A Fi-fo "Quick fic"


Christine ran through the theatre, her lavish costume billowing behind in the air, which held the strong scents of performance- sweat, actor's greasepaint, oil and wood. She threw a timorous look over he shoulder into the black abyss of the dressing rooms. The screams of the stage grew louder at every step.

She had bolted towards the sounds of the fear as soon as they broke through the air; she had only just buttoned on the countess' costume, and just began to grease her face. She had answered the hysteria immediately, for she knew her angel better then anyone; she KNEW what he was capable of

She quickened her pace, brushing her curls away with a clammy hand. In her mind, she envisioned nooses falling in front of her, faces, deformed, leering from every nook. She shied away from small scufflings of mice and rats, and trembled at every gust of air.

She rand blindly, her inventive fantasies conjuring up grotesque and horrifying reasons for the screams onstage and in the audience.

She burst through the left wing, and backed up, pressing her pale hands to her half painted face. Joseph Bouquet hung from the ceiling, dangled pendulum like from the airy rafters. She knew she must escape… The phantom had done this for her… But she would not escape alone…
"Raoul, Raoul!" She cried out into the air that was supercharged with fear and horror. Raoul ran onto the stage from the left wing, obviously looking for her…
"Christine…." There was a loud detonation, and Raoul stumbled back, his hand to his breast, his free hand groping blindly at the curtain weakly.

"RAOUL!" Christine cried, her dark eyes brimming. She ran to him, heart in her throat. "Oh my Raoul! What is it? What has befallen you? Oh Raoul!"
He sank to the ground, eyes glazed. The hand over his heart slipped away, crimson with blood. A neat bullet wound decorated his coat. Christine gasped and stumbled back, tears streaming down her face.
A smug, sing-song voice drifted from all around the theatre, coming from no specified point at all.
"Guess who got a shot gun…."