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Chapter 3

First Mission

Rio's POV

"HEY ROOKIES! Wake UP! It's MORNING!" some one yelled through Team Auraflame's door. Rio woke up covering his ears. As if he didn't have a headache from the "entrance exam". Now his head hurt three times as bad as yesterday when Aria focus punched him.

'What a horrendously loud voice!' he thought. Vixi woke up and covered her ears as well.

"AAAHH! My ears! My precious ears!" she yelled. Rio finally managed to get up and open the door. When he opened it he saw a large, purple Pokemon with a mouth larger then he was.

"HI, I'm LOUDRED!" he yelled

'Yes you are.' thought Rio. This must have been one of the sentries.

"I'm a FELLOW apprentice! No hurry up and get OUT HERE before we're LATE!", yelled, which apparently was the only way he could could talk.

"Shut up already!" Rio yelled, his patience spent

"What are we late for anyway?" he added.


"Okay. We'll be right there." and with that they started walking down the hall.

"Hey Loudred. What's for breakfast anyway?" asked Vixi.

"GUMMIS, Plain seeds, and APPLES!" he replied. Finally the entered the dining room. He saw a bunch of teams. The two Bisharp from yesterday were at the end of the table. For some reason they weren't eating the same thing as everyone else. He saw a Shinx, Treecko, and Totodile on the opposite end from them. Further down was the Lucario, Houndoom, and Gardevoir. On the other side was Corphish, Diglett, Sunflora, Loudred, Croagunk, Bidoof, Dugtrio, and Chatot. Wigglytuff was near the entrance bouncing an apple off his head. There were only two seats left. And they were right next to the team that knocked them out yesterday plus a Riolu which he figured was part of it. Rio gulped audibly.

'Hopefully they just had a bad day' he thought nervously. They sat down. The Pikachu turned to them.

"Hi." she greeted.

'Phew. I was right.' he thought remembering the Focus Punch. He and Vixi said hi back.

"I'm Rio and this is Vixi. We're Team Auraflame." Rio said introducing them.

"I'm Aria and the Oshawott is Dean, but you've met us. The one you haven't met is Chase." she said before pointing at the Riolu.

"Hi." he said then continued eating.

"And that's Team Thunder." she finished.

'Wow. She's nicer than she was yesterday.

"Nice to meet you, Team Thunder." he said, glad to make friends.

"You too Team Auraflame." She said and they shook hands. Then she glanced at the spot where she punched him.

"Wow, I really left a bruise." she said and gave a nervous laugh. Then he felt his face. He could feel a fairly large bruise on his face.

"Ow. That Focus Punch really hurt." said Dean noticing it too.

"I blame you for standing in front of her so that I couldn't prevent it. I could have broken her focus and lasted longer." Rio said feigning anger. Everyone laughed at that.

"What Rank are you guys anyway?" asked Vixi after she swallowed a Red Gummi.

"Bronze." said Chase.

"How do we rank up?"

"You do missions for explorer points. The harder the mission, the more points you get." answered Dean. Then Chatot spoke up.

"All right everybody. Breakfast is over. Time for the morning address." he said then lead the guild members into the main guild hall. Then everyone but Rio and Vixi started the cheer.

"ONE. Don't shirk work. TWO. Run away and pay. Three miles go for miles!

HOORAY!" everyone yelled.

"Now everyone time for work." he said and they dispersed. Then he looked at Team Auraflame.

"Team Outcasts. Wait." he called to the two Bisharp.

"I'd like you to meet Team Auraflame." he said to them. Now that Rio got a closer look, he could see that the shiny Bisharp had a red scarf and a red arm band while the normal one had the same thing except blue.

"Hi. I'm Joro." said the normal one.

"And I'm Violet" said the Shiny one.

"We're Team Outcasts." Said Joro.

"I'm Rio" he replied.

"And I'm Vixi" she piped in.

"Team Outcasts could you please show our new recruits the job bulletin board?" Chatot asked.

"Sure. C'mon you two." said Violet. They followed the Bisharps up the ladder. When they got up there Team Outcast lead them to a board full of missing person and item posters among other things.

"Hmm. This will do." Violet said pulling down a job. Rio and Vixi read it.

Dear Exploration Team,

I dropped my bone while playing near the edge of drenched bluff. I would really appreciate it if it was returned to me. I will pay handsomely.



Vixi didn't exactly seem pleased by this.

"So we just look for something some one dropped? I wanna go on a real mission like exploring ancient ruins or finding hidden treasure." she complained.

"We know how you feel." came a voice behind. It was the Shinx from breakfast followed by her teammates, a Treecko, and a Totodile.

"Hi I'm Sammie of Team Stardust. This is Tree the Treecko and this is Toto the Totodile." she said, introducing herself and her team. Rio noticed that she was wearing a dagger-like pendant unlike her friends items which were standard exploration equipment.

"You have to start small or you get beaten pretty quickly." said Tree.

"Yeah, some of the places are pretty scary." Toto added.

"They're right." said Violet.

"You have to start with easier jobs."

"Okay. C'mon Vixi. Let's complete our first mission!" said Rio. With that they left the guild for their first adventure as an Exploration Team.

Vixi's POV

When they left town Vixi pulled out the Wonder Map. She immediately panicked.

"Ack! Rio its in a foreign language!" she yelled before handing it to Rio. He looked at it and instantly face-palmed.

'He's stumped too! We'll never find Drenched Bluff! Or worse we run into a place full of evil Pokemon and DIE! I'm too young to die!' she thought, still panicking. Then Rio flipped the map over and handed it back to her.

"You were reading it upside-down." he said flatly. She laughed nervously at that.

"Oh. Oops." she said feeling stupid. When they got there Vixi groaned. It was covered in water.

'Great more water. Well can't turn back now.' She thought. Then they entered the dungeon.

When they entered she heard Rio land on some thing.

"Ouch! I landed on the stairs." he said. She looked and, sure enough, he was right on top of them.

"Well? Let's go Rio!" she said excited.

When they entered the next floor they took a look around. They saw an Anorith and Lileep. Luckily, they were asleep so they moved on. Then she saw Rio glare at something. From the hallway came...a Shellos. Rio instantly Quick Attacked it, knocking it out.

"HA! You aren't gonna use mud slap on me this ti-!" he started until another one Mud Slapped in the face. The Shellos and her both started laughing.

"Oh you think that's funny eh?" he said before he used Bone Rush to send it flying down the hall knocked out.

"And YOU!" Stop laughing!" he said waving it menacingly. She didn't, of course, knowing he wouldn't attack her. Hitting a wild Pokemon was one thing. Hitting his partner was another. He stopped waving it and they moved on. In the next room they saw the stairs. The moment they climbed the stairs they heard a battle. A big one. When they climbed the stairs they saw an Electivire running right at them followed by a Lucario, a Houndoom, and a Gardevoir. It grinned maliciously when it saw them. It grabbed Vixi and shoved Rio to the ground. Then he held her between him and the Exploration Team.

"Not one step closer, Team Dark Aura, or I fry her." he said threateningly. They stopped their attack.

'Great. My first day and I'm a hostage for an outlaw.' she thought glumly.

"Better. Now I'm going to exit the dungeon. I'll let her go when- AGH!" he tried to say until Rio hit him in the back of the head with Bone Rush. The Electivire dropped Vixi and tried to attack Rio, but Lucario used Aura Sphere and knocked him out.

"Vixi! Are you okay?!" Rio said helping her up.

"Y-yeah." she replied. Then Team Dark Aura walked up.

"Well aren't you a cute couple?" said Gardevoir.

"We're not a couple!" they both said blushing.

"We're partners! We're Team Auraflame!" said Rio. Lucario just smirked.

"You alright?" asked Lucario, who looked amused at the team's reaction.

"Yeah. Didn't we see you yesterday?" she asked, recognizing them

"Yeah. Now that I think about it weren't you that Riolu who got punched in the face by Ari?" Houndoom asked. Rio blushed from embarrassment from this. Vixi looked at him and noticed that his bruise was entirely gone.

"Hey Rio. Your bruise is gone!" she said, surprised by this.

"It is?" he asked then looked in a puddle.

"Wow! It is! But how?" he asked confused by this.

"Mystery Dungeons speed up healing, but they also speed up hunger." said Lucario.

"Yeah. You should always bring food." said Houndoom. Gardevoir tapped on Lucario's shoulder.

"Shouldn't we get going? Both of our teams have a mission y'know." said Gardevoir.

"Right. Good -bye, Team Auraflame." said Lucario, and with that Team Dark Aura teleported out of the dungeon.

"Well let's finish the mission Vixi." said Rio.

Finally, they reached the end of the dungeon. Vixi glanced around for a second then saw the bone lying off to the side.

"Rio! There it is!" she said, pointing at the bone. Rio smiled then ran and picked it up.

"All right We're done. Let's go home, Vixi" said Rio, and they left.

Rio's POV

When they got back Cubone was over joyed.

"Thank you Team Auraflame. I so glad to have my bone back!" he said before taking a few practice swings with.

"No problem. It's our job." said Vixi with a pleased look on her face. Rio couldn't help but smile too. They'd both done good.

"And don't forget about the reward. Hmm. 2,000 Poke' should cover it." he said dropping the pile of coins in Rio's hands. Rio just gaped. One job and they were RICH!

"Rio! We're rich! One job and we're rich!" she said absolutely ecstatic. He didn't notice the other teams were starting to laugh or sigh. He was too excited to care! Then he saw Chatot come over.

"Excited about your first job? Good! Now hand over the Poke'." he said smiling. Rio just stared. Vixi handed it over and he started going sorting their pay.

'Oh so the Guild gets 200 and we get 1,800?' he thought.

"Here's your 200 Poke'" said Chatot handing over the smaller stack. Rio's eye just twitched.

"We only get 200?! But we worked hard for that!" Vixi shouted. Rio silently agreed.

'What a ripoff' he thought.

"I'm sorry but it's Guild policy." he said before walking away.

"H-he... he just...b-but but." Rio just stuttered. Team Thunder walked over, laughing.

"Don't worry we know how you feel, but I don't think we stuttered when it happened." said Aria.

"We sure were mad though." said Dean.

"At least you did good. Team Dark Aura said you ran into some trouble though." said Chase. He saw Vixi shudder. He didn't like it either. Their first day and they ran into some major trouble.

"Yeah. It definitely surprised us." he said.

"Well dinners about to start. We better hurry." said Vixi.

They pretty much tore into their food. They were starving from a long day of work. While Rio was eating he threw a seed with a swirl on it in his mouth. Instantly the room started to spin. He staggered and fell out of the chair. Everyone laughed except Vixi, who checked to see if he was okay. He noticed that Team Thunder was laughing harder than the others.

'From now on I'm checking my food' he thought. Finally someone gave him a Heal Seed and he managed to stand up and eat the rest of his food. Then he and Vixi got and said good night to the others. When Rio open the door he instantly jumped back! A bucket of water fell on the ground.

"Hah! Won't get me that easily." he said then step into the room...and slipped on a sponge, causing him to fall on his back.

"I really have to find out who's doing that" he told Vixi.

"I think its funny." she replied.

"Oh yeah. Support the mysterious prankster and not me. That's what a teammate does." he said sarcastically. Then he heard light tapping on the window. When he looked outside he saw it was raining but not very hard.

"Probably just some rain." he told Vixi.

"Well night Vixi."

"Goodnight Rio" she replied .And with that they fell asleep.

Unknown POV

"Finally. Treasure Town. Now I can get out of this rain." said a Pikachu with a nicely sized backpack. This Pikachu wasn't normal though. He had slightly spiked hair and ruby red eyes. As he walked into town he heard a voice behind him.

"Bzzt! Stop right there!Bzzzt!" said a Pokemon. This Pokemon looked like a metal ball with an eye. It had a magnet on it's head and one on each side.

"And you are...?" the Pikachu asked.

"Bzzt! I am deputy Magnetmite!Bzzt! I request the contents of your bag!" Magnetmite stated.

"Just traveling gear and some cooking equipment. That and some food." he replied.

'Can we please hurry. It's pouring.' he thought. The Magnetmite looked at him.

"Bzzt! Are you visiting someone?Bzzt!" it asked.

"No. Just traveling. Know a place where I can stay?"

"Bzzt! The Delibird Inn is just down the road!Bzzzt!" it said.

"Thanks" said the Pikachu gratefully. He got there soon afterward.

"Hey. Do you have a room?" he asked the manager who was, of course, a Delibird.

"Yes. Name?" She asked.


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