The Baby-Sitters Club belongs to Ann M. Martin

It was three weeks before Thanksgiving Day. I was at lunch with my friends.

"We can get together to have a Thanksgiving Feast on Thanksgiving Day," said Stacey McGill.

"That sounds fun," said Kaya Willis.

She's one of my best friends. She and her twin, Kaylee, my other best friend, are from New York City. Kayla has been struggling with leukemia. It tires her out often. I've been supportive of her, but I'm also worried about her.

"Are you and Kaylee doing anything for Thanksgiving? Perhaps you both can join us if you want," said Claudia Kishi.

"Our grandfather will be here for Thanksgiving," said Kaylee.

"But we'll accept the invitation to join you," added Kayla.

"Perfect," I said.

They lost their grandmother over the summer after she was shot by a gunman while I was in New York City overnight with my dad. I'm Mary Anne Spier. I recently turned fourteen years old and started ninth grade at Stoneybrook High School.

"We can tell Mallory and Jessi. They might want to join, too," said my stepsister and third best friend, Dawn Schafer.

"Okay," said Stacey.

They're both seventh graders at Stoneybrook Middle School.

"We can also let Logan and Shannon join us," said my oldest best friend, Kristy Thomas.

"Yeah, they would enjoy that," said Claudia.

"We'll tell them after school and Mallory & Jessi later on at the meeting. I'll invite Marci, Kathi, and Pattie. They would like to join us, too," I said.

"Good idea," agreed Kristy.

"Our families can join as well," added Dawn.

"Perfect idea," I said.

The others loved that idea. We kept chatting about the feast until it was time to head to our next classes.

After school, I saw Logan and told him about the feast and he accepted the invitation. Cam had a cold, so there would be no studios until he gets better.

At home, Dawn saw me and said, "Did you see Logan after school?"

"Yes and he accepted the invitation, so it's all set," I replied. "Kristy talked to Shannon and was delighted to join the Thanksgiving Feast."

"Perfect," said Dawn.

"I know. It's good to ask anyone ahead of time in case they have plans," I said.

"That's true," agreed my sister.

"Cam won't be here. He'll be in Nevada for Thanksgiving start the next before Thanksgiving on a Wednesday and won't be back until after Thanksgiving Vacation," I continued. "Jennifer will be away, too. She has one sister who lives in Utah, so Jennifer and her family will be going there to join her sister. She has two nephews and two nieces. The brother-in-law when the kids were under seven."

"Is that her only sister?" asked Dawn.

"Yes. She had a brother, but he died a few years ago of an illness. He had two kids, a daughter and a son. His wife and children would be in Utah, too," I explained.

"That's cool," said Dawn.

That night, I had a headache, but it went away before dinner after I took Aleve. It came back after dinner and after I helped the others cleaning the kitchen and the table. I took another Aleve and went to lie down. It went away two to three hours later. That was two hours before I went to bed. The next day, Kayla and Kaylee joined me for lunch.

I got Kayla in all of my classes. I don't have Kaylee, but at least I see her at lunch though.

"You know what do I wish for? To have the Thanksgiving Feast at my house," said Kayla.

"That's a good wish," I said.

"I know so I can enjoy the holiday no matter what happens," said Kayla.

I could see her point. I could mention it to the others. That gives me an idea. I want her to enjoy the feast.