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Warning: Jushiro X Shunsui yaoi in this chapter!

Chapter Eleven:

~ The Last Words ~

I sat by his side until he was well enough to return home to our room, it never bothered me that I was missing lessons or getting told off by Yama~jii, because I was looking after the person who meant the most to me. And truly, it was after the mission with Katsuki's sister Tsubaki that I realised that Jushiro did mean everything to me. I reasoned that as soon as he was well enough I would show him just how much.

~ The Last Words ~

It was several long weeks before Jushiro was anything like his old self, he had several small bouts of coughing throughout his recuperation, and he remained increasingly pale for at least three weeks after his collapse.

As testimony to his recently increased popularity on the Academy Campus, whilst in hospital he received many visitors, gifts, and cards wishing him well and a speedy recovery.

He had also been visited by the Kuchiki Family, the Shihouen Family and the Shiba Family representatives, all of whom had expressed the esteemed best wishes of the head's of their Clans and whom had also provided a special gift for him. From the Kuchiki's Jushiro was gifted a small bonsai blossom tree which would oxygenate his sleeping quarters and improve his breathing; from the Shihouen's he was granted a special type of water which healed the body and soul which would improve the quality of his damaged bronchus and the Shiba's presented him with miniature fireworks which would prevent him getting bored while he healed.

Abashed by attention he was getting, Jushiro was determined the heal as soon as he could so that he could repay the kindness of the people who had taken so much time over him while he had been incapacitated.

The first of which, had to be Shunsui: his best friend, Shunsui who had sat by his bedside; ignoring the deathly glares of Retsu and her Sensei, and even missing some lessons, and meetings with Yamamoto for the sake of personally seeing to his upkeep.

He feigned memory lapse whenever someone asked what he had been doing at the time of his collapse, but he was under no illusions. He knew that they had come close to being intimate for a second time, and he knew that Shunsui was concerned that it was that event which had triggered his sickness.

As shy as he was sometimes, he had promised himself that when he was able to, he would make the first move, and treat Shunsui as he would have that night. He would specifically overcome his nervousness about being intimate again for him, not because he felt he owed him for sitting beside him throughout, but because it felt right. It had always felt right.

Opening his eyes, Jushiro was pleased to find himself finally back in his own room; no longer hooked up to fluids and monitors of all kinds. It was good to be back where he knew he was safest, at home, with Shunsui sleeping in the bed opposite his.

Turning his head, he smiled faintly as he observed the brunet doing just that at that very moment. He had a straw hat covering his face; apparently it had been a gift from Sojun-san after they had gone on a 'mission' together just before Jushiro had woken up. And he had to admit, the hat did seem to suit him.

It amused Jushiro when he considered how fast Shunsui had gotten used to picking up the hat before he left a room to drop it on his head and how he automatically removed it upon entering again; like it was an extension of his body. However, he did get the feeling that something was missing; he just couldn't place what it was just yet.

With a grunt, Shunsui rolled over and tumbled off the bed; as testimony to his increase of training he didn't fall flat on the floor, but instead woke mid tumble and pivoted, landing lithely on the balls of his feel in the crouched position.

They had both grown, no longer clumsy ambling teenagers who ran through the world without a care for anything else; they had both grown into young men with abilities beyond their age group and personalities which the people around them seemed to greatly admire.

"Good afternoon, Shunsui." The white haired male smiled warmly, "So nice of you to stir from your slumber."

"Like you are one to talk, Chalky," the brunet grinned as he padded over and checked his friend's temperature, "Hmm you are much better today, I'm glad."

"It's only because you are taking such good care of me though," Jushiro responded with a flutter of his eyelashes, "I am glad you have finally been getting some sleep though, I was beginning to worry that you would make yourself sick just for the sake of seeing me recuperate."

"Nonsense! I love my sleep too much to allow that to happen!" he grinned again and knelt down by his side, "On a serious note however... How do you feel, honestly Jushiro?"

He would have laughed off his question and babbled some meaningless drivel had it not been for the seriously genuine expression on his face, "I... I feel better than I have in a long while." He said honestly, "I am still slightly wheezy and my chest is tight but I am a lot better."

The brunet reached out and touched his forehead, "Mm, your temperature is finally gone, and you have some colour in your cheeks. Guess I can quit with the nickname 'Chalky' now." His expression softened, "I'm glad."

"Me too."

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Jushiro reached out gingerly and rested his hand on Shunsui's, their gazes met before the brunet leaned down and rested their foreheads together.

"Don't ever scare me like that again. Promise me?" he whispered.

"Believe me I don't want that either..." the paler youth responded.

"Promise me."

"I promise." He smiled earnestly and lifted an arm, resting it around his back, "Lay with me?"

Shunsui hesitated for half a minutes before he conceded and climbed onto his friend's bed and rested down beside him on his side, putting his arms around him tenderly, holding him close.

It was wonderfully warm in Shunsui's arms and Jushiro felt an overwhelming safeness about their position; he relaxed completely in his arms and before he knew it he had drifted back off to sleep again; the brunet watched him snooze and smiled slightly, sighing softly and pressing a tender kiss against his forehead.

Just a few hours later, Jushiro woke up alone, and for the first time in weeks he felt stronger and more mobile. He noticed, to his chagrin that he was alone in the room now, but he had come to expect that Shunsui would have to go out at some point, lest he go insane from being cooped up for so long.

Numbly sliding from the bed covers, the white haired male plodded lethargically into the bathroom and stripped out of the slightly smelly pyjamas he had been bunged into; he threw them in the washing basket and yawned hugely, sparing a brief glance in the mirror which reported that he had more colour and looked a little less dead than he had done previously. He clambered into the shower and slid the Jack Frost patterned glass door shut behind him; turning the water on and gasping as the warm spray sluiced down his leanly muscled form.

A sigh of relief escaped him as he stood with his hands leaned against the tiled wall before he finally picked up the soaps and began to scrub himself clean and eradicate the smell of sweat. He sighed as the scent of musk and sandalwood began to plume around him, and he tipped his head back, letting the water cleanse his skin of bubbles of soap suds.

He looked through the slightly steamed up glass as he heard something, faintly making out a shadowy figure of someone; his eyes widened as the door slid open suddenly and revealed his best friend, and more importantly revealed him to his best friend, "Shunsui!" he squeaked, covering himself as best he could, "Get out you damned pervert!"

Instead of responding to his words, Shunsui stepped back and stripped off, locking the bathroom door before he climbed into the shower alongside him and slid the glass door shut again. Jushiro gawped at him openly, still trying to cover himself and gasping as his hands were pulled away suddenly, showing him bear to the brunet's eyes.

If he wasn't very much mistaken he could see obvious desire in the brunet's eyes as well as a small tinge of uncertainty. Jushiro licked his lips before biting down on the bottom one; he lifted a slightly soapy hand and brushed the brunet's cheek comfortingly.

In one swift movement he found himself hoisted up and pressed against the the shower wall; hungry lips descended on his own devouring his taste and essence with fervour. Gasping into the abrupt contact, he was reduced to moaning as his mouth was plundered by the others tongue; his awareness caught up with his mind and he moved his lips against the brunet's kissing him back heatedly and gripping a handful of his hair.

His breath came in pants as, despite the heat of the water and steam around them, the temperature continued to rise within their own bodies, gentle flushes rising on his ivory skin as he was touched and kissed and looted of all innocence.

Calloused hands rubbed the underneath of his thighs as his legs were held at Shunsui's waist, he curled his legs around him tightly and his arms looped around his shoulders, holding himself against him and freeing his hands to do more.

A mewl escaped him as his friend's hand curled around his heated member and teased him into full life; his head tipping back as he was brought to the brink extraordinarily fast under his friends skilled ministrations. A moan escaped him as he came, his head spinning from the physical and emotional release.

His mouth captured once again, was pillaged, and claimed; his fingers delved deeply into the thick mass of dark chocolate hair and he curled his fingers around the locks, yanking roughly and producing a moan from the man he was being dominated by.

A shiver escaped him as he felt body lotion slicked fingers gently swipe over his entrance and he arched towards the heated body before him, his eyes slipped shut as he was breached by the digit. He groaned from his throat and rocked his hips against the contact, his cheeks flushing as the pressure built up in his stomach for a second time.

He made no complaint as he was lifted a little further and then lowered onto his friend's hardness; but relinquished a broken moan of his name as he stretched around his girth and his muscles relaxed to accommodate him comfortably.

They stayed like that, both breathing in short pants as their bodies remained connected in the most intimate of ways, sharing gentle and reassuring touches and sweet kisses which made Jushiro's toes curl.

And then, Shunsui moved, thrusting into him again and making a steady pace of rocking and thrusting. Jushiro's head tipped back against the tiled wall and moan after moan escaped him, his face flushed with heat as his movements matched his friend's jerking hips.

His legs tightened subconsciously around the other's waist and his heels dug lightly into the back of the other's thighs as their movements quickened as the desperation of their dual climaxes approached.

Growing rougher and more firm, Shunsui bucked into his willing body, letting out breathless groans at the feeling of his tight walls around him; and with a quiet breath of his name, he spilling himself inside of his body, feeling him tighten around him in response and the splash of his release over his stomach, soon washed away by the spray of the water overhead.

He pulled himself free from his body, but unlike their first time he didn't freak out or treat it like it was nothing; instead he pulled the shaking, jelly-legged Jushiro into his arms and embraced him while the shower rained down on them.

After recovering they parted and washed themselves down; Shunsui taking a little longer to wash his hair thoroughly before they were both ready and turned the water off. Stepping out, they wrapped themselves in towels and helped each other dry off before burying themselves in their dressing gowns and making their way back into the main room where they sat together by the window in silence.

It was comfortable and it was right, they glanced out of the glass at the same time and watched as the younger and older students rushed around below, coming, and going from lessons.

Jushiro looked around in surprise as he felt the gently touch of fingers against his cheek, and he smiled at Shunsui's concerned expression.

"I... Sorry if I took you by surprise before... I guess... While you were ill, I realised what was important." He shrugged a little, "I'm still self-conscious and I wonder what people would say if they knew-"

"They wouldn't understand." The white haired young man stated, "I already know that, as did Katsuki, although I shudder to imagine that man now it is true enough that he knew the same as I do."

"Then what are we to do?"

"Whatever we want. They don't need to know, do they? We have no need to broadcast it to the world... What we do behind closed doors is our business isn't it?" Jushiro smiled timidly.

He brunet looked at him for a moment before he sighed and looked down, "You are right, they don't have to know." He agreed before he leaned in and gave him a soft peck on the lips, "Thank you for finally making me realise that."

"It took you long enough." He scoffed, "I thought you were meant to be smart."

"You're the one with the porn stash hidden under your bed." The brunet retorted with a grin as he cupped his cheek.

"Yeah and? You can borrow them if you want..."

"No thanks..."

"Tch... I know you've sneaked a peek at them, how else would you know where I keep them?" he smirked.

"Ah... I have been caught out." He blushed and pouted a little, "Hush now."

Jushiro found himself silenced by a kiss and willingly surrendered to him.

~ The Last Words ~

It took a long time for me to accept things, and even with that event I wasn't one hundred percent certain that I was happy with being so open about things, but I wasn't going to be given a choice. Because Jushiro has that ability to make you comfortable with yourself regardless of your worries. And I absolutely love him for it.