Chapter 17

I slammed the front door to the Cullen's house open which got the attention of Esme, Kim, Sam, Paul, Seth, Otis and Yoko. Paul and Yoko had an arm in a sling, Otis has a large gash on his forehead and Seth's right leg is in a cast but none of them are the source of the pain. Taking the stairs two at a time, I barged into Carlisle's study but stopped at the sight.

Jake is sweating and covered in bandages but it was Fabio that made me whimper he had his eyes closed and he didn't move but hes screaming and crying. Carlisle is working fast with Zoya who's heart beat is slowing by the second, her neck purple going black and a deep hole in her belly. Bella is sitting next to Jake talking and comforting him.

I went over to Zoya but I could already feel her life slipping away. Saying so to Carlisle he ignored me and continued on the corpse. A tear slid down my cheek and was followed by more but I rubbed them away not wanting to show my weakness.

"I'm so sorry. I couldn't do anything" Carlisle whispered his eyes full of venom tears "She was already dieing and she wanted to die. I asked her if she wanted me to change her and she said no. But all Jacob's left side has been crushed and Fabio's been bitten."

"Bitten?" I repeated as I covered Zoya's body with a blanket Carlisle handed me "Do you mean Venom bitten?"

"I'm afraid I do but with him being a shape shifter I don't know how his transformation will be." He said as he washed the blood off his hands with the nearby sink "What do you want to do with Zoya's body?"

"I'll get Dorset and Alex to burn her body with Marcia's as well" I whispered as I sat next to Fabio and grabbed his hand "I'm sorry about Edward, Carlisle."

"He was a good son. He will be missed dearly. If you don't mind I believe Esme needs me." Carlisle said as him and Bella left.

Kissing Fabio on his forehead I turned to the panting Jake and put my hand to his forehead. Grabbing a cold wet sponge I held it to his burning forehead as he shivered at the coldness.

Smiling I sat on the chair Bella had just left.

"You should be with Paul." Jake muttered as I ran my hand through his hair.

"He's not injured like you, Jake" I whispered back.

"We were never the closest of friends and I raped you when I was being controlled. So why are you being nice?"

"I don't know" Putting both my hands on to my lap I felt weak and vulnerable all of a sudden "I honestly don't know."

That's when I broke. I sobbed and the tears ran down my face as if trying to win a race. Jakes uninjured hand went to grab my right hand but I flinched away but the looked of hopelessness and pain of the movement he made got me to grab his hand. I don't know why but I felt I could break in front of Jake and he wouldn't mind so that's what I did…

"I'm so sorry. You don't wanna see me cry and hear the nonsense I'm saying" I sobbed as I stood up.

"I don't mind, honest!" Jake said his brown eyes arched on my face "But could I just say that I'm sorry. I know you don't want to hear this but I'm sorry. I know I only raped you once and it wasn't me but I hope you can forgive me in time because I actual find you a close friend."

I giggled slightly "Embry and Quil said something alone those lines." I smiled, I felt better after talking to Jake "But it'll take time, Jake but I think I can forgive everyone but I need space."

"We'll leave you alone then."

"No I'm thinking of leaving for a year or two. I can suppress the imprint pull for both me and Paul. I'll keep in contact as well but I need a new phone. The hunters smashed my other one." I muttered.

"Just make sure you give me your new number. Oh and what are you going to do about your bike?" Jake asked blushing.

"You can look after the bike, Jake." I smiled but then I remembered what my Grandma said as Jake huffed in pain "I can heal you if you want me to."

"Bring it on!" Jake heaved as white light came out of my fingertips.

I placed the light in the middle of Jakes chest and instantly I saw the healing bones fix together and go to it's normal place. It lasted about a minute before he shot up and hugged me tightly, I had to pull back a cringe.

"That feels good, Is. Thanks!"

"No problem. You look hungry. We'll go and make you something." Walking to the door I glanced back at Fabio before leaving and going down the stairs.

The living room is packed with the crying shifters and vampires but the Volturi was no where in sight. No one looked up as me and Jake walked past to go to the kitchen. The kitchen is empty of people but full of food. Pulling out a packet of eggs my stomach growled with hunger. Making us both a fried egg sandwich, we ate them in 2 bites.

"When are you planning on leaving?" Jake asked as he dried the dishes I was washing.

"When Fabio wakes up and I tell him. I'll give my tribe the choice to stay or leave" I said as we went back into the living room this time everyone's eyes on us

"How the fuck are you walking around, Jake?" Bella screeched as she stood up, still in trackie bottoms and a baggy top.

"Isobel's magic..." Jake said with a 'duh' look on as he sat on the empty armchair but I went to sit on the floor in front of Quil "Why else would I be walking around."

The Cullen's are no longer in the living room but in the dinning room but I could hear their dry sobs. I felt guilty for not crying more for the lose of my tribe mates but I'll do my grieving on my own. Alex and Dorset came down then with Zoya's body. I stared at it as they past me and went into the forest but everyone's attention is on me.

"What?!" I snapped as my eyes flickered to everyone.

"It's the first time a Alpha has lost a member of his tribe..." Sam said as his eyes searched for emotions on my face but my mask is securely on "But your not showing any emotions or anything like that. Have you turn so cold-hearted?"

"You don't remember Jack shit, Sam! So how do you know! How dare you judge me! You need to look in the mirror, mate!" I sneered as fire erupted from my hands.

I got pulled on to the lap of Quil and the fire instantly died down so I wouldn't harm him. My face was in the crook of his neck and his hands are stroking my fire red hair. A growl came from Paul but we both ignored it as both me and my wolf sank into the touch. Dorset and Alex came back then, a wooden box in Dorset's arms. A burning pain ran through me again, making me quiver in my own pain that was noticed by Quil.

"It hurts, Quil." I muttered into his ear as he rubbed where the burned pain was on my side "Make it stop, please!"

This time I shouted it and clutched my sides, tearing gliding down my face. Bella stood up and gripped my hand, her shield expanding round me and blocking the pain. Nirvana came running to me then from where the Cullen's are in the Dinning room. His two right legs in a cast and bandage round his ribs.

He licked my face where in know sat on the floor at Quil's feet, Bella next to me. Taking off my heels, Nirvana sat on my now bare feet but I know noticed that I was covered in mud and dirt.

"Isobel, if you want a shower the bathroom is free and Alice has put some clothes and make up in the bathroom for you as well" Jasper said before he went back into the Dinning room

Nodding to Bella, I got up on to my shaking knees and went upstairs to the bathroom, Nirvana following me. I locked the door, Nirvana sitting outside as if on guard, stripping off the stunning red dress I hung it up on the back of the door. I had no underwear so I was already looking at my naked self in the enormous mirror. My face looks fine apart from the dried blood and tear strains, my breast are fine but with dirty finger marks on, my stomach was the worst dried blood coated it but there was a space where a 3 inch scar was and my legs were muddy and sore.

Turning the shower on my muscles relaxed at the warm but my sense were still on high alert. Covering myself in the apple shower gel I rubbed at my skin until my body is red. I felt filthy even after I'd rubbed off all the blood and mud but I wasn't satisfied. I rubbed my body for the 5th time before I started to feel clean and I started on my hair.

The sun was coming out through the window, lighting up the white bathroom. The smell of the coconut shampoo I was using finally calmed my scenes as I put my head forward and let the water run over my face and drip off my nose, my thoughts filling my mind: -

I'll go and talk to Billy. And then the pack. I should ask The Equals before talking to Billy though. Italy I think I'll go! I have a feeling that I should go there… As if someone about to change or something… Then Russia…Maybe France…Brazil?…Britain definitely. So mainly Europe. I have the money I can where ever I want…

Turning the shower off after conditioning my hair I used the towel on the rack the towel dry my hair and dry my body. Looking at the clothes on that are folded neatly on the side next to the sink on top of everything as a bright red lace knickers and push up bra. I've never used a push up bra before because my chest is natural big but putting on the bra now it made my boobs looks like a double F not a D. Luckily who ever put out the clothes put out a baggy grey jumper with pink hearts on, plain black socks, jeggings and brown and pink Hi Tops that I'd never saw before in my life. (A/N: Link to the outfit on my Profile)

Perfume and deodorant was on the side as I put them on and then it was make up. My cheek are slightly swollen but before it was covered in blood now it looked bright… and purple. Getting concealer I added loads onto the bruise, then I put on eyeliner, mascara and blusher. After my hair was already dried but messy and the sun brought out the red even more making it look as if my heads on fire.

Pulling all my hair on top of my head into a messy ponytail, I unlocked the door to see Paul standing there shifting from one foot to another.

"B…Isobel can we talk?" Paul said his eyes on the sweater that was baggy round my belly but tight on my chest

"Sure" I answered as he opened the door to an upstairs living room. Making sure not to touch him so I wouldn't flinch. I sat on a white leather armchair whilst he sat on the white leather sofa.

"Are you okay?" Paul started as he looked me in the eyes, his sharp features arched with confusion and something else that I couldn't figure out

"Not really, Paul, but I'll live" I said, I figured the emotion on his face is love from the look in his eyes.

"I wish there was something I could do but you won't let me near you." Paul whispered as he stood up and came to kneel in front of me as I lent as far away as I could on the chair "Please you've forgave Jake, Quil and Embry... Why not me?"

"I don't know. I need help. Like professional help, I can feel it, Paul. But with you my body and wolf just doesn't wanna talk or touch you." I muttered as I stood from the armchair and walked towards the door.

As I opened the door I heard Paul burst out crying but I didn't go and comfort him, my wolf wanted to run out. Nirvana is outside as I went out, his tail wagging but his eyes full of sadness. Stroking his head I headed back downstairs where The Equals are and the Quileute's, Olivia is on Dorset's lap.

"Where's Leah?" I asked as Bella stood up and came to hug me. I pricked my finger on my sharp teeth and put it in Olivia's mouth.

"Shit I complete forgot." Bella said as she slapped her hand onto her forehead "She's outside still under the spell."

Pulling me outside I saw she'd changed into a beautiful white flower sundress. (A/N: The one Dianne gave her) Leah is chained to a chunky tree, snarling with the wild look in her eyes that made me cower, I also noticed shes naked.

"Can you go and get her some clothes?" I asked as Bella ran off as fast as a pregnant woman could back to the house.

Scrapping my finger on one of the trees a bead of blood arose on it. Doing the same to Leah to what I did to the others, she was back to her normal self within a second. Bella passed me the cut off's and green vest top which I passed to a frightened Leah. Walked back to the house the two girls following.

"I need to tell you all something." I said as I stayed standing but lent against the wall. The Cullen's and Paul back in the living room. "You may not like it but it's for the best, for both me and you all."

Bella stood next to me and smiled encouragingly. Smiling slightly back I face my tribe, Quileute's and Cullen's.

"I'm leaving" With those two words the silence broke and everyone spoke at once, making me cringe and back more into the wall "Please let me explain." They fell silent again "It's for all of your safety. Due to recent events my wolf's insecure and my new powers are hard to control. I'll return I just don't know when. Equals you have a choice stay here or come with me. I would like most of you to stay here but it's up to you."

"I'll stay!" Dorset said as he stood up and kissed my hand. I tied not to draw back "I understand, Is. Please take time but promise you'll return and kick everyone's arses?"

"I promise." I smiled as he went to sit back down. Unlike Dorset. Otto, Otis and Yoko saw my uneasiness.

"We'll stay." They said as I nodded at them. Bruno, Colin and Brady stood up then.

"I would like to go with you." Bruno said as he came to stand beside me at the wall. I was glad he wanted to come with me, he was to young to stay without his Alpha. My eyes watered up when I saw Colin and Brady but I knew like Bruno they had to stay with their true alpha, Sam.

Walking to them I cupped one of my hands on Colin's face and the other on Brady "You need to stay here." I sobbed and my tears spilled out "But when I return I swear that you can join my tribe if you still want to."

Nodding they pulled me into a massive bear hug, their own tears pouring down their tanned faces. Letting go they sat back onto the floor as I went back to the wall.

"I'll come with you, Isobel" Bella said as Sam shot up from the couch "I can't stay here and raise up my child. Not now."

"Your welcome to stay."

"No, Bella, Please" Sam said his eyes on her stomach "That's my child, Our child! Please stay!"

"I can't you not the Sam I fell in love with." Turning her eyes to me "Which car are we taking?"

"We'll take the range rover that's in storage" I said "Carlisle is it alright to keep my Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger in your garage?"

"Yes it's fine, Isobel. Actually me and my family are thinking of leaving as well." Carlisle said as he nodded to his family who nodded back "But your tribe are welcome to stay in the house and instead of keeping all the cars in storage you can keep them in the garage there is room."

"Thank you, Carlisle. I'll take up the offer with the cars but it's up to my tribe if they would want to stay here." I said as I looked at Dorset who was talking to Yoko, Otto and Otis. Nirvana came up to me then, his head rubbing against my knee. "Dorset have you decided?"

"We'll stay in the house but I promise, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie that we shall keep it in good health." Yoko said.

"I know you will." Esme said as Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Rosalie went zooming upstairs "We're going to start and pack now but we won't leave until Fabio is awake."

Nodding I sat down on the armchair that Quil was on before, Nirvana on the floor at my feet.

"How are you going to leave with the pull of the imprint?" Embry asked from his seat on the couch in-between Jake and Sam.

"I can weaken the pull for both sides" I said as Bella came to sit on the armchair opposite me, Bruno sitting at her feet "But I can't break the imprint no matter my power, no one can break the bond of the imprint."

"Have you tried?" Quil asked from where he sat at Embry's feet.

"No, I don't want to." I muttered but I felt my imprints eyes on me.

Silence fell around us then but I didn't mind it was comfortable with only the slight awkwardness. I can hear bags moving and dropping from upstairs but no footsteps. Quil moved from his spot on the sofa and came to sit next to Nirvana on the floor. Running my fingers through his hair he lent into the touch but I pulled back slightly still not fully trusting the wolves in the living room.

"Jake, Quil, Leah, Embry, Dorset, Bella, Otto do you want to come with me to the storage place to get my cars?" I said breaking the silence and standing up "We can take my Chevy Camaro, I'll put a spell on it so we can all fit in."

They followed, Nirvana taking my spot on the armchair and falling asleep before we'd even left the living room. Getting the keys for my cars in one of the boxes still stacked up in the garage I thought of my car bigger in the inside and it was when Quil opened the door. Instead of three seats in the back there are six seats.

Everyone inn I raced to the storage place with Bella's pleads of going slower…

Somehow my 7 cars and motorbike fit inside the already packed garage. The feel of the wind in my hair got my mind clear and I know longer felt miserable, I knew like my Grandmother that Zoya and Marcia would beat me and the tribe to death if we went all moody and sad.

I told Jake to keep the keys to the Suzuki Hayabusa which put him in a better mood. I bought a new phone it's a HTC One X plus. Putting all the keys in the box they were in before I went back into the living room.

No one had seemed to move. But Sam and Jared were no longer there. Yoko and Paul's arms were still in a sling and Otis still had a bandage on his forehead. The box of Marcia and Zoya's ashes were on the table still, then I remember that my Grandma's are in the garage.

My hands were white as I touched Otis's forehead, he seemed to jump but then relax. Unwrapping the bandage from his head, the gash was gone. Turning to Yoko who sat next to Otis I placed my white glowing hand on her arm and she could instantly move it. The next was Paul… I wonder if I could throw the light at him… I better not I don't know what would happen… Slowly placing my hand on his muscular bicep, I felt him melt into my touch and shiver when the magic started. When I finished I wiped my hand away as if he burned me but my eyes were still locked on his.

I sent him an apology with my eyes. I'm tempted to send him the love I feel but I knew he'd want to kiss me after but I can't. Hopefully when I return and he isn't with anyone I can. He'll properly have someone new then though. The thought made me sad again and I must of shown it in my face because he reached out to hug me but I stepped back.

Shaking my head, he sank into the couch. Nirvana came behind me and nudged my hand with his nose. Scratching behind his ear he licked my arm in encouragement. Sitting back down on the armchair, conversations started again but my eyes were on the box of ashes.

Standing back up I thought of my grandma's ashes in the pot and they appeared in my arms as I grabbed Zoya's and Marcia's.

"Come on, Nirvana" I said as he followed me his tail wagging. Ignoring everyone that are getting up to follow I teleported me and Nirvana to the very top of La Push cliffs. The wind whipped against my face.

Looking over the edge, the sharp rocks coming out of the water looked like the knife Diesel stabbed me with. Shivered I teleported me and Nirvana to the cliffs where the boys jump off. The view is amazing of La Push and the forest. This is the place… I thought.

Opening the box to Marcia and Zoya, I grabbed a handful and through it in the air "You were good to your tribe, loyal, hard-working and I know you will shall be missed. May the butterfly and bear be set free and your souls live peacefully in your next life." Throwing the rest in the air, I placed the box in front of the sitting Nirvana.

Nirvana growled and I sensed it was Dorset, Quil, Paul and Jared. Ignoring them I got my grandma's ashes and threw a handful out and watched as if spread and flew away towards the sea. "Gran, you can properly hear what I'm saying. I just want to say that I love you and I always will. May your magic be set free and let your spirit be peaceful in your next life. Live well, Grandma." I whispered as I gracefully threw the rest towards the sea.

Turning around I saw they were still there. The tiger, Dorset, came towards me nudging my hand with his head. Jared's medium brown wolf's head shot up, his eyes on me as I felt a light flicker in me. What the fuck?!…

Stripping my jumper, shoes and jeans off. I stood in front of a staring Quil, Jared and Paul in my tiny bright red lace underwear. "Privacy please…." Paul and Jared turned around but Quil stayed staring until Paul growled and bit his leg. Unclipping my bra and stripping my knickers I handed them to a naked Dorset. "Walk Nirvana back to the Cullen's and can you look after my clothes"

Nodding I phased into my white wolf and got bombarded with pictures of me naked by Quil.

Me:- You forgot the 3 inch scar on my belly, Quil

Quil:- Scar?!

Me:- They stabbed me with a silver knife. For witches that leaves a scar, idiot.

Quil:- Oh right!

Me:- So whats happened? I asked as I started running Quil next to me and Jared and Paul slightly behind.

Amber:- You being the shit Alpha you are left Fabio to wake up on his own.

To say I'm shocked would be a lie… I'm stunned. I stopped running making Paul run into me. The Alpha side in me came out slightly.

Me:- He's not supposed to wake up for another two days so how the fuck was I suppose to know.

She stayed silent then as more phased but we were still standing still and 3 miles away from the Cullen's. Getting up I started running ignoring the cramped feeling in my back leg were Paul fell on it. I felt my sister phase back to he human form. Leah, Sam and Jake had phased.

Jake:- He's calling for you and some girl called Ellen… He sounds in pain

Me:- I'm going as fast as I can, Jake. Is Dorset there?

Jake:- Yes he's just arrived.

Jake replied but my thoughts were on my sister.

Me:- Fucking idiot! Bitch! Pussy slut!…

Sam:- She's still your sister, Isobel

Me:- So… The Cullen's house came into view then as I phased right in front a now human Jake, Sam, Leah, Jared, Paul and Quil. They gave me a 'What the fuck look' which I ignored and put on the clothes Nirvana had in his mouth.

"You do have a scar as well" Quil said as I put on my jumper.

Teleporting upstairs into Carlisle's study. Carlisle, Dorset, Emmett and Jasper was holding down Fabio on the table as he thrashed and screamed.

"Fabio" I said as I nodded to the vampires and tiger to let go. He instantly used his new vampire speed to hug me as Paul, Amber and Seth came through the door. The growl came from Paul I'm guessing. "Can't… Breath." I gasped as he hugged me with his newborn strength and my ribs creaked in protest.

"Oops… Sorry, Is" Fabio smiled his voice different it used to sound bulky but know it was ethereal and sweet. "Shit, my voice."

"It's cute..." I said as I smiled but then noticed his extended fangs and black eyes "You need to hunt."

"Erm… yeah" he said his eyes on my neck as Jasper grabbed his arm and pulled him to the window where they jumped out, Alice following.

Smiling at Carlisle I realized that a big weight has just been lifted off my shoulders and I now felt light. "He seems different" Carlisle said as he tidied his study.

"What do you mean?"

"As if he's in more control. A newborn would have just drank from you not of hugged you but he had control." Carlisle said as we headed downstairs

"Is that good?" I asked.

"Very. Isobel, do you want us to look after Fabio?" Carlisle said as we went outside to sit on the patio, Nirvana sitting next to me his eyes on the forest.

"I believe it's Fabio's choice. Nirvana can you get me my new phone and a notepad and pen" I said as Nirvana when thought the open door and came back with what I asked for, Carlisle looked surprised "I trained him. This is my new number..."

Handing him the piece of paper with my new mobile number in "I hope we can keep in touch. Your like a father to me and Esme a mother."

Hugging me he said "Of course and you will always be like a daughter to me." He got up and went inside to a sobbing Esme.

Writing my number down for Jake, Sam, Quil, Embry, Leah, The Equals, Colin, Brady and Kim. I noticed the darkening sky above and my dropping eyelids. The Quileute's came out then as I stood up phone to my chest.

"Please come and visit us before you leave" Leah said as she hugged me hard and grabbed my hand where the piece of paper was.

Me:- Don't tell anyone it! I'm only giving some it!

Nodding she hugged me again "I need to see Billy in the morning but then I'm off." I said to everyone.

Colin and Brady were next as I did the same I did to Leah and told them not to tell anyone as I hugged Quil, Embry and Jake and did the same as Leah as well. Seth was next as I gave him a soft hug then turned to Jared who smiled and nodded at me, I did the same back.

Amber looked at me, then walked off, it hurt but I kept my hurt hidden. I did the same to what I did to Jared to Paul and then it was only Sam. Looking at him he looked confident but looking deeper into his dark eyes I saw hes scared and lost. Opening my arms he jumped into them, crushing me to him and I closed my eyes. I smiled softly as the familiar smell of sea air and damp forest.

Releasing him, I took his hand and placed my number in his large hand.

Me:- Don't tell anyone about the number otherwise your dead.

He smiled in return and then kissed my forehead which earned a growl from Paul but then he turned around and was walking away. Turning around myself I headed inside and up to the room Alice told me to go to. I fell asleep with Nirvana curled to me before my head hit the pillow…

I woke to the sun blaring through the window and Nirvana's tongue licking my face. Sitting up I saw a black pencil dress with grey sleeves and 2 inch ankle heel boots. Getting out of the comfy double bed I went over to the en suite and started the shower, waiting for the shower to warm up, I turned back to the dress to see my make up bag and straighteners on the chair.

Nirvana is back to sleep as I shut the bathroom door and stepped into the enormous shower, the water toasty warm. Using the honey shower gel I made sure I was washed top to bottom. There was honey scented shampoo and conditioner that smelled like heaven. I shaved everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. By the end by stomach was growling.

Voices could be heard from downstairs as I put my makeup on and concealer over my swollen cheek, massacre, a bit of eyeliner on the bottom and lip gloss. Straightening my hair I wondered if my hair would stay this red even though it was revealing I was kinda falling in love with it… But it does need to be cut.

Grabbing the underwear thats out its a black lace push up bra and knickers now. Smiling I put them on and felt comfortable in them. Grabbing the cotton dress it felt snug on my skin and the heels fit me like a glove.

The smell of freshly made bread hit my nose as I opened the door, Nirvana now awake. Jogging down the stairs I saw suitcases full near the door, out of the window I saw a Lion, Cheetah, Tiger and Panther on the edge of the forest that must be Otis, Yoko, Dorset and Otto.

In the kitchen Kim's baking, Bruno is watching and Bella is reading Wuthering Heights on the kitchen Island. Smiling I sat on the counter top and watched Kim cook. She had just took out a loaf of bread and was now making soup. The smell is mouth-watering and it seemed to draw in a crowd as Yoko came in wearing a baggy white and grey… maybe black dress that looked to have a pattern on like stitches, shes bare foot.

Bella stood up then wearing a black maternity mid-thigh dress, it hung her bump perfectly and contrasted with her milky skin well. Her chest looked bigger then normal but ah guess that happens when your pregnant. She looked at what I was wearing and smiled lifting up her thumps as I did the same to her.

"Why's it so silent?" Otto said as her barged into the kitchen.

"Because it was relaxing." Yoko answered as she sat on the chair next to Bruno "So shut up and continue your game of football."

Doing what Yoko said Otto when back outside, Nirvana following.

"Nice dress, Is." Yoko said

"Same to you" I said smiling as she picked up Wuthering heights and skimmed through it "Where are the Cullens?"

"They left early this morning. They asked Fabio and Fabio went with them. He said he left his number on your phone. Emmett did the same." Kim said as she placed the bread on the dining room table in the corner. She was wearing a white shirt, denim shorts and ankle boots with a slight heel… It looks sexy.

"Oh right. What time is it?"

"Just gone 12" Bella answered "So where are we going first, Is?"

"I was thinking Las Vegas then making are way to Brazil maybe, then going Europe. I have a feeling I should go back to the tribe's home. I think more are going to phase and we should stay in one place until the baby is born," I said as I ran my finger around my knee "Bruno where do you want to go?"

"I wouldn't mind going back home to visit mum for a bit then going Italy." Bruno said as a bowl of soup got put in front of him.

Me:- Lunch

I sent to the boys outside as they came running in and sitting at the table. Eating my own the bread was great but the soup wasn't cooked the same I do it. Using the leftovers in the pot I gave it to Nirvana.

"Should we starting packing?" I said as Yoko washed up.

"Already done" Bella said as she went into the living room "Are you sure you have enough money?"

"Bella, stop worrying singing makes you a fortune." I smiled as I lifted up the biggest suitcase and went to the garage with it, Dorset and Otto followed with the others "Nirvana" I called as he came a bit of soup on his nose.

"I've left my new number on the table so if you need me call." I said as I hugged Dorset "And you two idiots please behave" I said as I hugged Otto and Otis "Will you be alright being the only girl in the house?" I asked Yoko as I hugged her as well.

"I'll be fine. We should use Skype as well as texting" Yoko said as I kissed her cheek and opened the car door to let Nirvana in.

"Yeah I'll fix it up. Did you put my laptop in?"

"It's here" Kim said as she handed me a black laptop bag and I put it in the boot "Bye, Is" She whispered tears in her eyes

"Hey, Hey, Hey don't cry" I said as I hugged her "The same to you, use my number and we will Skype each other as well."

"Yeah" She sobbed

"Do you want a ride home?" She nodded "Get in the front."

Bruno, Bella and Nirvana was in the back as I got into the driving seat. Making sure I had my hand bag and asking Bella if she put my make up and straighteners which she did thank god. We headed off to La Push...

Dropping Kim off I gave her a last hug and a kiss in the cheek before she went into her house tears running down her face. Bella now in the front I turned on the radio 'Next Girl by The Black Keys' is playing. Singing every word and note right we ended up in front of Billy's quiet house.

Scanning inside the house only Billy, Charlie and Sue was inside.

"Charlie is in there. You ready to tell him?" I said to Bella as I got out the car leaving the window open for Bruno and Nirvana. Bella nodded taking my hand.

Knocking I heard Billy's voice call up inside. Smiling my brown shoulder bag on my shoulder I walked into the living room, pulling Bella with me.

"Hi Billy, Sue, Charlie. I'm guessing you heard that I'm leaving" I said as Bella stood next to me "Bella and Bruno are leaving with me but I just came to drop this off and say goodbye."

Searching in my bad I saw Charlie go purple with anger and I heard Sue gasp in shock. Pulling my check book out I got a pen out as well. Sitting down next to Billy, I turned and smiled.

"I saw some of the damage on the way over. I would like to pay for it, Billy" I said my voice ringing with sadness "Please just take it" Writing 10 grand on the check I handed it to him.

"I can't…"

"Please it was my fault anyway, Billy. The damage to the beach and the forest is my fault so please take the check and help repair the damage." I said just before Charlie started shouting.

"That Uley kid is dead! It was him wasn't it?!" Charlie shouted as I went to stand next to the shaking Bella "He knocked you up and now your leaving! He imprinted on you didn't he?"

"DAD! Please it's complicated" Bella sobbed her make up running down her face.

"Complicated how the fuck is it complicated?" Wow Charlie Swan just swore… I thought to myself as I giggled and answered his question

"To put it simple. Sam and Bella fell in love and Bella got pregnant… Unprotected Sex does that! Then we found out that Sam wasn't Sam and now real Sam as lost his memory…" I said as Charlie's face softened and he came to hug his daughter.

Giving Billy a piece of paper with my number, I kissed his cheek and then waited outside for the father and daughter to say goodbye. Sensing Jake in the garage I went to see him…

"Hey, Jacob" I said as he shot up and smacked his head on the side of my motorbike. "You know you can mess around with the bike if you want. Change the colour and what not..."

He squealed like a girl and came to hug me picking me up off the floor and twirling me round. I felt the brain waves of the rest of the pack heading to the garage but obviously Jake didn't hear them as he lightly kiss my lips.

Pulling back in shock I heard Quil and Embry laughing and Paul growling. "Shit!" I shouted making everyone jump "Shit!"

My shock seemed to make my telepathic ability set off as I my mind filled with others thoughts:-

Paul:- Mine! How dare he?!

Quil:- I'm laughing but I'm secretly disappointed…

Embry:- Didn't expect this…

Jake:- I really didn't mean to do that. But that was my first kiss apart from the ones I get of my aunt…

Leah:- They make a cute couple. I could hook them up then maybe Isobel will stay…

"Leah!" I said my face a mask of horror "We are not! And I'm leaving today!"

"You are!"

"We're not!" I hissed as the boys looked between us as if we were crazy.

"You are!"

"Before you answer, Is, please tell us what this is about!" Sam said as he lent against the wall.

"Leah thinks me and Jake are cute together." I huffed as I pulled my dress down "Which we aren't and before you say anything I think I'm going to go"

Walking past them I went to lean against the hood of the car Bella still not out yet. He kissed me… I think of Jake as a brother! Which makes it sick! It's like kissing Alex… Eww…

"Sis!" Alex shouted from the road "Follow me" Looking into the car were Bruno and Nirvana were looking bored, I let them out

Following my jumping brother, he lead me to the destroyed beach. Wood was everywhere and blood. It was packed though, the wolves are behind us as I got lead on the rest of the remaining stage. I saw Bella in the audience with Charlie, Sue and Billy.

A microphone was place in front of me and Alex handed me a guitar. The audience cheered as I stared shocked at my brother.

"Sing a song, Sis" Alex said smiling.

Deciding to sing my first ever song… I sang it just me and the guitar (A/N: Shake it out By Florence and the Machine (Acoustic Version)):-

Regrets collect like old friends
Here to relive your darkest moments
I can see no way, I can see no way
And all of the ghouls come out to play

And every demon wants his pound of flesh
But I like to keep some things to myself
I like to keep my issues drawn
It's always darkest before the dawn

And I've been a fool and I've been blind
I can never leave the past behind
I can see no way, I can see no way
I'm always dragging that horse around

Our love is questioned, such a mournful sound
Tonight I'm gonna bury that horse in the ground
So I like to keep my issues drawn
But it's always darkest before the dawn

Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off, oh whoa

And I am done with my graceless heart
So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart
'Cause I like to keep my issues drawn
It's always darkest before the dawn

Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off, oh whoa

And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
And given half the chance would I take any of it back
It's a fine romance but it's left me so undone
It's always darkest before the dawn

Oh whoa, oh whoa...

And I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't
So here's to drinks in the dark at the end of my road
And I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope
It's a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat
'Cause looking for heaven, found the devil in me
Looking for heaven, found the devil in me
Well what the hell I'm gonna let it happen to me, yeah

Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off, oh whoa

Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
Shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, shake it out, ooh whoa
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
So shake him off, oh whoa

Finishing Nirvana is sitting on the ground next to me and Bruno standing next to Alex. The audience clapped and screamed as I got up. Not wanting to spend another minute in the place I'm falling in love with by the second, I ran off the stage. Tears streaming down my face as I opened the back door for Nirvana and Bruno and placed the key in the car.

Waiting for Bella, I closed my eyes and silencing out everything. Bella jumped into the Car as I revved the engine and took off. Speeding past the wolves, I didn't look past as I left the place I've grown to love…

A/N: Well thats it! The sequel is gonna be called Right Choice but I'm gonna write it all down before putting it up. I have a story called Growing Up a Sam and Emily one but of course it has the sexy Paul Lahote in it as well. I have another account called LuigiYoshi on Fanfiction and I have a True Blood story going on that. Also a Fictionpress account and my name is IndyZiggy, I also have a story going on that as well.