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Story is now completed, with the last hardcore smut and a bit of fluff.

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In the last chapter:

"You really want to know, don't you?" Takao smirked at his confused face. "My first time, I mean."

Midorima propped his glasses up and cleared his throat with grunt.

"It's not that important, you dumbass. That... dating thing depends on many things, but I would... like to hear that story. In case you were infected with something, I mean."

Takao snorted and mocked an offended look.

"If I were infected it's too late for you now, you know? But no, I'm not. Always safe sex." When Midorima felt his face getting hot, the smaller guy smirked. "Well, almost always. With you it's different."

"I got carried away" muttered Midorima, looking to the side.

"Ah, of course. You got time to get the lube but no con..."

"SHUT UP!" He was sure if that word left Takao's mouth he'd die from embarrassment. "Why would I have such a thing in the first place?!"

"Well, you had the lube so I assumed..."

"I just don't like feeling sore after doing it myse...!" When he realized what he had just said he choked on his words and his mortified expression probably told Takao that if he so much as curled his lips, he would be strangled and his body thrown out to freeze.

"That's understandable." Stone-faced, Takao definitely was trying to hold in his laughter. "But what would you like to know about my previous experiences?"

There were two things he felt he needed to know, so he decided to ask. With his friend it was the best way to go around things.

"Was it only one guy or were you whoring around?"

"Now that was just plain mean!" Laughed Takao and he flashed a satisfied smirk. "Why, do I look like such a hot stuff guys would fall for me?"

"Takao..." The warning in his voice was clear.

"Okay, okay, don't get mad. Just one guy, but repeatedly."

Something contracted in Midorima's chest. There was a guy who had held Takao in his arms more than once. A guy who'd seen Takao's heavy-lidded eyes, who'd heard those high-pitched moans, who was kissed like there was nothing more important. Muscled arms sneaked around his midriff and Midorima's lover snuggled into his side.

"Did I repulse you?"

"Don't be more of an idiot than you already are," he snapped, trying to get a hold over his jealousy. "Or maybe you liked him?"

"I told you already, there was only you. He was just... convenient and had good timing."

"How so?"

Takao looked up into Midorima's eyes and his face was serious, or at least there was no smile.

"I met him around Winter Cup in our first year. Some friends from middle school invited me to karaoke and after a few hours I was already a little tipsy when they dragged me to some club. At that time I was kinda... depressed. Just two or three weeks before, we had lost to Rakuzan and I blamed myself for not being a good enough point guard, since I should be able to at least pass the ball."

"Don't be so self-obsessed, it wasn't..." started Midorima, but Takao lifted a hand and shut him up.

"Let me finish, okay? It's not the easiest thing for me to say, despite how it looks. You could say I'm baring my soul to you right now. It was one of the... stupidest things I did and you know how much that says." He pulled off a little, so he could look straight at Midorima and the taller boy saw very clearly how uncomfortable his partner was. So he decided to shut up, even if it was hard.

"At that time I had already been in love with you for almost a year and a half, Shin-chan, and it was getting painful. I was sure I didn't stand a chance since, you know, we're both guys and you rarely talked about sex or romance, but when you did it was always about older chicks… But at the same time there was that little hope inside of me. After Winter Cup that hope started to die and I was needy, depressed and... well, I won't bother you with that, but let's say I wasn't all sunshine and flowers. And exactly when I was brooding about you and my feelings for you my friends decided to go home. I was going to go with them but then he seated himself at my table and that was it. He... he looked and sounded just like you."

Midorima gritted his teeth hard. He wouldn't shout. He really wouldn't.

"For a moment, I even thought it was you in some stupid disguise, but that was just the alcohol. He was shorter, smiled more than you, and had cheerful personality but the hair, eyes, glasses, voice and posture—it was all just like yours. And he started flirting with me. It was fun so I went with the flow but when he suggested we go to his apartment I told him that I like someone already. He said that he knows, since the look I had on my face is the exact same one he sees in the mirror each and every morning." Takao smiled bitterly and shrugged. "It was a win-win situation. He told me that I look like a younger version of the guy he's been hopelessly in love with for six years and when I said he looks like an older version of you we laughed and... It was more role-play sex than anything else, really.

"Each and every time I saw you when I was slept with him and I'm one hundred percent sure it was the same for him. We called each other once a week, sometimes more, but it was getting ugly for both of us. I started feeling guilty when I would talk to you and he told me he's the same since he'd never had a partner that looked almost exactly like that Kigahara guy and it was bothering him. But we continued for more than six months until I saw change in you.

"It was just before InterHigh and we were staying late. Usually coach was with us but that day Ootsubo-san went to him, since he needed some materials for his college project about planning training sessions in basketball, and he practically dragged coach out of the gym. After the normal training session, we went for showers and when I started pulling off my shirt, you were staring at me, Shin-chan."

"I was not!" Well, so much for silence. He really was not! He wasn't some kind of... of pervert!

"You were, for at least five minutes. And it wasn't your normal look." Takao smiled and leaned in, licking Midorima's jaw. "It was desire. You looked like you were going to strip me, throw me into the shower, and fuck me without mercy. Or at least those were the thoughts that appeared in my head. It got me so excited, I got a hard-on and had real problems trying to hide it."

"That's because you're twisted! Of course I wouldn't do something like that!"

"I know. Shame," laughed the idiot and started stroking Midorima's pale chest with his fingers. It was disconcerting. "I ended things with the guy the same evening, telling him I actually may have a chance with you. He was happy for me, sincerely, and I told him that he should try to show his feelings to this Kigahara, since he was really good at putting on a show for everyone. We haven't been in touch since then. He texted me for the first time a few weeks ago; he's now with this guy and they're trying to build something, even though his partner is kinda scared. And then I actually thought I'm happy that you weren't my first one."

Midorima sat up, slapped his hands and glared at Takao, feeling something ugly stirring inside of him. Seeing Takao smiling gently he felt the need to beat him up.

"Get out, Takao. If you want to say things like that, I don't..."

"I was bleeding," the smaller guy said, and he propped himself up on his elbow, still wearing that damn smile.


"The first time I had sex. I was bleeding and crying the whole time since it hurt so much."

He almost jumped to look for blood now. Almost.

"But... you're okay now?"

"Yes, because I know what I can do and what I don't. He was really skilled, it was me who screwed up. I was too tense, tried to do things I shouldn't be doing. So I ended up tearing myself despite the lube and preparations." He grimaced and patted his own hip. "Couldn't move without pain for some time."

"I remember that, you said you hurt your hip because you fell down the stairs!"

He remembered that very well. Takao was absent for what turned out to be a very dull two weeks.

"Well, that's what he asked for his friend who's a doctor to write for me, so I can lay in bed all day without scaring my parents. The next two times were also pretty painful since it seems I'm pretty easy to break if I'm not..."

"Why didn't you tell me about that?!" screamed Midorima, feeling furious. He knew it wasn't his fault, he was inexperienced, but why Takao just didn't tell him?! The sheer thought of hurting Takao when he wanted to pleasure him made him more angry than anything else he'd heard that night.

"I made sure we're not doing anything that would need... preparations and carefulness. I was too taken with you to watch out." He laughed and tried to caress Midorima's cheek, but his hand was slapped. "See? That's why I'm happy my first time wasn't with you. You would be horrified, right?"

Midorima's jaw hurt from how tense he was. Because he knew Takao was right—he would have freaked out, he wouldn't have touched his lover again because he would have been scared and he hated himself for being so... childish. It wasn't even about that guy with whom Takao slept—it was just the knowledge of being incapable of ensuring his friend's safety.

"Is it like that for... everyone?"

Takao shook his head.

"Nope. I'm just very delicate, that's all. Shin-chan, don't worry. You won't hurt me. And even if you do, we'll just get over it. I just wanted you to know why it is that I find my first time not being with you to be a good thing." He smiled and once more tried to stroke the taller boy's cheek. This time Midorima didn't fight him. "And now I'm more happy than I thought I could be. I mean it, Shintarou."

He only harrumphed and looked to the side, at the same time leaning into a small hand.

"You said three years, but we didn't even know each other at that time. Were you stalking me or something?"

"You still don't remember that match in middle school?" snickered Takao. "Not nice, you know? You totally killed my team and I hated you so much, you wouldn't believe."

"Takao, I'm not the whole Teikou team. You should hate us all, so why only me?"

When Takao didn't say a word Midorima looked at him and felt almost... shocked. Because Takao was blushing and clearly wasn't going to say a word. That made him realize why all this time his lover was saying there is nothing more joyous than making him say something he didn't mean to. Because he wanted to tease Takao mercilessly until the smaller boy spilt everything. His tongue darted out and licked palm of the hand that was still on his cheek. Blue eyes widened but with another flicker they got heavy-lidded. Midorima was kissing knuckles, sucking on fingers that by the means of world were long, but compared to his own were short, and his free hand was brushing over Takao's chest, twisting his nipples, teasing his sensitive throat and shoulders.

"You're not fighting fair..." the black-haired boy panted. He leaned into Midorima, snuggled his face into Shintarou's neck and moaned when his nipple was squeezed. "And you are definitely learning too fast..."

"Why only me?" he whispered into Takao's ear and licked the spot behind his ear that had previously made his lover shiver. The same thing happened now. The smaller boy twisted his neck, trying to reach Midorima's lips with his own, but he couldn't.

"After I tell you will you kiss me?" Midorima felt himself growing hard with seeing just how desperate Takao was for a kiss. He wanted to do it now, to feel those lips once more, to entwine his tongue with his... But he also knew that there would be no talking if he did that. So he nodded.

"And promise me you won't... well, not laugh, but ridicule me. Because it's stupid."

"Nothing new when it comes to you" murmured Midorima and he maneuvered Takao on his lap, his hands sneaking under boxers. "So," he asked as the hawk-eyed boy sucked on air and squirmed in his lap and long fingers started kneading his butt cheeks. "Why me?"

"Never knew you'd be so bold, Shin-chan" Takao was clearly enjoying this, so he let that comment pass. Somehow it felt good to be this much in control and technically they were lovers now so if he wanted to touch that ass he should just do it, right? The smaller boy leaned in, trying to steal a kiss, but Midorima pulled back. "Okay, okay, I'm telling. It was because you snorted at me, okay?"

He blinked, trying to comprehend. And blinked some more.

"Say what?"

"You snorted at me when I was trying to ask you out!"
Midorima took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of the nose.

"First of all, I don't remember this, so be more precise. And secondly—we were only fifteen, for gods' sake!"

"Oi, I didn't mean to bang you or something! It took me more than a year to get used to the idea that I like a freak of a giant more than cute girls!" Takao really looked offended and stopped squirming, his eyes clear now. They both forgot about Midorima's hands on his ass.

"You totally pummeled us, you know. You were the star of that game, Aomine was absent, Akashi didn't do much and I swear Murasakibara got a few naps during the game! Kuroko was sending you the ball and you killed my team 170 to 25 with your damn three-pointers. After the game I walked up to you to congratulate you and then asked if we could meet some time. And what did you do? You snorted at me! Not even sparing a look in my direction, treating me like I was some kind of trash!"

He didn't have to say that he didn't remember it. Because it was the truth, he was often picked up by guys from other teams and usually they just tried to beat him up, so he stopped trying to be civilized.

"But why would you like to meet me? And you said you liked me since then?"
Takao looked to the side and blushed once more.
"Well... Let's just say it was love at first sight, okay?" He tried to joke but when he met Midorima's eyes and saw how not amused he was, he sighed. "I liked you, yes. At that time I didn't know that, though. It was just... you have a nice back, you know? Especially when you're preparing to make a long shoot, you're sticking your ass out and I kinda... noticed it."

Midorima was baffled. Of course he was making a pose like that! It was the most efficient way to make a good shoot!

"And then, when it was my turn to mark you, you had a little problem with the sweat and took off your glasses to wipe it off." Takao smiled and caressed Shintarou's brow with his thumb. "You're a real beauty, Shin-chan. And I was so shocked with the attraction I felt that I almost let you pass without even bothering to lift a finger! Before I knew what was happening I was trying to pick you up and you snorted at me."

"I get that snorting part, you don't have to repeat it" hissed Midorima, feeling very uneasy.

"But I remember it the best. It really hurt—the fact that you didn't even acknowledge me enough to at least to look me in the eye and just say no. So I started to hate you. It was pretty easy—I didn't see you since then, my teammates were killing you verbally in every way possible, and at the time a really cute girl confessed to me. She wanted to do stuff, like kissing or hugging and when I was kissing her I saw your annoyingly pretty face..."

"I do not have a pretty face" interrupted Midorima with sneer. "Don't make me sound like a girl!"

"But you really have an awfully pretty face, Shin-chan. It is manly in its own way, don't look at me like that, it was a compliment! But it's just pretty, beautiful. Those mile long eye-lashes, soft features when you're not grimacing, clean and pale skin... Many girls in our school actually hate you for that, saying it's unfair with you being a guy and all.

"But coming back to my pitiful story, I broke up with that girl and, of course, blamed it on you. I was training myself to the point of exhaustion, imagining the moment I'd take my revenge on you—sometimes I'd even fantasize about you crying and begging me not to shoot that last ball—and then here you were, once more ruining my perfect life by enrolling into the same school."

Takao was laughing and Midorima had only one thing to say with disgust painted on his face.

"You're way more stupid than I ever thought you were and I never gave you much credit in that department."

"C'mon, you never hated someone so much you envisioned all the nicest ways to kill them?"

Well, he did; mainly it involved Kagami and some closed place packed with big bad dogs, but that was beside the point.

"And it's not like I hated you for real, it was more like a denial phase. You have a nasty personality but I was already attracted to you and tried very hard to at least try to understand you, so when I saw through your tsundere actions I found someone I could love and that was the end of me. Actually it was Kanako's fault that I realized it."

"And what does she have to do with it?"

"Ah, my dear sister of mine always had a knack for realizing what I'm feeling and what I'm not. Doesn't matter that she was twelve at the time, she told me I act like I'm in love when I'm around you and that's nice, since I look happier." He smirked and chuckled. "My dad almost had a heart attack but quickly recovered from it, he's a really accepting guy. Mom was all awwww, my baby is in love and added that you should come more often. The real task was to make her stop acting like you're my bride or something. No, really, don't look at me like I'm the crazy one. My mother's favorite uncle was gay, he lived with his lover for over forty years."

"I'm not gay!"

"Nah, of course, you're not. It's not like you just had your..."

"SHUT UP!" He was bright red, he felt it and there was a strange sensation in his stomach.

But Takao already leaned in, grinding his hips into Midorima's, pushing his butt into large hands, and whispered "You just had your dick in my ass, Shintarou... And I loved it. All of it. Every inch of you inside me..."

A shiver went down Midorima's spine and his vision blurred for a moment. Takao smiled and started rubbing on his body, his breath hard on his ear, his well muscled body hard on his own, and the way he was moving his hips was drugging him. Shintarou squeezed his lover's ass and pressed him more closely to himself, closing his eyes at the feeling.

"Can I have that promised kiss now?"

Midorima moved his head to the side and brushed his lips over Takao's. His lover sighed happily and opened his mouth a little. Without a second thought, Midorima slipped his tongue in first and only when Takao welcomed him with his own he kissed him fully. There was something enthralling in what he did and it made him feel hot and bold. Long fingers that were kneading soft flesh moved and his middle fingers slipped between butt cheeks and brushed over Takao's entrance. The black-haired boy arched his back and moaned, moving his hips even more, trying to feel more.

"You're really going to be the death of me" panted Takao, into his mouth. "I came just a few moments ago and I still want more, just more..." He shifted on his knees and Midorima had to tilt his face up so as to not break the kiss. "Nice... I like kissing you like that, Shin-chan" and with those words Takao kissed him even more passionately, his tongue deep down, fighting with his lover for dominance. Long-fingered hand reached for the buttons of the shirt and when Midorima had problems with opening it, he growled. He wanted Takao naked. Now. The idiot chuckled at that.

"So impa-aaah!" Just when he tried to be a smartass, Midorima gently pushed one of his fingers into the tight circle of muscles and was playing at the entrance, going in and out, but no deeper than his knuckle. His lover shivered and tried to impale himself on the finger, but the strong grip on his hip wouldn't let him. "Shin-chan, I need... mmmf".

Midorima kissed Takao and was ravishing his mouth until all the need for talk left the smaller boy and all he could do was mewl and squirm. His own head felt light, all thoughts had left him; he could only feel slippery tongue, hands all over his shoulders, Takao's erection moving over his shirt, and, for a moment, he thought about tasting it once again. Small hands pulled Midorima's shirt off and Takao brushed his fingers over Shintarou's nipple, smiling a little when the taller boy gasped. He hadn't known that he could also feel such a pleasure from it.

"Take your finger out," whispered Takao and when Midorima did it, he felt how his friend stopped himself from thrusting his hips back, as if to catch finger. "Shin-chan..."

Hearing hesitation in Takao's voice, Midorima looked up at him, licking his lips unconsciously, since the black-haired boy looked so desirable all flushed and messed up like that. His hands cupped his lover's face and pulled it down for another kiss.
"Lay down" whispered Takao, this time his voice was steady and seeing the look in those hazy eyes Midorima felt excitement to the point of sickness; his stomach was in knots from uncertainty, fear, and want. When his head touched the pillow, a small hand brushed his hair, playing with it for a moment, and then Takao was once again kissing him from above, their legs brushing, intertwining.

Midorima didn't even know how he took off his friend's boxers, but he was pretty sure it was his doing. He loved kissing Takao, loved the way their loud breathing filled the room, was thrilled by every twitch of his lover's body, enchanted with every sound he made. But soon he needed more, his appetite was only growing. Hot lips left his mouth and planted themselves on his neck, licking and biting, doing wonders to his mind and body. He never knew he could be this... accepting when it came to things being done to him. He was grasping the sheets with his fists, swaying hips and arching back with every touch of those short fingers and skilled mouth. And the things Takao's tongue did to his nipples... Hot trail of kisses covered his chest, midriff, navel and they were going down and down—where he really needed them. A soft bite on his naked hip and a hand placed a whisper away from his groin made him realize just what his friend intended to do.

"Stop..." he breathed out, feeling both ecstatic with the possibility and startled with sudden insecurity. He was already feeling dizzy, but still had some control. Control that—he was sure of it— would disappear once Takao will go just a little bit lower. "Seriously, Takao. Stop."

He almost said "please" but that would mean he's... he wasn't sure what, but he didn't want to, he really didn't. His partner looked up and smiled fondly.

"Just a little, okay?"

"I said no!"

Takao sighed and moved so he was eye to eye with Midorima, who felt even worse if that was possible. He was pretty sure his face was all red from excitement, but there was that odd feeling of shyness that probably only added color to it.
"Why? I just want to pleasure you, Shin-chan." The smaller boy touched the taller one's cheek and caressed it. "It will feel good, I promise."

"I know it will! It's just I..." For a moment he didn't know what to say and if to say anything at all, but he supposed Takao didn't know what he was thinking of the situation and Midorima also didn't want to create a misunderstanding… and at the same time, he didn't want to make an idiot out of himself. "I never... no one's ever done something like that to me and I..."

Takao sighed and shook his head.

"Tsundere and freak control to booth." Midorima opened his mouth to yell at him, but a short finger stopped him from doing it. "If you cum I won't hold it against you. If you're afraid of losing control try to remember I won't make fun of you later." After a moment Takao flashed a smirk. "No, wait. I'll make fun out of you, but in a good way. Like about you practically worshipping my ass before. You totally love it, don't you?"

Now he supposed he glowed red at how humiliated he felt.

"I did not...!"

"You did and there is nothing wrong with it." With that perpetual smirk Takao whispered seductively into Midorima's ear. "And without even tasting it I already worship your cock, so we're even, don't you think?"

He tried to say something about stopping being vulgar, but those words made his head even more dizzy.

"Ah, Shin-chan likes dirty talk?"

"Stop being so amused," he muttered. "And stop that squirming, it's..."

"Arousing?" whispered Takao and pressed his body closer to Midorima's. "It's hard being not amused when I have you... well, technically not in my bed, but you get the idea."

"You'll be kicked out of here if you won't st-ah!" Breathy moan came out of his mouth and next moment he slapped hand over his mouth, but smaller hand was stroking his length through cloth in a way that made him unable to speak in fear of making some mortifying sound.

"So you do like it that way... Lucky guess!" whistled Takao and stroked once more, this time twisting his wrist a little, his face hovering over Midorima's, his teasing smirk morphed into a gentle smile that combined with heavy-lidded eyes made him look... Midorima didn't knew what exactly, but it made him closer to losing any control over his body.

"You look really beautiful when you're feeling it. Before I was too caught up with what was happening, but this time I see you clearly and it's better than I ever imagined." He snuck down once more and when Midorima shakily propped himself up to stop him, Takao looked into his eyes and kissed his hard muscle through his pants.

He had to bite his lip to stop himself from moaning.

"I want to hear you, Shin-chan..." whispered Takao, licking and sucking the head of Midorima's cock, not caring about wet stains he left on the material. Shintarou was bewildered by all of this and didn't know what to think. One thing was the nice feeling of warmness touching his member, but it was the sight that really made him surrender to pleasure. The way Takao's tongue darted out, his thin lips closed around fabric and sultry eyes that never left his. Naked, curled in the legs of the bed, caressing Midorima's thick thighs with trembling hands. Takao was looking so... desirable.

"Can I?" murmured his lover, touching the band of pants. Shintarou only nodded, feeling shy all of sudden, but he couldn't tear his gaze from Takao taking his dick into hand and taking his first lick, closing his eyes, and purring.

"Goood..." whispered his lover before he took the whole length in at once in his hot, wet mouth.

Midorima gasped and grasped the sheets with one hand, the second one trying to push Takao off.

The smaller boy looked at him with a trace of uncertainty. "You really don't want it?"

"I do!" He blurted out before he thought, but Takao really looked like he was going to stop and he didn't want that. He wanted to stop losing control over himself, but he also wanted his lover's mouth around him once more. "Not so fast, I need to... think."

The idiot snickered.

"You know, the whole purpose of this is not thinking." Takao puffed air at Midorima's shaft and the taller boy shivered when cold air hit him. "I know you don't want to just lean and do nothing but feel, but... Do you trust me?"

"Emotional blackmail won't help you."

"I wasn't even trying. But..." Takao wetted his lips and looked straight into Midorima's eyes. "I really want to do it."

"I wanted to, too, and you stopped me."

"That was different. My cumming would have destroyed our precious first time" half-joked Takao, at the same time still playing with the hard member.

"Will you stop that? I really don't..."

"Don't what? You want me to do it but you don't want to feel? Bad news for you, Shin-chan. You'll feel a lot." And with those words Takao slid him inside of his mouth and started playing with his tongue. Midorima threw his head back and shut his eyes, pleasure taking over his brain. His lover was sucking, licking, and kissing like his life depended on it and it was so good... And the things Takao was saying between licking his shaft and balls, between kissing and squeezing, were making him more and more desperate.

"Aaah, I'm licking you, Shin-chan... Can you feel it? My tongue licking off your semen... It's so sweet, tasty... And your skin here is so soft, so tender..." He was humming while taking cock inside of his mouth. "I'm sucking you off, Shin-chan... Gods, it's much better than I ever imagined..."

"Will you... just... stop talking?" panted out Midorima, never in his life having had such a problem with opening his eyes and uttering something half-witty. But when he looked down something inside of him snapped. It probably had something to do with the lust he saw inside of Takao's eyes. The feelings of need and love flooded him and before he knew it his hand grabbed Takao's head and pressed it closer to his groin, making his dick thrust deeper.

"Takao... Takao..." he moaned, while fucking his friend's mouth and Takao looked even more slutty than before... Blue eyes closed, small hands gripping his moving hips, tongue sloppily flickering over his thick shaft. Midorima's lover was producing such lovely, muffled moans that his mind got hazy and no, not now, not yet...

"Ah... stop... Takao... stop, please..." It wasn't occurring to him that it was he who was doing all the moving, but the pleasure suddenly stopped when the smaller boy pulled off with a force.

"What do you want, Shin-chan?" panted Takao, saliva dripping from his chin. Midorima bolted up and licked it off, groaning and thrusting his hips up. Suddenly they were kissing, their tongues moving frenzy, hands all over the bodies, legs entwined so much they looked more like one body than two, erections pressed so firmly against each other it was getting painful...

"Shin-chan, come... Inside, fuck me... ah!... mwah, ah, mmmm... hard, please, Shin-chan... Just get in... ahaaah!... get the lube and shove it in..."
Midorima looked for the bottle but he was in such a hurry he couldn't grasp it properly, so Takao did it for him, squeezed slick over his dick and his own entrance and took pillow to take it under his back.

"Now... please, hard..."

The taller boy positioned himself at his entrance and when he put the tip inside and Takao gasped, he stopped, thinking about how breakable his lover was. Takao saw his hesitation and with heel of his feet, he pushed Midorima's ass closer. "It's okay... I'm stretched after last time, so do it... Now, Shin-chan... I want you to fill me, now, it's good... AAH!" he cried loudly when Shintarou did just as he asked and with each hard slam he moaned. "Love... love you... Shin-chan, Shin-chan, Shin-chan, aaah..."

So tight. So good. So lovely. Takao's enchanting eyes, almost closed, thin lips bruised by teeth, flushed skin, such a voice... Midorima didn't know what was happening to him, but he was so close, so close, such a pleasure, Takao, just more, faster, deeper, more...

"Kazu... nari..." he groaned and that made Takao rake his fingers hard on his back, the hole being penetrated squeezed down on Midorima's cock almost painfully and the sob of pleasure that came out of Takao made him groan Takao's name over and over again while his back was getting more and more covered with scratches. Moving was almost impossible with how tight Takao held him inside and sobs morphed into a choked cry, tears of pleasure flowed from the smaller boy's eyes and he came. Midorima couldn't help himself and started ramming in faster, harder, all the while confessing all of his feelings incoherently, mixing them with Takao's name over and over and then it was—pleasure so intense it made him cry out loud and grind his hips over his lover's, teeth gritted, trying to concentrate on this pleasure, on Takao's smell and muscled arms that were squeezing him almost as tightly as he was clamped down there. When his breath calmed and his heart wasn't threatening to break through his chest, Midorima tried to move so as to not crush Takao, but he was hugged even more tightly.

"Don't go... Just stay like this..."

"I'll slip out."

"Doesn't matter. We already need to change the sheets, so what's the big deal?" The smaller boy chuckled and sighed happily, his face buried in Shintarou's neck. "If it gets better with you every time, I'm afraid I'll pass out next time, sorry in advance."

"Don't be stupid. It wasn't that good."

Shit. Why did he have to speak before thinking?

"Your tsundere side is coming back, I see. No worries, I like that, too." Suddenly he laughed and pressed his face even more into his neck. "That would be handy if I ever would want you to treat me like a slut. Actually you may have to start preparing for that, I feel like I'll like it that way with you. "

"You're a filthy pervert" Midorima coldly muttered, but he felt a jolt of pleasure. It was probably just some stupid appreciation for the words that probably had all to do with afterglow. He was too tired for a third round, so it had to be this.

"You're getting this only now?"

"No, I always knew."

"And yet here you are. Face it, Shin-chan—you like it dirty."

"I do not."

"You do, you pervert!"

"Do not. Stop it, it's childish. And stop laughing!"

"Yes, yes, of course. See? Not laughing." Right. Still shaking with a hidden smile Takao trembled and being this close to Midorima, it felt as if it was his own trembling. He liked that, or rather he would like that if it wasn't because he was being made fun of. So he did the best thing he could think of—he kissed Takao. It was a lazy kiss, very slow, languid. The black-haired boy was still smiling a little, his face relaxed and happy, his hands caressing Midorima's injured back (he already started to feel stinging), legs crossing over Shintarou's hips... He liked laying like that, but not in winter.

"I'm freezing" he said while getting up and glared at Takao when he whined. "Go first to the shower, I'll change sheets."

His friend smiled lovingly, reaching his arms up to Midorima. Midorima had to admit it looked... sickeningly cute.

"Come with me, Shin-chan. I'll wash your back carefully, since doing it yourself will hurt quite a lot."

"And whose fault is that?"

"I would say yours for making me feel this good, but I won't lie." Takao flashed his most sadistic grin. "I wanted to mark my territory."

And that made Midorima tug at the sheets, which made the idiot hit the floor, where he hissed and patted his hip.

"Serves you right for blabbing atrocities. Now go."

"Alone? Come on, it'll be romantic! In the next fifty years we'll be telling this story to... well, not to our children, but maybe to Kanako's and I just need to add a bathing scene!"

"You'll make it up, you have experience in doing just that. And if you don't stop talking like you're mental there will be not only no fifty years, but not even a week! And who would say something like that to children?! I'll kill you before you utter one word to anyone about this!"

Of course, he didn't get anything with his fuming, except for making it worse.

"Awww, you want our relationship secret? Like a dirty little secret between only two of us?" Before Midorima could strangle him, Takao barricaded himself in the bathroom, only screaming. "And in fifty years Kanako's potential kids will be around thirty years old, you know? She'll be probably grandma herself!"

Good thing sheets were an inanimate object, otherwise they would have suffered a horrible death in a grip strong enough to do something like snapping the neck of a certain someone.

When Takao emerged from the shower, wearing a new shirt, Midorima only passed him without a word and slammed the door in his grinning face. Hot water made him a little sleepy and calmed his emotions. He would have to control himself from time to time if he wanted this... dating thing to work. And he wanted for it to work, no matter how embarrassing it was and how badly part of him wanted to run away this instant now that it was real.

He cared for Takao, he really did and his friend was making him happy, even if most of the time he was pissing him off. The main problem, one that he was ready to admit (his own prissiness was still not around the cognitive part of his brain), was that he didn't know what being in a relationship actually entailed. Was there some special way of addressing each other? Or some code for meetings? And when exactly was a proper time to move this to something more? Not that he wanted to, mind you, but still... He knew Takao, knew all of his nasty habits and still felt comfortable around him. They were going to the same college (now that he had no reason to go outside of the prefecture he preferred to stick with his first choice), be in relationship, and Midorima's flat was his own (his deceased uncle left it to him), so why not share the space? Splitting bills between two people would save costs and he wanted to be as much independent as he could, since he knew his parents would be terribly upset if they ever heard about their son being... No, no, no. Wrong choice of words. They wouldn't accept Takao, not ever, there.

Midorima knew he was too young to make such grave decisions but somehow he wanted to do this. He always disliked that moment when Takao had to go back home and they were in relationship now, a serious one, so why not... But they still had some time and he was too tired to think properly about it. But there was tomorrow and what would they do tomorrow? He got bright red when the filthy part of his mind (the one that definitely got into his system through Takao's saliva) suggested all-day activities that didn't require getting out of bed and even if they did, they somehow used chairs, tables, the kitchen counter, and the shower for said activities.

So, all right. Sex was good. It was way better than he ever imagined it being (but at least now he got to understand why Kise fussed and whined so much when he was without it) and he wouldn't mind doing it few more times when he'd wake up, but he still remembered how Takao said he's easy to break. And besides that they had studying to do and nothing would change his mind about this. That made him find some ground and when he got in bed beside Takao he had a plan already in his head.

"Tomorrow we need to finish your math problems," he said matter-of-factly and saw his friend scowling.

"I hate math."

"And what does that have to do with the fact that you have it on an exam?"

"Nothing, but I still hate it. Tell me what exactly photography has to do with math, since I can't understand why I need to know it."


Takao propped himself on his elbows and looked down at a little shocked Midorima with a serious expression.

"Yup. I was thinking, really hard, about coaching maybe but I'm too dumb for it, I don't understand the tactics that the coach or you use in games and I don't want to be a half-assed idiot who only loves basketball. But I like taking pictures, my hawk eye is quite useful and I seem to have a great taste and intuition!"

"Truth, you have an eye."

"And great taste!"

"That's doubtful."

He didn't want to admit that he actually enjoyed all the pictures Takao took, he really had a talent. His lover got closer and leaned his head on Midorima's shoulder.

"So... are you still going outside the prefecture? Because if you are I need to re-locate my papers. I will go with you. Find myself a job, be a proper student and part-time husband..." Shintarou didn't know what kind of reaction he made to that, but it made Takao roll with laughter. "OH. MY. GOD. Shin-chan! What a face!"

"Shut up! I'm not making strange face!"

"You looked like you were going to fall ill!"

"Because you're saying nauseating things! And no, I'm not moving anywhere so you can kick that plan out of your stupid head! Honestly, don't you have better things to worry about?"

"Eh? But being with you is very important to me. Or... maybe you don't want me around much?"

Midorima yawned and closed his eyes.

"If I ever feel you're around too much, you'll be the first one to know, believe me."

Takao snuggled and sighed happily. "You know what?"

"I'm trying to sleep here."

"I like hearing just how much you love me."

He bolted up even before the words got completely into his head.


The smaller boy was laying on his side looking like a very content cat that just did something very, very bad, was trying to feign innocence, but was too smug about it to hide it completely.

"From you."

"I DID NOT...!"

"You did. When you were climaxing the second time. Here, let me say it for you." Takao sat up, his face contracted as if in pain, his voice unusually deep and breathy and it was only after the first few words that Midorima understood that he had, in fact, said something like this and Takao was just making fun of it.

"So lovely... Lovely, love you much... Kazu... nari... always, love you... so... ah... Kaz..."

"SHUT UP!" roared Midorima, feeling that he had never been this mortified in his life. He slapped a hand over Takao's mouth and started sputtering words furiously. "If you think it's funny to make a joke out of my serious, even if not in a right moment, confession, you can think once more! I'm not going to be... Why are you staring at me like that?!"

Takao's eyes almost got watery and he threw himself at Midorima with a huge smile.

"You're so bad at being rude when you really care, Shin-chan..." He pushed Shintarou down and Midorima found Takao's weight quite crushing in a very unpleasant way. "I never wanted to make fun of you, it's my way of appreciating. And I really love you, you know."

He smiled a little, but added in an annoyed tone:

"Whatever. Now get off of me, you're heavy."

"So are you and I wasn't complaining."

"Because you were made to be at the bottom, now get... why are you laughing!"

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Right now I'm writing a sequel – MidoTaka, of course, with few other pairings that'll pop in. Three years passed since their first time and Takao is – surprise, surprise – losing his memory. Cheesy? Probably. But I'm trying to make it into something slightly different.

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