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Chapter 1

The Mysterious Storm

Vixi's POV

"Okay this time for sure!",said Vixi the Vulpix as she walked up the stairs to the Wigglytuff Guild that afternoon . When she got up the stairs She saw a Wigglytuff shaped tent(of course) with a brazier and three Pokemon themed totem poles on each side of it. There was also a grate in front of it to identify visitors.

Well here goes nothin'.", she said shakily. She slowly stepped on the grate.

"Pokemon detected. Pokemon detected.", said one voice.

"WHO'S FOOTPRINT? WHO'S FOOTPRINT?", said a much louder voice.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!", she yelled before leaping off the grate. She started to mope. She sighed.

"I can't even do it with my Relic Fragment.", she said feeling down. She then started to walk down to the beach. By the time she got there the krabby had started blowing bubbles. Each one reflected the light of the sun beautifully.

"Watching this always cheers me up.", she said no longer sad. All of a sudden she heard a groan. She looked around until she saw a Riolu passed out on the beach.

"There's someone knocked out on the beach!",she said, surprised. She instantly ran over and tried to shake to shake him awake.

Rio"s POV

Rio woke up to something shaking him. When he opened his eyes he saw it was a Vulpix.

"Thank Arceus! You're alive!", she said.

'D-did she just...talk?!', he thought.

"W-what? Is there something on my face?", the Vulpix asked, clearly confused.

"Y-y-you just...talked!", he said, downright stunned.

"Yea? So? All Pokemon do.", she said, giving him an odd look

"But I'm a HUMAN! How can I understand you?!", he said. Then she gave him a very odd look.

"Human? But your a Riolu.", she said , her look turning suspicious. He looked at his hands and feet. He gasped. Th-they were...PAWS!

"Aaahhh! I've been turned into a Riolu!", he yelled.

"Turned? Are you messing with me?", she said with a glare.



"I swear!", She eased up at that.

"Well...okay I believe you. I'm Vixi by the way.", said Vixi.

"Rio", He replied. All of a sudden someone pushed Vixi into him knocking off a necklace with a rock on it. When they got up he saw that it was a Zubat and Koffing. They had nasty smirks on their faces. Vixi leaped up with an angry look on her face.

"What was that for.", she said with a glare.

"Can't you tell", said Zubat.

"Yeah we're messin' with you." said Koffing.

"That yours?", said Zubat, gesturing toward the Relic Fragment. Vixi then realized what they were after. Unfortunately, Zubat snatched it right before she reached it.

"Thank you.", said Zubat in a mocking tone. Vixi had a shocked look on her face.

"What's the matter. Aren't you going to get it back.", said Koffing.

"Yea,or are you too chicken.", mocked Zubat. They started to laugh then dashed into the cave.

"Are you okay?", asked Rio. Then he saw she was starting to cry.

"M-my Relic Fragment.", she whispered. It must have been valuable to her. Rio turned around and started towards the cave.

"C'mon.", he called. She looked up.

"What?", she said.

"We're getting back so c'mon.", he replied. With that they ran into the dungeon.

A/N: I know its short but Its the first chapter and my first Fanfic. My next chapter will include at least one oc team.