Okay, I have to apologise. This is going to be the final chapter because... I am completely out of plot. I am so sorry, but I just can't keep writing it because... I have nothing to write :( I feel terrible for letting it go like this but after months and months of trying to write a chapter I find that I just cannot do it.

I hope you can forgive me for the let down, please enjoy this... Very small final chapter. Sorry again x

Chapter Twelve:

~ The Last Words ~

The years passed so fast they seemed like heart beats, we both aged over the course of the next few centuries; we became an unbreakable couple, our friendship was stronger than it had ever been and our relationship even stronger than that.

Shunsui remained concerned about what the outside world thought, but he no longer feared it enough to abandon me. We graduated from Shino with flying colours and took to our Divisions with pride the pride of Yamamoto Genryusai making our hearts swell.

I took to Division Thirteen while Shunsui took to Division Eight, we certainly made our mark, and while I ruled with a gentle hand, my friend ruled with a bowl of sake in both hands.

I won't bore you by daring to write out every little mission we had together from the day we became Captains to the day Kurosaki Ichigo entered our lives, but let's just say, we were never bored.

My illness never let go of me, not entirely, and over the years I had to spend several days in Division Four in the care of our old school friend Captain Unohana Retsu. She got even scarier the older she got!

Kuchiki Sojun passed away, followed only years later by Ginrei, leaving behind Byakuya. Shunsui and I felt so old the day he became a Captain, we watched that boy grow up! And then he was stood before us like a robot, skilled and powerful in equal measure. His family would have been proud of him.

We watched Captains come and go, each giving something extra to the Gotei 13. Kurosaki Ichigo did the most for Soul Society; he changed everything with a few choice fights and actions, I don't think I have ever respected someone as much as I respected him. He was bold and brave, and he still is even today.

~ The Last Words ~

Ukitake closed the book slowly as he heard the door open and he turned around in his seat, smiling as he saw Shunsui walk in; he stood up and headed over, offering him a kiss on the lips before he headed into the kitchen to make them some tea.

Shunsui raised an eyebrow and chuckled as he saw the journal out on the desk again; he walked over and sat down, opening it up and picking up the pen.

~ The Last Words ~

So, he has been poring over the book again I see. Honestly he seems more interested in it than I am now a days! What can I say? I love him... I am not afraid of it anymore. I came out of the closet in my lovely pink kimono and straw hat and I have never looked back since. Though it is a miracle that I have stuck with him for as long as I have, he can really nag when he wants to!

I wouldn't want him to be any other way though, he is my man through and through and I am his, forever. I'll be with him until the day I die. And that... Is my last word.