Deceitful Facades

Adopted from yummy42! Who credits this idea to hummanuscriptor. Well, hope you enjoy!

Mikayla POV:

"Bye, Dad. I'm just headed to school!" I called as I headed out the door.

"Bye, baby girl!" He smiled at me. "Tell Tristan hi for me!"

I winced at that. "Uh-huh…"

Allow me to explain. My dad thinks I'm going to island school. Well, I am… But he thinks I'm going to public school. That's where he's wrong. Starting today I'll be attending Kinkow High School, for all the rich and spoiled. I'm lucky, because my dad would never guess that I would go there. It's an all boys school. I had sent in my application under the name of a rich kid named Mickey Makoola. They had thought I was perfect, as I tried to sound super snobby in my application.

When I got to school, I was amazed. It was bigger than I had ever imagined. It was a mansion, almost bigger than the castle. I ducked into the restroom, which luckily no one was in. I changed into some clothes I had "borrowed" from the kings. I tucked my hair into a hat.

Ready to go, I headed to the entrance hall. I saw a grouchy looking man, wearing a toupee. He had a gray suit and a scowl. "Name." He sounded extremely bored.

I used the snottiest voice I could muster. "Mickey Makoola. What's it to you?"

The man nodded. "All right. Come on in. I'm Mr. Snasterson. I'm the vice principal. You have…" He handed me a schedule. "Homeroom first. Good luck, the elevator is the third door to your left. The class is on the fifth floor. Take two lefts and a right, and it's the fourth classroom to your right."

I sighed, my head spinning. I followed his directions, just barely making it to class on time. I sat down in the second row, trying to keep a low profile. The bell rang, and our teacher entered. "Hello, class." It was a scary looking lady. She had red hair, pinned up in a bun, piercing green eyes, horn-rimmed glasses, and a glare that could take down a tarantula person.

She eyed us all warily. "I'm Ms. Peters. Now, this year we have three new students. The first one is Mickey Makoola. Please stand up Mickey."

I threw her a pleading glance but she took no notice. I stood up, trembling.

The class studied me intensely. "Well, Mickey? Please tell us a little about yourself." Ms. Peters insisted.

"Uh, okay." I remembered to act like a rich and spoiled kid. "I'm Mickey, but I'm sure you already know that. I just got here. My parents are billionaires, and I live in a huge house. I don't care what you think because I'm rich." I summed up, trying to fit my application.

Ms. Peters grimaced. "Yes, you're going to fit in here just fine. Please take your seat. Our other students have yet to show up yet, so I guess we'll get started."

I sat down and listened intently as Ms. Peters began to drone on about the history of our country. I was very into the lecture, when I got hit in the head with a piece of paper. I picked it up and opened it. Scribbled in messy handwriting were the words: Boring, right?

I looked back to see a kid with blonde, slicked-back hair and a self-satisfied grin. I quickly grabbed my pencil and scribbled back: Yes, I guess it is.

Tossing it backwards, I returned to listening to lecture. Unfortunately, I was just getting into it when another note landed on my desk. I opened it up and it said: Hey, I'm Franklin.

I was going to respond, when Ms. Peters grabbed the note out from under my nose. "Passing notes, I see. Well, I hate people who pass notes and don't pay attention. You have after-school detention."

I stood up. "But I was paying attention! You started by talking about Kalakai and Malakai. They were the first kings of Kinkow. You told us about how Kalakai turned evil, and created the dark side. He was turned into a fish, by his brother. His brother later had children. You were just getting to the part where our current kings came!"

She looked absolutely stunned. Mikayla frowned worriedly when she saw everyone else in the class was too. "That's right… I suppose you don't have detention. But, you do Franklin."

Franklin glared at 'Mickey.' "Now, as I was saying," Ms. Peters began. "Our current kings are Boomer and Brady. They…"

"Are here!" Two voices called from the doorway.

Mikayla stared in terror. Brady and Boomer stood, grinning. They smiled as Ms. Peters bowed, and led them to their seats. To Mikayla's horror, Brady was sitting right next to her.

"Our other two new students, THE KINGS, are here!" She cried. "Isn't this wonderful!"

Mikayla put her head on her desk and covered it with her arms. "No, it's really not…" she muttered. "Not at all…"