Hey there! This story is my first one and English is not my first language. Still, I hope that you will understand and enjoy it.

Mild spoilers for the Resident Evil 6 story and gameplay!

Note: The characters and canon situations in the following story belong solely to Shinji Mikami and Capcom. I am not making any money from the publishing or writing of this story.

Warning: Coarse language, Lemons (extreme smut), Romance, Action, Violence


The young woman heard a noise and quickly opened the locker door in front of her, slipping inside. As her naked feet stepped on its metal floor, she shivered slightly. Seriously, why did these people dress her like this? It was way to airy and extremely impractical when trying to escape…Then again, that must have been what they intended.

Just great, Sherry sighed, but fell silent immediately, when the noise drew closer.

Her senses sharpened as a masked man came round the corner and stopped in front of her door. His eyes were hidden, but she knew better - apparently, those J'avo had pretty good ears. She covered her mouth with one hand, muting her quickened breathing and tried to stay as still as possible.

He stared into her direction and after what seemed like hours, grunted, turned around and eventually left.

Sherry exhaled sharply and brought her eyes closer to the slits, taking a look around. There was nothing, except for other lockers and a door with a red control panel right in front of her. Great, now how was she supposed to get through? Where was Jake, when she needed him most? He would definitely come up with a plan… Her mind wandered to the red-headed mercenary.

Was he experiencing the same? Was he even in this place anymore? Did they kill him?

No, Sherry thought, pull yourself together! We are talking about Jake here, so it's too early to lose hope. I have to find him and get him out of here!

But there was more to it than her sense of duty…She really missed him, missed his witty remarks and strong arms, which had rescued her so many times. Her body had grown attached to him during their little time together.

Her thoughts were interrupted, when she heard another J'avo entering the room. Unlike his predecessor, he seemed to be more carefree; the gun in his hand hanging loosely on his side. He was not looking for or rather at her, as he purposefully crossed the room, only to stop in front of the locked door.

Nice, Sherry thought, when the man raised his hand to the control panel and slowly entered three symbols. They are definitely more intelligent than those in Raccoon city, she noticed.

When the LED turned green and the masked figure stepped through, her hand reached for the cold metal door of her locker. This was her chance!

She slid it open and proceeded to the control panel. After entering the code, she passed through the door and found herself in a small corridor that took a sharp turn to the left. She sneaked to the corner and pressed herself against the wall. Then she peeked around and saw the masked J'avo standing in the hallway, checking his weapon. Good thing she had gotten her stun rod back. Her right hand tightened around its grip and she carefully approached the figure.

When she was right behind him, she kicked him so that he fell over. The man tried to break the fall with his hands, but Sherry brought her leg onto his back quickly. Before he could scream or make another sound, she smashed the rod into his neck. He groaned painfully and his body became still.

Thanks for the help and bye bye. She winked at the dissipating body and continued her way.

Soon she came into a bigger room, no lockers this time. It was quite long and there were some desks and a small adjoining room with a window. It looked like a bureau or something like that – at least not as sterile as the previous ones. Three J'avo kept guard, so it was nearly impossible for her to sneak her way out of this without a fight.

She scanned the room for the quickest and safest route. The door – with another control panel – was at the far end of the room, right behind the three men.

Okay. First, she had to get into that adjoining room. Maybe she could hide there and wait for the masked men to pass by, or she could lure them by making noises.

She could not possibly take out all of them at once. Unfortunately her name was not Jake. Unfortunately she was not very good in hand to hand combat. Unfortunately she did not have a strong, muscular and well-shaped body such as… Damn, she could not stop her naughty thoughts when it came to that man. Why now of all times? She forced the thoughts away and let her rational mind take over.

I have to take care of myself first, she reminded herself.

Sherry took another look at the men and waited for the right moment. When their backs were turned to her, she almost leaped into the small room and rolled on the floor. Suddenly loud shots were heard and her heart hammered in her chest. Did she get caught?

She slowly peeked over the wall of the window, expecting the worst. To her surprise, one of the J'avo was already dead, while the other two wildly shot at something or someone? When she focused her eyes, she could make out a camera. A small gun was attached to it and the one in control seemed to either be on her side or had really bad aim.

She watched as the other two went to the ground, covered in blood. Then the shooting stopped and the room fell silent again. She pondered if she could trust that camera/person and decided to test it. She grabbed a cup from a nearby table and threw it – just like a grenade – into the room. Nothing happened. She did the same with another one, but the reaction was the same.

Growing more confident, she decided to make a move. Sherry jumped over the small wall and slid behind the first desk, waiting for anything to happen.


Now she felt stupid.

She got up, mentally thanked her saviour and approached the door at the end of the room. Shrugging her shoulders, she entered the same code she already had used on the previous door. It worked.

Not so clever after all, the young woman smirked.

The door behind her closed and there was yet another corridor that led to a single door. She quickly made it towards and grabbed the handle. She inhaled deeply and silently turned the knob.