Author's note

I know it's been quite a while, dear readers (a month to be precise). My only excuse is that I didn't think that studying and working part-time can be so exhausting. When I return home, I usually don't have enough strength to do anything, let alone write. It's a good thing that I finally got several free days. As a result you receive this chapter :) Though I have to apologize for its shortness :(

Tsuna cautiously lifted unconscious Xanxus. He was rather surprised to discover that the little boy weighted not much more than Lambo despite being quite taller. Evidently Xanxus as a child was just skin and bones. Tsuna intended to carry him to his room but in the corridor he came across vongola's ninth. "Good day, Tsunayoshi-kun. How are you doing? I hope my son doesn't cause you much trouble?"

Tsuna shook his head a bit too quickly. "No, of course not!"

In response, Timoteo smiled. "I know you aren't telling my the whole truth. But I'm still happy that you two are getting along. I know better than anyone that he can be difficult at times…"

He paused when he noticed the child who was resting in Tsuna's arms. "My, what an adorable boy. He's just like Xanxus when he was little…"

"E-excuse me grandpa, but I have to go now! Bye!"

Tsuna didn't exactly know how to explain everything to the ninth, so he decided it was better to leave. Too bad that almost immediately after meeting Timoteo, he ran into another person who he didn't really want to encounter. "Hahi! He's sooo cute desu!"

If Tsuna wasn't currently holding Xaunxus, he would probably facepalm when he saw his self-proclaimed future-wife. Haru's eyes shone with excitement but the boy didn't share her delight. "I'm in a hurry, Haru, so if you excu…"

"Who is that cute baby, Tsuna-san? He looks a lot like that cousin of yours. What was his name? Xanus? Don't tell me…"

Tsuna was afraid what Haru might say. "…Don't tell me, that he has a little brother?"

"Errr, yes, that how it is."

"Hahi! I just hope that he's not like his older brother! That nasty pervert!"

Tsuna gave up entirely on explaining Haru that the varia's boss, despite all his faults, wasn't exactly perverted. He just sighed and headed for Xanxus' room. Haru followed him with a happy smile.

Tsuna carefully placed Xanxus in his bed. Now it seemed ridiculously big for him. He also noticed the little boy's face was a bit pale but it had no longer that unhealthy bluish tint. Xanxus slowly opened his red eyes and looked at Tsuna and then at Haru. "It's you, dumb woman. Bring me something to eat."

"Hahi! How rude! Did your older brother teach you that?"

Xanxus looked at the girl in confusion but Tsuna quickly cut in. "He hasn't eaten since morning, so it's normal he's hungry, Haru. Could you please go to kitchen and bring him something for dinner?"

"Okay, Haru will do it!"

When the girl left Xanxus looked at Tsuna questioningly. "What the hell were you telling your dumb girlfriend about me, trash?"

"Haru isn't my girlfriend! And I didn't tell her anything! But more importantly, how are you feeling now?"

Tsuna's question visibly unnerved Xanxus who replied rather angrily. "And what do you think, trash? I feel like shit. It's even worse than being woman. But why a trash like you would care?"

This time it was Tsuna who was unnerved. "I do care! So do your father, Squalo and Ida-san! I bet that all those bad things happen to you because of how you treat people that care about you!"

"Don't give me that karma shit."

Maybe it was because Xanxus as a child didn't seem so scary to Tsuna, the boy managed to talk back. "It wouldn't hurt you, if you tried to be nice for a change! Why are you so angry at everyone?"

"You've no right to lecture me, trash. What someone like you would know? And you're saying that they care? What a bullshit."

"It's true that I don't know how it's to be adopted but…"

Their discussion was interrupted by a sudden return of Haru who was carrying a tasty-looking steak on a plate. "Pom pom pom! Haru brought you a filet mignon! Ida-san told me it's your favorite!"

To Tsuna's surprise Xanxus devoured the steak in a blink of an eye. Haru also observed it in awe and even patted the little boy on the head. "You surely have a healthy appetite!"

Tsuna was afraid that Haru might get herself killed but luckily the varia boss restricted himself to death-glaring at her. In other circumstances Tsuna might've even found it funny. After finishing his meal Xanxus yawned and returned to bed. "I want to sleep. Leave now trash."

"Hahi! You shouldn't follow your older brother's example! It's very rude to call people dumb or trash!"

"The hell are you talking about, woman? All my older brothers are dead."

"Hahi? What?"

"He's tired, Haru. We'd better leave him now."

Haru nodded but her face still showed signs of confusion. Before they left Tsuna wished Xanxus good sleep. Unsurprisingly for him, he didn't receive any answer. After the door closed behind them Haru decided to ask a question. "Haru doesn't understand. Tsuna-san said that this cute, little boy is his cousin's little brother. But now he says that all his older brothers are dead?"

Tsuna sighed. He had enough lies for today, so he decided to tell the truth this time. "Actually this little boy is Xanxus. He was shot by a gender-changing bullet, so we asked Doctor Shamal to cure him but the cure had some side-effects and he turned into a child. By the way, he isn't my really my cousin. We aren't even blood-related."

Haru looked at Tsuna and blinked several times. "Haru still doesn't understand."

"I know. It's a bit complicated. Anyway, let's go find Gokudera. He wasn't feeling too well when I saw him last time."