Melting Away the Black Ice

Author's note: I love Jack Frost and I am a huge Jack/Bunnymund shipper. So I hope you enjoy this story and leave me a review please, I love reading comments. This story does include rape, manpreg, guy on guy, bunny love, and violence. Rated M for later chapters.


1. Talking to Friends

He was just double checking that's all, nothing was ever wrong with double checking something. You walk up, look, if its alright then leave if not then fix it. That's at least what Jack kept telling himself. Ever since that day, that day he was put away from the world, something just never felt right. Jack was hoping that maybe he was just over thinking the whole situation but every day he kept hearing the same thing inside his head;' look under the bed.' Of course Jack Frost didn't really have a bed. If he came across one he would always take a glance. But he knew the bed he really had to look under, and that bed was gone, or was it really? Honestly he had no clue, he tried to talk to North about the whole issue, but to his surprise the jolly man told him to just shrug it off.

Jack sat on the edge of the large mans desk, his staff propped up against the wood next to his legs. Arms crossed the snow spirit responded," I tried, but I keep hearing that same voice! But when we left the bed was gone, along with Pitch."

" Jack, first you need to calm down", the Christmas spirit started," Second, make snow day for children, in Alaska a snow day would be good surprise in March."

" Help me first then I'll make one." North wasn't the bargaining type.

" I don't have time for talking voices in head, or made up friends telling you to look under beds, I have new toys to plan for next year." Walking over to the fireplace he grabbed an arm full of blanks scrolls and paper," Newer toys, bigger and better!"

The new guardian grunted as he crossed his legs. North dropped the pile of papers next to Jack and sighed, rubbing the back of his neck he stated," Look Jack, I'm sorry but this is very busy time of year. Did you ask Tooth or Sandman?"

"Sandman just stated, in his own way, that I'm over thinking things." With the picture of a worn out person panting above the dream guardians head.

" And Tooth?"

" Asked to check my gums, then after she did she was called away." Ever since the battle Tooth has been trying to get back into the field again, she tried to gather teeth along with the minifairies, at least once a day. Once a day turned into every opportunity she could, every day.

He was told to talk to the Bunnymund, and honestly Jack didn't think it would be a good idea to talk to the guy. Sure he would like to, in fact he would love too. Ever since the ice spirit was asked to be a guardian, Jack just grew more and more fond of the pooka. Not only is he strong and handsome, by animal standards, but his accent was an ice melter, in both ways. Even though he had those feelings and those 'intentions' he knew the large rabbit was still angry at the boy for freezing over a few eggs last year, it was all in good fun but Easter Bunny wasn't to happy with the kids having to tug and pull at the frozen eggs that had been stuck to the ground. It wasn't a huge blizzard like he gave the rabbit in the sixties, and he thought the snow looked nice with the blue, white, and yellow eggs. It did, but according to Aster that wasn't the point, and Jack's actions were not justifiable.

Maybe this was something that he had to do himself, not that he was scared, he was just concerned... And worried.

Jack knew where the bed was, that poor excuse for a bed. All alone in the forest away from everything. Yes it was supposed to be gone, when Pitch was dragged into the hole the bed came with him, sealing him, but what if it was a trick? What if he really wasn't gone? If it wasn't for the Sandman, he wouldn't have been able to fight off that the king of nightmares. Never would he admit that but Jack knew he wouldn't have made it without sandman's help. Maybe that's what kept eating away at him, self pity.

Frost landed in the middle of the open forest glancing around the trees. Spring, it was diffidently spring. Bright pink flowers, trees with new leaves beaming with life, and grass with the perfect shade of green. Aster outdid himself this year, a beautiful sight to behold, not only were the visuals perfect but the sound of birds singing took the cake, carrot cake. The winter spirit slowly eyed the scenery as he walked around in circle, seconds later a sharp pain rang in his head. With his free hand he gripped his hair trying to focus the pain somewhere else.

It stopped.

He shook his head, time to focus," Your just losing it Jack, its done, your going to walk around and then the bed will not be there, then you will leave and give a snow day to those kids in Alaska. Maybe see Jamie later." Seeing his first believer always made the winter spirit happy.

He tapped his magic staff against the earth, walking he dragged it behind him, plates of ice twirled and curled on the ground and around the blades of grass as he continues threw the walls of trees and bushes. He looked up noticing a pair of birds nuzzling against each other, Jack never really liked people or animals showing affection, it always grossed him out. He knew what sex was, at night it was almost impossible to miss hearing the 'lovely' sound effects and the cars shaking along with it's owner. If he could of course he would freeze them in, or block the doors with a five foot wall of snow. But they were just birds so a warning seemed fair.

Smirking he pointed his staff at the pair and froze them both. When the birds fell onto the ground the ice shattered, leaving behind two shivering and confused feathered creatures. The guardian laughed as he continued down the path.

The further he went into the forest the darker it seemed to get, it was almost like the sun was hiding behind the trees, it was odd and it was also creepy.

' Look under the bed' the words whispered inside his head.

Quickly he held on tightly to his staff looking around, it was that voice again, the same voice.

" Show yourself!" He yelled looking around, his staff was pointed out," I said show yourself!"

' The bed... Look under the bed' The voice whispered, it sounded like a girl, he wasn't sure, it was so light, but it sounded close, not like the last few times. It sounded like someone was right behind him. He held onto his weapon tightly, quickly he spun around ready to attack.

" ... A trick?" He paused looking at the sight before him.

He lowered his magical staff as he looked at the object in front of him," No this can't be possible, it's supposed to be gone, why isn't it gone?"

It was still there, that busted up old bed frame, the door to nightmares, the entrance to Pitch's sanctuary. He slowly made his way over to the withered object back arched as he pointed his staff out. His eyebrows narrowed as he glared at the shadow under the busted frame. The tip of his weapon glowed vigorously as he gripped its base tighter. Whipping the tip of the staff a shard of ice crashed into the bed, the withered old wood was engulfed by the ice, piece by piece the bed broke down, wood snapped and bent as the freezing element strangled the object. He withdrew his weapon still ready to fire another attack, as the clouds dispersed Jack chuckled to himself, the tangled mess of wood and nails were broken down, frozen and locked in place in small clutter of ice.

He finally caught his breath, slowly approaching the mess he used the end of his staff to knock a piece of wood off to the side. It slid off sliding across the ice, and like he hoped, nothing happened after that. He had to make sure, he had to double check. Picking up the wood he looked at it, shaking it, hitting it against the ground, bending it, and like before nothing happened.

" Calm down Jack", he told himself.

Standing up he dusted his pants off, laughing at himself again," Just.. Just over-thinking things."

The sounds of a cave in grasped the attention of his ears, Jack jumped up, hovering above in the air he looked down as a mess of grey fur shot up from the opening in the ground. He sighed as Aster landed in front of the hole. With a loud thud the large rabbit growled tapping his foot, sealing the entrance to his warren. With a wiggle of his nose he narrowed his eyes the other guardian.

" You can't help yourself can you", he started, pointing at the younger guardian.

" Help what?" Jack honestly didn't know what he did this time.

" You freezing spring time again mate, I wont have it this year."

" Why would I want to spoil your once a year opportunity?" He smirked, glad he got his dig in he always loved teasing the elder guardian.

" I don't know, I was hoping you knew, since you're the one making a mess again." Bunnymund must ran into the birds.

" Oh I'm sorry for ruining the pink little flowers the girls will be missing."

" Don't start that again."

" Pink flowers and little daisies and buttercups", Jack laughed, talking with mushy words.

Aster made his way to the younger male, towering over the winter spirit he leaned down, inches apart," Watch your mouth Frost, don't forget, it's my time. Easter is this month which means until this month is over watch your tongue."

Jack snickered as he floated upwards," Don't wanna twist those ears into a knot Peter Rabbit, so calm down."

" Peter Rabbit?" Aster growled looking at the boy.

" You heard me", he mocked.

" Leave my forest."

" This isn't your forest", Jack reminded.

" Leave Frostbite."

Jack landed behind the large pooka walking over to the cluttered pile he made not to long ago. Ignoring the rabbit's threats he knelled down again pushing the mess to the side with his stick." Not until I check the something."

" Check what, more places to make a mess of?"

" This pile of clutter", Jack pointed out.

The rabbit walked over, shaking his head behind the boy he wondered what Jack was talking about, He didn't see anything in front of him,"What are you doing?"

" This was Pitch's bed", Jack answered poking at the wood.

" I don't see anything."

The teen turned around looking at the rabbit with a questioning look, he couldn't be serious," What do you mean you don't see anything?"

" I mean I don't see nothing."

Jack stood up pointing his staff at what was once the door to Pitch's lair," His bed, or at least it was his bed", he started," I heard voices telling me to come here and his bed was standing here, like nothing happened."

The large pooka blinked, not fully able to understand the words being spoken to him, he didn't see a bed, he didn't see any mess, but he did in fact see the result of someone getting to much attention. Ever since Pitch was put away it's been Jack this and Frostbite that. When was the last time he was invited to North's to sample out the new toys or have a nice plate of cookies? Years that's when. If Aster was out he would always see Jack flying to the North Pole. This was just another attempt for attention, ever since North started his plans for next year's Christmas and Tooth got back into the game the boy's been craving it. Well E. Aster Bunnymund will not, and shall not play along with this pointless game.

" You're losing it Frost", he smirked.

" I'm not losing it I saw it, it was the same bed Pitch had, but I broke it!"

Bunny looked at the empty spot he was pointing at," That big pile right here!"

" Yeah whatever you say Frost", the large rabbit chuckled walking away," You just can't drop things."

The rabbit tapped his foot on the ground, a tunnel opening appeared. A one way ticket back to the warren" I have things to do, so if you don't mind I'll take my leave then."

" Aster i'm not lying!"

The pooka paused for a minute, chuckling he looked back," See ya around Frost", and jumped into the tunnel.


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