Hello readers! Obviously I'm still alive but been extremely busy with school, future college, interning, job hunt, etc. I just thought of this not even two days ago and don't really know where I plan for it to go. But it's a start. This first chapter/prologue isn't much, but it's something to start with. Full summary: The war with Mornhaven was fought and won. Karigan G'ladheon released from the Green Rider corps and began again with her father in Corsa as a merchant. Two children were born of the king and his queen. But following three miscarriages, Queen Estora tragically dies after the birth of the royal family's second still born. What will the king do, when his long lost love arrives at Sacor City on merchant business?

Title: A Love Once Lost, Now Found

Ship: Karigan/Zachary

Rating: T (Because it's better to be safe than sorry)

Prologue: On One Side of the Window

A man well worn by age and grief stood at a window looking out upon his kingdom. King Zachary knew that he was a widower as soon as his wife's last breath was released. And now he was left with the kingdom and its welfare like usual, but this time, he had to think about what to do with his two children.

William was a mere 12 years in age and just starting out in serious heir's training. Everyone said that his eldest son looked just like him, but had received his mother's eyes of blue. In secret, he had repeatedly wished that it wasn't Estora's eyes that William inherited, but his Kari's. But it was not so; and he didn't have time to dwell on it more than that. The king already saw his son as a combative king-in-training who would spend more time in the training fields with Drent than on his studies on proper manners and foreign languages. He was not going to be like his grandfather.

Anne was 2 years William's younger. She had her mother's thick, long tresses already that shine as the summer sun's golden rays. The king could already predict that his daughter was going to be the death of him as her imminent beauty would no doubt attract men from all around for her affections. But he guessed he knew what he was getting into when he first married Estora, though reluctantly. But though Anne was the offspring of the he and Queen Estora, she already has started to remind him painfully too much of Kari. He repeatedly finds her with the most precious scowl whenever Estora and her ladies in waiting dragged her to her lessons of being a proper castle lady. And then the king will find her later following Drent like a foal does its mother. It was quite a sight whenever King Zachary sees the ferocious Drent continuously glance over his shoulder at his king's young daughter with a scowl but a mighty playful twinkle in his eye.

King Zachary closed his eyes and let the single tear for his wife fall down his cheeks onto the stone floor below his feet. He sighed; maybe the lords would leave him be about taking a new wife. He already had had two children with Estora. So there was no need to go looking for another wife. Unless it was his Kari of course. He glanced over above the mantle of the sitting room of the painting of his beloved knight garbed in the most beautiful gown of navy blue and red all the while brandishing her Green Rider corps saber in her hand. She was long gone from him, and surely happier being a merchant with her father again. And she was no doubt married to another by this long time as well.

Only in his dreams would she be married, as well as happy, to him. But those were dreams, never reality.

Someone knocked on the door and he turned around and away from the window, "Enter."

The door opened and newly made lord governor, Alton, walked into the room. "Your majesty. I would like to pass on my condolences for the loss of your wife," he said.

"Thank you Lord D'Yer," King Zachary said. "I appreciate your condolences," he added. When the lord didn't say anything or do anything else, King Zachary asked, "Is there anything else you need?"

Lord D'Yer sighed, "The council sent me to implore you to consider remarrying." The lord rubbed the back of his neck as he watched his king sheepishly.

King Zachary gave him a look, "I have two children. Why should I remarry?"

"The council believes that you will be able to focus on the affairs of the kingdom if a woman cares for the heirs," Lord D'Yer answered him, folding his hands behind his back.

King Zachary's eyebrows rose, "But to you believe that my Lord? I sense reluctance hidden within your words."

Lord D'Yer sighed and his hands fell to his sides, "No, I was one of the few lords that disagreed. They only sent me because I was closer to you than the other lords."

King Zachary sighed and nodded sadly, "Yes, it has always been the way of the council to use those who are closest to me." Lord D'Yer gazed at him through the long sandy bangs that covered his eyes. "You know my feelings about this subject," King Zachary added. His companion glanced at the painting over the mantle. "Tell the council when you next meet that I don't plan on remarrying at this point in time. You can also tell them that I can take care of my children and the kingdom reasonably well at the same time."

Lord D'Yer smirked and bowed his head respectfully before leaving the room. He left the king alone with his thoughts once again in the warm, empty room.

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