I blink, looking around the room in a daze with my head in my hands. I must have blacked out..
I hear the padding of feet coming down the hallway to the room I'm presently in and my heart leaps. Is it Madam Red?
Getting up, I sort myself out. I realize I'm shirtless with only my denim jeans. I look down and notice my feet are bare and the carpet beneath them is soft and plush. I can't tell the color though because it is dark. I look up and realize must still be night because no light is coming through the open curtains.
Outside there is nothing but thick vegetation. It's a little piece paradise.
Compared to the simple over-viewed public scenery at the bar, this woodland scenery makes my head spin. It's too much to take in and my muzzy head can't wrap around it.

What's going on?

I hear the footsteps end close to me.
She is these casually leaning in the doorway and I meet her gaze. It's scorching once I see them, but relaxing and oh-so seductive.
I take a breath as she parts her lips and out spills her beautiful voice. "Mr. Smith, you are quite troublesome."
I frown; I did not mean to cause any trouble. I was irresponsible; however, I could have sworn I was stable enough to at least take a small stroll.
"I'm sorry-" she smirks and it makes me stop talking.
"No need for apology. It is quite alright. Taking care of you was of no expense." She smiles kindly at me and it makes my heart leap in my chest.

What do I say?

I clear my throat "I really am sorry...What happened?"
Madam blinks, her expression still seductive but gone softer. "Why don't you remember?"
Now it's my turn to blink, my face loosing expression as I shake my head informing her no.
She giggles softly and bites her lip. Oh- that lip. That gorgeous plump succulent lip.
My heartbeat has risen one too many times than anyone's should within 24 hours.
"You ended up passing out on some poor citizen's lawn. So, I called my driver and had him help me escort you here."
As she continues I look around the room looking for a clock. All that there is is the soft glow of a lamp in the far corner. My-this room is large.
"Where did my other clothes go?" I ask out of curiosity unable to help a smirk cross my face as she looks down my body. I admit my body is fit-mostly due to my genetics of my athletic family line.. I hope it is to her liking.
"I undressed you because before passing out you got sick all over your shoes and then proceeded to wipe your mouth with your shirt."
I stare at her shocked. Oh God, I'm an idiot. "Madam I am honestly sorry. Can I repay you somehow? Perhaps I could take you out to dinner sometime?" I gaze at her expecting her to take my offer nonchalantly; however, out of surprise she casually strolls over to me her face giving nothing away.
She was nearly my height in her heels earlier, but now she is a good six inches shorter than I. I feel rather smothering being this tall next to her. It makes me uneasy and she notices, reaching up and stroking her thumb across my stubble. I should shave soon-I make a mental note.
Her fingers are smooth and warm. I close my eyes enjoying her touch and I can practically hear her smirk.
"Oh, if I had you repay me in the way I thought fitting you'd be exhausted beyond recognition."
Woah. I blink, my eyes heavy just at the gorgeous thought.
"You should sleep," she admonishes. "I will leave-" I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her to me, she becomes tense and pushes strong against my chest making me break my grip.
My heavy eyes open and look down at her-she is now a pace back from me. "Is everything alright?" I look deep into her gorgeous eyes for her thoughts but find a wall.
She really is not an easily readable person.
"Please, come to bed with me. I promise not to touch you again." I really want her with me right now and I don't know why. Every fiber in my being is calling me to this gorgeous woman not two feet from me.
She is silent for a moment, scrutinizing the situation no doubt. "I did not plan for this."
Oh? "What did you plan for?"
"Not this." She replies curtly and touches her waist where my hands had just been.
"Do you not like being touched? Did I frighten you? I am sorry if I did so-" she cuts me off.
"No, it's not that. It's just that usually any man I feel attracted to is tied to the posts of that bed while I'm the one doing the touching." She motions to the bed I had just been in.
Oh. I feel my face become hot. Would I like a girl taking charge?... Oh yes, yes I would. Especially her. I feel my hormones rage and my member twitches slightly awaking in my jeans. Uhoh.
"Oh Mr. Smith, you have needs." She smirks and I notice her gaze is at my crotch.
How can she tell?! It's not even bulging through yet! I quickly try not to focus on her, but she is just there as an object of desire.
"Madam, you're the one causing it... I'm sorry-" she takes a step towards me again and rises up on her toes so her lips are at my neck and begins placing soft kisses down the side towards my collar bone.
I freeze and the feeling of her lips against my skin makes my blood boil. Suddenly, I feel something pushing up between my slightly parted legs and into my groin teasing me. I look down and notice her leg moving. It's her knee! Oh God, this is erotic. She is so gorgeous and her hair is like the flames of lust igniting me as it cascades over my arm some as she keeps her lips keeps their slow sensual pace.
"Madam..Please.." I almost beg, my voice ringing out raspy and laced with my dripping testosterone.
I feel her teeth graze my collarbone and it tips me over the edge.
I grab her waist tightly and go to throw her on the bed- but suddenly she has a hold of me and I'm the one on the bottom as the bed digs into my chilled spine.
She gazes down at me with predator-like eyes. She really is the prettiest vulture. "You've been disobedient, Mr. Smith." She has me pinned beneath her. God she's stronger than she looks.
She has my wrists in her grip. I feel pressure on my leg, and I look down and see that her knee is digging into my inner thigh rather viciously. It's hot. Yes, I do quite like this.
I whisk my attention back to her face trying to read her expression. Her eyes are as cold as ice, and her silent-type attitude is turning me on.
"..H-How have I?" I ask, gulping some at the end. She could do anything to me in this position. My body is hers-every part of my physical being is exposed.
She smiles, licking her right perfectly clean canine tooth as she goes and then biting her lip. Holy fuck.
Suddenly, her expression changes and she gets off of me roughly. "Nevermind, you should go. I'm no good for you Anthony. I'll arrange for my driver to take you home."