16. Alone Time

authors note: sorry this took a while, really busy with school and work. but its super long so I hope you enjoy the last chapter. o u o


Standing at the very top of the Chrysler Building, Jack watched as the people flocked from one street over to the next. For the first time in a very long time, he was at peace, and what made it better was the fact that this day was a special day. Today was the day he was showing his sons the ropes, something that was highly recommended by Papa North. Balancing his staff at the very tip of the large tower, the winter spirit twirled about. Looking back at his children, he noticed that they were too preoccupied. He cleared his throat, loudly, but still they refused to pay attention.

No one simply ignores his throat clearing.

"Peter!" The teen shouted, jumping off his magic staff he used the stick to pull the pale skinned boy away from his brother.

In all honestly, the child's name was more like a friendly poke in the ribs to Jack's furry partner. Peter Rabbit was a recent nickname that was used to anger the pooka, but when it came to assigning the children names, that name was the first one to pop into the winter spirit's head. Even Aster liked it, plus the pale bunny looked like a Peter. It all matched so perfectly.

"Dad, put me down!" the child protested, trying to slip the end of his shirt off the staff's hook.

"I don't think so, trying to push your brother off the building? Now that's not very smart."

"But he kept saying that if he pushed me into the snow I would disappear. Just because I look like snow, that doesn't mean it'll happen!"

Jack chuckled placing the child down. In a joking manner the teen stated," You and me both, that's something to be proud of."

"Well, Nigel said it's not! He keeps making fun of me!"

Aster liked the name Nigel, he picked that name for one reason, and it was an important reason. According to the pooka the name sounded cool, plus he liked saying it. Claiming that the titled rolled off the tongue nicely. But in all fairness Nigel also liked the sound of his label too. Nigel… It sounded dark, mysterious, and who wouldn't like it?

Looking over at the dark skinned spirit, the child's ears bent back, hiding behind the large pole on the top of the building. He poorly attempted to hide from the glaring gaze of his father. Even though most of his body was still exposed, the small boy was convinced he was safe.

"We're not here to make fun of each other," Jack started. He slowly walked over, picking up the child by the fur on his neck the winter spirit continued," We're not here to bicker, or knock each other off of buildings." Placing the two brothers together, the young father went on. "We're here to get you both ready. Me and Aster won't be watching you guys forever. You have a duty-"

" -As the children of Knowledge, Growth, and Purity, and the offspring of the Easter Bunny and Father Frost. We have to watch over the children of the world and give them that-", swinging his fist in a sarcastic manner, Peter continued," -extra push they need to stay on track." Jack tried to talk but Nigel joined in, the teen halted his words," And don't forget, adults are children too", the brothers finished in unison.

"There's no way you knew all of that", Jack stated, eyebrows flattened.

"I've only heard you and daddy bunny say it a thousand times", Peter remarked.

Ever since Tooth, North, and Sandman left the family alone, those words have been the only thing Aster preached. Constantly reminding the three that yes, they have a job to do, and no there aren't any breaks. Every time the Easter Bunny would repeat that sentence their sister would always nod in agreement, but the two boys would just groan. Finally it got to the point where after hearing it so many times Peter was able to recite the whole thing. While his brother just knew parts of the speech.

"That's weird, I thought it was more than that", Nigel stated giggling.

Going along with the smart words from his sons, the winter spirit gave them both a fake laugh," Oh ha ha, yeah very funny."

Looking at his brother Peter asked," Where's Channer again?"

This name was also picked out by the Easter Bunny, saying it also had a nice ring to it and that she looked like a Channer. Jack has never heard of the name before but he did agree to let Aster picked out two names. Though the winter spirit did need convincing, apparently it meant the word wisdom. Pleased with the creativity of his partner Jack eventually agreed.

"She's with daddy bunny!" Nigel stated throwing his arms into the air.

Daddy Bunny. Jack had to refrain from laughing every single time he heard that phrase.

"She's always with him," complained Peter, who pouted and stomped his foot," He never spends time with me."

"Or me", the other added, shoving his brother to the side.

Leaning down he looked the two in the eyes and asked," Would you rather hang out with that giant fur ball? Or spend time with the fun one?

"Well daddy bunny can be fun-" Not the answer he was hoping for.

"Painting eggs all day? Come on, I'm Jack Frost the Guardian of Fun. Fun is in the name, it's in the job description."

"Well yeah-" Nigel trailed off into thought.

Yelling from down blow caught his attention. At the doors to the building he noticed a couple clearly having a confrontation, of what he wasn't too sure. Just listening to the bits and pieces of the conversation it was clearly about some kind of 'romantic issue' the woman was having. This seemed like an opportunity, for Nigel. His brother already knew how to use his powers, not perfectly but Peter had the idea.

Tapping his son on the shoulder Jack asked, "Hey look, Nigel down there, see that couple?"

"Yeah…" He answered trying to move away.

"Looks like the dude is trying to tell his girlfriend something, why don't we take a closer look?"

Before the child could answer Jack pulled him close. Wrapping his arms around the two boys, and his staff held in his right hand, the spirit jumped down. Cowering in fear Peter looked over at his brother who was clearly enjoying the ride. From rooftop to rooftop the three bounced, feeling his father's grip loosen the white child clung onto the blue sweatshirt with a death grip. Landing on the sidewalk, Jack chuckled with glee, placing the two down. Stumbling on his feet, the pale guardian shook violently as Nigel spun around," That was great!" he cooed.

"N-n-no! I-it wasn't!" Peter whimpered, his small body almost vibrating. Walking over to his brother, the small child gripped the dark fur," That was scary just plain scary!"

Jack tapped Nigel on the shoulder, turning his head towards the couple the teen remarked," Seems that she could use another voice, why don't you give it a try?"

Looking over at the arguing pair he asked," What do I do?"

"Tug her sleeve."

"Tug?" That's it?

Jack sighed," Just touch her, make some kind of contact!"

Walking over, his dark ears bent back as he approached her. Looking back Nigel just had to ask," Can she see me?"

Jack understood why he was nervous, it was annoying but he still understood. Wanting that sense of accomplishment wanted to do the right thing. What if the person doesn't react the way you wanted them too? What if you're left unnoticed? What if nothing happens? Knowing how young they are in both body but most diffidently in mind. Children want to be recognized, but never in a bad way. When it's their first time trying something out, it's important for everything to go as planned. "Usually the older ones can't, so go for it", Jack encouraged.

It was a sad but truthful fact.

"I... Just touch her arm?" he asked waving his hand.

"Oh just do it!" Peter shouted, growing impatient.

Stomping her foot, the woman grew more angry; shouting at her boyfriend, her voice continued to rise. Just inches away the boy froze, thoughts of doubt rushed around inside his mind, looking back again he whimpered to his father. Holding his ground Jack continued to hold his hand out, pointing to the boy's assignment. Nigel swallowed, moving closer his finger touched the woman's jacket. A bright light lit up the red cloth, seeing no reaction the boy moved closer. Sliding his hand up the sleeve the light grew brighter and after five minutes of loud vocal slashing the lady went silent. His fingers wrapped around the coat as Nigel started to think happy thoughts.

She was upset about something, pressure, it seemed like pressure. That man was trying to make her do something, something bad, something she wasn't ready to do. Taking a step back Nigel smiled as the stranger pardoned herself, walking away, and leaving a confused man behind. Waving his hands in the air the little guardian grinned, excited he ran over," Dad! Dad! I did it! I actually did it!" he exclaimed, downright proud of himself.

Jack was, indeed, proud as well. "See, you don't need me around", he informed.

"But dad, we don't want you to leave," Peter protested.

"Well I can't watch you guys every day for the rest of my life, that's a very long time," the teen said, a little sadly.

"But-" the winter spirit held up a hand.

"'But' nothing", he started. "Nothing will happen to you guys", leaning down the spirit patted the two boys on the heads, ruffling their hair, he continued," There is nothing to be afraid of... I promise."

"But what about-" Jack interrupted Nigel again.

"He won't hurt you."

"You can't promise that", Peter mumbled.

"I can," Jack pointed out. "Stay close to each other, and make sure you're both on task. I'm trusting you guys to help these people out, not just kids but grownups too."


The choice to visit his friend in the North Pole was a spur of the moment. Standing in his private study with the large pooka, North looked over to the fellow guardian and asked," How is life with little ones?"

Aster sighed as he watched his daughter correct the yeti's posture. Large creatures scurried and whimpered to the girl's harsh tongue; 'pick up your feet, watch your hair, speak up I can't understand you!' With a smart mind came a smart attitude and that was not stated in a good way. It was a daddy daughter day, while Jack played hide and seek with the boys the Easter Bunny had to try to form some kind of connection with his daughter before she was sent out to world. Waving her fingers around and stomping her small, grey, furry feet it was easy to see that she was in fact ready for anything.

To an extent.

Looking over at his friend the rabbit gave him a look that read; did-you-seriously-just-ask-me-that?," Busy, did ya think I would be relaxin?"

"Well, you should be happy!" The large man smiled," ones to make memories with!"

His eyebrow cocked," Ya mean headaches", the large rabbit corrected," Three throbbin headaches."

" No", North continued," Memories, happy ones. Ones filled with laughter and possibly cookies."

"I don't want cookies, I want a break", Aster sighed sliding his ears back.

"A break?"

"Yeah, some time off. Like the month ya get after Christmas every year."

After every Easter, the Easter Bunny takes at least one week off, this year seemed to be different. Like the year before he didn't get a break. The rabbit had to double the secrecy in his warren, after the events that have happened in the past month Aster had to re update his sanctuary. After finishing his new 'installments' his daughter started to correct him. At first it was cute, and adorable, like he had his own little helper. But the more she talked, the more annoying she got. She was right about her points, of course she would be right she is the guardian of knowledge. But there is a way to state things, and that was something she didn't know how to do.


"Babysitter?" North suggested. Aster looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Really?" Sure let me just go get someone.

"Just suggestion", the man shrugged, " It seems as if you would need one."

"Well tell Jack that, playin with the runts all day and late last night", rolling his eyes, the pooka went on," Always busy, no free time. I mean, if ya even call that busy."

Looking at the angered rabbit the large man couldn't help but give his friend a smirk," Oh, so you miss Jack, hm?"

Aster paused, thoughts collecting in his mind, looking at the Christmas Spirit a faint blush graced the skin under his fur," What?- No!"

Aster did in fact miss Jack. But his stubbornness and dignity would never allow him to admit it, in public. In his head yes, but it was hard to even do that with the other guardian right next to him.

The man laughed, pounding the rabbit on the back with his hand," Yes you do! But do not worry, I do not blame you. Every couple needs time alone." Lowering his voice to the Easter Bunny North continued," No matter what way you and Jack spend it." Pervert.

Aster snapped shoving the other guardian away," That's not what I meant!" Yes it is.

"It is but it isn't", once again a confusing sentence escaped Santa's lips.

"That's not on my mind, what's on my mind is getting these three ankle biters ready to face the big wide world."

Walking up the stairs a voice called out," But daddy I am ready." Making her way over the small bunny stomped her foot, messy curly hair twirled about as she huffed," I've been ready, it's not my fault that Nigel and Peter can't keep up with me."

Channer never liked to be compared to her brothers. She was ahead, way ahead, her opinion of course, though it was true. At day one she knew how to focus her powers, how to make people see things in a whole new perspective. She just had to whisper into their ears. Like Father Frost she could float about so tall or short it didn't matter. During 'training sessions' she would be the first to prove herself. While Peter and Nigel continued to chase each other around she would have five people making their way over to their university or to a library. But Daddy Bunny and Father Frost were too busy dealing with her brothers, poor Channer had to stay behind with them. She didn't like this, no, not one bit.

"Ya all need to be ready."

Stomping her foot she snapped at her father, arms crossed," I am ready!"

"With that attitude, no ya not", Aster barked.

"Yes I am!"

Leaning down at eye level the large bunny responded, "Well you need learn how to watch ya mouth. Then when you do, I'll think about it."

Lightly pushing the girl away from her dad Santa tried to calm the situation down. The Easter Bunny was angry, and it wasn't his fault, it wasn't Jack's fault, it wasn't the children's fault. He needed a break, he was tired and warn out, common sense really.

"You seem upset", North stated the obvious.

"Well what would give ya that idea?"

"The fact that you seem impatient, not your normal bunnymund self. You need break, how about I watch little one? Then you can take rest of day off."

"You sure mate?" Aster asked, unable to believe the words he was hearing.

The jolly man nodded," Yes I am very positive, go and spend time with Jack. Plus Channer is always great help around workshop."

Looking back at his daughter the large rabbit asked,"Do you wanna stay with him?"

"Yes!" She smiled," I want to stay with grandpa North, and help the yeti's make toys that would help children gain some sort of an education!" Tugging the red apparel she jumped up and down, filled with excitement," Can we? Can well make toys like that?"

Picking up the little girl North laughed," Yes, and talking books and stuffed animals. Whatever you wish!" Looking back the two watched as Aster made his towards the exit the pooka sighed in relief.

Thank god, Finally! Reaching for the handle he looked back," I'll come get ya tomorrow deary!" He shouted as he closed the door. Though Bunnymund couldn't make any promises.

The child blinked," Where is he going?" she asked looking at the Christmas Spirit.

North chuckled, she was far too young," Adult stuff."

"What kind of adult stuff?" North groaned, "Really?" Channer huffed.

"Yes, really. I wanna know." North shook his head, "Maybe when you're older." If that ever happens.


The argument- no. It was more like a hostage situation, clinging onto the teens shirt the two boys continued to beg to their father. With a strange fear of being alone and equipped with an oddly strong death grip the two spirits held their daddy in place. Luckily no one could see them, they were surround by adults after all.

"Guy's please let go", the boy sighed looking down. He was really getting tired of this. Jack wanted to leave, he had stuff to do, people to see. Would he be worried about leaving the two alone for the first time? Of course, but he knew they would be safe, little did he know about this separation issue the boys had. The minute he tried to walk away the two practically lunged at him.

"Please don't leave! Please we promise we'll do an extra good job if you stay!" They begged tugging at the blue apparel. With a hand trailing down his face the teen groaned," Guy's come on I have to leave now!" He snapped pounding his staff into the ground.

"No you don't, winter is over in the united states please stay with us!"

"There is a world to cover! Guys let go!" Jack snapped, trying to yank his shirt away.

"No there's not!" They cried," Don't make excuses daddy!"

" Guys! Really?!" Don't say the daddy word, Jack always had a soft spot for the daddy word.

In front of the three a hole opened, landing on his feet the other father smirked. Ears moving up the furry dad walked over, reaching out he picked up the two boys towards him. Lifting them in the air he glared at them. The pooka wanted to drop in and give them a surprise visit, not sort out a drama session. Glancing over at his partner he noticed Jack looked pretty relieved. Resting his head against his staff the winter spirit sighed," Took you long enough."

" Well, like I knew this was happening", looking back his children he asked," What do you think you're doin, ya little runts?"

"Daddy Bunny!" They cooed in unison, their display was cute, but the cuteness didn't faze the large animal.

"Did Jack tell ya to get off?"

"Yeah but he's gonna leave us alone", Peter whimpered. For children, their parents' lives revolve them. How dare they try to slip away?

"You'll be fine", Jack groaned.

"But what if we get lost?" Nigel asked making puppy eyes again, Aster was still unaffected.

"Well Peter knows how to open a tunnel, just open one and walk back home. Or-"A clever idea popped into his head, North owed the two big time. All the secrets he held back, the lies, not a lot but a good amount. All the drama he caused, it was all behind them but still the Christmas Spirit did owe them something for their troubles,"-You can go see Grandpa North and eat some cookies, and if memory serves me right hot coca too."

Hot coco…

"Jack can we go!?" they asked with begging eyes. Oh how the three adored hot chocolate.

With a confused look Jack looked at the other guardian, "You never told me Peter could open tunnels."

Standing up Aster shrugged,"Ya never asked me."

"The moment I found out that Channer could fly I told you", slightly annoyed Jack continued," That's not fair."

"Not fair, but still you never asked."

Knowing a fight was going to start any second Peter walked over and with both hands tugged Jack's sleeve and Aster's grey fur," So can we go?"

"Sure, just be back at the warren later", the pooka replied understanding the secret message.


Walking inside the warren Jack twirled around, enjoying his freedom. No small hands or little fingers grabbing at his hair. His body was untouched, of course he cared for his children. He loved his children, all three, no more no less. Channer was a smart cookie, she always had an answer, and she was not like her fathers. The child was wise, quick witted, she knew everything. Any question Jack had, lately she would be the source the teen would go to. Peter always had good intentions but he had a temper. He and Nigel always went at each other. If they weren't laughing they would bite at each other's ears or push each other down to the ground. Jack loved kids but, this, his own, were just too much sometimes.

Looking at the rabbit the winter spirit smiled," You happy for a break?" he asked.

"I was just gonna ask you the same thing Frostbite", the pooka smirked, stretching.

"Well I know Channer is a handful."

That's a light way off putting it, "So are the boys."

Jack couldn't help but chuckle," You have no idea."

"Well it's good to have a brake, even if it is one day ya know?"

"But isn't it usually a week?"

Don't remind me, "Yeah but one day is better than nothing."

Wanting his partner to enjoy his only day off Jack started to make his way over to the entrance, "Well I better head out", he stated looking back.


The teen stopped in his tracks, holding onto his staff his hands twisted about the base. Looking back he swallowed," Hey Aster..." Something was bugging him, he wanted to get this off his chest before he left.

"Yes mate?"

Jack smiled, "Thank you."

"For what?" Bunnymnd asked.

"For everything", more thoughts popped into the young guardian's head. He couldn't help but continue," And I also want to say sorry."

"Sorry? Jack where's this coming from?"

"Nothing just, I'm sorry for teasing you all these years. I'm sorry for dragging you into that whole mess. I'm sorry for running away when Pitch attacked you guys last time. I'm sorry for getting angry every time you tried to talk to me." Looking down the hidden words just kept pouring themselves out," I'm sorry for being weak when you needed me the most, I'm sorry." Jack sighed tears building, " I'm so sorry."

"Honestly I forgot all about that", the pooka snickered walking over to his partner.

"Well I didn't and I just wanted you to know that", he replied.

Nuzzling his head against Jack, the large animal purred, ears bending back as he pressed himself close to the teen. Jack dropped his staff, allowing himself to hug the other guardian. This specific point in time, it felt ever so nice. Sure Aster was the serious type, he wasn't really into games, and he always worked on a schedule but that's what Jack liked about him. In fact that's what he loved about him. After many years of waiting and watching, Bunnymund was his, and this moment only supported that thought.

"You're lucky it's just you and me here", the pooka informed.

Pressing the young spirit against the grass, Bunnymund looked at him with his ears erected. Sniffing the boy's body, brushing his nose through the white locks was making the rabbit even more excited. Each hand was pinned closely to the winter spirit's shoulders, and his legs stretched well past Jack's feet. The more he ravished the boy the more was rose to his limit, like a flame gasping for air the fire just continued to grow.

Running his hand under the boy's sweatshirt Jack's body shifted from the furry touch. Sharp nails graced the cold skin as they trailed around his chest in circles, doing double loops around his sensitive peaks. The spirit moaned, but only slightly, luckily it didn't escape Aster's ears. He continued to twirl his fingers again, and again, and again. Pinching, twisting, flicking, anything to make his lover react, and it was working. Jack gasped and moaned, swinging his hips back and forth as his erection pressed itself against his pants. Before the rabbit could tend to the poor thing Jack moved up, locking lips with the large animal. Surprised, but delighted, Aster returned the favor.

Moving his hand the bunny held up Jack's head, moving him closer as they held their kiss. Tongues played with the other, gasps clashes against gasps, eyes refusing to look away. For you see the Easter Bunny was at his limit, no more would he wait. Controlling his strong sexual desire was next to impossible. When pooka's mate they create a bond for life, or in Aster's case, an eternity. Being away from the boy was a struggle, only being able to see him was like a sick punishment. Never would the rabbit admit these feelings in public, but they were not in public. They were by themselves, and Aster wanted it to stay like that.

The perfect way to spend a day off, at least in his opinion.

Pulling Jack's shirt, the blue apparel was thrown to the side. Jack wrapped his arms around his large partner as the rabbit tugged away the boy's pants. Yanking them off they were also casted away. Jack still hung on as the rabbit made his way towards the boy's private area. Hand around the shaft the bunny began to pump the twitching member, lovely clear juices of pre-come stained the grey fur as Bunnymund moved faster. Dirty sounds, lovely sounds, flooded from the lower area. Coating the pink entrance that begged for the attention of the bigger guardian. The pooka noticed this, and of course he was going to use this to his advantage," Whats wrong mate? "He asked sliding a finger inside the soft hole.

Jack gasped as he felt Aster tease his bundle of nerves," Please", he begged, drool dripping from the corners of his mouth.

What a wonderful sight.

Bunnymund smirked," Please what?"

Looking at his lover the boy begged again," Please don't tease me."

"Please don't tease what?"

"That spot- GAH!" Jack's hips bucked as Aster continued to pound his finger against the naughty spot. Rubbing his finger around in circles the pooka slowly sild another one inside. His fingers were big, but the rabbit thought it would manage for the time being. He smiled pushing that special button, he loved Jack's reaction even more. Like scissors he moved his two fingers apart, he needed to get his partner ready. This wasn't going to last just one round.

"Please, just put it in!" The teen gasped.

Pulling his fingers out the rabbit licked the juices from his partner's entrance," I'm not sure you're ready mate."

"I am just hurry!"

Obeying the young spirit's demand Bunnymund did as instructed, but on his own terms. Lifting the boy's legs up the rabbit held on, moving them apart as he smiled deviously at the sight before him. Everything looked so yummy he just didn't know where to start. Digging into his mass of fur he pulled out his own shaft. Throbbing and dripping with the excitement of a sexual urge that needed tending too. Pulling Jack's legs open even wider he adjusted himself to the opening pink entrance, slowly sliding his tip inside the teen's head suddenly flew back. His body tightened, it tensed up, gritting his teeth his eyes were pinched shut. Finally fully inserted the rabbit held on, refusing to move until his body got used to the exotic feeling again.

Slowly opening his eyes Jack looked at the large animal, panting as his body was rushed with pleasure. Still holding onto the pale legs the pooka pulled Jack close as he began to thrust. In and out his manhood continued to submerge itself inside the winter wonderland. Grunts and pants escaped Bunnymund's mouth as he started to quicken his pace. Letting go of Jack's legs he held onto his back, bringing his lover closer to his own body. He embrace him, locking lips once more Aster tried to comfort the winter spirit as he dominated him, mounting him, claiming him once more as his own. Thrashing against his special spot Jack couldn't help but release himself. It was too soon, but it was also too painful to hold in. His cold seed landed on the grey fur but Aster didn't care, the bunny was so close.

Gasping out Aster spilled himself inside Jack Frost, his essence flooded inside the teen's inner walls. Filling up to the brim the white juices leaked from the puckered entrance, but still Aster remained inside. Just looking at the pale skinned spirit made his manhood harden again. Without warning he continued to pound himself in and out of the boy's small frame. After the forth movement Jack's manhood slowly stiffened. Desperately trying to meet his second peak Aster moved faster and harder. Large feet dug into the ground deeper as he slammed himself, once again Jack came, but this time him and the pooka finished together.

Over and over, roles switched and positions moved, for they were both determined to use this day to its fullest. Cold lips wrapped around Bunnymund's shaft as Jack sucked away at his partner's manhood. Pressed against the ground, Jack's lower half was held up in the air, gripping onto the skinny legs Aster dove himself into the icy cold cavern. Licking up his juices, around his tongue went, circling around the winter spirit's pink entrance. Finally with his body bent over the pale boy he gripped onto his hips, nails digging into his flesh. Under the teen's body sat a pool of white liquids. Aster's seeds spilled into puddle as he finished. Slowly pushing out the rabbit fell back onto the grass. With his butt still up, Jack's eyes looked back at his lover. Sweat was frozen on his skin, his hair was a ruffled mess, body struggling to stay elevated. Laying on the floor Bunnymund's manhood slowly move itself back into the grey mess of fur," Jesus", he panted.

The rabbit sat up, amazed with how long his body hung in. He was even more amazed with how long the winter spirit hung in," Do ya-" he swallowed," Do ya need any help?"

Slowly nodding Jack's face brushed against the grass. Out of breath he managed to speak," ...Yes..."

Pulling the boy up to his feet he cradled the teen in his arms, holding him, loving the smell of the aftermath. Nuzzling against the smaller spirit the rabbit purred, Jack moved his hand up brushing against the grey fur, purring louder the rabbit stated, "I love ya mate."

Jack smiled weakly," I love you too Aster."


"Yes really."

With a thought popping into his head the pooka chuckled," Can you imagine North stuck with all three of those little buggers?"

"Honestly right now, I don't care", the winter spirit snickered at the idea though.

In the middle of the warren they stood, holding their embrace. Never in a million years would the Easter Bunny have imagined himself with the Jack Frost. At first it was scary, weird, and confusing. Something's had to be talked about and explained. After all the drama and fights, after all those horrible things that had happened to the both of them, they still hung in. It only made their bond even stronger, a bond that will last forever.

They loved each other and as weird as that was to Bunny... And he was okay with that.

They both were.

And when it came down to it, that's all that mattered.


Authors note: Thank you guys, I really hope you guys liked this story its also my first one. Thank you all so much for reading, for favs, and reviews, and followers.