Just a little note before I begin; so we've all heard of SORAS well for this fan fiction I'm using artistic license and rapidly progressing Chelsea's pregnancy, this story is an AU tale from the 10-15-12 episode.

Title: Songbird

Pairing: Chelsea/Adam

Summary: Adam and Chelsea struggle to cope as they deal with a life-altering event.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: The characters and story of Y&R are property of CBS and do not belong to me, I'm just borrowing them.

1. "And it all comes tumbling down, down, down."

Standing by the ER desk Adam watched helplessly as they wheeled his unconscious wife and their unborn child away from him as a team of doctors, surgeons and pediatricians assembled in the hopes of saving not 1 but 2 lives.

"Where's Summer?" Nick demanded to know.

"Where … where is she? Is she ok?" Phyllis added, her concern for her daughter evident.

Adam turned to face them, grief, anger and fear controlling him. "She's er, she's in there," he answered pointing to the door behind them. "She's with a doctor, I don't know how she is but you can't go in there."

"Why can't I go in? Is she hurt?" Phyllis asked.

Adam shook his head. "I don't know, they haven't told me anything, I don't-"

"Where you there?" Nick growled as he leaned towards his brother in a threatening stance before grabbing Adam by the shirt and pushing him backwards. "Did you do this to her?"

As Phyllis broke the pair of them up Adam felt something inside him snap, his wife was in surgery fighting for both her and their child's lives and here Nick was blaming him for everything without even stopping to find out the facts.

"Listen to me," Adam started, his voice sounding calmer than he felt. "Your daughter was driving like a maniac, she almost killed my wife and me. Chelsea and I were on our way to the airport, a car coming in the other direction swerved into our lane, it was Summer, she ran us off the road and we hit a tree."

"Oh my God," Phyllis exclaimed.

"I pulled her out of the car," Adam told them as he finished explaining what had happened. "She was a little banged up," he concluded, letting them know that as far as he could tell Summer would be ok.

Nick seemed to visibly calm down. "So you called the ambulance?"

"We were out by the lake and her car wasn't too damaged so I figured it was better if we just brought her in," Adam replied, leaving out the part where his wife had collapsed in a pool of blood just minutes after they had arrived at the hospital.

"You brought her here?" Nick asked, almost as if he didn't believe what he was hearing.

Adam faced his brother, his voice void of emotion. "Yeah."

"Thank-you Adam, thank-you very much," Phyllis stammered, genuinely grateful for the help he had given their daughter.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence Nick finally spoke up. "Thank-you for doing that, it means a lot."

"I'm sure you would have done the same, I hope she's alright," Adam said as he turned to walk away, not wanting to be around anyone right now, not until he knew that his wife and child would be ok because the thought of anything happening to Chelsea or their baby was a pain that he had never felt before, it was the agony of a husband and father who was faced with losing everything that he loved.

Y&R - Y&R - Y&R

Pacing back and forth across the waiting room Adam ran his hand through his hair, unable to believe just how quickly things had gone wrong in a matter of hours. Just this morning he had been woken by his pregnant wife lazily demanding a cup of tea as she ran gentle circles across her pregnancy bump, in an attempt to calm the early morning gymnastics of their unborn child and get a few hours sleep before they headed to the airport for their last getaway before the baby arrived.

Now here he was stood waiting whilst the fate of his wife and child lay in the hands of the Memorial Hospital doctors, helpless to do anything but wait and hope, the latter being something he had never really been very good at, mainly due to the fact that hoping had brought him nothing but pain in the past.

Until he met Chelsea and allowed himself to believe that despite his past sins he could be a good person. And more importantly than that he could be a good husband and father, something that he desperately wanted the chance to prove.

"Mr Newman?" the doctor who had first treated Chelsea asked as he stepped towards him.

Adam stopped his pacing and nodded. "Yes. How are they?"

At that moment Phyllis and Nick exited Summer's hospital room, grateful for the fact that their daughter was alive, well and barely hurt at all. Stopping by the door they watched as Adam approached the doctor, although they knew they had no right to they couldn't help but stop and listen.

"As you know the impact of the accident caused what we call a placental abruption, which is where the placenta comes away from the wall of the uterus putting both the mother and child's life at risk," the doctor began to explain.

"Oh my God," Phyllis whispered, making sure that Adam couldn't hear her. "I didn't think … I … Chelsea … when I heard that Summer was injured I didn't stop to think about anyone else … I just-" Phyllis stopped, turning her attention back to Adam and the doctor.

Adam nodded. "But you fixed it right?"

"The only treatment for an abruption is to deliver the baby," the doctor replied.

Adam shook his head, unable to believe what he was hearing. "But it's too early, Chelsea she's only 30 weeks … the baby it's too soon."

"If we didn't deliver the baby both your wife and child would have died," the doctor explained. "30 weeks is early but your daughter is a good size-"

"D … daugh … daughter?" Adam stammered.

The doctor nodded. "Yes, you have a little girl, like I said 30 weeks is early but she's a good size, however because she was born so early she is needing a little help with her breathing and to keep her body temperature up but the NICU doctors are hopeful that she has a good chance."

"And my wife?" Adam asked, desperate to know how Chelsea was.

"Is doing well too, she lost a lot of blood during the delivery but we've given her a transfusion and her vitals have stabilized, obviously because of the trauma and the c-section she'll need a longer time to recover but she's doing well," the doctor reassured him.

Adam nodded. "Can I see them?"

"Your daughter is still getting settled in the NICU but I'll take you to see your wife and as soon as the NICU staff are ready I'll have someone take you to meet your daughter," the doctor promised.

"My daughter," Adam whispered, barely able to believe that he was actually someone's father.

As Adam turned to follow the doctor he found himself face-to-face with Nick and Phyllis both of them unable to look him in the eye.

"Adam … I'm so sorry," Phyllis began, not really sure what to say as her guilt at knowing that her daughter had nearly taken the life of Chelsea and her little-girl left her feeling numb.

"Don't," Adam warned. "I don't have time for your fake sympathies and platitudes, not now, not when I need to be wife my wife and daughter," he told them, leaving Nick and Phyllis behind to digest what they had just heard as he headed towards Chelsea's room, needing to be close to his wife.