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She had to do it, even after she made her decision to let everything run its course, but the thought of L using Naomi as proof to her claims made her stomach sick with guilt. Maybe she should have tried something else? But still Naomi's death would weight her mind and she couldn't even think about the young woman who unexpectedly walked into her own death sentence, because she stuck her nose into the Kira business she was now sitting in front of the police station. She was given a mission by L; stop Naomi from meeting Kira.

She sighed as she tucked her hands into the pocket of her new winter coat-generously given to her by L- as she blew out a sigh of frustration. Right now at present her stomach was doing weird flip flops as her mind sped around with millions of thoughts.

What happens if she fails? What if Naomi dies an even more gruesome death because of her? She pulled out her hands from her pockets and clutched the laptop sitting on her lap. Her mission was simple enough, so there was no need to freak out, right?

It was pretty simple, but knowing her she would probably still find some weird ass way to mess it up, so she tried her best to keep her frizzy and worrisome emotions to herself, not really wanting to bother L with her emotional turmoil.

A cold gust of wind passed by and she shivered, when was Naomi going to show up? She was sitting on a bench in front of the police station, so there was no way in the world she was going to miss the woman clad in black.

The sun was setting and the day was getting colder and she was slowly losing her patience. When suddenly she heard footsteps, trying not to be too excited with the prospect of finally seeing Naomi she casually glanced to her left and felt an overwhelming sense of relief when she saw the serious woman walking towards her direction. Without missing a beat she stood straight up and walked towards Naomi with a straight face.

"Miss, I need your help with something!" She called out as she clutched the laptop against her chest. Naomi stopped dead in her tracks as she gave her a friendly smile, but she could tell it was tense as she kept glancing at the police station behind her.

With perfect English she spoke "Yes, how may I help you?" She could tell that Naomi was a caring person, but her beloved was killed a few days prior and she was sure her patience was on thin ice. So with shaky breathe she answered "I work with L and he asked me to show you this" So without a second thought she opened the laptop to Naomi.

The screen was black for a few seconds before a giant gothic letter L appeared on the screen with a white background.

"Good day, Naomi-san, it is me..L" His computerized voice said, echoing into the street. Naomi stood stock still as she stared at the laptop. Her posture and face screamed suspicion.

Ashlee gulped as she looked down when she heard Naomi respond to L. Great, it was just her luck that he spoke Japanese with Naomi. For the love of all that is good, did L not want to know what they were talking about? Was it because he didn't trust her?

If she thought about it, it may be a huge possibility; she still hasn't seen his face or heard his real voice. Watari was the one who brought her the new clothes and informed her of the mission, L only spoke to her to give her directions on what to do, so he didn't trust her at all.

She was slightly saddened by that, but at the same time it did make a lot of sense. She was some random stranger that Matsuda met on the streets and not only was she a stranger she was homeless and didn't speak a word of Japanese, she knew who Kira was and knew what message Kira sent to L via the prisoners.

She was suspicious and she was surprised that he did not in fact accuse her of being Kira herself. She looked up when she noticed that Naomi and L had stopped talking and Naomi was staring at her with a strange twinkle in her dark eyes.

"What is your name?" she asked, eyeing her as her lips frowned.

"My name is Ashlee Bradburn and what is yours?"

"I am Shoko Maki" She answered without hesitation; there was silence as the two women stared at each other. Ashlee felt like Naomi was waiting for something.

She smiled at Naomi and shook her head "No, you are not, but I understand your reasons for giving me a fake name" She said, smirking slightly when Naomi looked surprised.

"I believe that you work with L, but I do not trust you…if what you proclaim is true then maybe I might tell you my true name" She said

"I already know your true name" Ashlee answered back. Holding back a giggle as Naomi stared at her with surprise.

"How..but, you know the names of everyone?" She asked, her voice getting lower with each word she spoke.

Ashlee simply shook her head as she glanced behind her "We can't talk about this here, it is not safe. You have to understand that right now, your life is in danger" She grabbed Naomi's hand and dragged her away. She felt a chill of foreboding run down her spine as they walked down the lonesome streets. Naomi said nothing as she let Ashlee guide her.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked as they rounded a corner and walked into an alley way. Ashlee peeked out and scanned the streets one more time before she sighed out in relief. She held the laptop against her chest as she could feel her heart hammer in her ribcage. She saw Ryuk floating towards them with a sickening smile on his nasty face. If Ryuk was there it meant that Light was near as well and she needed to get Naomi to somewhere safe. But she had a feeling that they were far from safe.

"I need to take you somewhere safe until L sends someone to come and get us" She said as she leaned against the wall. They stood in silence, both thinking deeply about the day while still keeping an eye out for anything that was out of the ordinary.

Ashlee gulped and shut her eyes as she felt her throat going dry, she didn't want this. She didn't want to be stuck in Death note. She was sure she was going to mess up in some way, not only because she was unsure on what to do, but she was not smart enough to plan ahead. After they save Naomi what was her role going to be? Will L make Naomi stay and let her help out in the investigation or send her back to America for her own safety? And what about her? Will L suspect her of being Kira because of all the things she knew?

God, why the fuck is she here? Maybe, just maybe she should have played it cool from the beginning and walk away like nothing happened, maybe she should have left Naomi to die the way she had to, but looking at her right now, she could feel her heart clench. She has been in this world for a while now and she didn't see them as characters anymore, they were human, they breathe, eat, sleep and think just like her. And seeing Naomi standing before her alive and well sent shivers of fear down her spine, she was supposed to be dead already, but she was still alive. She just changed the timeline big time.

What was going to change? Who was going to die in Naomi's place? Her? L? Mogi? Who? With her interference Light would probably win and L will die even sooner and everything would just go down the drain because of her. She shook her head and slapped her cheek, she needed to get her head into the game. Light threatened that he'll kill her, but damn he knew nothing about her, so he didn't know how damn angry she could get.

Light is a bastard and she was going to do everything in her power to bring him down and let L and the rest of the world win against his bastard ways. She smirked to herself as she felt her resolve strengthen.

She looked back at Naomi who was staring back at her; she felt a small blush creep on her cheeks as she looked away for a few seconds.

"I need your help" she said looking back at Naomi with a glint in her eye.

"Help with what?"

"I know everything that is going to happen and you were supposed to die today, but we saved you, so I don't know the exact effect this has on the timeline, but I can't stop Kira without your help"

"I was going to die today?" Naomi took a few steps back as her eyes widened. Was this girl some sort of faker? But she did just have a conversation with L, or was this girl Kira? For the first time of her life Naomi was unsure on what to do. This girl knew so much, was she herself Kira? Was Kira bold enough to show his/her face to her?

Damn, she was confused.

"Yes, but-" Ashlee saw Ryuk flying towards them at the corner of her eye, a fear ran through her as she dropped the laptop and grabbed Naomi's hand in a vice like grip and pulled her along. They ran down the empty streets of the city, running around in circles, taking short cuts and trying their best to avoid Light, but no matter where they ran Light seemed to be close behind them.

"Stop!" Naomi shouted as she pulled her hand away from Ashlee. They were both breathing hard as Ashlee kept looking around them, her nerves were on the fritz and she was jumpy; ready to run if it was needed. Where the fuck was L? Was this some sort of freaking test? Damn, him!

"Look! Kira is following us okay! I don't want him to catch us! That's why we've been running! No matter how much we run we can't avoid him" Ashlee said as she twitched with each sound she heard. Didn't Naomi get it that she was trying to save her life?

"I knew I just spoke with L, but what if this is all a game? Are you Kira?" Naomi accused as she glared at Ashlee. She pulled out her gun and pointed it at her. Ashlee took a few steps back as she felt her heart hammer against her chest. What was Naomi doing? She wasn't Kira! Didn't L clarify it with her?

"I am not Kira!" She whispered back, her eyes focusing on the gun pointed at her. Naomi's hands were shaking as tears leaked from her eyes.

"W-why! Why did you kill him? We were going to have a family! And be happy! But you killed him! You killed the man I love, I can never forgive you!" She cried, her entire body started shaking, but not once did the gun stray from its intended target.

"I did not kill Raye! I promise you" Ashlee held her hands forward in a sign of peace as she took a few steps back. She didn't want to get shot! She already got hit by a speeding car, being shot right after was totally not on her to do list and never will be either.

"Is something wrong?" Ashlee heard Light's voice echo in her ear as she felt his hand grab her shoulders. She held back a wince when he dug his nails into her skin. She shivered as she felt her stomach churn with disgust. Oh, fucking dammit.

She saw Ryuk land behind Naomi as the woman looked startled by Light's appearance. Light pulled Ashlee behind her as he mock glared at Naomi.

"Miss, please put away your gun if you don't then I will call the police. I cannot let you harm anyone" He said, as he held up his cellphone.

Naomi hesitated for a few seconds before she put her gun down, she looked at Light as she held her hands in the air. "There, I set it down" her voice was hard as she glared at Ashlee.

"I suggest you turn that girl in! she's Kira and she was trying to fool me, now step aside and let me take her to the police or I will accuse you of helping a mass murderer"

"I assure you that Ashlee is in fact not Kira, I know her" He stated as his grip tightened around her. Ashlee whimpered as she looked at Light. She was scared, she wasn't expecting for Light to find them so quickly. Did Ryuk help him? That was strange since Ryuk wasn't technically on anyone's side.

"I am Yagami Light, the chief's son and I can prove it" He carefully pulled out his wallet and handed it to Naomi. Naomi opened the wallet and scanned his I.D a few times before she relaxed.

"I am Shoko Maki" She introduced herself as she handed him back his wallet.

"If you mind me asking Shoko-san why are you accuse Bradburn-san of being Kira?" he asked as he smiled at her "It's rather silly"

"That's classified information" she answered back, her eyes hardening at Light.

Light chuckled as he shook his head "I understand" he said as he scratched his head "Do you want to go to the police station? I have to go there anyway to leave some things for my father" he said as he pointed at the bag that was next to his feet, he picked up the bag as he held Ashlee on her shoulder again.

Naomi nodded her head as she picked up her gun and pocketing it, she glared at Ashlee one more time before they started walking. Light refused to let Ashlee go as he slipped her a piece of paper in her hand. With shaking hands she pulled the paper away and carefully opened it without letting Naomi see her. She felt her heart stop.

Say nothing

Those two words written by Light's elegant handwriting spoke volumes to her as she crumpled the paper in her hand. She peeked at Light who was speaking to Naomi. He pretended to ignore her as his nails dug even deeper into her skin. If he kept it up she was sure she would start bleeding. He would harm her without a second thought, she needed to walk around egg shells when Light was near her because with one little slip of the tongue and she was gone for. She didn't doubt it at all. Only way she will ever be remotely safe is with L, but he hasn't shown her his face yet.

They reached a small fountain and they stopped walking, they kept speaking as Light pulled out a note. Ashlee's face went completely white as she kept shaking her head towards Naomi. Naomi ignored her as she kept talking to Light. Ryuk started cackling like mad when Light glanced at his watch.

Damn, this was his first attempt to kill her and then he'll figure out that Shoko Maki isn't her real name. Damn, damn damn! She needed to think, how was she going to get Naomi out of this? If she says anything then Light will hurt her somehow. So she needed to warn Naomi to not give Light her real name, but how? She heard a car stop nearby, she glanced towards it and felt her heart swell with relief. It was Aizawa. With glee she called out to him.

"Mr. Aizaawaa!" Her voice echoed through the air as Light stopped scribbling on the note while Naomi curiously glanced at Aizawa. Said man looked confused as he quickly walked towards them after he paid the taxi.

"Mr. Aizawa where's your car?" She asked as she frowned. Didn't he have a car last time? It was perfectly fine when she last saw it.

"Shop" Aizawa said, his voice slightly unsure wondering if he said the word right or not. Ashlee nodded her head in understanding.

Aizawa nodded his head towards Light and Naomi "Hello Yagami-san and" He trailed off as he looked at Naomi.

"Shoko Maki" Naomi said.

"Shoko-san" Aizawa finished as he glanced at his watch.

"Mr. Aizawa! Maki needs to talk to L!" Ashlee said as she pulled herself away from Light. Light clenched his hand into a fist as he glared at Ashlee. Naomi saw Light's glare as she bit her lip.

Something didn't feel right, from the second Light started to ask her name something in her gut told her to not trust him, but since he was the Chief's son and his father was on the Kira investigation team she was actually debating to tell him her real name or not.

"L?" Aizawa questioned as he glanced at Naomi. Did L talk to Shoko and Ashlee? What in the world was going on? This day was just really weird.

Aizawa's cell phone started ringing, he checked the caller I.D and noticed it was L's. He quickly turned his back and answered it.


"Bring Shoko Maki and Bradburn Ashlee to headquarters" was L said before he closed the phone. Aizawa mumbled under his breath in annoyance as he pocketed his cell phone and turned around.

"I am a member of the Kira investigation team, L just informed me he wants both Shoko-san and Bradburn-san to come to headquarters right now" he said as he glanced at Light.

"Can you give this to my father?" Light asked as he handed Aizawa the bag. Ashlee grabbed Naomi's hand and quickly started to pull her as Naomi informed her of what Aizawa just said. Naomi felt Ashlee handing her a piece of paper, confused she pulled away her hand and opened the crumpled paper.

Say nothing

She read as she felt someone poke her shoulder, she glanced behind her and saw Light smiling at her as he handed her, her I.D. She looked at it and silently gasped; it was her real I.D with her real name on it. She looked back at Light and saw his eyes turn into a disgusting red color. How did he get his hands on it?

Suddenly everything seemed to make sense; Light was Kira. Ashlee was running away from Light the whole time. Light was delivering something for his father the same time she was going to the police station; if Ashlee wasn't there she would have met her doom, but with the sickening look Light was giving her it seems that Ashlee failed.

Her mind instantly went blank as she let her hand hang limp against her side. The paper she had in her hand flew away with the soft wind as her mind began a lock down. Her body started moving by itself as she started to walk away from the group.

"Maki? Where are you going!" Ashlee shouted out in a panic as she tried to grab Naomi's hand. No, no no! by the way Naomi was acting meant Light wrote down her death in the death note, but how the hell did he get her name?

"It's alright, I'm going to my hotel, I need to do something before we go to L…it's important" her voice was light as she didn't look back at Ashlee.

Light translated what Naomi said to Aizawa as Ashlee helplessly stared at the retreating figure of Naomi. She felt someone grab her shoulder as they lead her away towards the side of the road. She vaguely heard Aizawa talking to Light before a cab stopped and they shoved her in. As they drove away she glanced back outside the window and saw Light staring at her with a victorious smirk on his face. He won and she lost.

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