, looky here! I found the perfect student!" An old man pointed to a crystal ball excitedly. An owl craned his neck closer to the ball.

"O come now Ambrose, you said that the last two wizards," Gamma retorted. "And you know what happened to them?" the owl asked. Ambrose chuckled.

"Yes I do indeed; they were eaten by gobblers for being careless and had lost their wands previously." He replied. He turned his attention to Gamma.

"But look it, doesn't she look the heroine type?" Ambrose asked. Gamma fluttered his wings as if shrugging.

"Eh… She looks too skinny to me." He replied. Ambrose sighed.

"Trust me Gamma, this is the one!" He smiled at the girl in the ball, who was hugging her knees and was sniveling miserably. Ambrose trotted over to his spell book which was gathering dust on a pedestal.

"Alright spell book, don't disembowel her like you did the last one." Ambrose scolded the book. He flipped through the pages. He stopped on a page labeled How to summon people from different dimensions

Tiffany looked up from her knees when her door opened. Timothy grinned as he strolled in. He walked over and flopped on the ground next to her. He faced Tiffany.

"Hey sis, what's up?" He asked. Tiffany shrugged. Timothy shifted in his seat on the carpet.

"So I guess you've taken a liking to the ground huh?" He said. "Oh, I'm not saying it's uncomfortable! I'm just not used to it… But, it's actually kinda nice." Timothy giggled. Tiffany looked blankly at him. Her eyes glanced up at his hair, which was unusually messy and spikey. Timothy looked up too, and ruffled his hair.

"Yea, I thought I'd mess with it a little." He said. "Guess what happened next." He made a noise that sounded like a little explosion. "And poof, there went my 'nice looking' hair." He made quotes around the word 'nice'. Tiffany giggled.

Timothy smiled too, and he reached out his hand and lifted her bangs from her eyes.

"There, your eyes don't deserve to be covered like that, they make you look pretty." Timothy said. Tiffany reached her hand up and brushed her bangs back, only to have them fall back over her eyes.

Gamma watched them intently from outside the crystal ball as Ambrose chanted a spell from his book.

Tiffany reached over and pulled her brother into a hug. Timothy wrapped his arms around her and hugged back. They both smiled. A strange pulsing noise began reverberating through the bedroom. Timothy let Tiffany go and looked around.

"What's that sound?" Tiffany whispered. Timothy shrugged. A blue light formed in the center of the room. It grew bright and a portal opened up. Timothy grasped Tiffany protectively. The portal made a humming noise, and three stands of blue light reached out of it and grabbed Tiffany. Timothy grabbed Tiffany's hand as the lights pulled her into the portal.

"Wait, what's up with these lights?!" Timothy asked. Another light pulled out from the portal and slapped Timothy's hand, making it retract. The light whacked Timothy's head and helped the other three lights pull Tiffany in. She struggled in the grasps. Tiffany looked back at Timothy with wide eyes.

"T-Timothy! What's happening?" She asked him. Timothy stood up and ran to the portal. He stomped on the strands of light. Nothing happened. He looked around frantically.

"Hold on sis! I'll uh, stop this!" Timothy assured his sister, who tried standing up and walking away, but the lights prevented her from going the opposite direction of the portal. Soon enough, she and the lights disappeared into the portal, leaving Timothy alone.

Ambrose cheered as he slammed the book shut.

"Hah! I did it!" He said. Gamma frowned at the ball, which showed Timothy looking panicked and miserable.

"Tiffany…" he whispered before his silver eyes began tearing up. Gamma directed his attention towards Ambrose.

"Are you sure that girl's the one?" He asked. Ambrose nodded.

"Let's go greet our newest student!" Ambrose suggested merrily. Gamma fluttered onto his shoulder and they teleported away.

The wizard and owl reappeared after a second or two.

"What is it?" Gamma sighed. Ambrose stomped up to a drawer.

"Forgot my glasses!" Ambrose replied. He walked back to Gamma.

"Ok, going to meet her for real this time!" Ambrose said. Gamma rolled his eyes and soared onto Ambrose's head.

"Well don't mess up my hat." Ambrose muttered before they disappeared again.

Tiffany found herself standing in front of a tower. She looked around, her bangs flicking back and forth and irritating her eyes. She brushed them up and let them fall back down.

"Maybe I should cut them." Tiffany suggested aloud. As she said it, a poofing sound came from behind her. She turned to see an old man in purple pajama's with an owl nesting on his night cap.

"It's a little early to be dressed in nightwear." Tiffany pointed out to the man, seeing the sun was high in the sky. The man laughed.

"These aren't pajama's dear girl, they are my wizard robes!" He said. "My name is Ambrose, headmaster Ambrose, and this is my owl, Gamma." Gamma raised his left wing.

"Hello there.' Gamma greeted. Tiffany stared at them blankly.

"O yes, I've summoned you here, the spiral. It's a magical universe where ANYTHING can happen! Like here, in Wizard City. I am the headmaster of Raven wood, a school for young wizards." Ambrose explained.

"So why am I here?" Tiffany asked.

" I've brought you here because you have magical abilities. Abilities that couldn't have been found in your previous world due to the serious lack of magic." Ambrose replied. Tiffany shook her head.

"No, I'm not magical in any way! I'm just not good at anything!" Tiffany protested. Ambrose sighed.

"You're wrong dear! I've been watching you, and I've seen your part with nature. So you must be a death student!" He said. Gamma whacked his head.

"She's a life student you fool!" He reprimanded. Ambrose chuckled.

"Whoops, that's right. A theurgist." Ambrose said.

"A the what?" Tiffany asked, her head tilting sideways.

"A theurgist; wizard of life and nature. Able to heal the wounded and communicate with nature." Gamma explained. Tiffany thought, remembering talking to a deer when it strolled into the garden, and flowers blooming bright with color when she touched them.

"That's nice to know I suppose." Tiffany muttered. "Wait, when can I see my brother again?" She asked Ambrose and Gamma. Ambrose scratched his head. Gamma replied for him.

"I'm afraid you can't see him again, unless he comes to this world. This would be tough, considering he has no magical abilities." Tiffany's eyes swelled with tears.

"O hey now, don't cry!" Ambrose said. His eyes lit up like a light bulb.

"I know, I'll give you your wand and robes. They're temporary of course. When you graduate Raven wood, you can buy better clothing." Ambrose took out light green robes with yellow trim and a sparkling green wand. Tiffany took the items precariously.

"I'll take you to your dormitory; you can begin your wizard training tomorrow." Ambrose said, placing his hand on her shoulder. He steered her through a commons area with homes and tall buildings. They soon reached a gate.

"In here is where Raven wood is." Ambrose said, he pointed behind them. "And my office is straight down that road." He ushered Tiffany through the gates and walked her to a building that had a sign reading Girl's Dormitory.

"You can explore the school later, go in this building. There should be an empty room, Gamma, go in and lead her there." Gamma lead Tiffany into the building and down certain hallways until they reached a door labeled Tiffany Silver Wrath.

"How do you know my name?" Tiffany asked. Gamma told her it was because they've been scouting out for her. Tiffany opened the door and entered the empty room. Gamma followed her.

"O yes, you need a bed don't you dear?" Gamma asked. He chanted a simple spell, and furniture faded into being.

"That should do it! A bed, nightstand, wardrobe, table, and comfy chairs all accounted for!" Gamma said. He welcomed her to Raven wood, and left the room, the door closing behind him. Tiffany sat down on her new bed, still clutching her robes and wand.

"I'm sorry, Timothy." She whispered, imagining him as sad as she was. Tiffany placed her items aside and sat down on the floor next to the bed. She brought her knees in towards her head, buried her face into her pants, and that's how she fell asleep.

Note from Author-

And apparently, listening to Vocaloid helps my creative spirit. Thanks a bunch Miku Hatsune!Anyway, I hope you readers stay tuned for chapter two. I'm introducing the next main characters then! I love headmaster Ambrose and Gamma, they are funny in my mind.