Twenty- four year old Brittany Claus looked out at the giant globe in the middle of her father's office. She watched as a brunette about the same age as she walked through the small with smile on her face. Brittany tilted her head in the way a puppy would with a confused scrunch of her brow. She didn't understand how someone so beautiful could be so beautiful just by doing absolutely nothing when Christmas was near. She smiled when she saw the brunette stop at the fountain and gives a penny to a little boy looking at it. Her smile quickly turned into a frown when she saw the boy scowl at the penny.

"Brittany, are you watching that girl again?" her favorite Elf Rachel asked.

Brittany shrugged with a guilty smile. "Sorry Rach, I just can't help it how can someone so beautiful be so sad at the same time."

Rachel sighed. She was the smallest elf of the Berry elves at three feet tall. She had on a cute little green and red outfit with a pointed hat and her favorite shoes that curled at the tips. The little elf smiled softly at the young woman in front of her. She had known Brittany all of the blonds life and aside from her older brother Blaine she was the only one that Brittany trusted.

Rachel like all of the other elves waited centuries for Santa to finally have a baby before Brittany was born. Holly Claus was a silly young woman when Santa bought her to the North Pole from New York. He had taken a break for a couple of months because of how lonely he had gotten, but the moment he met the tall blonde he knew that she would be the one.

"I don't know Britt" the two were interrupted when Santa came walking into the room his beard thick and white, belly round and filled with cookies, Brittany smiled at the sight of her father.

"Good morning Brittany, Rachel"

"Morning sir" the elf chirped.

"Morning Daddy" Brittany said as she pecked his cheek.

"Your parents are looking for you Rachel" he informed the small elf who quickly excused herself.

Santa looked over at his globe and shook his head when he noticed the brunette girl that his daughter watched often.

"Britt why do you always watch her?"

Shrugging the blonde replied. "I don't know daddy, she's just fascinating. She has so many walls built around her but she still finds the time to smile."

"That's Santana. Santana Lopez, twenty-six years old, has a beautiful daughter whom she adores, parents who can't stand her and works a lot." He informed.

"Santana" Brittany breathed.

"Yeah, she's on your team Britt." He said whispered softly.

Brittany held back a gasp as she heard her father whisper the words she wished to hear this holiday season.

"It's crazy really you look exactly like I did when I first saw your mother on that thing."

"Really dad?"

"Yup, I looked at your mother all day every day when I saw her in that globe, and then I saw her when I was taking a break, years before you were born and the rest is history."

The blonde smiled happily. "She's just so beautiful and I can't help it dad"

"No one can hun, but she's that's just how love works."

"Do you think that if I went down to Lima I'd have a chance with her?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah I think so, but you never know with her."

Over the next couple of Days Brittany thought long and hard about everything her father had told her about Santana, if the blonde had a chance of getting the girl she was going to.

Brittany Claus was going to Lima, Ohio.


Santana Lopez sighed as she walked into her house. It was another long hard day at work. She had places to go and people to see but she decided to take the rest of the day off to spend some time with her daughter Sophia.

She loved and worshipped her daughter to death but because she was kicked out by her parents just before she went to college she had no one to watch her. Luckily her abuela took her side over her parents and took Sophia every time she had to work, which was every day except the weekends the weekends were for Sophia and only Sophia. They had been doing this for just under five years. After being kicked out by her family she went to NYU with Sophia attached to her chest and majored in architecture. It was tough but they got through it. She was actually the one that built her house.

She had a fully furnished living room, kitchen, bathroom, a humongous Master bedroom, two guest rooms and she of course had a room for her favorite girl.

Sophia wanted her room to be decorated like a princess's room would be decorated. She had a queen sized bed, with her name sculpted into the wall just above her bed, and every Disney character you could think of lived on her walls, and shelves.

Sighing Santana took a quick shower, and was out the door.


"Abuela, abuela Mama's here"

The six year old cheered as she dragged her mother over to the small woman elbow deep in the dishwater.

Santana chuckled as she allowed herself to be pulled into the kitchen. Dropping a kiss to her grandmother's cheek Santana smiled.

"Good afternoon gorgeous."

Alma Lopez rolled her deep brown eyes at her granddaughter, but smiled none the less.

"Hola, Santinita" she greeted.

"Hey abuela, how are you?"

Alma sighs. "I'm fine Ana', doctor says that I have a clean bill of health, and that I can go back to my regular routine."

Santana smiles proudly. "I told you that you'd be fine abuela, and how has my little stinker been" she asks tickling Sophia, who squeals at the unexpected attack.

"I've been good Mama, I promise." She wheezed still recovering from her mother's tickle attack.

Santana looked to her aubela for conformation which the older woman happily gave.

"She's been the little angel you raised her to be Ana'"

Santana kisses her little girls cheek as she starts to help her get changed for the park.

"Thanks again abuela. Soph, tell abuela bye now."

Sophia hugs her great grandmother's legs and mumbles a goodbye into her dress.

"Bye Soph, good bye Ana'"


As the two Lopez women walked through the park Santana smiled as her daughter started to make snow balls.

"Come on mama, we have to have a snow ball fight"

"We do?" Santana asks amused.

"Yes, so that we can practice for my little league try outs"

Santana smiles at her little girl and begins to help make snow balls.

Just as she finishes with her last one a snow ball hits her in the chest.

Eyes narrowed Santana smirks at her daughter, "Oh you are so going to get it"

Sophia squeals and runs as fast as her little legs can take her. Santana jogs behind her with just enough space between them to tease her daughter when she gets hit in the back of the head with a snow ball coming from the opposite direction.

"What the hell" she exclaims, turning around only to be met with the brightest blue eyes that she's ever seen in her life.


Okay so this is my fourth story don't worry about BAL and LOL, this is just a small Christmas fic that will be updated daily and will probably only be about 15/20 chapters. Chapters will be between 1,500 to 1,112 words because this will just be a fluffy fic to get us through the fuckery that is Bram.

You are welcome.