Chapter 1

Isobel POV

I wish I knew what the time was. It's so dark but there's a noise next to me, like a dog of some kind. If only I can rewind the past… change the mistakes I made, I wouldn't be in this situation. The ache burns in my chest indicating that I'm far away from… him. The chains around my naked body pull as if I'm supposed to go somewhere… maybe escape but the gods aren't happy with me today as the men go in for the next attack…

- X -

The white house in front of me screams expensive as I drop my bags at the front door of my new house. The white front door is open, revealing the bright hallway with a large family table and chairs next to the curved staircase. The walls painted a light creamy brown to lighten the house as an open doorway lead to the big wooden kitchen, centered in the middle is a huge island with breakfast stools. A fireplace warms the living room which has my 60 inch 3D TV hung on the wall surrounded by three three-seater brown sofas, a coffee table in the middle and a large armchair in the corner of two of the sofas. The other door in the living room leads back to the hallway where the stairs go up the three storied house.

The landing walls are a light brown/orange and the carpet a shade darker then the walls, six doors lead off to one bathroom, four guest rooms and a large storage cupboard. In the corner is another flight of stairs going up to the 3rd floor. My bedroom is the master bedroom, the wall over the enormous red bed is bright blood red, the other walls are a shiny white, and two white lights hang from the wall brightening the cloudy afternoon sky. A sofa and table is near the window overlooking the four acre outside pool as the white blinds are up so they lighten the room. The four acre garden has a one mile private path going towards the La Push beach as the rest of the gardens surrounded by forest and an innocent swing bench is in the corner, near to the tree line.

The house phone interrupts the tour of my new La Push house.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Is this Isobel Foxe? It's about your grandmother – Mrs. Foxe" The female voice on the other side of the phone replies.

"Yes, Isobel is speaking. Is it okay to come and pick her up? What are the results?" I ask due to my Grandma Dianne living in La push and being in hospital for a liver transplant for the past week.

"You can come and pick her up now, Miss Foxe. The results are clear she's fine, the transplant went well."

"Okay. Thank You. I'll be over at the hospital straight away."

Grabbing my black six inch heels and hand bag, I make my way towards my yellow Chevy Camaro and towards forks hospital. I moved to La Push because I'm half Quileute, thanks to my dad, but I'm also a full blood witch which makes life so much more complicated. My Grandma has just moved to Forks a month ago as I was away travelling with work – I'm a singer and guitarist – but I've now bought a house in La Push thanks to the Quileute elder Billy Black who is the only one apart from my twin sister – Amber – and my Grandma that know what I am.

"Isobel Foxe to see Dianne Foxe" I say to the blonde receptionist who eyes my skinny red jeans, tight black vest top and high heels in envy.

I get that a lot. I have curves in the right places and a flat, toned stomach. I have muscles from changing into a wolf and vicious exercise, six-pack included. My size E breasts get looked at as I have a very curvy, very small waist that makes them look bigger than they are – but I'm not complaining.

"Room 46. Down the corridor, turn right, then another right and it should be somewhere down that corridor." She replies, eyes staying on my arse as I walk away muttering thanks to the unhelpful receptionist.

Turning right the doors go past 18, 19, 20… I end up facing no other than Billy Black and the ten La Push wolves just as I take the second right-hand turn. What the hell are they doing in the hospital? Checking the doors they read 30, 31, 32… Great! That means walking past my secret "brothers" that don't know I'm the lone white wolf they've been chasing this week.

"Isobel?" Billy calls as I walk towards them. His face is curious as I come closer to the pack.

"Hey Billy!" I wave, heading straight past them but stopping in my track as he bombards me with questions.

"What you doing here, Isobel? Aren't you supposed to be at your new house?" Billy asks, rolling his wheel chair in front of my frozen form.

"I'm here to pick up Grandma." I answer simply as the pack gathered around – eyebrows raised.

"Give Mrs. Foxe my best."

"I will do, Billy." I say as I walk away.

I'm stopped again as someone repeats my name.

The deep familiar voice calls my name as I turn around, biting on my tongue to stop the growl from escaping. Looking at the familiar voice, his dark brown eyes hold my blue ones, pulling me back to my childhood when I used to live in La Push before my family moved away, "Sam Uley?" Checking him over, his low cut offs show his V and eight pack. He takes two strides to me, pulling me into a huge bear-hug.

"Oh! It's been too long, Isobel. God I've missed you. It's been seven years!" Sam whispers into my ear as I chuckle into the crook of his neck, "Seven years without my best friend." Pulling me arm's length, he continues talking, a goofy grin spread on his face, "We really do need to catch up. Is it true you live here now?"

"Yeah, my grandma needs full time care now so I moved here." I grin back as he pulls me back into a big hug, "Sorry, but I really need to go and get my Grandma. I promise we'll catch up sometime."

"I'll remember that promise. I'll introduce you to everyone quickly before you go." Keeping me to his side we face the confused faces of the other wolves, "Everyone this is my best friend Isobel Foxe, Isobel this is…" Pointing everyone out, I smile at them but my eyes linger on Paul…

Shit! I just fucking imprinted!

Smiling, I rip my eyes away as a growl comes from Sam but my eyes travel to Billy who's smiling brightly between Paul and I. With my wolf hearing I can hear my Grandma coming down the corridor in a wheelchair, Sam's arm is still over my shoulder and Paul is still staring at me as my Grandmas pulls next to me by a nurse.

"I believe you know what to do now, Miss Foxe?" The fake blonde nurse asks, searching me up and down before shaking her head slightly in clear disgust.

"Yes I believe I do. Take her home let her sleep, cook for her, change her and all that." I smirk as the nurse whispers 'stupid slag' under her breath.

"Okay here you go." With that she leaves, tripping up as she walks away.

She turns to glare at me as her thoughts invade my mind:

I'd get fire. She's not worth it. But she's just made me trip up in front of eight fit guys and her…

I smirk as she stands, fists clenched and her mind blaring insults at me. I wink as she runs off down the corridor. Smirking, I turn around to be faced with a pissed off Grandma, "What?!"

"That wasn't very nice, Isobel! That girl was very nice to me!" Grandma glares as the guys look at us confused.

"I'm cooking your meals until you can go back to your house." I reply, grinning cockily as she goes pale and doesn't argue back.

"Oh okay! You got your point across." My Gran says, licking her lips as I smile.

Bloody Hell! My Grandma and food!

I giggle as the guy's stomachs rumble.

"Yummy! Better get a move on!" My Gran orders before her eyes fall on Sam's arm around me, "Sam, dear, you look… handsome but my Isobel isn't ready for a relationship at the moment so hands off!" My Gran shouts as Sam stands in shock, mouth hanging open as everyone else laughs at my Grandma and Sam, "Right, I got my point across so come on Isobel, I can't wait to eat and see your house."

Giggling, I move behind my Grandma to push her wheelchair as I hug Sam and wave to everyone else. Handing a piece of card with my email, house phone and mobile phone on to Sam, feeling my imprints eyes on me as I walk away, a waiting Billy Black stops me outside of my car.

"What time do you want me over tomorrow?" Billy asks as I help my Gran into the car, "To talk about your tribe, parents and past."

"Oh! I forgot about it but come over about twelve, I'll make us lunch." I smile, he's become a close father figure since I met him a month ago, "But it might take a while so I guess I'll do dinner as well."

"Oh! You don't have to do that, Isobel! I can cook myself… But I wouldn't mind trying your cooking." Billy blushes as I grin back at him.

Waving, I drive home too fast for my grandma's liking.

Lifting her and the wheelchair through the door I place them in the living room as I set to work on dinner. My Grandma eats it all in a matter of minutes as I finish my pile of food and teleport us to one of the guest rooms. The room had one purple wall above the king size bed and the three other walls are white, it's half the size of the master bedroom. I head to my ensuite after I tuck my grandma. Letting the warm water fall over my tense muscles, I think about what I'm going to tell Billy tomorrow…

I had a normal life until I was fifteen when my parents decided to move to England, Manchester, where our family and tribe are native to. Sam Uley was my closest friend when I was in La Push. I made new friends in my native tribe; one being my gay friend Dorset Yap. Learning about the ways of my tribe (The Equals) was my first lesson, learning about what we are, what we do, how we started and why we are here.

I remember the day like yesterday:

Seven years ago:

"Babies, we need you both to listen very carefully to what are about to say to you and please understand and keep an open mind." My mum says, sitting on the couch with dad opposite talking to me and my twin sister; Amber.

"Right. First you should know that the legends about the Equals are true everything is true; Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Fairies, Witches, mermai- please let me finish before you speak, Isobel. The reason we moved to your home town was because we're becoming at risk of being found out by the tribe named the Quileute's. They're werewolves or what they like to be called are wolf shifters." My dad says, stroking my mum's back as if to stop his anger, "You're both witches as well as wolf shifters because your mum and I are both from the Equals tribe but my dad - your grandfather - is a full blood Quileute so the gene has been passed through generations."

"Isobel, you've already realized you're different because you've changed to your wolf form and gained your powers. Amber, you haven't changed yet but you will do in time I guarantee it, the same with your powers." My mum says, "All our family - but your aunt - has witch powers but we believe from the prophesy that you, Isobel, will be a very power witch and your wolf is bigger than a full size male horse so it's obvious that you will be the next alpha when your father stops phasing, dies or passes it down to you."

"Is there anything else you want to tell us, mother?" I ask after five minutes of silence.

"Yes. There's something called imprinting. It's hard to explain but it's like when you find your soul mate. You'll become anything for them friend, sister/brother or lover and you'd do anything for them. It's like love at first sight but much stronger and also it's like they hold you to the earth, not gravity. Your dad and I imprinted on each other." My mother says, staring lovingly at my dad as he smiles back but it's interrupted by my little brother crying from upstairs.

"Sorry, but I need to be alone to think this through." Amber mutters, running outside into the woods.

"So the legend about us being here to keep peace between supernaturals is true? Also the legend about us hating vampires?" I ask as my dad looks at me, waiting for more questions.

"Yes, it's true. The legend about the white wolf is also true and if I'm correct your wolf colour is pure white?" My dad asks.

"Yes, its pure white, no other colour on the fur." I answer, thinking about the legend. It clicks why the white wolf is so famous and important.

"I'm the white wolf. I mean THE white wolf. The Equal that is meant to protect the tribe and be the rightful alpha of the pack and never age?" I whisper head in my hands as my dad comes to sit next to me, rubbing my back.

"Yes, my daughter, you're The White Wolf and until you're ready and learn to control your powers and skills, I will stay alpha."

End of flashback:

Pulling a towel around my waist, I dry quickly – due to the wolf body temperature – and leave my dark hair to dry naturally as I wipe the running make-up off my face. Styling my hair so it dries correctly, I drop on the bed thinking of what my mum said about my friends in the tribe later that day:

Amber returned nine o'clock at night and said she was fine with everything and apologized about running off and went to bed, mum came into my room, interrupting me through my Sherlock Holmes book, to tell me about my future tribe.

"All your friends have a gift – Dorset for example, he changes into a tiger and has the gift to make people forget stuff. I - on the other hand - am just a healing witch and your dad changes into a Quileute horse size wolf and doesn't have a gift so it depends on the person, Isobel." My mum says, messing with the bed covers. The talk goes on and I find out that the old women - Dora Wilde that died a week ago - is gifted with the ability to see the future and see saw me with my tribe:

(m)Dorset Yap- Turns to a tiger and can make people forget stuff.

(m) Fabio Abbey- Turns in to a Cobra.

(f) Marcia Becket- Turns into a butterfly and can feel emotions.

(m) Otis Dane- Turns into a Lion.

(m) Otto Dane- Turns into a Black Panther and has strength.

(f) Yoko Hillam- Turns into Cheetah.

(m) Bruno Holme- Turns into a Kangaroo.

(f) Zoya Kidd- Turns into a Brown Bear.

My brother and sister would also be part of my tribe:

Amber- Dark brown wolf with a light brown belly and can freeze time.

Alex- Black Wolf.

My mum told me more, everything I needed to now. I wish so many times that the wished promises that we'd stick together were true, but they left a week later leaving Amber, Alex and I on our own.

Curling up in a ball on the bed, I whimper feeling my wolf shaking in anger at the flashback. Jumping from the three story house, I change into my enormous wolf before heading straight to the forest - working out my anger. My brother was seven at the time and is now fifteen, he's living with our Aunt. He'll come and stay with me soon as he feels himself changing but Amber changed when we found out that are parents left, she was furious. She as well says she's going to move to La Push but I just don't know when, she's away on her own travelling the world before she settles down somewhere.

Running, I hear heavy footsteps behind me. Turning around a sandy coloured wolf, a chocolate brown wolf and a grey wolf follow behind me. Using my telepathic powers, I find out its Seth, Leah and Quil. My legs are longer due to be being twice the size of the other wolves so they soon fall behind and end up on the treaty line where the wolves can't get to.

Howling, the three wolves stop in front of me as I whimper, curling in a ball. More running is behind me as I turn my head ever so slightly to see the rest of the pack, my best friend Sam Uley – the black alpha – approaches me first. Standing up, I howl again, silencing the forest life as I jump over the treaty line and run back the way I came. Teleporting the rest of the way, I find myself naked on my bed, my hair now dry and the clock on my bedside table flashing ten o'clock.

I fall asleep. Curled up thinking of a silver wolf and my tribe named The Equals…