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Chapter Three:

~ The Last Words ~

They were as night and day, chalk and cheese, black and white. And yet he still treated Jushiro with more respect than I, his best friend, had done; I had been a cad and a cold bastard, deserving of the cold shoulder he presented to me each day after the night we spent together as one.

I drove them into each other's arms and it was my fault that he came to suffer again, how was he to know that the man he trusted so much was a lying fiend? He was someone you trusted, someone who instilled a sense of belief in the souls of everyone he met, and that is why he was so dangerous. No one could see his true intent. No one could see that beneath that warm, fuzzy exterior he was in fact none other than a sly; sneaking fox ready to pounce upon the milky skin of his prey.

It was because of me that Jushiro was put into such a position, it was because of me that he was put into danger and he didn't even realise it until it was too late. I wish there had been something I could have done to save him from that danger, but alas, by that time he had already shut me out and isolated himself.

It was not during the first time that his depravity was revealed but one of the times after that, perhaps in that sense he was a better man than I was, for my own cruel streak was revealed after just one time of being intimate with Jushiro, but then, perhaps because of his deception and lies he is worse than I am. Maybe I will find out one day, but I do not hold my breath.

~ The Last Words ~

It had been three months since he had spent the night with Shunsui; three months since his best friend had broken his heart and three months since Katsuki had tried to patch it back together again. After eating lunch together they had enjoyed each other's company so much that they ate together daily for a whole month before becoming something of a couple. Their relationship was by no means easy; they had to keep it a secret as they knew society would never understand them, but they were happy and Jushiro felt safe.

Katsuki was a patient man, tender and caring; he never rushed Jushiro and he never made him do anything he was uncomfortable with. He knew what Shunsui had done to him and for that reason he had told Jushiro straight up that he would do everything he could to look after him.

Never before had anyone taken so much time and made such an effort just to look after him, Jushiro knew he was falling fast for Katsuki but he made no move to stop it from happening. They had kissed, nervously and uncertainly but it was a move in the right direction as far as they were both concerned.

At this very moment, Jushiro was sat at the dining table in Katsuki's home, watching the man decorating a beautifully baked Victoria sponge. He had learned many things about the man that he had never before known, and he continued learning avidly; like the fact that Katsuki loved baking cakes. In fact, the man was very fond on almost anything sweet.

"What will you be decorating this one with?" he asked curiously, tilting his head to one side and smiling shyly at the darker haired male.

"Hmm, a thin layer of marzipan, icing and a touch of strawberry jam!" He replied with a coy smile.

"Sounds nice." The white haired male sighed softly and rested his chin on his hand.

Katsuki offered him one of his special, crooked smiles before returning to his work, lining the cake with jam before he layered it with marzipan and icing. Setting the cake on the cooling rack until the decorations set he took a seat beside Jushiro and slipped an arm around his waist.

"What time do you have to go to lessons?" the darker haired male asked curiously.

"Not until three." He replied with a smile as he rested his head against the other's shoulder.

Katsuki grinned, "Excellent; that means we can relax together until you have to go."

Jushiro blushed slightly, his pallid cheeks coloured with pale pink as he leaned up and pressed a shy kiss on the other's lips. His mouth was captured by his green eyed partner as they shared an enigmatic kiss, he felt Katsuki's long fingers thrust into his hair and a moan slipped from between his lips, into the other's mouth.

Pulling back after a moment, Jushiro looked up at him breathlessly and smiled bashfully at him. Katsuki smiled back at him and brushed his flushed cheek with his knuckles gently, "Shall we recline on the sofa?"

"Mm-hmm." He nodded.

Katsuki took his hand and stood up, leading him through into the lounge before he plopped down onto the sofa and reclined, holding an arm out for Jushiro to sit against him under. The white haired teen did so, curling up with an arm hanging loosely around his middle and his head rested on his chest.

A soft sigh escaped Jushiro's lips and he let his eyes slip shut, he felt so warm; so comfortable and so, so safe. Smiling slightly, he cracked his eyes open again and looked up at him, blushing deeply when he realised he was being watched.

"Jushiro, I have always said that I would never rush you into doing anything you aren't comfortable doing," he murmured, gently rubbing his fingers against the white haired male's shoulder, "And I meant what I said. I just want you to know that, Jushiro."

"Thank you." He smiled and shivered at the gentle touch on his shoulder, "I... I think... I... I think I am ready... And I trust you; I know you won't do what... Shunsui did to me... You are kinder than that."

"I would never do what he did, you are right." He spoke softly, "Because I respect you. I care about you."

Jushiro fluttered his eyelashes without realising and he leaned up slowly, pressing another warm kiss against his lips; relishing the feeling of the other's soft lips melding against his own.

Slowly pressing together, feeling the heat of each other's bodies, Katsuki slid his hand through Jushiro's hair again and held him closer than ever before, deepening the kiss slowly he teased his tongue into the other's mouth and flicked the moist muscle around in an exploratory fashion. When he acquired the first moan from Jushiro he felt his ego swell slightly, and he felt determined to ascertain more moans of the same from him.

Slowly, steadily, his former inhibitions filtered away in the wake of the reawakening pleasure sprouting from these kisses, kisses full of heat and passion and tenderness; before long he began to reiterated and return kisses of the same cloth. His hands, thin and long fingered, cupped the side of Katsuki's neck and cheek; holding him impossibly closer to him as he began to kiss him back with more confidence.

Pulling back for much needed breath, Jushiro was pleased to see that he was no longer the only one whom was sporting a blush of prominence. They were both breathing quite a bit heavier and unless he was very much mistaken he, meaning Jushiro, could feel the other's excitement in response to their kiss.

Sparing a fleeting glance downwards, he was able to confirm that Katsuki did indeed appear to be very excited about something. He flicked his gaze to his face again and saw an even darker blush had spread across his high cheekbones and the bridge of his nose.

A giggle escaped Jushiro and he leaned over, kissing him sweetly again before slowly and uncertainly shuffling across until he was straddled over the others lap, pressing down against him with a nervous nibble of his bottom lip.

Katsuki looked up at him in surprise but wasted little time in wrapping his lean arms around the other's body and pulling him against him. In a mesh of heat and passion, overflowing jubilation and carnal desire Jushiro found himself on his back beneath the other man, pressing against him, rocking their hips together.

Releasing a much louder moan, Jushiro arched up against the touches that were bestowed upon him and returned some of his own, somewhat uncertainly but they were present nonetheless.

Before long, he found himself almost completely bear to the other man's eyes his clothes discarded on the floor beside the sofa and only his underwear hid him from sight. He, with shaky hands, loosened the obi knot of the other's clothes and pushed them off his body, revealing his well muscled but still lean body to his pale brown eyes.

He was exhilarated but nervous and tense all at the same time, unsure which feeling he should plump for he fell still on the cushions and merely watched as Katsuki trailed wet kisses across his shoulders.

Noticing the sudden lack of movement of the man beneath him, Katsuki pulled back a little, his breath laboured and his eyes betraying his arousal; he looked at him in concern and brushed his hair behind his ear.

"Do you wish for me to stop, Jushiro? I shall, you need only ask it of me." He whispered gently.

"I..." he licked his lips and swallowed, casting his gaze over his face, "I do not want you to stop, merely slow down. I am... Nervous."

A small smile tickled at the darker haired male's lips and he nodded, "I understand. The first time, you were inebriated and your resolve lessened."

"Exactly..." he agreed in a shy hush.

"You need not be nervous, I will not hurt you; nor will I rush it." The elder of the two comforted.

After a moment of hesitation, Jushiro nodded once and leaned up into another welcome kiss. Fumbling fingers teased naked flesh and brought shivers to them both, wracking them with shudders of pleasure and inexplicable carnality.

Their final articles of clothing were removed and tossed away, leaving their hardened anatomies free and visible. Jushiro's face went scarlet as he glanced over Katsuki's firm and strong body, wondering if he would be torn in half if the man attempted to penetrate his body and even more so, he hoped his own body was not a disappointment to someone who wasn't as pissed as a bottle of wine.

He was greeted by a pleased smile from his soon to be lover, "My goodness, Jushiro, you are perfect."

"I-I am?" he swallowed in disbelief.

"But of course. You are well proportioned and beautiful." The confirmed with a kiss, placed on the other's collar bone.

A simper escaped him at the action and he wriggled as a hand curled around his heated flesh and began to pump him into the full blooms of life. He arched and writhed at the contact, letting more lewd moans escape him as he grew more aroused and slightly flustered.

Silenced by a heated kiss, they melded together, touching and rubbing against one and other. Jushiro gasped and arched as he was touched elsewhere, fingers probing and entering him slowly; stretching him with affection and steady repetition.

Before long the fingers disappeared, and he released a whine of displeasure at the sudden emptiness, but it lasted not, for a few moments later he felt the head of Katsuki's generously sized manhood pressing against his entrance.

"Are you sure you are ready for this Jushiro?" he asked, panting heavily in an effort not to plunge himself into the willing and waiting body of the pale haired male.

"Yes." Came the breathless reply.

It was painful at first as he was breeched by him, but when he was buried to the hilt the pain began to dull and was replaced by a distant pleasure which grew to unbearable levels and caused his muscles to twitch and tighten around the other's invading flesh.

Then they were moving together, arching and kissing with renewed vigour; Katsuki pulled almost all the way out of his body before slamming back into him, striking his prostrate roughly and sending zings of pleasure shooting up his spine.

Bucking, grinding, gyrating, gasping and moaning they moved in time with one and other, arching and grasping at their arms and backs as they matched their own tempo. Heat coursed between them and through them, their blood pumping and flowing like lava through tight ravines.

Not long did it take for the pressure to begin to build up, they both felt it and they both sped up their movements; bodies slapping together in earnest as their dual climaxes approached with momentum.

And then the pressure snapped, Jushiro cried out the other's name as his hips snapped up and his muscles went into spasm, his seed released between their heated forms. He felt Katsuki reach his climax too and he felt the curious sensation of the man's release filling him to the core.

They collapsed, one on top of the other, panting and gasping for breath in the wake of their orgasms.

Katsuki rolled them gently, remaining inside the other, as they turned onto their sides together, facing each other. He curled his arms around him and held him close to his body, his eyes closed and his breathing slowly beginning to calm. He pressed a fond kiss to the other's forehead and brushed his nose down his jaw.

"Wow." Jushiro breathed after several minutes of silence between them.

"Indeed, that was something of sincere incredibleness." He smiled at him and placed a kiss on the tip of his nose.

The white haired male giggled and blushed, "I love how you say things like that..."

"Heh, I used to get teased terribly for sounding like a stuck up snob."

"Hmm... I don't think that, I think you sound very intelligent." He smiled and closed his eyes, resting his head on his shoulder as he recovered fully from their activities.

"You know... If you keep being this adorably sweet around me I might find myself falling in love with you Jushiro." Katsuki said with an unabashed grin.

Eyes snapping open, he looked up at the other in amazement, "H-hey... Don't say things you don't mean."

"And why, I ask you, would I not mean that?" he asked, kissing him softly.

~ The Last Words ~

It had been heart wrenching to leave Katsuki's house for his lesson, in fact, for the first time ever Jushiro had wanted to skive and stay, curled up in bed with the darker haired man.

Their session of intercourse had left him on cloud nine, heady and drunk to all other feelings; he wouldn't have cared if he had been crushed by a falling piano, he would have died a happy guy!

Sitting down at his desk and staring blankly at his books, he mulled over the afternoon's events with a sheepish smile on his face; remembering Katsuki's words about falling for him a blush spattered on his face. Was it possible that the other would really fall for him?! If it was possible then... Well he didn't know what but it would make him very happy.

He barely noticed Shunsui sit down beside him, but when he was prodded unceremoniously in the ribs he looked around in surprise until he saw the person who had done it.

"Jushiro..." the brunette rumbled, "How was your lunch?"

"Fine thanks." He replied simply, "Yours?"

He faltered slightly, "Oh... Yeah it was fine... Thanks..."

The white haired male raised an eyebrow and sighed, "What's wrong?"

"Well... It's just... I miss talking to you."

"Then you shouldn't have been such a total prick." He said shortly and returned to his books.

Shunsui faltered again and stared, wondering if there was any way that he could repair their broken friendship. He had tried many times to start conversation with his former best friend, but it was increasingly hard. Jushiro hardly spent any time in their room anymore, lest he was sleeping or just waking up; he didn't see him during the day anymore because he was spending so much time with the councillor and whenever he tried to talk to him in class their conversations were cold and sharp, normally lasting over a few moments before dying out.

He knew it was his own fault but that didn't stop it hurting; he wanted his friend back so badly it ached. He felt sick all day, the only time he didn't feel sick and didn't feel the hurt was when he was drunk. So he had been spending a lot of the past three months as drunk as he could possibly get without getting into too much trouble with the sensei.

Jushiro could sense Shunsui's discomfort, but he ignored it; he forced himself not to care. He was happy with how things were, he had Katsuki to thank for that, but the most important thing to him was that the whole affair had made Shunsui as miserable as possible. It served the blasted bastard right!

Of course he was partially lying to himself; he did care that Shunsui was suffering; he just also reasoned with himself that the man had brought it upon himself by being a mean and manipulative git.

Katsuki had suggested talking to him though, working through the issue and trying to understand why he had rejected him. And Jushiro did long to know why his best friend had turned so cold towards him after that night they had spent together. Maybe Katsuki was right and he should talk to him...

"Alright, if you want to talk... I have some free time after this lesson. We can talk then if you really want to." He sighed.

Looking surprised Shunsui smiled in relief, "Thanks that would be great!"

"Yes well don't get your hopes up too much... It's only talking Shunsui." He replied bluntly.

Faltering for only a moment the brunette sighed but smiled weakly, "Yeah but it is a step in the right direction."

He simply shrugged, "If you say so."

The rest of the lesson dragged on, the two hours of theory concerning the correct use and misuse of kidou bored Shunsui to death; all he wanted was for it to be over so that he could talk to Jushiro as promised.

When they were finally allowed to pack up and leave, they exited the room together, but Jushiro stopped just a short distance from the lecture room and turned to face the brunette.

"So? Talk away." He said calmly as he folded his arms.

"What here? Well... Alright..." he looked around uncertainly as they were passed by several other students, "I am sorry that I hurt your feelings I just panicked slightly."

"I don't want to hear you say you're sorry. Because yes you did hurt me, but I got over it. And I don't need your pathetic attempts at an apology because I know now what sort of man you are and it is not the sort of person I want to be friends with." He interrupted mercilessly.

"What do you mean? Jushiro please... You are my best friend!"

"Not anymore! You lost the right to call me that when you turned the cold shoulder on me!" he snapped, eyes narrowed slightly, "I do not want to be your friend anymore... Not until I know you are actually worthy of being called a friend again. You will have to earn that right."

"I... I understand." The brunette swallowed and looked down, "But I am sorry, and I don't care if you don't believe me because I know how I feel. And I am merely sorry that I hurt you."

"Fine." He said coolly, "Now if you don't mind, I have things to do Shunsui. Enjoy your date, or whatever the hell you've got planned."

Shunsui watched with a fallen expression as Jushiro turned on his heel and walked away, his shoulders slumped and he sighed heavily. He would do as his friend had requested; he would find a way to repair their friendship somehow. If it was the last thing he ever did.

~ The Last Words ~

It wouldn't be long before that evil bastard's true form was realised and Jushiro's heart was broken for a second time. Who else would be there to pick up the pieces, other than me? Sure it gave me a chance to repair what I have broken but the expense was too great. I nearly lost Jushiro forever because of that monster who had reeled him in, and I would make sure that it never happened again if it killed me.

And of course... It very nearly did.

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