Hey there ;) *wink wink* No? Not workin'? Sorry. Anyway, I wrote this some time ago before I played through the part where Ghost & Roach died. While writing this, the only thing I knew about it was that Shepherd betrayed them. So don't go all hulk rage about how I didn't write their deaths correctly .

This job really gets to you. Day after day dodging bullets, running from cover to cover, trying to protect yourself along with your mates. You know that kind of stuff. What's worse is when someone dies, seeing them go down. Hearing them scream in agony with bullets lodged in them bleeding out. Not having enough doctors or medical supplies then having to tell them helps on the way. Of course that's a lie. There could be so much stuff going on that the fallen solider couldn't even get help from a Doc because he's got to deal with other dying men.

One particular day, my team was called in for a mission. I was only allowed two other people with me so I chose Ghost and Roach. I had Price talking to me the entire time through my earpiece. The bastard, Shepherd, told me he had a lead on Makarov. He told me Makarov was hiding out in a safe house near the border of Afghanistan. We were supposed to hide out in a watch tower until Makarov came out and Ghost would have gone in for the kill with his sniper rifle. A couple days before we were to get dropped in Afghanistan, I gathered Ghost and Roach. This was one of the rare times Ghost didn't have on that stupid skull mask of his. Sometime I forgot how he looked like; scruffy brown hair with pale blue eyes.

While I gave them the info Shepherd gave me, Ghost dismantled his sniper and cleaned it. He did that before every mission we went on even if it didn't need cleaning. Roach was doing the same with his handgun. Price walked in holding a map of the area Makarov was supposedly at. He marked the region where the watch tower was where Ghost and Roach would stay in while I scouted the area. Price briefed us once more saying how we needed to find him and kill him after that wait for an extraction. It all sounded easy enough but somehow he always managed to escape. We'd been chasing this guy for years; we had to get him. I was determined to see him die. The thought of failure never crossed my mind. I should have thought of every possible outcome. They say it's not my fault but I was leading them. I was their captain. I cost them their lives.

The day were dropped off in Afghanistan, I had a feeling like something wasn't completely right about the mission but I brushed it off. I didn't think much of it. I reminded Ghost and Roach that this mission was stealth when we touched ground. By the time we reached the watch tower, the sun had set and the darkness was creeping up on us. I ordered Ghost and Roach to go up the watch tower and position themselves. I went deeper into the forest along a row of bushes crouched looking for any signs of life near what looked like a vacant house. I told Ghost and Roach that I didn't see anything around the safe house causing them to question whether or not this was the right place. Honestly, Shepherd had been acting shady those past weeks so I wasn't even sure if he was straight with us. Two hours went by when I heard voices on a trail approaching the safe house. None of them I could identify as Makarov, though one voice sounded vaguely familiar. It hit me awhile later that it was Shepherds voice I heard. This was one of those, "What the fuck?" moments. I told my team that Shepherd was there. Ghost on the other end said he could see him through his scope. Apart of me was confused, another mad. What the hell was he doing there? That I'll never know. Was he screwing with us? Yeah, he was. I knew that for a fact. My mind clicked back to reality after trying to figure out what Shepherd was doing. He was gone but the other men that were with him were talking on their walkie-talkies. That didn't look good. I informed Ghost and Roach about the men but didn't get an immediate response. I waited for the longest time to hear Roach say Shepherds name in a panicked voice then a gunshot. Ghost screamed out no. I told Price we'd had just been compromised along with Roach being KIA. I switched my comm back to Ghost calling for him only to hear a single gunshot.

I ran to the watch tower as fast as I could after hearing what happened. I wasn't thinking just doing as I shot my way through. I jumped onto the ladder climbing up and opened the door. What I saw was gruesome; it's something I'll never be able to erase from my mind. Roach had been shot in the head with blood splatter all over the floor and windows. Ghost had been shot in the neck. He was barely alive. I went to Ghost and lifted him onto my arm. He was coughing up blood struggling to talk. He whispered Shepherds name; I knew he was responsible for this. My hand hovered over the neck wound and froze. My mind went blank. It was like I had forgotten everything I knew about bandaging up wounds. I never expected Ghost or Roach to go down like this. I never expected either of them to die period. We were Task Force 141. We were indestructible. We were the team everyone talked about. Ghost was my best mate. I didn't want him to die. I told him I was going to get us out of this mess but we both knew that wasn't going to happen. Again, Ghost started whispering. I could barely make out what was said. He told me to kill Shepherd for him and Roach. I only nodded. I knew if I had said anything I would have lost my control over the situation.

Time was ticking; Ghost didn't have that much time left. His breathing became ragged. He was having trouble taking in air. I told him to hang on, that any minute a chopper would come by and get us. I watched his chest sink in and stop. I held my best mate as he toke his last breath. I don't know why but I repeated his name over and over again. Maybe I was expecting him to wake up telling me all this was some kind of joke but I knew it wasn't. This kind of stuff never is. I took off Ghosts dog tag then Roaches. I switched over my comm to Price asking for further instructions. He told me to hold off Shepherds men as best I could and throw a green flare when I heard a chopper swing by. That I did. I was driven on vengeance, for Ghost, for Roach. Hooah.