There's something warm and wet on my forehead, get it off. It's too hot, my head's going to disintegrate. Please, it hurts..

My eyes snap open as I reach up and press my forehead, finding a hot towel. I hold it limply in front of my face as I sit up and blink rapidly. Then I clutch my head as the memories come back to me, breaking through the flood gates of my mind and causing the oasis in the back of my mind to become as dry as the Sahara.

I gaze at the drink in front of me, watching the ice clink as I swirl it softly. I'm in a bar on Friday evening, a weekly thing, drowning most of my sorrowful paycheck in rounds of shots for strangers and my own choice of booze.

While flirting with the all-legs-blonde to my right she suddenly becomes wide-eyed, scampering off without a word.

I turn around to see what had frightened her and come face-to-chest with gorgeous wavy blood red hair draping down between the plump breasts of the beauty in front of me.

I look up, tearing my perverted gaze away from her curvy figure. My cloudy grey eyes meet bright green. Fixing my tie, I stand up and pull back a stool next to me motioning for her to sit as I say over the blasting music, "Care for a drink?"

She smiles a rather pointy-canine smile. It's sinister, but gorgeous. Making my blood chill and boil simultaneously.

"Why of course," her tongue laces delicately around each syllable-her voice is soft but domineering.

She sits and I scoot into my seat as well, ordering a round of drinks for us. I look over and see her placing her handbag upon the counter. Suddenly, she faces me and reaches out caressing my face softly. "You're rather handsome Mr…?"

I blink, my cheek tingling oddly for the first time since probably Junior High. I'm sure I'm all copper messy hair and too dark hooded grey brooding eyes but I let my self-consciousness slip away as I reach up to my face and cup her hand softly pressing my stubble into her hand.

She doesn't wince like most girls do; she actually seems to be enjoying the prickly feeling. I decide to answer her question, "You can call me.."