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Sarah knew for a fact that whatever had happened to her, this was by far one of the worst things to have happen. Her own brothers were in the stands, her teachers and principals, some of her former teachers, former cheerleaders and Jockeys that she had pissed off, and of course Toni was tied up and gagged in the front row.

"Tonight, ladies and gentleman, we have a special event!" she heard on the loudspeakers. "You've all hated her and put up with her shit for years on end! Well now it's our turn to dish back some of the shit that she's given us!"

"No," she murmured, trying to get away. She had no clue what was going on, only that her body was screaming at her to run for her life. "I've been good, honest!"

"Tell that to our pants," the leading jockey from the high school snarled, and she now saw that his pants were beginning to bulge slightly.

"No, please, anything but that and or death!" she pled desperately with real tears in her eyes. She had a vague idea of what was going on since girls didn't get bulges in their pants, and the fact that she had seen a vague outline of what was down there in sex-education class the prior week. "Please, I promise I'll be good, I'll be an angel, just please don't do this!"

"Our special event is the rape, torture, and if you guys want we'll kill her," the loudspeaker announced, and she began crying just as hard as she could.

"Please! Somebody please help me!" she screamed desperately. "I'll do anything you want, just please get me out of this!"

"Oh, you're not getting out of this," he said crouching down as a football player held her down at her arms.

"No, please, no," she pled, sobbing in hysterics. "Sam, Joe! Please! We're siblings, you're not supposed to watch this! You're supposed to protect me!"

"After what you said to mom a few nights ago?" Sam shot back. "Go to hell!"

"No, please- AAAH!" she screamed as he began raping her.

She tried to detach herself from the world, tears flowing freely from her eyes as she was forced to have intercourse with the men she despised the most in the school. But as the pain engulfed her, she felt her world beginning to fade. But right as she was about to give up, a scene from the movie flashed through her mind, one of the child phantom being whipped mercilessly by a gypsy.

She prayed to any deity she could that it would be over soon, and she arched her back and screamed in pure agony as she reached the last thing she wanted. She slumped, whimpering and crying as her breathing came to be more and more ragged and shallow.

"What? Done already? We've only started!" the jockey laughed before the lights began to flicker.

"HOW DARE YOU!" a voice boomed, one that Sarah could have sworn she knew well.

"Who's there?!" the lead jockey demanded, only for the lights to go out.

His resounding scream was heard profoundly as another sound, a strange one, was heard. After about five minutes, the lights came back up to reveal that he was now bloodied and missing vital parts that left him dying. On the wall, in the exact spidery handwriting that she had mastered, was a note written in the jockey's blood.

Cease this needless slaughter, and I will spare you. Free the two that you have tortured and I may spare the attackers and settle for torturing them. Should these commands be ignored, a disaster beyond your imagination will occur. I remain, ladies and gentlemen, your obedient school guardian. L.F.

Screams resounded as the others assumed that they'd grabbed the wrong person. The football players were screaming out that it was a smoke-screen and foul play, and unfortunately for Sarah they were spot-on. One stabbed Sarah to the right shoulder as most of the others fled. They choked Toni, nearly strangling him to death and then castrating him right in front of Sarah as she struggled to cling on to life desperately.

"Somebody," she whimpered after everyone left her and Toni for dead. "Toni, I'm so sorry…"

"It's okay," he said crying softly. "I always knew you weren't L.F."

"But-but I was!" she sobbed. "I was L.F., the Learning Fantôme! I was using the French spelling!"

"But, if you're L.F., and the handwriting is exactly the same, then who did that?" Toni whimpered as another cloaked figure emerged, this one wearing purest black.

"I apologize for what they have done to you," the man said softly, "My child."

"Papa!" Sarah sobbed, and she saw a knife come from his leather-gloved hand.

"It has the boys' fingerprints on it, the ones that hurt you," he said softly as he went over towards the door and threw it back in haste. "I have always loved you the most, my child. Find where you belong, my child. Go to the Opera Populaire, for there you shall be united with the place you need most, the need you have most."

"But-!" she sobbed, cringing and crying her eyes out. "What do I do?"

"You must go to the Opera Populaire," he repeated before pausing and adding. "And you must disappear, my child. Let them think you are a phantom, and prove to them that you truly are L.F. and are not to be messed with. Show them what you have been practicing for years."

He left, and Sarah forced herself to her feet, crying. She crawled over to Toni, who was sobbing and looking down as he bled out.

"I love you," he sobbed. "I always have."

"You will always be in my heart," she murmured mingling her tears with his. "No matter what, you will always be my brother."

"Show them why they don't mess with us," he sobbed. "Avenge me, Sarah. Avenge me, Learning Fantasma."

"I will," she promised as his breathing became more and more ragged with every breath. "They will curse the day they did not do all that Phantasma asked of them."

"Don't forget to look for the beauty underneath," he rasped. "Adieu, mon vengeur."

"I will," she promised as he took his last breaths and the light died from his eyes. "Adieu, ma bien-aimée morte."

French translations: Farewell, my avenger. Farewell, my dead beloved.

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