Holidays from Hell

Author's note

I've been stalking ff for a long time but it's my first time publishing something here. Sorry, if there are some mistakes. English is not my first language but I'm trying my best. Oh, and I love X27 to death.

Tsuna woke up and slowly rubbed his eyes. Yesterday Reborn announced that starting tomorrow his "special training" would begin, so he was surprised that his sadistic tutor didn't even try to use "traditional Vongola's method" to pull him out of the bed.. The boy was anything but happy about it, especially that his holidays had just started. He yawned and headed towards the kitchen. "Good morning, mom. What is for breakfast today?"

His mother smiled happily as soon as she saw her no-good son. "Good morning Tsu-kun! We have rice omelette for breakfast today! But you have to hurry with eating it! Your plane is leaving in two hours!"

Tsuna looked at his mother surprised. "My plane? What are you talking about, mother?"

Reborn, who was being fed omelette by Bianchi, paused to smile at Tsuna. "Didn't I tell you about it yesterday? Iemitsu wants to see you, so you're flying to Italy."

"You've only told me that'll have the special training! And what does my no-good father want from me, anyway!"

"Don't say rude things about your father Tsu-kun! He just wants you to help him with his job. I've already packed your things, so you don't have to worry about anything. Eat your breakfast before it gets cold."

Tsuna sighed and sat down. "Fine."

After the breakfast Tsuna was seen off to the airport by his family. Nana hugged him tightly. "Take care, Tsu-kun! And don't forget to give your mom a call when you arrive in Italy!"

Lambo tugged at his trouser leg. "And don't forget to bring Lambo-san sweets and souvenirs, Tsuna!"

"Lambo! Don't be greedy!"

Fuuta smiled at him. "I'll be waiting for your return, Tsuna-nii."

Finally Tsuna looked at Reborn who was resting in Bianchi's arms. "Aren't you going with me?"

"You're the only person who was invited, so it can't be helped. Have a safe journey."

Tsuna had a bad feeling about all this. He suspected that his father suddenly wanting to see him might have something to do with Vongola's affairs. Though it wasn't his only problem. It was his first time flying and he was scared to death. He spent the whole flight shaking with fear that the plane would crash. When it finally landed it Italy he sighed with relief.

The airport was extremely crowded, so Tsuna was relieved when he saw a familiar face. "We met again, Sawada-dono. It's good to see thou."

"Hi Basil. Good to see you too. But where is my father?"

"Give your papa a hug, Tsuna!"

Tsuna barely avoided his father's outstretched arms.

"Stop making a fool of yourself, father! I'm not a little kid!"

"You're breaking my heart, Tsuna! Why are you being so cold to your papa?"

Tsuna ignored his father's pleas and looked at him meaningfully. "Why did you want me to come here?"

Suddenly Iemitsu became serious. "It's not the best place to talk about it. Let's return to the mansion."

"The mansion?"

"It's not that far away from here Sawada-dono. Thou must be exhausted after your journey."

"Go with Basil, Tsuna. I have several things that need to be taken care of. We'll talk later."

"Don't forget to call the mother and tell her I arrived safely."

Iemitsu smiled widely. "Of course! You can always count on your papa, Tsuna!"

Tsuna sighed. "Just don't forget about it, okay?"

The mansion indeed was quite close. It took Tsuna and Basil only 15 minutes to get there by car. "So this is Vongola's headquarters? It's smaller than I thought."

"It's CDEF's headquarters, Sawada-dono. I'll show thou to thy room."

Tsuna followed Basil (who insisted on carrying his baggage) to a small but comfortable-looking room. "Dost thou need anything, Sawada-dono?"

Tsuna heard his stomach growling. On the plane he couldn't eat anything since his stomach was tightened with fear. "Actually I'm a little hungry."

"Shall we proceeded to the dining room, then?"

When Tsuna finished eating his late dinner (which consisted of delicious spaghetti) he asked Basil. "Do you know why my father wanted me to come to Italy?"

"Regrettably I have no such knowledge, Sawada-dono."

"I'm just hoping that he doesn't want to force me to become Vongola's tenth."

Some time later Tsuna was finally able to meet with Iemitsu. Actually it was his father who came to his room. "So father, will you tell me why I am here?"

"Your papa wanted to see your cute face!"

"Be serious, father."

"All right. It was Ninth's order."

"Eeee? Whaaat?"

"You see after the end of the Ring conflict we've been thinking about an appropriate punishment for Xanxus. Freezing him just another time it's not really an option and for obvious reasons he can't be executed either. So, we've decided that he should be made to serve you."

"Are you out of your mind, father? I don't want to die yet!"

"Ahhh, don't worry. Xanxus won't be able to do anything against you. We've confiscated his guns and put some restraints on him, so that he can't use his flame of rage. He's completely harmless now."

Tsuna wasn't too convinced. He was quite certain that Xanxus could've easily killed him using only his bare hands if he wanted to. But that wasn't the only problem here. "I can't agree to that, father. I did fought Xanxus but I did it only to protect my friends. I don't want to be mixed up in Vongola's affairs any longer."

"I'm sure that you're going to change your mind when you talk to the ninth tomorrow, Tsuna. For the meantime have a good night."

That night Tsuna had nightmares of being murdered by Xanxus in gruesome ways. When he woke up in the morning covered in cold sweat he decided that no matter what ninth's says he wouldn't agree to Xanxus being made his servant.