He breathed in, features stern and steady as his eyes slid open and peered down at her intently. She met his stare just as easily, hardly affected by his piercing eyes, rugged look, despite his try to tame it with the suite he wore; not even the scar that cut across his face did little to deter and intimidate her.

This man was nothing compared to her father after all, though she was finding him to be just as unbearable.

When he finally made his move, she wasn't necessarily prepared for it...

He beamed at her, his intense eyes brightening as he leaned forward, purposely cutting into her personal space, making her lean back, perplexed.

"You know what Rin?" he piped, and she made a dark face at that name. Already knowing though that he was probably going to go on with her reply, she stayed quite.

Her prediction was correct.

"You're-going-to-like-me, you're-going-to-like-me..." and with that, he left it hanging, staring intently at her, like he was trying to make some unseen magic work. "...did it work?" he wondered aloud.

Rinoa merely rolled her eyes, turning away and stomping off as fast as she could. How typical for her to get stuck with a SeeD like him. The said SeeD behind her merely blinked at her sudden departure, but shrugged it off, and followed after her easily, not even bothered by the cold treatment.

Something was going to work out between them, he knows it.

He just had to stay focus for it.

X) this was inspired by a picture i found on Deviant Art "What if..." squall and rinoa switched personalities? well, at least squall and laguna would be close now XDDD

i usually don't see, if any, fics about personality swaps; and since squall and rinoa were one of the funnier i've found of the two "What if..." that were made.


here is the link for all that want to see, the art was done by *meru-chan. if the link doesn't work, just go to deviant art and type in What if... squall and rinoa, it should appear, or search through the artist's work.

either way, thanks for reading! X)